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Officials, from left to right: Michel Cormier (linesman), Eric Furlatt (referee), Don Koharski (referee), and Scott Driscoll (linesman) stand at centre ice for the national anthem before a game in Madison Square Garden between the Detroit Red Wings and New York Rangers.

In ice hockey, an official is responsible for enforcing the rules and maintaining order. On-ice officials are present on the ice during the game, and traditionally wear a shirt with black and white vertical stripes. The National Hockey League (NHL) currently employs four on-ice officials in each game—two referees and two linesmen. Referees are identified by their red or orange armbands. They are responsible for the general supervision of the game, assess penalties, and conduct face-offs at the beginning of each period and after a goal is scored. When play is stopped for another reason, the face-offs are conducted by the linesmen. The linesmen are primarily responsible for violations involving the centre line and blue lines, such as icing and offside infractions.

Current referees[edit]

Career NHL games officiated as of end of the 14-15 regular season. Does not include playoff games.

Current linesmen[edit]

Career NHL games officiated as of end of the 14-15 regular season. Does not include playoff games.

Former NHL officials[edit]

Officials in the Hockey Hall of Fame[edit]

Year inducted Name Nationality
1961 Elliott, ChaucerChaucer Elliott Canada
1961 Ion, MickeyMickey Ion Canada
1961 Smeaton, CooperCooper Smeaton Canada
1962 Rodden, MikeMike Rodden Canada
1963 Hewitson, BobbyBobby Hewitson Canada
1964 Chadwick, BillBill Chadwick United States
1967 Storey, RedRed Storey Canada
1973 Udvari, FrankFrank Udvari Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia
1981 Ashley, JohnJohn Ashley Canada
1987 Pavelich, MattMatt Pavelich Canada
1988 Hayes, GeorgeGeorge Hayes Canada
1991 Armstrong, NeilNeil Armstrong Canada
1993 D'Amico, JohnJohn D'Amico Canada
1999 Van Hellemond, AndyAndy Van Hellemond Canada
2008 Scapinello, RayRay Scapinello Canada
2014 Bill McCreary  Canada

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