List of NCAA Division I Ice Hockey Tournament Most Outstanding Player

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Tournament Most Outstanding Player
SportIce hockey
Given forTo the player who is judged to be the most outstanding player over the course of the NCAA tournament.
First award1948
Most recentParker Mackay, Minnesota-Duluth

The Tournament Most Outstanding Player is an annual award given out at the conclusion of the NCAA Men's Ice Hockey Championship to the player to be judged the most outstanding. The award has been in effect since the adoption of a national championship tournament for the 1947–48 season.

In recent years the award has usually gone to the most outstanding player of the team that won the Division I NCAA Tournament. During the first five years of the tournament the most outstanding player did not come from the winning squad but since 1953 the MOP has not been on the victorious school in only three years (1955, 1960 and 1985). Only two players have been named MOP more than once (Lou Angotti and Marc Behrend), however neither was able to do so in consecutive years. In 1960 the MOP was awarded to multiple players for the first time when it was awarded to three separate people, none of whom played for the National Champion. It has not been awarded to more than one player in a single year since.

Award winners[1][edit]

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