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This is a list of National Hockey League players who have signed offer sheets.

In the NHL, players who are restricted free agents can be, after being qualified by their current team, signed by another team to an offer sheet with salary greater than the qualifying offer. Teams have seven days to match the offer, and if the offer is not matched, the team making the offer sheet must give up compensation (see here for details). To be tendered an offer sheet, a player must:

  1. Have at least one NHL contract expire.
  2. Have played at least 80 NHL games if a forward or defenseman, or 28 NHL games if a goalie (applies only for players who have 3 years of NHL service).
  3. Be younger than 27 on July 1 of that year.
  4. Be without a contract for the upcoming season.
  5. Be tendered a qualifying offer by the current team by June 25 or the Monday after that year's NHL Entry Draft (whichever is later)

If any of those conditions has not been met, the player becomes an "unrestricted free agent" and cannot receive an offer sheet.

Signed offer sheets[edit]

Player Date Offer Amount Original Team Offer Team Result Notes
Gary Nylund August 1986 [1] 3 years plus option, ~$620 000 [2] Toronto Maple Leafs Chicago Blackhawks Accepted Ken Yaremchuk, Jerome Dupont, 4th round draft in 1987
Geoff Courtnall August 1988 [3] unknown Edmonton Oilers New York Rangers Matched The Washington Capitals matched the New York Rangers's offer after the Oilers traded their right to match to Washington for Greg Adams.
Scott Stevens July 16, 1990 [4] 4 years, $5.1 million[5] Washington Capitals St. Louis Blues Accepted Five 1st round draft picks
Dave Christian July 21, 1991 [6] 3 years, $1.775 million Boston Bruins St. Louis Blues Dropped -
Glen Featherstone July 25, 1991 [6] 2 years, ~$500 000 St. Louis Blues Boston Bruins Accepted Dave Christian, a 3rd round pick in 1992, and seventh in 1992 or sixth in 1993 (plus Tomlinson)
Dave Thomlinson July 25, 1991 [6] $200 000 St. Louis Blues Boston Bruins Accepted Part of Featherstone accepted compensation.
Brendan Shanahan July 25, 1991 [4] 3 years, $3.015 million New Jersey Devils St. Louis Blues Accepted Scott Stevens (The Blues still owed first round picks to the Capitals as per the original Stevens offer sheet in 1990, and the Blues and Devils were unable to agree on proper compensation. The Blues offered G Curtis Joseph, C Rod Brind'Amour and two draft picks, but the Devils declined, asking instead for Stevens. The case was referred to arbitration, and arbitrator Edward Houston awarded Stevens to the Devils.)
Michel Goulet July 1991 [5] 4 years, $2.9 million (three years plus option year) Chicago Blackhawks St. Louis Blues Matched -
Adam Graves Sept 3, 1991 [7] 5 years, $2.44 million Edmonton Oilers New York Rangers Accepted Troy Mallette
Kevin Stevens Sept 25, 1991 [8] 5 years, $5.375 million Pittsburgh Penguins Boston Bruins Matched -
Dave Manson June 26, 1992 [9] 3 years, $3.4 million, third year optional at $1.2 million Edmonton Oilers Washington Capitals Matched -
Teemu Selanne 1992 [10] $2.7 million Winnipeg Jets Calgary Flames Matched -
Craig Simpson July 16, 1993 [11][12] 3 years, $3.09 million Edmonton Oilers San Jose Sharks Invalidated The San Jose Sharks had structured Simpson's offer sheet so that most of the money was a signing bonus; Simpson's first year salary would have been less than $200,000 as a result. Earlier in the offseason, Simpson had rejected an offer from Edmonton of $690,000 because it was below the 15 percent raise required to keep him restricted. After the Sharks deal was rejected, Simpson then sought to sign an offer sheet from the Buffalo Sabres, but Edmonton would trade him there before he could do so.[12]
Kelly Miller July 18, 1993 [13] 2 years, $2.65 million Washington Capitals San Jose Sharks Matched -
Marty McSorley August, 1993 [14] 5 years, $10 million Los Angeles Kings St. Louis Blues Matched -
Petr Nedved March 4, 1994 3 years, $12 million Vancouver Canucks St. Louis Blues Accepted Craig Janney + 2nd round draft pick
Scott Stevens July 4, 1994 [15] 4 years, $17 million New Jersey Devils St. Louis Blues Matched Blues ordered to compensate Devils $1.425 million + 1st round draft pick for tampering.
Stevens' second career offer sheet.
Mike Craig July 29, 1994 [16] 4 years, $2.4 million Dallas Stars Toronto Maple Leafs Accepted Peter Zezel and Grant Marshall
Steven Rice August 30, 1994 [17] $1.7 million Edmonton Oilers Hartford Whalers Accepted Bryan Marchment; the Whalers originally offered the Oilers forward Robert Kron as compensation, but an arbitrator ruled in favour of the Oilers, who argued that Marchment represented fairer compensation for the loss of Rice.
Shayne Corson July 28, 1995 [18] 5 year, $6.975 million Edmonton Oilers St. Louis Blues Accepted First round picks in 1996 and 1997
Traded back to St. Louis for Curtis Joseph and Mike Grier
Stu Grimson August 17, 1995 [19] 5 year, $2.5 million Detroit Red Wings New York Rangers Matched -
Keith Tkachuk 1995 [4] 5 years, $17.2 million Winnipeg Jets Chicago Blackhawks Matched -
Ron Tugnutt July 10, 1996 [20] < $400 000/year Washington Capitals Ottawa Senators Accepted No compensation due to contract value
Joe Sakic 1997 [4] 3 years, $21 million Colorado Avalanche New York Rangers Matched -
Chris Gratton 1997 [4] 5 years, $16.5 million Tampa Bay Lightning Philadelphia Flyers Accepted Compensation was set as four 1st round picks, which were traded back to the Flyers for Mikael Renberg and Karl Dykhuis with Flyers picking up part of Renberg's salary. [21]
Mattias Ohlund 1997 [22] 5 years, $10 million & $7.5 million signing bonus Vancouver Canucks Toronto Maple Leafs Matched -
Sergei Fedorov Feb 1998 [4] 6 year, $38 million Detroit Red Wings Carolina Hurricanes Matched In an attempt to dissuade the Red Wings from matching, Carolina's contract was unusually front-loaded, and included a $12 million bonus if Fedorov reached the conference final, a far greater likelihood with the perennially contending Red Wings than the struggling Hurricanes. Detroit did match the offer sheet and Fedorov was paid $28 million for the season.
Ryan Kesler Sept 12, 2006 [4] 1 year, $1.9 million Vancouver Canucks Philadelphia Flyers Matched -
Thomas Vanek July 6, 2007 [23] 7 years, $50 million Buffalo Sabres Edmonton Oilers Matched -
Dustin Penner July 26, 2007 5 years, $21.5 million Anaheim Ducks Edmonton Oilers Accepted 1st, 2nd, and 3rd round picks in 2008
David Backes July 1, 2008 3 years, $7.5 million St. Louis Blues Vancouver Canucks Matched -
Steve Bernier July 8, 2008 1 year, $2.5 million Vancouver Canucks St. Louis Blues Matched -
Niklas Hjalmarsson July 9, 2010 4 years, $14 million Chicago Blackhawks San Jose Sharks Matched -
Shea Weber July 18, 2012[24] 14 years, $110 million Nashville Predators Philadelphia Flyers Matched[25] -
Ryan O'Reilly February 28, 2013[26] 2 years, $10 million Colorado Avalanche Calgary Flames Matched -

Related transactions[edit]

In August 1994, the Hartford Whalers reportedly wished to sign Glen Wesley to an offer sheet, however they already had an outstanding offer for Steven Rice at the time. Instead, Wesley was signed by the Boston Bruins and immediately traded for three 1st round draft picks in the 1996, 1997, and 1998 drafts.[27] The contract was reported to be $1.7 million per season for 3 seasons.[28]


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