List of NATO reporting names for surface-to-surface missiles

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NATO reporting name for SS series surface-to-surface missiles, with Soviet designations:

  • SS-1 "Scunner" (R-1) and "Scud" (R-11/R-300)
  • SS-2 "Sibling" (R-2)
  • SS-3 "Shyster" (R-5/R-5M)
  • SS-4 "Sandal" (R-12)
  • SS-5 "Skean" (R-14)
  • SS-6 "Sapwood" (R-7)
  • SS-7 "Saddler" (R-16)
  • SS-8 "Sasin" (R-9/R-9A)
  • SS-9 "Scarp" (R-36)
  • SS-10 "Scrag" (GR-1)
  • SS-11 "Sego" (UR-100)
  • SS-12 "Scaleboard" (9M76)
  • SS-13 "Savage" (RT-2)
  • SS-14 "Scapegoat" and "Scamp" (RT-15)
  • SS-15 "Scrooge" (RT-20)
  • SS-16 "Sinner" (15Zh42)
  • SS-17 "Spanker" (MR-UR-100)
  • SS-18 "Satan" (R-36M)
  • SS-19 "Stiletto" (UR-100N)
  • SS-20 "Saber" (RT-21M/15Zh45)
  • SS-21 "Scarab" (9M79)
  • SS-22 "Scaleboard" (9M76)
  • SS-23 "Spider" (9M714)
  • SS-24 "Scalpel" (RT-23)
  • SS-25 "Sickle" (RT-2PM)
  • SS-26 "Stone"
  • SS-27 "Sickle-B" (RT-2UTTH) (Topol-M)
  • SS-28 "Saber 2" (15Zh53)
  • SS-X-29 (RS-24) (Yars)
  • SS-X-30 Sarmat/"Unknown" (RS-28)
  • SS-X-31 (RS-26)
  • SS-X-32 (BZhRK Barguzin)

US DoD designations for SS-N series naval surface-to-surface missiles (fired from ships and submarines), with Soviet designations:

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