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For ice hockey players in the National Hockey League (NHL), playing 500 consecutive regular season games is considered a highly significant achievement. This is often referred to as an "Iron man streak".

As of the completion of the 2017–18 NHL season — the 100th regular season of play of the National Hockey League — a total of 27 different players had played at least 500 consecutive regular season games in their NHL career — making it one of the most exclusive 500-clubs in the NHL.

The first player to play 500 consecutive games was Murray Murdoch of the New York Rangers, who played his 500th consecutive game during the 1936–37 season, the 20th season of the NHL. Doug Jarvis currently holds the record for most consecutive games played with 964, never missing a regular season game in his NHL career. Glenn Hall is the only goaltender to play 500 or more consecutive games.

Steve Larmer's streak ended in 1994 due to a contract dispute. Along with former record holder Johnny Wilson, they are the only two players on the list who had their streaks end due to financial reasons. Henrik Sedin's active streak of 679 consecutive games played ended on January 21, 2014 when he was unable to play due to injuries.[1] Jay Bouwmeester's ended at 737 on November 23, 2014 due to an injury in the previous game.[2] Andrew Cogliano's run ended at 830 on January 14, 2018 because of a two game suspension, while Karl Alzner's ended after he was a healthy scratch.[3][4]

There are currently three players with active streaks: Keith Yandle, Patrick Marleau, and Phil Kessel. Providing that the length of schedule does not change and there are no further work stoppages, all three players could possibly pass Jarvis' record during the 2021-22 season with Yandle having a chance to tie the record on game three of the season.

500 consecutive games played[edit]

This is a list of the 27 NHL players who have played at least 500 consecutive regular season games in their NHL career (updated to include games played on February 3, 2019)


  active streak
( ) denotes games played in current season
C = Streak is from the start of their career

Rank Name Games Start End Notes
1 Doug Jarvis 964 (C) October 8, 1975[5] October 10, 1987[6] Never missed a game in his career. Broke Unger's record by playing in his 915th NHL game on December 26, 1986.[7]
2 Garry Unger 914 February 24, 1968 December 21, 1979
3 Steve Larmer 884 October 6, 1982[8] April 15, 1993[8] Did not miss a game during 11 years with the Blackhawks.[9] Streak ended as a result of a contract dispute.[10]
4 Andrew Cogliano 830 (C) October 4, 2007 January 13, 2018 Consecutive games streak ended as a result of a two-game suspension. The NHL Department of Player Safety later ruled that Cogliano hit Kings' forward Adrian Kempe with a "high, forceful hit" after Kempe had completed a pass.[11]
5 Craig Ramsay 776 March 27, 1973 February 10, 1983
6 Keith Yandle 765 (50) March 26, 2009 active Last game missed was on March 22, 2009 while playing for the Arizona Coyotes (game 73 for the team). He played the last 9 games of that season and, to date, every game since. Yandle also played 84 games in 2014–15 due to a mid-season trade.
7 Patrick Marleau 757 (51) April 9, 2009 active Last game missed was on April 7, 2009 while playing for the San Jose Sharks (game 80 for the team). He played the last 2 games of that season and, to date, every game since.
8 Phil Kessel 744 (52) November 3, 2009 active Last game missed was on October 31, 2009 while playing for the Toronto Maple Leafs (game 12 for the team). He played the last 70 games of that season and, to date, every game since.
9 Jay Bouwmeester 737 March 6, 2004 November 22, 2014 Streak ended as a result of a lower body injury, believed to be from stepping on a crack on the ice.[12]
10 Henrik Sedin 679 March 21, 2004 January 18, 2014 Missed game as a result of a finger injury. At the time of the completion, Sedin's streak was the sixth longest streak in NHL history.[13]
11 Andy Hebenton 630 (C) October 7, 1955 March 22, 1964 Was the first player to break Johnny Wilson's consecutive games played record. Hebenton's streak ended as a result of being sent to the minors. After being sent to the minors, Hebenton never played in the NHL again. Hebenton's consecutive game streak (including the minor leagues) was 1062 games, which included 216 games prior to his time in the NHL and an additional 216 games after his NHL career. His career streak came to end as a result of attending his father's funeral.[14]
12 Karl Alzner 624 October 8, 2010 October 20, 2018 Alzner's streak started at the beginning of the 2010–11 season. He did not play in the last game of the 2009–10 season while playing for the Washington Capitals. Streak ended as a result of being a healthy scratch for the opening game of the 2018–19 season.
13 Antoine Vermette 617 October 27, 2007 October 22, 2015
14 Johnny Wilson 580 February 10, 1952 March 20, 1960 Played eight consecutive seasons of 70 games along with the final 20 games of the 1951–52 NHL season. Streak ended as a result of a contract dispute. At the time of the completion, Wilson's streak was the longest in NHL history.[15]
15 Billy Harris 576 October 7, 1972 November 28, 1979 Harris played the first 576 games in Islanders history. He was made a healthy scratch by Al Arbour on the 20th game of the season (November 30, 1979), ending his streak.[16]
16 Mark Recchi 570 October 4, 1991 December 11, 1998 Streak ended due to a case of pnenomia that Recchi had been fighting for several weeks. Recchi said in an interview that he no longer had the energy and the best way to help the team was to rest.[17]
17 Danny Grant 566 December 4, 1968[18] December 19, 1975 Streak ended as a result of a torn right thigh muscle that required surgery.[19]
18 Alex Delvecchio 548 December 13, 1956 November 11, 1964
19 Brendan Morrison 542 February 27, 2000 December 12, 2007 Morrison's streak ended as a result of wrist surgery. He had injured his wrist in the preseason but had continued to play through the pain. At the time of completion, Morrison's streak was the eleventh longest streak in NHL history.[20]
20 Jarome Iginla 529 October 4, 2007 March 30, 2014
21 Craig MacTavish 518 October 12, 1986 January 2, 1993 Streak ended as a result of a lower back strain. At the time of its completion, it was the second-longest active streak in the league.[21]
22 Brad Boyes (C)[22] 513 October 5, 2005 November 23, 2011 Streak ended as a result of a lower body injury.[23]
23 J. P. Parisé 512 February 16, 1972 November 19, 1978
24 (tie) Andrew Brunette 509 January 2, 2002 February 19, 2009 Brunette appeared to injure his knee in a game in January and aggravated the injury several weeks later, causing his streak to end at 509 games.[24]
24 (tie) John Marks 509 October 27, 1973 December 30, 1979 Marks broke the all-time record - previously held by goalie Glenn Hall - on December 16, 1979. Like Hall, Marks was a member of the Chicago Blackhawks at the time that he broke the record.[25]
26 Murray Murdoch 508 (C) November 16, 1926 March 21, 1937 First player in NHL history to play 500 consecutive games.[9]
27 Glenn Hall (G) 503 October 6, 1955 November 7, 1962 Streak ended on November 7, 1962, game 13 of the 1962–63 NHL season vs the Boston Bruins. Hall's streak ended as a result of him attempting to fasten the toe strap on his skate and "feeling his back go out." Including playoffs, Hall played a total of 551 consecutive games.[26]


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