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This article lists home video releases of the original My Little Pony cartoons produced by Sunbow Entertainment. These include the 1984 special My Little Pony, usually released as Rescue from Midnight Castle; the 1985 special Escape From Catrina; My Little Pony: The Movie, released 1986; and My Little Pony broadcast 1986–1987.

North America (Region 1)[edit]

All My Little Pony episodes were originally released by Rhino Entertainment in North America between 2004-2006. These DVDs are encoded for Region 1 in NTSC format. As of 2012, My Little Pony: The Movie is available on North American DVD.[1][2] These releases have been discontinued and are now out of print.

The first series and the two previous specials are available in My Little Pony: The Complete First Season, a four-disc box set.

My Little Pony: The Complete First Season
Disc 1 Disc 2 Disc 3 Disc 4

These episodes are the versions repeated on The Disney Channel, with several differences from the original transmission:

  • All cliffhangers have been edited (except the one from The Revolt of Paradise Estate Part 1) and narrated recaps removed
  • Rescue from Midnight Castle and Escape from Catrina are the two-part versions, with songs removed and other changes.
  • The Glass Princess Part 4 has its song removed, and has been noticeably slowed down.
  • Credits vary between those used on original transmission and those used for VHS releases.

The second series is available in two volumes, and are also sourced from the Disney Channel repeats.

My Little Pony Second Season DVDs
The Quest Of The Princess Ponies and Other Stories Flight To Cloud Castle and Other Stories

On June 9, 2014, it was announced that Shout! Factory had acquired the rights to the series and released My Little Pony – The Complete Series on DVD on September 30, 2014.[3][4] The four-disc set contain all 65 episodes of the series spanning from the first to the third seasons. As with the Rhino releases however, the episodes are once again based on the Disney Channel repeats, with the two specials again being the two part episode versions.


12 My Little Pony DVDs have released in Australia by MRA Entertainment, including all episodes (in random order) and the movie. They have no region encoding, and are presented in PAL format.

  1. My Little Pony: The Movie
  2. The End Of Flutter Valley
  3. The Ghost of Paradise Estate & Fugitive Flowers
  4. Bright Lights & Crunch the Rockdog
  5. The Magic Coins and The Revolt of Paradise Estate
  6. Woe Is Me & Little Piece of Magic & Flight to Cloud Castle
  7. Through the Door & Sweet Stuff and the Treasure Hunt & Pony Puppy & Would Be Dragonslayer
  8. The Quest of the Princess Ponies & Baby, It's Cold Outside
  9. Spike's Search & Somnambula & The Golden Horseshoes
  10. The Ice Cream Wars & Mish Mash Melee & The Return of Tambelon
  11. The Prince and the Ponies & Rescue from Midnight Castle & Escape from Catrina.
  12. The Glass Princess & The Great Rainbow Caper
  • These episodes are sourced from the 1980s Australian transmissions. All cliffhangers and narrated recaps are intact, but most episodes lack end credits.
  • Rescue from Midnight Castle and Escape from Catrina are the two-part versions, with songs removed and other changes.
  • The Glass Princess 4 is edited, with its song removed.
  • Selecting an individual episode of Somnambula or The Golden Horseshoes from the menu gives an easter egg featuring Baby Ribbon.
  • Two box sets have been released. Each collecting three of the DVDs


Three My Little Pony titles have been released on MiniDVD in Australia.

  1. The Ghost of Paradise Estate
  2. Bright Lights
  3. The Magic Coins

UK (Region 2)[edit]

A few volumes have been released in the UK by Metrodome Distribution Limited. They are encoded for Region 2 in PAL format.

Some My Little Pony episodes are available on the 'Girl's World' compilation DVDs released by Metrodome Distribution Limited.

Belgium & The Netherlands (Region 2, Dutch language)[edit]

My Little Pony: De Speelfilm (The Dutch translation of The Movie) has been released by both The Sales Company and Video/Film Express.

A series of DVDs is available in Belgium and the Netherlands, including all episodes in the Dutch language, excluding De Terugkeer van Tambelon (The Return of Tambelon) and, never translated into Dutch, The Ice Cream Wars. Four volumes were released by Bridge Entertainment Group with covers featuring the 2003 Ponies.

  1. My Little Pony Deel 3 - De Geest van het Landgoedparadijs/De Gevluchte Bloemen Deel 1 (The Ghost of Paradise Estate, Fugitive Flowers Part 1)
  2. My Little Pony Deel 3 - De Gevluchte Bloemen Deel 2/De Magische Munten (Fugitive Flowers Part 2, The Magic Coins)
  3. My Little Pony Deel 3 - Crunch de Rotshond/Het Felle Licht (Crunch the Rockdog, Bright Lights)
  4. My Little Pony Deel 4 - De Glazen Prinses/De Jacht naar de Schat/Spike's Zoektocht (The Glass Princess, Sweet Stuff and the Treasure Hunt, Spike's Search)

Bridge Entertainment released the remaining episodes in two 'Mega Kids DVD' volumes.

My Little Pony Mega Kids DVDs
My Little Pony Mega Kids DVD My Little Pony Mega Kids DVD 2

France (Region 2, French language)[edit]

10 volumes of the French translation 'Mon Petit Poney' are available.

1. Mon Petit Poney: Le film (My Little Pony: The Movie)

2. Le carnaval au Pays merveilleux (The End of Flutter Valley).

3. Gourmande et la chasse au trésor (Sweet Stuff and the Treasure Hunt). Also includes:

4. Les Pièces Magiques (The Magic Coins). Also includes Fleurs en fuite (Fugitive Flowers)

5. Un prince et quelques poneys (The Prince and the Ponies). Also includes Les princesses poneys cherchent une reine (The Quest of the Princess Ponies) & Un drôle de mic mac (Mish Mash Melee)

6. Le Pique-Nique includes:

7. Les bébés poneys includes Bébé il fait froid dehors (Baby, It's Cold Outside) & Les feux de la rampe (Bright Light)

8. La fête des Poneys includes Somnambula & Le fantôme de la maison paradis (The Ghost of Paradise Estate)

9. La Princesse Poney includes:

10. Le pays des reves. Includes previously released episodes:

11. Le grand voyage Includes :

12. Bienvenue à Poneyville Includes :

13. La valée des rêves Includes :

Episode not released include Le retour de Tambelon (The Return of Tambelon)

Germany (Region 2, German language)[edit]

12 volumes of the German translation Mein Kleines Pony have been released in Germany, along with the movie.

  1. Der Zaubertaler (The Magic Coins)
  2. Kransch, der Felsenhund including Die geheimnisvolle Tür (Crunch the Rockdog, Through the Door)
  3. Die verlorenen Schatten (Bright Lights)
  4. Die Rückkehr von Tambelon (The Return of Tambelon)
  5. Die Spiegelglasprinzessin (The Glass Princess)
  6. Der Unglücksrabe including Der Drachenkämpfer & Der Streit um den Regenbogen (Woe Is Me, Would Be Dragonslayer, The Great Rainbow Caper
  7. Die Suche nach den Prinzess-Ponies (The Quest of the Princess Ponies)
  8. Die uralte Hexe including Eine kleine Zauberfantasie & Auf Drachensuche (Somnambula, Little Piece of Magic, Spike's Search)
  9. Abenteuer am Mitternachtsfluss including Die Erdhexe Katinka (Rescue from Midnight Castle, Escape From Catrina)
  10. Das Gespenst vom Pony-Paradies (The Ghost of Paradise Estate)
  11. Blumenflüchtlinge including Aufstand im Spielparadies (Fugitive Flowers, The Revolt of Paradise Estate
  12. Die große Kälte including Die goldenen Hufe (Baby, It's Cold Outside, The Golden Horseshoes)
  13. My Little Pony - Der Spielfilm: Abenteuer im Ponyland (My Little Pony: The Movie)

Episodes not released include Das Ende des Zauberflügeltals (The End of Flutter Valley), Die Jagd nach dem Schatz (Sweet Stuff and the Treasure Hunt), Im Wald von Mysthis (Mish Mash Melee), Das Schwebende Schloß (Flight to Cloud Castle), Die Eiscremeschlacht (The Ice Cream Wars) and Gefahr für die Baby-Zwillinge (The Prince and the Ponies)


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