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National Trunk Highway System
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NTHS expressway in China
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Formed 13 January 2005
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NTHS: GXX (green)
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Primary NTHS Expressways of China are numbered with one- or two-digit designations; the 9X series routes are zonal beltways. Generally, one-digit routes radiate from Beijing, odd-numbered routes run north-south, with lower numbers in the east and higher numbers in the west; even-numbered routes run east-west, with lower numbers in the north and higher numbers in the south.

Their associated branch expressways are follow by a cardinal points (N, S, E, W) and additional digit if repeated starting with 2; for associated auxiliary expressways are follow by two additional digits.

Primary NTHS Expressways[edit]

Number Name Chinese Name Origin Terminus Length Formed Notes
G1 Jingha Expressway 京哈高速 Beijing, BJ Harbin, HL 1,205 km (749 mi) 2005
G2 Jinghu Expressway 京沪高速 Beijing, BJ Shanghai, SH 1,220 km (760 mi) 2006
G3 Jingtai Expressway 京台高速 Beijing, BJ Fuzhou, FJ (Taipei, TW) 1,872 km (1,163 mi) See also Political Status of Taiwan. A theoretical a unbuilt bridge/tunnel way connecting Pingtan, FJ with Taoyuan, TW.
G4 Jinggang'ao Expressway 京港澳高速 Beijing, BJ Shenzhen, GD
(Hong Kong, HK / Macau, MO)
2,285 km (1,420 mi) 2005 Connects to road via Huanggang Port Hong Kong and via HKZMB Port Macau.
See One country, two systems. See also Hong Kong Strategic Routes for the current HKSAR-maintained highway system, which uses a different numbering system.
HK section
Huanggang Port China ⇔ San Sham Road ⇔ Route 9 Route 3 Route 8 Route 10HKZMB Port China and Macau (observed)
A theoretical expressway listed by the PRC. Currently administered by the HKSAR.
G5 Jingkun Expressway 京昆高速 Beijing, BJ Kunming, YN 2,714 km (1,686 mi)
G6 Jingzang Expressway 京藏高速 Beijing, BJ Golmud, QH (Lhasa, XZ) 3,710 km (2,310 mi)
G7 Jingxin Expressway 京新高速 Beijing, BJ Ürümqi, XJ 2,540 km (1,580 mi) 2017
G10 Suiman Expressway 绥满高速 Suifenhe, HL Manzhouli, NM 1,520 km (940 mi) 2013 Connects to A184 via Suifenhe Port Russia, and A350 via Manzhouli Port Russia.
G11 Heda Expressway 鹤大高速 Hegang, HL Dalian, LN 1,474 km (916 mi) 2016
G12 Hunwu Expressway 珲乌高速 Hunchun, JL Ulanhot, NM 924 km (574 mi) Connects to roads via Quanhe Port Russia and North Korea.
G15 Shenhai Expressway 沈海高速 Shenyang, LN Haikou, HI 3,710 km (2,310 mi)
G16 Danxi Expressway 丹锡高速 Dandong, LN Xilinhot, NM 960 km (600 mi) 2011
G18 Rongwu Expressway 荣乌高速 Rongcheng, SD Wuhai, NM 1,820 km (1,130 mi)
G20 Qingyin Expressway 青银高速 Qingdao, SD Yinchuan, NX 1,511 km (939 mi) 2008
G22 Qinglan Expressway 青兰高速 Qingdao, SD Lanzhou, GS 1,872 km (1,163 mi)
G25 Changshen Expressway 长深高速 Changchun, JL Shenzhen, GD 3,580 km (2,220 mi) 2010
G30 Lianhuo Expressway 连霍高速 Lianyungang, JS Khorgas, XJ 4,244 km (2,637 mi) Longest contiguous expressway in China. Connects to A353 via Khorgas Port Kazakhstan.
G35 Jiguang Expressway 济广高速 Jinan, SD Guangzhou, GD 1,953 km (1,214 mi)
G36 Ningluo Expressway 宁洛高速 Nanjing, JS Luoyang, HA 755 km (469 mi)
G40 Hushaan Expressway 沪陕高速 Shanghai, SH Xi'an, SN 1,525 km (948 mi)
G42 Hurong Expressway 沪蓉高速 Shanghai, SH Chengdu, SC 1,981 km (1,231 mi)
G45 Daguang Expressway 大广高速 Daqing, HL Guangzhou, GD 3,435 km (2,134 mi)
G50 Huyu Expressway 沪渝高速 Shanghai, SH Chongqing, CQ 1,774 km (1,102 mi)
G55 Erguang Expressway 二广高速 Erenhot, NM Guangzhou, GD 2,699 km (1,677 mi) Connects to roads via Erenhot Port Mongolia.
G56 Hangrui Expressway 杭瑞高速 Hangzhou, ZJ Ruili, YN 3,405 km (2,116 mi) Connects to MNH 3 via Ruili Port Myanmar.
G59 Hubei Expressway 呼北高速 Hohhot, NM Beihai, GX 2,628 km (1,633 mi)
G60 Hukun Expressway 沪昆高速 Shanghai, SH Kunming, YN 2,370 km (1,470 mi)
G65 Baomao Expressway 包茂高速 Baotou, NM Maoming, GD 3,130 km (1,940 mi)
G69 Yinbai Expressway 银百高速 Yinchuan, NX Baise, GX 2,570 km (1,600 mi) Connects to roads via Longbang Port Vietnam.
G70 Fuyin Expressway 福银高速 Fuzhou, FJ Yinchuan, NX 2,485 km (1,544 mi)
G72 Quannan Expressway 泉南高速 Quanzhou, FJ Nanning, GX 1,488 km (925 mi)
G75 Lanhai Expressway 兰海高速 Lanzhou, GS Haikou, HI 2,570 km (1,600 mi)
G76 Xiarong Expressway 厦蓉高速 Xiamen, FJ Chengdu, SC 2,207 km (1,371 mi)
G78 Shankun Expressway 汕昆高速 Shantou, GD Kunming, YN 1,710 km (1,060 mi)
G80 Guangkun Expressway 广昆高速 Guangzhou, GD Kunming, YN 1,610 km (1,000 mi)
G85 Yinkun Expressway 银昆高速 Yinchuan, NX Kunming, YN 838 km (521 mi)

Zonal ring expressways[edit]

Number Name Chinese Name Terminus Length Formed Notes
G91 Liaozhong Ring Expressway 辽中环线高速 Encircles central Liaoning area 399 km (248 mi) Interconnects Tieling, Fushun, Benxi, Liaoyang, Liaozhong, Xinmin and Tieling.
G92 Hangzhou Bay Ring Expressway 杭州湾环线高速 Encircles Hangzhou Bay Area 427 km (265 mi) Interconnects Shanghai, SH, Hangzhou and Ningbo.
G93 Chengyu Ring Expressway 成渝环线高速 Encircles Chengyu Metropolitan Region 1,057 km (657 mi) Interconnects Chengdu, Mianyang, Suining, Chongqing, CQ, Hejiang, Luzhou, Yibin, Leshan, Yaan
and Chengdu.
G94 Pearl River Delta Ring Expressway 珠三角环线高速 Encircles Yuegang'ao Greater Bay Area 456 km (283 mi) Interconnects Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Zhongshan, Jiangmen, Foshan, Huadu, Zengcheng and
Dongguan of Mainland China, and Hong Kong and Macau.
G95 Capital Area Loop Expressway 首都环线高速 Encircles Beijing Municipality 1,000 km (620 mi)
G98 Hainan Ring Expressway 海南环线高速 Encircles Hainan Province 612 km (380 mi) Interconnects Haikou, Qionghai, Sanya, Dongfang and Haikou.
G99 Taiwan Ring Expressway 台湾环线高速 Encircles Taiwan Province observed See Political Status of Taiwan. See also Highway System in Taiwan for the current ROC-maintained Taiwan freeway system, which uses a different numbering system.
TW theoretical section
Fwy. 1 PH 88 PH 1 PH 9 Fwy. 5 Fwy. 3 Fwy. 1 (observed)
A theoretical expressway listed by the PRC. Currently administered by the ROC.

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