List of Muslim members of the United States Congress

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This is a list of Muslim members of the United States Congress.

As of 2020, only four Muslim Americans have ever been elected to Congress, the first being Keith Ellison in 2006. Three Muslims currently serve in Congress, all in the House of Representatives.


No Muslim has ever served in the United States Senate.

House of Representatives[edit]

Representative Party District Term Notes
Start End
Keith Ellison portrait.jpg Keith Ellison Democratic MN-05 January 3, 2007 January 3, 2019 First Muslim in Congress. Converted to Islam in 1982. Retired to run successfully for Minnesota Attorney General.[1]
Andre Carson 2009.jpg André Carson Democratic IN-07 March 11, 2008 Incumbent Converted to Islam in the 1990s.
Ilhan Omar, official portrait, 116th Congress (cropped) A.jpg Ilhan Omar Democratic MN-05 January 3, 2019 Incumbent First of two Muslim women in Congress. First Muslim to succeed another Muslim. Born to a Muslim family in Somalia and immigrated as a refugee to the United States in 1995.[2]
Rashida Tlaib, official portrait, 116th Congress.jpg Rashida Tlaib Democratic MI-13 January 3, 2019 Incumbent First of two Muslim women in Congress. Born to a Muslim family of Palestinian immigrants.[3]

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