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This list includes various personalities who are well known for their roles on America's NBC television channel.


News Presenters[edit]

Name Time on Today Show Main Role
Dave Garroway 1952-1961 Anchor of The Today Show
Hugh Downs 1962-1971 Anchor of The Today Show
Barbara Walters 1962-1976 Co-Anchor The Today Show
Frank McGee 1971-1974 Co-Anchor of The Today Show
Jim Hartz 1974-1976 Co-Anchor of The Today Show
Katie Couric 1991-2006 Co-host The Today Show
Jane Pauley 1976-1989 Co-host of The Today Show & Co-hosted Today Show on December 30, 2013
Bryant Gumbel 1982-1997 Co-host of The Today Show & Co-hosted Today Show on December 30, 2013
Deborah Norville 1989-1991 Co-host of Today Show
Tim Russert 1991-2008 Host of Meet The Press
David Brinkley 1920-2003 Host of Huntley-Brinkley Report & NBC Nightly News
Roger Mudd 1982-1983 Co-Anchor of Nightly News w/ Tom Brokaw
Tom Brokaw 1976–present Anchor of The Today Show Co-Anchor of Nightly News then Anchor of Nightly News Still is a reporter
Ned Brooks 1953-1967 Moderator of Meet The Press
Jessica Savitch 1947-1983 Washington Correspondent & Weekend Anchor of NBC Nightly News
John Chancellor 1970-1982 Anchor of NBC Nightly News
Ann Curry 1956–2015 Anchor of NBC News @ Sunrise ; Co-Host The Today Show ; Anchor of Dateline NBC & Substitute Anchor for Nightly News w/ Brian Williams
Nancy Dickerson 1927-1997 Reporter for Today Show & Nightly News
Marvin Kalb 1985–present Host of Meet The Press ; Reporter
Stone Phillips 1954–present Co-Anchor of Dateline NBC
Brian Williams 1959–present Former Anchor of NBC Nightly News & Former The News with Brian Williams host on MSNBC
Meredith Vieira 1953-2011 Co-host of The Today Show Now host The Meredith Vieria Show
Jake Iwema 1957-2013 Co-Anchor of Nightly News ; Now Reporter
Mario Armstrong 2013–present Fill-in Orange Room
Jenna Bush Hager 2013–present Common Fill-in on Today's Take & TODAY

Current Shows & Anchors[edit]

The Today Show 7-9AM Weekdays

Today's Take 9-10AM Weekdays

TODAY w/ Kathie Lee Gifford & Hoda 10-11AM Weekdays

NBC Nightly News 6:30-7PM

The Tonight Show 11:35PM–12:35AM

Late Night 12:37-1:37AM

Last Call 1:37-2:06 AM

  • Carson Daly (Host)


Today 7-9AM

Meet The Press 9-10AM

Dateline NBC (Various Days and Times)

  • Lester Holt (Anchor)
  • Hoda Kotb (Anchor & Reporter)

Nightly News 6:30-7PM

The Voice (Monday & Tuesday) 8-10PM

America's Got Talent 8-10PM (Various Days)

Reality show hosts/judges[edit]

Talk show hosts[edit]

Host of "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" since 2014


Sports presenters[edit]

See also MLB on NBC broadcasters