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The following is a list of episodes for the British sitcom My Family, that aired on BBC One from 19 September 2000 to 2 September 2011.[1]


In the first series, episodes aired from 19 September to 7 November 2000, mostly on Tuesdays at 8:30 pm.[1] The second series, of thirteen episodes, aired from 31 August to 30 November 2001 on Fridays at 8:30 pm and the third series, of twelve episodes, from 6 September to 12 December 2002, firstly on Fridays at 8:30 pm then Thursday at 8:00 pm.[1] The 2002 Christmas special aired at 6:55 pm.[1] The thirteen-episode fourth series aired from 21 March to 13 June 2003 on Fridays, mostly at 8:30 pm.[1] A Christmas special aired on 5 December 2003 and a further special aired on 12 March 2004.[2] The fifth series, of thirteen episodes, aired from 19 March to 18 June 2004.[2] The 2004 Christmas special aired on 25 December 2004 and the 2005 special on 24 December 2005.[2] The seven-episode sixth series aired from 10 March to 28 April 2006, followed by a Christmas special on 25 December 2006.[2]

Series seven, of nine episodes, aired from 6 April to 8 June 2007.[3] A Christmas special aired on 26 December 2007 at 7:00 pm. The eighth series aired from 11 April to 23 May 2008 on Friday evenings at 9:00 pm, moving to 9:30 pm from the second episode onwards. The 2008 Christmas special aired on 24 December at 8:30 pm.[4][5] The ninth series, of nine episodes aired from 2 April to 14 May 2009 on Thursday evenings at 8:30pm, moving to 8:00pm from the second episode onwards. However, episodes 4 and 5 were broadcast on Sunday 19 May at 8pm and 8:30pm respectively.[6] A Christmas special aired on 24 December 2009 at 8pm. The tenth series, of nine episodes, began airing from 9 July 2010 to 27 August 2010 on Friday nights at 9pm, with two episodes that had to be rescheduled being aired on 17 June and 29 July 2011 respectively. The eleventh series, also of nine episodes, began airing on 1 July 2011. All episodes are thirty minutes long, except six of the Christmas specials.[1] The 2004, 2005 and 2006 Christmas specials are 50 minutes long whilst the 2007, 2008 and 2009 specials are 60 minutes long.[7] All episodes originally aired on BBC One.


Series Episodes Originally aired Christmas Specials DVD release
Region 1 Region 2 Region 4
1 8 2000 N/A 10 October 2006 22 March 2004 3 January 2007
2 13 2001 N/A 10 October 2006 7 June 2004 5 September 2007
3 14 2002 "Ding Dong Merrily" 13 October 2009 12 September 2005 2 January 2008
4 14 2003 "Sixty Feet Under" 13 October 2009 20 March 2006 4 September 2008
5 16 2004–2005 "Glad Tidings We Bring" &
"...And I'll Cry If I Want To"
TBA 18 September 2006 2 January 2009
6 8 2006 "The Heart of Christmas" TBA 25 June 2007 7 April 2011
7 10 2007 "Ho Ho No" TBA 24 September 2007 7 July 2011
8 8 2008 "Have an Unhappy Christmas" TBA 14 July 2008 6 October 2011
9 10 2009 "2039: A Christmas Oddity" TBA 25 May 2009 3 November 2011
10 8 2010 "Mary Christmas" TBA 6 September 2010 5 January 2012
11 11 2011 N/A TBA 15 August 2011 N/A

Series One (2000)[edit]

Main article: My Family (series 1)
Episode Number Broadcast Date Title Written by Viewership (Millions)
1 – 1.1 19 September 2000 "The Serpent's Tooth" James Hendrie & Ian Brown 8.48
2 – 1.2 26 September 2000 "A Pain In The Class" James Hendrie & Ian Brown 7.46
3 – 1.3 3 October 2000 "Droit De Seigneur Ben" Fred Barron & Shawn Schepps 5.95
4 – 1.4 10 October 2000 "The Last Resort" Steve Armogida, Jim Armogida, James Hendrie & Ian Brown 5.42
5 – 1.5 17 October 2000 "Farewell To Alarms" Steve Armogida & Jim Armogida 6.89
6 – 1.6 24 October 2000 "Death And Ben Take A Policy" Fred Barron & Penny Cost 6.19
7 – 1.7 30 October 2000 "The Awkward Phase" Fred Barron 8.38
8 – 1.8 7 November 2000 "Much Ado About Ben" Steve Armogida & Jim Armogida 7.62

Series Two (2001)[edit]

Main article: My Family (series 2)
Episode Number Broadcast Date Title Written by Viewership (Millions)
9 – 2.1 31 August 2001 "All Roads Lead To Ramon" James Hendrie & Ian Brown 8.95
10 – 2.2 7 September 2001 "The Unkindest Cut" Steve Armogida & Jim Armogida 9.04
11 – 2.3 14 September 2001 "Parisian Beauty" Anrdea Solomons 8.24
12 – 2.4 21 September 2001 "Trust Never Sleeps" James Hendrie & Ian Brown 9.55
13 – 2.5 28 September 2001 "Death And Ben Take A Holiday" Fred Barron 9.65
14 – 2.6 5 October 2001 "Driving Miss Crazy" James Hendrie & Ian Brown 11
15 – 2.7 12 October 2001 "I Second That Emulsion" James Hendrie & Ian Brown 11.22
16 – 2.8 19 October 2001 "The Age Of Romance" James Hendire & Ian Brown 11.05
17 – 2.9 26 October 2001 "Get Cartier" Fred Barron 11.06
18 – 2.10 2 November 2001 "Tis A Pity She's A Whore" Steve Armogida & Jim Armogida 11.06
19 – 2.11 9 November 2001 "The Last Supper" Steve Armogida & Jim Armogida 12.54
20 – 2.12 23 November 2001 "Ben Wants To Be A Millionaire" Steve Armogida & Jim Armogida 11.22
21 – 2.13 30 November 2001 "Breakable" James Hendrie & Ian Brown 11.15

Series Three (2002)[edit]

Main article: My Family (series 3)
Episode Number Broadcast Date Title Written by Viewers (millions)
22 – 3.1 6 September 2002 "Absent Vixen, Cheeky Monkey" James Hendrie & Ian Brown 8.10
23 – 3.2 13 September 2002 "Shrink Rap" Fred Barron and Sophie Hetherington 8.28
24 – 3.3 20 September 2002 "Desperately Squeaking Susan" James Hendrie & Ian Brown 8.23
25 – 3.4 27 September 2002 "Of Mice And Ben" Steve Armogida & Jim Armogida 8.12
26 – 3.5 3 October 2002 "Imperfect Strangers" James Hendrie & Ian Brown 7.34
27 – 3.6 10 October 2002 "The Second Greatest Story Ever Told" Steve Armogida & Jim Armogida 8.14
28 – 3.7 17 October 2002 "Waiting To Inhale" Fred Barron 6.16
29 – 3.8 24 October 2002 "Misery" Andrea Solomons 8.57
30 – 3.9 7 November 2002 "Auto Erotica" Steve Armogida & Jim Armogida 7.94
31 – 3.10 21 November 2002 "A Handful Of Dust" James Hendrie & Ian Brown 7.82
32 – 3.11 28 November 2002 "The Lost Weekend" James Hendrie & Ian Brown 7.23
33 – 3.12 5 December 2002 "Ghosts" Andrea Solomons 7.68
34 – 3.13 12 December 2002 "One Flew Out Of The Cuckoo's Nest" Steve Armogida & Jim Armogida 7.24
35 – 3.14 25 December 2002 "Ding Dong Merrily" James Hendrie & Ian Brown 8.57

Series Four (2003)[edit]

Main article: My Family (series 4)
Episode Number Broadcast Date Title Written by
36 – 4.1 21 March 2003 "Fitting Punishment" James Hendrie & Ian Brown
37 – 4.2 28 March 2003 "They Shoot Harpers, Don't They?" James Hendrie & Ian Brown
38 – 4.3 4 April 2003 "The Great Escape" Steve Armogida & Jim Armogida
39 – 4.4 11 April 2003 "Return Of The Prodigal Prat" Steve Armogida & Jim Armogida
40 – 4.5 18 April 2003 "Owed To Susan" Steve Armogida & Jim Armogida
41 – 4.6 25 April 2003 "Deliverance" Andrea Solomons
42 – 4.7 2 May 2003 "Blind Justice" Andrea Solomons
43 – 4.8 9 May 2003 "Friday The 31st" James Hendrie & Ian Brown
44 – 4.9 16 May 2003 "Sitting Targets" James Hendrie & Ian Brown
45 – 4.10 23 May 2003 "Loco Parentis" Andrea Solomons
46 – 4.11 30 May 2003 "The Canary Cage" James Hendrie & Ian Brown
47 – 4.12 6 June 2003 "May The Best Man Win" Georgia Pritchett
48 – 4.13 13 June 2003 "It's A Window Filled Life" Fred Barron and Sophie Hetherington
49 – 4.14 25 December 2003 "Sixty Feet Under" James Hendrie & Ian Brown

Series Five (2004–2005)[edit]

Main article: My Family (series 5)
Episode Number Broadcast Date Title Written by
50 – 5.1 12 March 2004 "Reloaded" Andrea Solomons
51 – 5.2 19 March 2004 "The Mummy Returns" James Hendrie & Ian Brown
52 – 5.3 26 March 2004 "You Don't Know Jack" Andrea Solomons
53 – 5.4 2 April 2004 "What's Up, Docklands?" James Hendrie & Ian Brown
54 – 5.5 16 April 2004 "Luck Be A Lady Tonight" James Hendrie & Ian Brown
55 – 5.6 23 April 2004 "First Past The Post" James Hendrie & Ian Brown
56 – 5.7 30 April 2004 "My Will Be Done" Andrea Solomons
57 – 5.8 7 May 2004 "My Fair Charlady" Steve Armogida & Jim Armogida
58 – 5.9 14 May 2004 "The Mouth Trap" Andrea Solomons
59 – 5.10 21 May 2004 "While You Weren't Sleeping" Darin Henry
60 – 5.11 28 May 2004 "Dentist To The Stars" James Cary
61 – 5.12 4 June 2004 "A Wife Less Ordinary" Sophie Hetherington
62 – 5.13 11 June 2004 "The Book Of Love" Steve Armogida & Jim Armogida
63 – 5.14 18 June 2004 "Going Dental" James Hendrie & Ian Brown
64 – 5.15 25 December 2004 "Glad Tidings We Bring" Andrea Solomons & James Hendrie
64b – 5.15b 11 March 2005 "The Erroneous Storm" James Hendrie & Ian Brown
65 – 5.16 25 December 2005 "...And I'll Cry If I Want To" Brian Leveson & Paul Minett

Series Six (2006)[edit]

Main article: My Family (series 6)
# Title Directed by Written by Original airdate Duration Viewership
66 "Bliss For Idiots" Dewi Humphreys Brian Leveson and Paul Minett 10 March 2006 (2006-03-10) 30 minutes 7.17 million

Ben is unhappy with his patients, as they seem to be all lower class rough non-private money-grabbing peasants, but is even less happy with Susan's book-writing houseguest who is the complete opposite. Dr Buck, is the kind of person you would cross the street to avoid, in Ben’s eyes but to Susan he is nearing on a God – a God of self-help. However, when he comes to stay with them Ben soon begins to discover than perhaps Dr Buck’s calm tranquillity isn’t quite what it seems and Susan soon finds another side to him. Ben’s latest patient suggests that he joins his secret organisation as it may have the answer. Also, Roger speaks the Welsh to Abi and Alfie joins in.

Absent: Janey Harper, Kenzo Harper
67 "The Spokes Person" Dewi Humphreys Brian Leveson, Paul Minett, Bert Tyler-Moore, George Jeffrie and Tess Morris 17 March 2006 (2006-03-17) 30 minutes 7.42 million

Ben starts a one-man anti-cycling campaign, which causes chaos in the household. He also appears on a radio show in an attempt to get people to support him however; all he manages to do is aggravate the whole cyclist population of London and have his house egged. Meanwhile, Susan makes a great effort towards her fund-raising idea by getting Michael to take photos of semi-naked men to form a calendar. Unfortunately she doesn’t check the pictures before sending them off to the printers. Also, Roger takes Abi to see Gordon Ramsay but to everybody else’s misfortune she has picked up some new cooking phrases.

Absent: Kenzo Harper
68 "Dentally Unstable" Dewi Humphreys Andrea Solomons 31 March 2006 (2006-03-31) 30 minutes 6.41 million

With Ben away on a two-week conference, Janey starts an affair with a replacement dentist whose charm captivates the rest of the females in the Harper household. When Susan attempts to put a stop to the new dentist and Janey he simply flatters her so she returns happy. Next its Grace’s turn but even she finds it hard to ignore his flattering one-liners. Even Abi is under to his spell to Roger’s disgust. Meanwhile, Michael's latest scam involves the aid of everyone, but will they help him out? Alfie’s reluctance to get involved causes Michael to threaten him with an ultimatum – either he takes part or he will tell ever one what he looks at on the internet.

Absent: Ben Harper, Kenzo Harper
69 "Living The Dream" Dewi Humphreys Tom Leopold 7 April 2006 (2006-04-07) 30 minutes 6.28 million

Ben and Susan join a pyramid selling scheme on Roger's advice even though he didn’t receive any of his money through the scheme. Upon asking Michael’s advice, he says don’t touch it but Ben and Susan know better, don’t they? Meanwhile, Roger buys himself some special treats and Ben finds himself getting extremely jealous as he cannot shift any of his stock. When Roger buys himself a convertible, Ben finds himself questioning Roger’s profits or rather, from whence they came. Also the family is suffering from the effects of a broken boiler, occasional power cuts and Ben’s dreams of having a champagne breakfast for the first time in his life.

Absent: Alfie Butts
70 "An Embarrassment of Susans" Dewi Humphreys Steve Armogida and Jim Armogida 14 April 2006 (2006-04-14) 30 minutes 6.10 million

Ben buys the house next door to help with the family finances, but ends up involved in a "squatter's rights" dilemma but its alright. Perhaps he should just palm it off on Roger – that sounds fair, doesn’t it? However, when Susan finds out she demands that Ben should help Roger get his house back, so Ben, Roger and Alfie break in only to find out that it’s Style Squad, a television show. Meanwhile, Susan tries to fix Michael up with a new girlfriend called Suzanne, but the similarity is not limited to the name. However, Michael cannot see the similarity but Ben can and it appears to be scarring him ever so slightly.

Absent: Kenzo Harper
71 "And Other Animals" Dewi Humphreys Tom Leopold 21 April 2006 (2006-04-21) 30 minutes 6.17 million

With Nick still away, Michael joining the Army, and Janey getting her stuff out of the attic, Susan is feeling deserted. Even Ben and Alfie don’t seem to be a comfort. However, a stray dog offers a little comfort but unfortunately it becomes man’s best friend however, perhaps it shouldn’t have chosen Ben as that man. Meanwhile, Michael attempts to hide his entire platoon in the attic, Ben attempts to get a priceless teddy bear back from the charity shop after donating it by accident and somebody is about to have a spout of bad luck and amazingly it isn’t Ben. Also, somebody’s looking for Michael, and all his comrades.

Absent: Kenzo Harper
72 "The Art of Being Susan" Dewi Humphreys Brian Leveson and Paul Minett 28 April 2006 (2006-04-28) 30 minutes 6.22 million

With Ben away again, a wealthy art collector called James Garrett invites Susan to dinner after her boss tells her to do anything to sell art. After contemplating taking him to Alton Towers, she decides to let him make the move with a little nudging. Meanwhile her mother, Grace, is gathering a collection of her own but only appears to be collecting men – however she misjudges how deaf one of them is and ends up losing them all. Also, Roger is summoning up the courage to pop the question to Abi, it’s just a shame that she can’t see where his continuous stuttering is leading. When Roger finally does pop the question, Abi faints.

Absent: Ben Harper, Kenzo Harper
73 "The Heart of Christmas" Dewi Humphreys Brian Leveson and Paul Minett 25 December 2006 (2006-12-25) 50 minutes 5.09 million
Ben pretends to be ill to get out of Christmas, but when Susan insists he go to the doctor, they decide to run tests because of high blood pressure. Ben then enjoys his private room, but he is soon sent to a NHS ward, as it is soon discovered that his private health insurance has expired. The tests reveal that he needs an operation and during this he dreams that Susan is God. Meanwhile Abi, who is now engaged to Roger, wants a baby, Janey is having problems getting Kenzo's Christmas present and Alfie makes a special brew which he tells Michael will make them irresistible to women. Guest starring Roy Heather, Jeremy Child and Clive Russell.

Series Seven (2007)[edit]

Main article: My Family (series 7)
Episode Number Broadcast Date Title Written by
74 – 7.1 6 April 2007 "The Ego Has Landed" Tom Anderson
75 – 7.2 13 April 2007 "Four Affairs And A Funeral" Steve Armogida & Jim Armogida
76 – 7.3 20 April 2007 "Once More With Feeling" Steve Armogida & Jim Armogida
77 – 7.4 27 April 2007 "Dutch Art And Dutch Courage" Steve Armogida & Jim Armogida
78 – 7.5 4 May 2007 "Susan Of Troy" Ed Dyson
79 – 7.6 11 May 2007 "One Of The Boys" David Cantor
80 – 7.7 18 May 2007 "Abi Ever After" George Jeffrie & Bert Tyler-Moore
81 – 7.8 25 May 2007 "Breaking Up Ain't Hard To Do" Brian Leveson & Paul Minett
82 – 7.9 8 June 2007 "Life Begins At Fifty" George Jeffrie & Bert Tyler-Moore
83 – 7.10 26 December 2007 "Ho Ho No" Tom Anderson

Series Eight (2008)[edit]

Main article: My Family (series 8)
Episode Number Broadcast Date Title Written by Viewership (Millions)
84 – 8.1 11 April 2008 "The Parent Trap" Paul Minett & Brian Leveson 5.56
85 – 8.2 18 April 2008 "Let's Not Be Heisty" Ed Dyson 5.43
86 – 8.3 25 April 2008 "Cards On The Table" Paul Minett & Brian Leveson 5.23
87 – 8.4 Unaired "One Step Too Far" Paul Minett & Brian Leveson N/A
88 – 8.5 2 May 2008 "The Wax Job" Steve Armogida & Jim Armogida 5.13
89 – 8.6 9 May 2008 "Neighbour Wars" Darin Henry 5.02
90 – 8.7 16 May 2008 "Can't Get No Satisfaction" David Cantor 4.89
91 – 8.8 Unaired "King For A Day" Steve Armogida & Jim Armogida N/A
92 – 8.9 23 May 2008 "The Abi Habit" Tom Anderson 4.74
93 – 8.10 24 December 2008 "Have A Unhappy Christmas" Paul Minett & Brian Leveson 7.12

Series Nine (2009)[edit]

Main article: My Family (series 9)
# Title Directed by Written by Original airdate Duration Viewership
92 "Bully For Ben" Nic Phillips Brian Leveson and Paul Minett 2 April 2009 (2009-04-02) 30 minutes 6.72 million

It's Ben and Susan's wedding anniversary and Ben is trying to write a loving message in a card but is having serious difficulties, despite fierce prompting from Janey who sets off for the local pub quiz with Michael, Alfie and Roger. Ben is insulted that he wasn't invited but decides to tag along anyway. As their team falls behind in the quiz, Alfie points out that a player on another team has been cheating by texting all night. Ben decides to confront the phone cheat, Barry, who invites him outside to settle their disagreement. Ben backs out of the fight but is determined to get into shape so he can return to confront Barry.

Absent: Susan Harper, Kenzo harper
93 "Bringing Up Janey" Nic Phillips Amy Shindler 9 April 2009 (2009-04-09) 30 minutes 4.93 million

Susan is all dressed up for a working lunch with James Garrett. Ben is more than a little jealous, despite Susan's assurances that it's purely a professional relationship. Thinking Susan has forgotten her bag, Ben goes through it and is shocked to find a hotel room key and a note from James. Ben heads straight to the hotel and poses as the hotel manager to get in to James' room. He can't believe his eyes when he finds Janey there. It's not long before Ben tells Susan about Janey's new romance. But, surprisingly, she takes the news really well and Ben begins imagining the benefits of gaining a rich son-in-law.

Absent: Roger Bailey JR, Kenzo Harper, Alfie Butts
94 "A Very Brief Encounter" Nic Phillips Steve Armogida and Jim Armogida 16 April 2009 (2009-04-16) 30 minutes 4.69 million

Susan's old university friend, Margot (Belinda Lang), visits for some support during her divorce. Ben is surprised when Margot reveals how good Susan was at picking men up in her youth and is horrified to find out their sons, Nick and Michael, were named after two of her many ex-boyfriends. Meanwhile, Janey attempts to lift Roger's spirits by assuring him women find him attractive – especially her fictitious Swedish friend, Elke. When Roger learns Swedish and decides he wants to meet Elke, Janey is forced to let him down by faking a call from Elke saying she's moved back to Sweden. All she has to do is persuade someone to be Elke.

Absent: Kenzo Harper
95 "The Psyche of Mikey" Nic Phillips Ed Dyson 19 April 2009 (2009-04-19) 30 minutes 4.48 million

When Michael announces he's off to see a therapist, Susan is immediately worried there's something terribly wrong, as the comedy continues. Ben is convinced a father-son chat will sort out the problem but Susan's not so sure and heads straight to see the therapist, Dr Twelvetree. When neither Ben nor Susan discover anything about Michael's mental state, they change tactics. While snooping around Michael's room, they find no evidence that he has any problems, that is until Michael comes in and appears to be having a conversation with himself.

Absent: Roger Bailey JR, Kenzo Harper
96 "A Difficult Undertaking" Nic Phillips Andrew Kreisberg 19 April 2009 (2009-04-19) 30 minutes 4.48 million

Ben's Uncle Norris dies, but the only inheritance he receives is a box of old clothes. Meanwhile, Susan receives ten thousand pounds through the will after the moral support she gave him during and after the death of his wife Mildred. The wake is later held at the Harper’s house as it is in a convenient location. However, Ben’s purchase of a £60 suit and his general inconsiderate nature leaves him unpopular with everyone. Also, a mix up with Uncle Norris’ burial suit and Ben’s new suit leads to a winning lottery ticket going missing and a certain group of people going to pay their last respects, which unfortunately results in an embarrassment for the whole family.

Absent: Roger Bailey JR, Kenzo Harper
97 "Dog Dazed" Nic Phillips Steve Armogida and Jim Armogida 23 April 2009 (2009-04-23) 30 minutes 5.14 million

Susan decides she wants to get a dog so she sets out on trying to convince Ben to get one. Nevertheless, even when he gives in, her over-the-top nature leads to the assessor deeming the family unsuitable for a dog adoption. Later, Susan’s depression leads to Ben going to visit the dog kennels in an attempt to get a Susan a dog. However, Susan is already there and has locked herself in a kennel in a protest and has even called the press. To try to sort everything out, Ben goes into the kennel and without him knowing, Susan handcuffs him to one of the bars and leaves him there to deal with the television reporter. Yet things still manage to get worse when Ben sees his cellmate.

Absent: Kenzo Harper
98 "It’s Training Men" Nic Phillips Robyn Taylor 30 April 2009 (2009-04-30) 30 minutes 5.15 million

An undercover assessor for Cavitex, posing as a patient, leads to Ben having to attend a retraining course much to his dismay. The thought of spending a weekend with Roger and a giant bear causes depression to sink in especially when he attends the course but falls asleep and misses everything but the worst is still to come – there is a written exam to be completed and if he fails, he loses his job. However, having failed Ben is still optimistic as he has a plan – he’s going to try to bribe the official from Cavitex but money isn’t what he wants. Will Ben be able to ‘go gay’ to save his job? Meanwhile, Janey, Michael and Alfie get drunk after drinking Ben’s booze.

Absent: Suesan Harper, Kenzo Harper
99 "The Guru" Nic Phillips Darin Henry 7 May 2009 (2009-05-07) 30 minutes 5.24 million

Ben is stunned to discover that successful celebrity dentist, Jeremy Livingston, has dedicated his new book to him, especially because he hasn't got a clue who Jeremy is. Meanwhile, Susan is stranded in an Albanian airport where a handsome stranger comes to her rescue when her bag is stolen. She is instantly smitten with The Doctor, a dashing American, who is heading off on an adventure around the world. The pair connect and he soon asks Susan to join him on his travels. But, could Susan really turn her back on Ben for a lifetime of romance, and could The Doctor really be all that he seems? Guest starring John Barrowman and David Haig.

Absent: Janey Harper, Kenzo Harper
100 "Kenzo’s Project" Nic Phillips Tom Anderson and Darin Henry 14 May 2009 (2009-05-14) 30 minutes 4.91 million

In an attempt to help Kenzo with his school project regarding his family’s history, Ben and Susan decide to share the highlights of their past with him. His interest in Uncle Nick leads to Janey and Michael sharing their personal experiences with him but what exactly can Alfie add to the discussion? Meanwhile, Janey and Michael use the project as a way of getting at each other whilst Kenzo becomes the definition of bored. Thoughts and feelings from the past blast back, and the family realise just how much their lives have changed. Roger also contributes to the project by discussing his love life. This episode is a clip show celebrating the 100th episode of the series.

Guest Flashback Episode: Nick Harper, Abi Harper

Last Ever Episode: Alfie Butts
101 "2039: A Christmas Oddity" Ed Bye Tom Anderson and David Cantor 24 December 2009 (2009-12-24) 60 minutes 5.59 million
It's December 2039 and the Harpers gather together to celebrate Christmas. Thirty years in the future, the family's appearance may have changed somewhat but their love/hate relationships are still very much alive. Ben is in now in his eighties, a little slower than he used to be but still as grumpy as ever and causing grief for Susan – who, thanks to "a little moisturiser", hasn't aged a bit ("a little moisturiser" may also be an injoke to her guest appearance in Doctor Who). To say that Janey has gained a little weight is an understatement, as she now weighs in at a whopping 20 stone. Michael, meanwhile, is doing a very bad job of hiding his baldness with an unconvincing wig and, following a disastrous trip to the zoo, Roger is now merely a head in a glass dome. Susan is put out by the fact that grandson Kenzo, now 38 years old, hasn't come to visit the family for Christmas Day. Ben is quick to point out that the Harpers have had some of the worst Christmases ever, and the family are reminded of some of their Christmas disasters. Two years stand out in particular – back when they were all a lot younger, and Janey was a lot lighter, the usual arguments over presents were exacerbated by Susan's fun, new game – the Greed Gift Exchange. But, when Kenzo finally arrives, he points out that the year Uncle Richard came to stay was just as traumatic for him.

Series Ten (2010)[edit]

Main article: My Family (series 10)
Episode Number Broadcast Date Title Written by Viewership (Millions)
102 – 10.1 9 July 2010 "Wheelie Ben" Amy Shindler 4.33
103 – 10.2 16 July 2010 "The Son'll Come Out" Tom Anderson 4.78
104 – 10.3 23 July 2010 "Desperately Stalking Susan" Brian Leveson & Paul Minett 4.42
105 – 10.4 30 July 2010 "The Melbourne Identity" Brian Leveson & Paul Minett 4.66
106 – 10.5 6 August 2010 "He's Just Not That Into Ben" Dan Staley 4.89
107 – 10.6 13 August 2010 "Slammertime" George Jeffrie & Bert Tyler-Moore 4.70
108 – 10.7 27 August 2010 "Ben Behaving Badly" Tom Anderson 4.09
109– 10.9 24 December 2010 "Mary Christmas" Brian Leveson, Paul Minett & Darin Henry 6.40[8]

Series Eleven (2011)[edit]

Main article: My Family (series 11)
# Title Directed by Written by Date Duration Viewership
"110" "Janey's choice" Ed Bye Darin Henry 17 June 2011
janey receives an engagement offer from two men and has to try and choose.
111 "Labour Pains" Ed Bye Darin Henry 1 July 2011 (2011-07-01) 30 minutes 4.42 million
Ben returns home from a hard day's work, angrier than ever at the way Cavitex are now treating the dentists. He informs Susan that they've introduced time cards at work, and he is outraged because he doesn't have enough time to complete the crossword during his toilet break. The following morning, Ben has a meeting with fellow dentists, about the situation with Mr Griffith, where he makes a passionate speech against Mr Griffith and Cavitex, but when he receives a call from his boss, his attitude becomes much friendlier, especially out of earshot of his colleagues. Arriving at the office, Ben is uneasy of what to expect, but he's in for a surprise when Mr Griffith offers him a promotion. The array of items on "his" new desk distracts him from giving a proper answer to Mr. Griffith, but he soon accepts the position. Returning home, Ben attempts to show off his new suit and job to Michael, however, he's too busy playing his new game. The Cavitex meeting that evening cause Ben's old colleagues to realised they've been betrayed, especially when the answer to Roger's "excessively polite demands" causes both sides to take a step back. But as things come to a head for Ben, does he have a plan up his sleeve?
112 "Accusin' Susan" Ed Bye Robin Taylor 8 July 2011 (2011-07-08) 30 minutes 3.62 Million
Michael is enjoying the life of a layabout, but is soon distracted by Kenzo, who is upset at his report card – he's been given a C in Art. Michael soon realises that Kenzo has the same teacher as he used to have – Mr Tilley – and remembers that Tilley used to have an agenda against him. With Ben away at a conference – and still not having got the hang of texting – Susan throws herself into her work. At the art gallery, however, she's on the receiving end of some criticism from her boss, Katie, due to a badly designed and organized gallery, so Susan and a colleague, Chris, are ordered to stay behind that night to sort it out. Later that night the work is finished, and Chris is very impressed. However, Susan starts discussing art in a very sensual manner, which leads to Chris coming onto her. Much to her surprise, she finds out that Chris has filed a complaint about Susan for sexual harassment which leads to Katie suspending Susan from her work. After taking advice from Janey, Susan invites Chris over to her house to talk him into dropping the complaint. Much to her surprise, Chris reveals that he is attracted to Susan.
113 "Germs Of Endearment" Ed Bye Ed Dyson 15 July 2011 (2011-07-15) 30 minutes 3.81 Million
Michael and Janey decide to treat their parents to a Spanish holiday for their anniversary, but the flight is a living hell as Ben picks fights with the other passengers. Then there is the little matter of the virus outbreak which forces them into quarantine on arrival at the airport. Back home, Michael admits he charged the all-expenses-paid trip to Ben's credit card – now all he needs is a fast way of paying it back. As an idea, Michael and Janey decide to sell some antiques in order to appear on television, but the man from the show who visits them disapproves their antiques until he sees the old mantle clock that Susan adores. Taking a risk, the two decide to sell the antique but replace it with a modern clock. As soon as Ben and Susan arrive from their holiday, the modern clock goes off and Susan blames Michael and Janey...
114 "Harper vs harper" Ed Bye Steve& Jim Armogida 22 July 2011 (2011-07-22) 30 minutes 4.13 Million
115 "Relationship Happens" Ed Bye Ed Dyson 29 July 2011 (2011-07-29) 30 minutes 3.83 Million
Susan feels in need of love and attention, and hopes dragging a reluctant Ben along on a spiritual course for couples will put the spark back into their marriage. Meanwhile, Michael and Janey are enjoying being the only responsible adults in the house when Matt – Michael's new boyfriend – manages to get into the house through the open front door, and joins the two of them in the kitchen where, much to Michael’s annoyance, Janey is invited out clubbing with them. Coming back home, Michael starts to wonder if Janey actually cares about him. Ben and Susan are attending a class which involves just one simple task – writing ten things you love about your partner. They also attend a class on meditation, but Ben fails to relax due to an overwhelming urge to break wind. When Matt and Janey are due to go out to lunch again, Matt accidentally says some horrible things about Michael. It seems that blood really is thicker than water.
116 "'Facebooked" Ed Bye Steve Armogida and Jim Armogida 5 August 2011 (2011-08-05) 30 minutes 4.01 Million
With Ben away on a volunteer dental programme in the Colombian rainforest, Janey is desperate for Susan to sign up to Facebook to get her friend count to a thousand, and even offers to set up her mother's account herself, which Susan declines. However, on seeing her profile, she's actually quite impressed. A message from Paul Tremayne also sends Susan down memory lane, and has Michael wishing for another father. The following morning, Susan is very impressed by the breakfast Janey is eating, but it's to her surprise to discover that Roger is the cook. Strangely, he's also taken on a role that Ben should have been doing for years – cleaning, fixing etc, and Susan takes full advantage of the situation. Later on that evening, Susan and Paul meet up for a chat, but unfortunately, the evening is cut short when Paul has to go off to run and errand in Chiswick and Susan offers to drop the package off for him. In doing so, she ends up getting arrested. It is not until she gets to the police station to find out that her old friend, Paul is a drug dealer whom the police have been trying to capture for a while. Susan is far from pleased.
117 "A Decent Proposal" Ed Bye David Cantor 12 August 2011 (2011-08-12) 30 minutes 3.79 Million
The Harpers are at Grace's funeral, and while Janey is concerned for her mother, Michael seems more interested in the backside of a young undertaker, Sean. Needing some time alone with her mother, Susan's grief soon turns into shock when her father, Arthur, suddenly turns up out of the blue very much alive. Susan's angry at his sudden re-appearance. After chatting with Ben, Arthur is surprised that Susan even married him in the first place, so he offers her £2 million to divorce him for good. Ben and Susan agree to the divorce, and decide they'll get married again after they receive the money. The following day, the two of them go to see a lawyer about getting divorced, but first they have to come up with a reason, and they're surprisingly imaginative. Michael's nerves get the better of him when he tells Sean that he is dying, just so he can spend some more time with him. After coming home from the lawyer they are shocked to discover that Arthur had died on the sofa while they were gone, and it seems that Arthur was lying all along and that he didn't actually have the money. Susan is disgusted with herself for even thinking about getting divorced for money. The following day, Michael finally plucks the courage to tell Sean that he isn't actually dying, but he may regret telling the truth.
118 "Darts All, Folks" Ed Bye Darin Henry 19 August 2011 (2011-08-19) 30 minutes 3.70 Million
Ben and Susan are in the pub, enjoying what she believes to be a quick drink before their meal out, when a man approaches their table He reveals himself to be Martin, an old fan of Ben's father's darts skills. Presuming Ben to have inherited his father's skills, he invites him to join their team, The Menaces. With Ben ignoring Susan whilst being distracted with the darts team, Susan reveals that now that he's distracted with the darts, she can spend money on whatever she likes, including a personal trainer. Later on, Susan is enjoying a session with Andre, her trainer, who uses her relaxed state to reveal the rather expensive bill, which she agrees to pay. At the pub, The Menaces are discussing Ben's lack of darts skill, although when he arrives, it takes a bit of time for the news to register. The following day, Roger arrives with some good news for Ben – one of his friends, Big Jerry, has died so Roger decides to take Ben as Big Jerry's replacement. Could Roger's decision be a decision to regret; and will Susan discover Andre's secret?
119 "Susan For A Bruisin'" Ed Bye Darin Henry 26 August 2011 (2011-08-26) 30 minutes 3.74 Million
When Susan is asked to give the keynote address at an upcoming school reunion involving her old school friends, she decides that she definitely wants to look her absolute best and not embarrass herself. But later, at work, Susan discovers that she will be training her younger 'replacement'. Shocked by this, she immediately quits her job. Meanwhile, Ben is busy testing a new cosmetic surgery scheme at his dental surgery called 'Cavitox'. Ben later arrives home from work, to find Susan taking part in an aerobics fitness session, but Ben suggests using 'Cavitox' to make her look younger, but she refuses to use it, wanting to remain as natural as possible. Kenzo is later sent home from school, revealing that he had been sent home early for kicking a girl and Ben gives him advice about girls. But as Ben gets to the truth, he makes a suggestion on how the situation can be resolved. When Susan goes to work the next day, she is shocked when she is asked to train her 'replacement'. Horrified by this, she immediately quits her job. The following day, a furious Janey confronts Ben about his advice to Kenzo and thanks to Ben, Janey has now lost a pearl necklace worth £500. Susan's self-esteem starts to stoop lower and lower when Ben is alarmed to find Susan lying on the sofa, having stayed there all night, surrounded by a mountain of junk food. Ben decides that enough is enough and invites the local Vicar around to cheer her up and it finally does the job, getting her off the sofa and desperately wanting Ben to apply some 'Cavitox', however Ben is not too keen to apply it. How can it possibly go wrong?
120 "A Night Out" Ed Bye David Cantor 2 September 2011 (2011-09-02) 30 minutes N/A

In this series finale, the majority of the Harper clan are all heading out for the night – Janey's off with Susan to a hen party, while Roger's off to a blind date, with a girl he met on the Internet. Janey's rented Kenzo's favourite cartoon on DVD, so he and his grandfather (Ben) can remain entertained. A while later, at the Harper house, Kenzo is annoyed with Ben, who's watching a film instead of putting Kenzo's cartoon on. Ben can't believe that Kenzo isn't enjoying the film, but Kenzo's own plan of action soon comes into force, and Ben finds himself on the other side of the door – locked out. Kenzo then decides to make a sandwich out of most of the family's edible goods, much to the disgust of Ben, who's at the window still waiting to get back in. Kenzo's also orders a pizza, using Ben's credit card. When Michael arrives at the house, he is amused by Ben's predicament. Ben tries to get Michael to help him get inside, however, he refuses.

Note: This episode was originally scheduled for 24 June 2011, but was postponed for ten weeks due to an overrun Wimbledon tennis match. The episode appeared on the BBC iPlayer television-on-demand service on the originally scheduled date, but was removed shortly afterwards.


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