List of mosques in Albania

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As of November 2016 there were a total of 810 mosques found throughout Albania. They include mosques built during the Ottoman period as well as those built during the Post-Communist years.[1] [Unreliable Source]

Name Location
Allajbegi's Mosque Burim
Bachelors' Mosque Berat
Bazaar Mosque Krujë
Bejtyl Evel Mosque Kashar
Clock Mosque Peqin
Ebu Beker Mosque Shkodër
Ethem Bey Mosque Tirana
Fatih Mosque Durrës
Fatih Sultan Mehmet Mosque Shkodër
Fort Mosque Lezhë
Gjirokastër Mosque Gjirokastër
Hysen Pasha Mosque Berat
Iljaz Mirahori Mosque Korçë
Kubelie Mosque Kavajë
King Mosque Berat
Lead Mosque Berat
Lead Mosque Shkodër
Muradie Mosque Vlorë
Namazgâh Mosque Tirana
Naziresha Mosque Elbasan
Red Mosque Berat
Parrucë Mosque Shkodër
Tanners' Mosque Tirana
White Mosque Berat
Baçallëk Mosque Shkodër

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