List of tourist attractions in Moscow

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Ostankino Tower, main tourist attraction of Moscow

This is a list of major tourist attractions in the Russian city of Moscow.


Religious buildings

Convents and monasteries


Guided city tour passing Cathedral of Christ the Saviour

Religious buildings of other religions



Film studios

Monuments and sculptures

Government buildings

Modern buildings

Moscow City in March 2010

Moscow International Business Center

Other sights

Natural and urban attractions

Avenues, boulevards, and streets

Old Arbat Street, with the Foreign Ministry skyscraper sticking in the background.




Parks and gardens

Fountain in Moscow's Square of Europe, lit at night


Moskva River

Transportal architecture

Moscow rail terminals

The nine Moscow rail terminals are located within a kilometer or two outside of the Garden Ring. Below they are listed clockwise, along with a sample of destinations served by each one, starting with the three stations at Komsomolskaya Square:


There are five airports serving Moscow:

Moscow Metro stations

Sights which do not exist

Destroyed or lost sights

Sights which were never built