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The following is a partial list of Freescale Semiconductor products, including products formerly manufactured by Motorola until 2004.

NXP sells ARM and PowerPC processors, and lists 8- and 16-bit MCUs under "More Processors" on its homepage (also including Motorola MC68000, MC68040 and MC68060 with "Not Recommended for New Design"). This list may not reflect all NXP products, as it is still the list for Freescale, that NXP bought.


Early microprocessors[edit]

68000 series[edit]

88000 series (RISC)[edit]

Power series[edit]

32/64-bit architecture, in cooperation with IBM, formerly Power PC.

ARM Cortex-A cores[edit]


ARM920 based:

  • i.MX1 (MC9328MX1)
  • i.MXL (MC9328MXL)
  • i.MXS (MC9328MXS)

ARM926 based:

  • i.MX21 (MC9328MX21)
  • i.MX23 (MCIMX23)
  • i.MX25 (MCIMX25)
  • i.MX27 (MCIMX27)
  • i.MX28 (MCIMX28)

ARM11 based:

  • i.MX31 (MCIMX31)
  • i.MX35 (MCIMX355)
  • i.MX37 (MCIMX37)

Cortex-A8 based:

  • i.MX51 family (e.g. MCIMX515)
  • i.MX50 family (i.MX508)
  • i.MX53 family (e.g. MCIMX535)

Cortex-A9 based:

  • i.MX6 solo
  • i.MX6 dual
  • i.MX6 quad


ARM Cortex-A53 and/or ARM Cortex-M4 based:


ARM Cortex-A7 based:

  • LS1020A
  • LS1021A
  • LS1022A

ARM Cortex-A9 based:

  • LS1024A

ARM Cortex-A53 based:

  • LS1012A
  • LS1043A
  • LS1046A
  • LS1088A

ARM Cortex-A72 based:

  • LS1028A
  • LS2084A/44A
  • LS2048A/44A


6800 series[edit]



68000 series[edit]


The M·CORE-based RISC microcontrollers are 32 bit processors specifically designed for low-power electronics.[1] M·CORE processors, like 68000 family processors, have a user mode and a supervisor mode, and in user mode both see a 32 bit PC and 16 registers, each 32 bits. The M·CORE instruction set is very different from the 68k instruction set—in particular, M·CORE is a pure load-store machine and all M·CORE instructions are 16 bit, while 68k instructions are a variety of lengths. However, 68k assembly language source code can be mechanically translated to M·CORE assembly language.[2]

The M·CORE processor core has been licensed by Atmel for smart cards.[3]

  • MMC2001
  • MMC2114


ARM Cortex-M cores[edit]

  • MXC300-30

Cortex-M0+ microcontrollers[edit]

  • Kinetis L series
  • Kinetis E series
  • Kinetis M series
  • Kinetis W series

Cortex-M4 microcontrollers[edit]

  • Kinetis K series
  • Kinetis KW2x series

see also: S32K

ARM7 cores[edit]

ARM7TDMI automotive microcontrollers[edit]

  • MAC71xx
  • MAC72xx

TPU and ETPU modules[edit]

The Time Processing Unit (TPU) and Enhanced Time Processing Unit (eTPU) are largely autonomous timing peripherals found on some Freescale parts.

  • MC68832 (TPU)
  • MPC5554 (PowerPC) (eTPU)
  • MPC5777C (PowerPC) (eTPU2+)
  • MCF5232, MCF5233, MCF5234, MCF5235 (ColdFire) (eTPU)

Digital signal processors[edit]

Note: the 56XXX series is commonly known as the 56000 series, or 56K, and similarly the 96XXX is known as the 96000 series, or 96K.

56000 series[edit]

96000 series[edit]

StarCore series[edit]

Note: "There is no native support for floating point operations on StarCore"[4]

  • MSC8101/3 Single SC140 core, 300 MHz (End of life)
  • MSC8102 Quad SC140 core, 275 MHz (Discontinued)
  • MSC8122/26 Quad SC140 core, 500 MHz
  • MSC711x Single SC1400 core, 200/300 MHz (Partly discontinued)
  • MSC8144/E Quad SC3400 core, 1 GHz
  • MSC8156/E Six-core SC3850 core, 1 GHz with MAPLE-B coprocessor
  • MSC8154/E Quad-core SC3850 core, 1 GHz with MAPLE-B coprocessor
  • MSC8152 Dual-core SC3850 core, 1 GHz with MAPLE-B coprocessor
  • MSC8151 Single-core SC3850 core, 1 GHz with MAPLE-B coprocessor
  • MSC8256 Six-core SC3850 core, 1 GHz
  • MSC8254 Quad-core SC3850 core, 1 GHz
  • MSC8252 Dual-core SC3850 core, 1 GHz
  • MSC8251 Single-core SC3850 core, 1 GHz

MEMS Sensors[edit]

  • MMA Series (Multi-G/ Multi-Axis Accelerometers)
  • MPX Series Pressure
  • MPR Series Proximity

Reconfigurable compute fabric device[edit]


  • CodeWarrior Integrated Development Environment
  • MQX Real Time Operating System
  • FreeMaster
  • Processor Expert
  • PEG Graphical User Interface Development
  • Sensor Toolkit
  • Wireless Connectivity Toolkit