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Below is a list of footballers who have played in Australia's National Soccer League. This list is exclusive to those players who have made at least one appearance in the competition between 1977 and 2004.

Players (Surname 'B')[edit]

Correct as of 1 June 2009

Name Nationality Position Clubs (Years)
Abel, NathanNathan Abel  Australia DF Wollongong City (2002–2003)
Abraam, PeterPeter Abraam  Australia ST South Melbourne (1984)
Abrahams, LaurieLaurie Abrahams  England ST Melbourne Croatia (1986)
Aceski, DavidDavid Aceski  Australia GK Marconi (1998–2001)
Acevski, LupceLupce Acevski  Australia GK Melbourne Knights (1999–2001) Northern Spirit (2001-2001) Adelaide City (2002–2003)
Acosta, IsadoreIsadore Acosta  Paraguay FW St George (1978)
Adam, LeeLee Adam  England MF Wollongong City (1981–1982)
Adamgikis, SteveSteve Adamgikis  Australia FW Footscray JUST (1977)
Adams, KeithKeith Adams  England MF Melbourne Croatia (1984)
Adioski, ZokiZoki Adioski  Australia St George (1989) Parramatta Eagles (1992–1993)
Adoboe, FrancisFrancis Adoboe  Ghana St George (1989)
Adzic, ZeljkoZeljko Adzic  Croatia MF Melbourne Croatia (1989–1990)
Afkos, JamesJames Afkos  Australia MF Perth Glory (1997–2000) Marconi (2000–2002)
Ageyi, AkwasiAkwasi Ageyi  Solomon Islands ST Sydney United (2000–2001)
Agius, FredFred Agius  Australia MF Sydney Olympic (2001–2002) Adelaide United (2003–2004)
Agostino, PaulPaul Agostino  Australia ST West Adelaide SC (1991–1992)
Agüero, MarianoMariano Agüero  Argentina MF Adelaide City (2002–2003)
Ahearn, GlenGlen Ahearn  Australia GK Sydney City (1982)
Ainslie, AlanAlan Ainslie  England MF Western Suburbs (1977) Sydney Olympic (1978–1979)
Ainsworth, JeffJeff Ainsworth  Australia DF Wollongong City (1981–1983, 1988) Penrith City (1984–1985) Blacktown City (1986)
Aitken, FredFred Aitken  Scotland ST St George (1977)
Akers, MartinMartin Akers  New Zealand Wollongong City (1993–1995)
Akoutas, GeorgeGeorge Akoutas  Australia DF Sydney Olympic (1981–1983) Canterbury-Marrickville (1986)
Alagich, RichardRichard Alagich  Australia DF West Adelaide (1993–1999) South Melbourne (1999–2001) Brisbane Strikers (2001–2003) Adelaide United (2003–2004)
Alagiozidis, IkeIke Alagiozidis  Australia FW Heidelberg United (1989)
Alberton, DavidDavid Alberton  Australia Adelaide City (1986)
Alesi, JamesJames Alesi  Australia Morwell Falcons (1995–1996)
Alevesios, GeorgeGeorge Alevesios  Australia Sunshine George Cross (1988–1991)
Alexiou, JimJim Alexiou  Australia South Melbourne (1977)
Aliffi, DanielDaniel Aliffi  Australia MF Canberra Cosmos (2000–2001) Wollongong City (2002–2003)
Alilovic, TonyTony Alilovic  Australia MF Heidelberg United (1994–1995)
Alilovic, DennisDennis Alilovic  Australia MF Sydney Olympic (2003–2004)
Allan, DonDon Allan  Australia ST Sydney Olympic (1977–1978) Melita Eagles (1984)
Allan, GregGreg Allan  Australia Sydney Olympic (1977–1978)
Allen, SteveSteve Allen  Australia W Newcastle Rosebud United (1984)
Allport, JeffJeff Allport  Australia MF Wollongong City (1988–1991)
Allsopp, DanielDaniel Allsopp  Australia ST South Melbourne (1995–1997) Carlton (1997–1998)
Almendra, Patricio AntonioPatricio Antonio Almendra  Chile MF FC Kingz (2002–2003)
Alogdelis, StacyStacy Alogdelis  Australia GK Marconi (2002–2004)
Aloisi, JohnJohn Aloisi  Australia ST Adelaide City (1991–1992)
Aloisi, RossRoss Aloisi  Australia MF Adelaide City (1990–1993) Brunswick Pumas (1993–1994) Melbourne BUSC (1994–1995) West Adelaide (1994–1997) Adelaide United (2003–2004)
Alston, AdrianAdrian Alston  Australia ST Canberra City (1977) Wollongong City (1984)
Ambrosino, AngeloAngelo Ambrosino  Australia MF Canberra City (1982–1983) Inter Monaro (1985–1986)
Ambrosino, CarloCarlo Ambrosino  Australia MF Inter Monaro (1985–1986)
Amegashie, AndyAndy Amegashie  Liberia ST Sydney Olympic (2000–2001)
Amey, BillBill Amey  New Zealand MF Newcastle KB United (1978) Blacktown City (1980) West Adelaide (1983)
Amos, SteveSteve Amos  Australia West Adelaide (1977) Brisbane Lions (1977)
Anabalon, EricEric Anabalon  Australia Marconi (2001–2004)
Anagnostopoulos, JohnJohn Anagnostopoulos  Australia Canterbury-Marrickville (1986)
Anastasiadis, DeanDean Anastasiadis  Australia GK South Melbourne (1993–1996, 2002–2003) Collingwood Warriors (1996–1997) Carlton (1997–2001) Wollongong City (2000–2002)
Anastasiadis, JohnJohn Anastasiadis  Australia ST Heidelberg United (1986–1987) South Melbourne (1997–2001)
Anderson, ClarkClark Anderson  Australia ST Brisbane Lions (1979, 1983–1986)
Michael Anderson  Australia DF Gippsland Falcons (1998–1999)
Andrews, MichaelMichael Andrews  Australia Wollongong City (2003–2004)
Andricopoulos, PaulPaul Andricopoulos  Australia Melita Eagles (1984)
Andrioli, AyrtonAyrton Andrioli  Australia MF West Adelaide (1994–1996)
Andriotis, ChrisChris Andriotis  Australia ST South Melbourne (1986)
Androulidakis, JackJack Androulidakis  Australia Melbourne BUSC (1994–1995)
Anezakis, MannyManny Anezakis  Australia South Melbourne (1985–1989)
Angele, JoeJoe Angele  Australia DF Heidelberg United (1983–1986)
Angelov, StevenSteven Angelov  Australia GK Wollongong City (1995–1996, 2003–2004)
Angelovski, JohnJohn Angelovski  Australia DF Melbourne BUSC (1994–1995) Sydney Olympic (1996–1997)
Angelucci, JonathanJonathan Angelucci  Australia ST Marconi (1993–1996) Parramatta Power (1999–2000) Canberra Cosmos (2000–2001) Sydney United (2001–2003)
Angievski, RobertRobert Angievski  Australia MF Newcastle Breakers (1999–2000)
Ankudinoff, GregGreg Ankudinoff  Australia Western Suburbs (1978) Sydney Olympic (1981)
Anosike, PeterPeter Anosike  Nigeria Perth Glory (1997–1998)
Ansaldi, MarioMario Ansaldi  Australia Marconi (1997–1998)
Anthopoulos, ConCon Anthopoulos  Australia DF South Melbourne (1994–1997) Carlton (1997–2001) Canberra Cosmos (2000–2001) Wollongong City (2001–2002) FC Kingz (2002–2003)
Antolovic, JozoJozo Antolovic  Croatia MF Melbourne Croatia (1984–1985, 1988)
Antonopoulos, NickNick Antonopoulos  Australia GK Inter Monaro (1986)
Aplegren, DeanDean Aplegren  Australia Perth Glory (2003–2004)
Arambasic, ZlatkoZlatko Arambasic  Australia ST Canterbury-Marrickville (1986) Blacktown City (1989–1990) Sydney Olympic (1992–1993, 1999–2000) Sydney United (2000–2002) Parramatta Power (2001–2002)
Archer, GlenGlen Archer  Australia Brisbane City (1985–1986)
Arcosa, LeonelLeonel Arcosa  Australia Wollongong City (1986)
Ardiles, OssieOssie Ardiles  Argentina MF St George (1985)
Ardone, WalterWalter Ardone  Argentina MF Sydney Olympic (1992–1993, 1995–1998) Parramatta Eagles (1993–1994) Heidelberg United (1994–1995) Sydney United (1998–1999) Parramatta Power (1999–2001)
Argyriou, ConCon Argyriou  Australia South Melbourne (1989)
Armit, BillBill Armit  Australia Brisbane Lions (1986)
Armour, BradleyBradley Armour  Australia DF Adelaide City (1995–1999)
Armstrong, LachlanLachlan Armstrong  Australia Morwell Falcons (1993–1995, 1998–1999) Canberra Cosmos (1995–1997)
Arnold, GrahamGraham Arnold  Australia Sydney Croatia (1994-1990) Northern Spirit (1998–2001)
Arquero, JoseJose Arquero  Australia Canberra City (1979)
Arranz, DavidDavid Arranz  Australia MF Canberra Cosmos (1998–2001)
Arrarte, NahuelNahuel Arrarte  Argentina MF Sydney United (1999–2003) Wollongong City (2003–2004)
Artone, CoreyCorey Artone  Australia MF West Adelaide SC (1996–1999)
Asanovic, AljosaAljosa Asanovic  Croatia MF Sydney United (2000–2002)
Aschner, JimmyJimmy Aschner  Australia ST Sydney United (1995–1996)
Atanasovski, BorisBoris Atanasovski  Australia Footscray JUST (1986)
Atkinson, MarkMark Atkinson  New Zealand MF Carlton (1997–2001) Eastern Pride (2000–2001) FC Kingz (2001–2003)
Atmore, MarkMark Atmore  England MF Brisbane Lions (1982)
Atsalas, SteveSteve Atsalas  Australia MF West Adelaide SC (1980–1986)
Attard, WayneWayne Attard  Malta Sunshine George Cross (1989–1991)
Augerinos, EliasElias Augerinos  Australia MF St George (1990–1991) Sydney Olympic (1991–1999, 2000–2002, 2003–2004)
Austin, JarrodJarrod Austin  Australia Brisbane Lions (1986)
Austin, LiamLiam Austin  Australia ST Wollongong City (2001–2004)

Sydney United (2003–2004)

Austin, MattMatt Austin  Australia DF Newcastle Breakers (1996–1998)
Avian, ClaudeClaude Avian  Australia Heidelberg United (1982)
Mazzone, AnthonyAnthony Mazzone  Australia FW Blacktown City (1989-1991) Preston Lions (1992–1993)
Awaritefe, FrancisFrancis Awaritefe  Australia ST Melbourne Croatia (1989–1992) South Melbourne (1992–1995) Marconi (1995–2000) Sydney United (2000–2001)
Azzopardi, ColinColin Azzopardi  Australia DF Carlton (1999–2000)

Key to positions[edit]

GK Goalkeeper
DF Defender
W Winger
MF Midfielder
FW Forward
ST Striker

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