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Template:Naruto season navigation This is a list of episodes from anime series Naruto, covering the fifth and sixth seasons of the series. The episodes are directed by Hayato Date and produced by Studio Pierrot and TV Tokyo.[1] The episodes were released in North America by Viz Media. They are based on the Naruto manga series by Masashi Kishimoto and adapt the twentieth through twenty-seventh volumes of its source material over twenty-three episodes. The first two episodes of season five and the remaining twenty-one episodes are filler, containing storylines not found in the original manga by Kishimoto.

The fifth season aired from October 2004 to March 2005, and was followed by the second season, which ran from April 2005 to October 2005. [2] Both seasons were shown on TV Tokyo.[1] The English adaptation of the fifth season aired on September 22, 2007.[3]

Seven pieces of theme music are used in the episodes; two opening themes and six ending themes. The two opening themes are "Seishun Kyōsōkyoku" (青春狂騷曲, lit. Youth's Rhapsody) by Sambomaster for the first twenty five-episodes, and Stance Punks' "Nō bōi - Nō kurai" (ノーボーイ・ノークライ, lit. No Boy, No Cry) in the rest. The ending themes are "Maunten-a-gōgō-tsū" (マウンテン・ア・ゴーゴー・ツー, lit. Mountain a Go Go Two) by Captain Stridum, used for the first twelve episodes, GagaSP's "Hajimete Kimi to Shabetta" (はじめて君としゃべった, lit. The First Time I Spoke With You) in the next thirteen episodes, No Regret Life's "Nakushita Kotoba" (失くした言葉, lit. Lost Words), utilized for the next thirteen episodes, and "Speed" by Analog fish for the remaining episodes. The English episodes use "Seishun Kyōsōkyoku," as the opening theme, and an instrumental version of "Rise" by Jeremy Sweet and Ian Nickus as the closing theme.

Season 5: 2004-2005

Land of Tea arc (continued)

EP# Title Original airdate English airdate
104 "Run, Idate, Run! Nagi Island Awaits!"
"Hashire Forrest! Arashi o yubi haran no Nagitō!!" (走れイダテ!嵐を呼ぶ波乱のナギ島!!) 
October 13, 2004September 22, 2007
Aoi taunts Idate and attacks him. Team 7, who are still swimming for the island, are attacked underwater by the Rain ninja. Using the first step of training for the Rasengan, Naruto creates a huge whirlpool that saves them. They then try to rescue Idate, but prove to be no match for Aoi, who poisons them and leaves. Sakura gives them all medicine Tsunade had given her, and they seek shelter in a cave. Idate explains that he was once a Leaf ninja, but was tricked by Aoi into betraying the village after failing the Chunin Exam. 
105 "A fierce battle of rolling thunder!"
"Gōru chokuzen! Raimei todoroku daigekitō" (ゴール直前!雷鳴とどろく大激闘) 
October 20, 2004September 29, 2007
Fukusuke continues to celebrate with women and food when Aoi warns him that he might be celebrating prematurely. Naruto Uzumaki, carrying Idate, ascends the long flight of stars to the Modoroki Shrine. Idate grabs the orb and heads out on his own two feet, but they are soon confronted by Aoi, waiting with his sword of Raijin. Both Naruto's Rasengan and Sasuke's Chidori are repelled by the sword, though the latter is able to crack it slightly. 
106 "The Last Leg: A Final Act of Desperation"
"Todoku ka Idate! Shūnen no rasuto supāto!!" (届くかイダテ!執念のラストスパート!!) 
October 27, 2004October 6, 2007
With Sakura Haruno and Sasuke Uchiha defeated, it is up to Naruto to defeat Aoi so Idate can continue the race. After a few failed attacks, Naruto is finally able to defeat Aoi, which means Idate can continue the race. Though Fukusuke is already near the finish line, with determination and encouragement from Naruto, Idate manages to catch up and win the race, saving the Wasabi Clan. 

Sasuke Retrieval arc: Sound Four

EP# Title Original airdate English airdate
107 "The Battle Begins: Sasuke vs Naruto"
"Omae to tatakaitai! Tsui ni gekitotsu Sasuke tai Naruto" (オマエと戦いたい!ついに激突 サスケVSナルト) 
November 3, 2004October 13, 2007
Due to the injuries he received in the Land of Tea, Sasuke is stuck in the hospital recovering. Angry that Naruto has continued to get stronger while he is still not strong enough to defeat Itachi, he challenges Naruto to a fight when he and Sakura come to visit. Naruto accepts, and the two head to the roof. After exchanging attacks, Naruto creates a Rasengan and Sasuke prepares his Chidori. The two rush towards each other, with Sakura screaming for them to stop. 
108 "Bitter Rivals and Broken Bonds"
"Mienai kiretsu" (見えない亀裂) 
November 10, 2004October 20, 2007
As Naruto and Sasuke are about to clash, Kakashi Hatake appears and deflects them into differing water towers. Admiring the damage his attack has done to his water tower, Sasuke believes himself to be stronger than Naruto. On closer inspection, he finds Naruto's tower to be considerably worse off, and only comes to envy Naruto's strength more. Kakashi takes Sasuke aside and lectures him about not attacking friends. While Sasuke only half-listens to Kakashi's words, the arrival of Orochimaru's Sound Four erases Kakashi's message from his mind. 
109 "An Invitation from the Sound"
"Oto no izanai" (音の誘い) 
November 17, 2004
Sasuke briefly does battle with the Sound Four members, though they quickly gain the upperhand. After they explain that they were once on Sasuke's level though got stronger once joining Orochimaru, they extend an invitation to Sasuke to accompany them to Orochimaru's lair. After doing so, they leave, allowing Sasuke to consider the matter. The appeal of gaining strength is too much to turn down, and Sasuke makes his way for Konoha's exit. On his way, he meets Sakura, who realizes that Sasuke is about to turn his back on the village. She pleads with him to stay, telling him how much she loves him, even offering to help him with his revenge. Unfortunately, she is unable to convince him. Sasuke's cryptic last words before swiftly knocking her out and departing are "Sakura...thank you". Sasuke then leaves Konoha in the company of the Sound Four. 
110 "Formation! Iron wall formation"
"Kessei! Teppeki fōmēshon" (結成!鉄壁のフォーメーション) 
November 24, 2004
When Sakura awakens, she informs Tsunade of Sasuke's defection. Unable to send higher ranking ninja after Sasuke, Tsunade orders Shikamaru Nara to assemble a team of genin under his lead to go after Sasuke. He selects Naruto, Neji Hyuga, Choji Akimichi, and Kiba Inuzuka, and quickly devises the optimal formation for the group. Before they leave, Sakura pleads to Naruto to make sure to bring Sasuke back. Naruto promises to do so, and the group sets out. 
111 "Contact ~The force of the Sound Four~"
"Sesshoku ~Oto Yonin Shū no jitsuryoku~" (接触~音四人衆の実力~) 
November 24, 2004
As the first step in gaining power, Sasuke's cursed seal must be advanced to its second state. For this to happen, the Sound Four seals Sasuke into a barrel and carry him from Konoha as his seal advances. They are confronted by two nearby Konoha ninja, Raido Namiashi and Genma Shiranui, but eventually defeat them thanks to their cursed seals. After carrying Sasuke for a ways, the Sound Four takes a break, giving the recently caught up retrieval team a chance to try a sneak attack. Their presence is detected, and the Sound Four attacks them before they can make a move. 
112 "A sudden split among friends!? Platoon Shikamaru's great crisis"
"Ikinari nakamare!? Shikamaru shōtai daipinchi" (イキナリ仲間割れ!?シカマル小隊大ピンチ) 
December 1, 2004
Although the Sound Four's attack seems to force the retrieval team on the defensive, Shikamaru intended to be caught and uses the opportunity to capture the Sound Four with his shadow. They manage to escape, and Jirobo captures the retrieval team in a dome of rocks. As the other Sound Four members go on ahead, Jirobo absorbs the Konoha ninja's chakra. Before their chakra is completely absorbed, Choji manages to break out of the dome, freeing the team. 
113 "At full power! Burn Choji"
"Pawā zenkai! Moero Chōji" (パワー全開!燃えろチョウジ) 
December 8, 2004
Freed, Choji volunteers to stay behind and deal with Jirobo to give the rest of the team a chance to catch up to the other Sound Four members. As the team goes on, Choji eats the first of the Akimichi's Three Colored Pills, increasing his strength. Doing so proves enough to overpower Jirobo, forcing him to advance his cursed seal to its first level. With Jirobo now having the upperhand, Choji takes the second Akimichi pill. 
114 "Farewell friend...! But still I believe"
"Saraba tomo yo...! Soredemo ore wa shinjiteru" (さらば友よ…!それでもオレは信じてる) 
December 15, 2004
With the second pill in his system, Choji uses Multi-Size Technique to dramatically increase his size and fall upon Jirobo. To escape the crushing effects of Choji's increased bulk, Jirobo advances to level 2 of his cursed seal, enabling him to lift Choji and toss him aside. Outmatched, Choji considers taking the last pill. While all of the pills he has taken thus far have been harmful to him, the third almost guarantees death to the user. Faced with death either way, Choji takes the pill, allowing him to easily overpower and kill Jirobo. His battle won, Choji begins to follow his friends' path, though falls unconscious before making it very far. 
115 "Your opponent is me!"
"Omae no aite wa kono ore da!" (お前の相手はこのオレだ!) 
December 22, 2004
When the retrieval team catches up with the Sound Four, they are quickly caught in Kidomaru's webs. As Kidomaru is about to finish off Naruto, Neji frees himself from the webbings and saves the rest of the team. Deciding to deal with Kidomaru himself, Neji instructs the others to go on without him, and begins to fight Kidomaru. Although Kidomaru soon believes himself to have the advantage, Neji readies his Eight Trigrams Sixty-Four Palms to prove him wrong. 
116 "360 field of vision, The Byakugan's blind spot"
"Shikai sanbyaku rokujū do, Byakugan no shikaku" (視界360度 白眼の死角) 
January 5, 2005
Kidomaru manages to shield himself form the attack, and flees to the safety of the neighboring trees. Deciding to attack Neji from a distance, Kidomaru advances his seal to its first level and sends multiple spiders to attack Neji. Neji is able to repel them all, though Kidomaru notices a delayed reaction in some of Neji's blocks. He theorizes that Neji's defenses has a blind spot, and attacks him further from this blind spot. His theory is proven correct as Neji is unable to block the attack. Believing himself to have found Neji's weakness, Kidomaru prepares to finish the battle. 
117 "The reason not to lose"
"Makerarenai riyū" (負けられない理由) 
January 5, 2005
After advancing his cursed seal to its second state and creating a bow and arrow with his webs, Kidomaru begins taking shots at Neji's blind spot. Neji is able to block the attacks enough to keep them from hitting vital areas, though is still left heavily damaged with each of Kidomaru's attacks. Ready to finish the battle, Kidomaru prepares his most deadly arrow for use, and fires it at Neji. Neji takes the arrow full force, though already knowing of his blind spot moves at the last second to keep the arrow from piercing his heart. With Kidomaru's arrow connected to him by a web, Neji sends his chakra into the web, paralyzing Kidomaru. As Kidomaru lies helpless, Neji approaches him and deals a finishing blow. His injuries too severe, Neji collapses, leaving the retrieval of Sasuke up to the others. 
118 "Rescue~To be in time for the container"
"Dakkan~Ma ni awanakatta utsuwa" (奪還~間に合わなかった器) 
January 12, 2005
Orochimaru, his body left useless after his failed invasion of Konoha, anxiously waits for Sasuke so that he can switch to Sasuke's body. Although he puts it off for as long as he can, hoping that the Sound Four will arrive in time, his body brings him too much pain and he is forced to switch to the body of one of his prisoners. Elsewhere, the retrieval team catches up with the Sound Four and engages them in battle. 
119 "Mistake! The new enemy"
"Shissaku! Aratanaru teki" (失策!新たなる敵) 
January 19, 2005
Soon after the battle begins, Kiba and his dog, Akamaru, fall off a cliff with Sakon. Shikamaru engages Tayuya while Naruto goes after Kimimaro Kaguya, who is carrying Sasuke's coffin. Desperate to get Sasuke back, Naruto begins tapping into the demon fox's chakra to engage Kimimaro. As the battle between Shikamaru and Tayuya begins, Tayuya summons three creatures to help her in combat. With Kiba and Sakon's battle already underway elsewhere, Sakon's brother, Ukon reveals himself to help Sakon fight. 
120 "Roar! Howl! The ultimate tag"
"Unare! Hoero! Kyūkyoku no taggu" (唸れ!吠えろ!究極のタッグ) 
February 2, 2005
As Tayuya guides her three beasts after Shikamaru, she activates the first level of her cursed seal to make controlling them easier. Naruto too begins his battle, creating a great deal of shadow clones with which to attack Kimimaro, though Kimimaro is able to defeat the clones by the dozens. As the fight between Kiba and Akamaru vs. Sakon and Ukon rages on, Ukon pushes his cursed seal into its second level. Recognizing the huge increase in strength that this allows the brothers, Kiba and Akamaru combine to become a giant double-headed wolf. The combined beast charges towards Sakon and Ukon, though the brothers are able to block the attack. As the wolf transformation disperses, Akamaru is attacked and left heavily injured, and Ukon merges himself with Kiba's body. Needing to get rid of Ukon to save Akamaru, Kiba stabs himself in the stomach, causing him and Ukon to start coughing up blood. 
121 "Each respective battles"
"Sorezore no tatakai" (それぞれの闘い) 
February 9, 2005
Ukon separates from Kiba and rejoins with Sakon so that he can recover. Kiba finds Akamaru, and the two flee down river, hoping to escape the brothers. Naruto, meanwhile, is unable to make a dent in Kimimaro, and his shadow clones are still rapidly defeated before they can land a blow. Shikamaru, elsewhere, believes to have picked up on the movements of Tayuya's creatures, though she quickly has them switch actions before Shikamaru can act. 
122 "Fake! The man Shikamaru gambles to recover from a hopeless situation"
"Feiku! Otoko Shikamaru kishikaisei no kake" (フェイク!男シカマル起死回生の賭け) 
February 16, 2005
Despite Tayuya's efforts, Shikamaru has devised a plan to defeat her creatures. Using a flash bang to lengthen the shadows in the area, Shikamaru captures the creatures and prepares to turn them against Tayuya. To prevent this, Tayuya calls off the creatures, making them disperse. Despite this, Tayuya is captured by Shikamaru's shadow, forcing her to advance her seal to its second state to escape. With Tayuya now strong enough to overpower his shadow, Shikamaru decides instead to use his shadow for attack, and attempts to use his shadow to strangle her. 
123 "Meet the Leaf's green beast!"
"Konoha no aoki yajū kenzan!" (木ノ葉の碧き野獣見参!) 
February 23, 2005
As Naruto starts getting frustrated with his lack of progress, Sasuke's cursed seal finally reaches it second level, allowing him to exit his coffin and go on ahead. Kimimaro prevents Naruto from going after him, though the arrival of the newly recovered Rock Lee forces him to let Naruto go. Lee and Kimimaro begin exchanging blows, though Kimimaro's unique control over his bones makes things difficult for Lee. Soon after the fight begins, Lee asks for a timeout so that he can take his medicine. Kimimaro agrees, and Lee drinks the contents of his medicine bottle. Because Lee grabbed sake instead of medicine when he set out to help the retrieval team, Lee is immediately intoxicated, and attacks Kimimaro in a drunken frenzy. 
124 "Beast explosion! Burst open, blow off and break through!"
"Yajū sakuretsu! Hajikero futtobe tsukinukero!" (野獣炸裂!弾けろ吹っ飛べ突き抜けろ!) 
March 2, 2005
In his drunken form, Lee's movements are unpredictable and Kimimaro is left unable to dodge his attacks. As Lee begins gaining the advantage in the fight, Kimimaro is forced to use his more powerful abilities. Lee, however, begins to sober up, and reverts to his previous state, easily being outclassed by Kimimaro. Kimimaro prepares to finish Lee off, Tayuya starts fighting Shikamaru's shadow, and Sakon and Ukon find Kiba and Akamaru. Before any of the Sound Four members can attack the Konoha ninja, Gaara, Temari, and Kankuro arrive at each battle site to take care of the Sound Four members themselves. 
125 "The Leaf's allies The Sand's shinobi"
"Konoha dōmeikoku Suna no shinobi" (木ノ葉同盟国砂の忍) 
March 9, 2005
The arrival of the Sand ninja surprises the Konoha retrieval team and the Sound Four. Although the Konoha ninja ask their saviors to flee, each refuses, having been asked to come to help by Tsunade. Even receded from their cursed-seal state, Sakon and Ukon ridicule Kankuro and his puppet, but the latter is soon able to trap both in a second of his puppets and kill them. With Temari's arrival, Tayuya escapes to the surrounding trees for cover, though Temari's fan cuts through the forest, eliminating Tayuya with ease. 
126 "Strongest confrontation! Gaara vs Kimimaro!!"
"Saikyō taiketsu! Gaara tai Kimimaro!!" (最強対決!我愛羅VS君麻呂!!) 
March 16, 2005
Lee, not wanting help, tries to bypass Gaara and attack Kimimaro. Because Lee is still recovering from his operation, Gaara forces him to sit. Using his sand, Gaara tries to crush Kimimaro, though by activating his cursed seal Kimimaro survives the attack. Calling upon a greater amount of sand, Gaara tries to bury Kimimaro, though advancing his cursed seal to level 2 allows Kimimaro to survive and escape this as well. 
127 "A never-give-up blow! Dance of the Seedling Fern"
"Shūnen no ichigeki Sawarabi no Mai" (執念の一撃!早蕨の舞) 
March 30, 2005
Recognizing the potency of Gaara's attack and the strength of his defenses, Kimimaro hardens a bone around his arm into the shape of a drill. With this, his strongest weapon, Kimimaro charges at Gaara, though Gaara's final defense proves too much for it and it shatters. Calling upon the sand in the ground, Gaara pulls Kimimaro deep underground, confining him there until his eventual death. As Kimimaro sinks, he creates a forest of bones to burst from the ground, which Gaara is able to help Lee avoid at the last second. As the two sit, completely exhausted but relieved to have won, Kimimaro appears from one of the bones with his bone drill for a final attack. His disease gets the best of him at the last second, and he dies before he can finish Gaara and Lee. Elsewhere, Naruto has caught up to Sasuke. 

Sasuke Retrieval arc: Naruto vs. Sasuke

EP# Title Original airdate English airdate
128 "Unreachable outcry"
"Todokanai sakebi" (届かない叫び) 
March 30, 2005
Naruto asks Sasuke if he is willing to turn his back on all of his friends in Konoha for the simple matter of getting stronger. Sasuke says yes and starts to walk away, enraging Naruto. Determined to bring Sasuke back to his senses and to Konoha, Naruto grabs hold of him and starts to punch him. He makes Sasuke spit out blood with every punch, then Sasuke rallies and easily repels Naruto. After creating some shadow clones, Naruto tries using force again, but Sasuke scorches the Narutos with a burst of fire. 

Season 6: 2005

Sasuke Retrieval arc: Naruto vs. Sasuke (continued)

EP# Title Original airdate English airdate
129 "Itachi and Sasuke The far away existence"
"Itachi to Sasuke tōsugiru sonzai" (兄と弟 遠すぎる存在) 
April 6, 2005
Naruto rises from the flames unharmed, and Sasuke begins to remember his childhood and his reasons for becoming obsessed with power. Sasuke's childhood was spent living in his brother, Itachi's, shadow. Being the prodigy of the clan, Itachi received all the attention from their father, leaving Sasuke to live his life trying to earn his father's recognition. Itachi, aware of Sasuke's efforts, did what he could to redirect some of their father's attention to Sasuke, but saw little success. In time, the members of the Uchiha clan began to suspect Itachi of being a murderer, and Itachi started openly attacking and disrespecting the clan. 
130 "Father and child The cracked family crest"
"Chichi to ko Hibiwareta kamon" (父と子 ひび割れた家紋) 
April 13, 2005
As Sasuke's recollection of his childhood continues, Itachi's standing in the clan began to falter due to his apparent turning against them. As such, Sasuke's father started taking a more active interest in Sasuke's development. To give Sasuke proper membership into the clan, his father taught him the Great Fireball Technique, which Sasuke rapidly mastered. As Sasuke and his father spent more time together, his father told him not to follow in Itachi's footsteps, the former prodigy having lost the clan's confidence. With his father's recognition, Sasuke puts even more time into his training, determined to get better than Itachi. 
131 "Open your eyes to the truth The secret of the Mangekyō Sharingan"
"Kaigan Mangekyō Sharingan no himitsu" (開眼 万華鏡写輪眼の秘密) 
April 20, 2005
As Sasuke's remembrance of his childhood draws to a close, Sasuke returned home from the Academy one day to find all the members of the Uchiha clan murdered. Upon finding his parents' bodies, Sasuke discovered Itachi to be responsible for the massacre. Using his Mangekyo Sharingan, Itachi showed Sasuke their parents' deaths, causing Sasuke to run with fright. Itachi stopped him, telling him that he wasn't worth killing. As Itachi left, he informed Sasuke that if he wanted to take revenge for the clan, he would need to get stronger. To help Sasuke gain the strongest ability of the Uchiha, Itachi tells Sasuke the requirements to obtain his own Mangekyo Sharingan: He must kill his closest friend. With that, Itachi left, leaving Sasuke to build a hate for his brother. Resolving to get stronger, Sasuke decided he would do whatever was necessary to kill Itachi. Returning to the present day, Sasuke and Naruto resume their battle. 
132 "Close friend!"
"Shin'yū yo!" (親友よ!) 
April 27, 2005
Kakashi learns of Sasuke's defection and immediately goes after him. Meanwhile, believing Naruto to be his closest friend, Sasuke prepares to kill him, finding the loss of Naruto to be an acceptable price for the Mangekyo Sharingan. Naruto's Rasengan and Sasuke's Chidori clash, though neither is capable of overpowering the other. Activating his cursed seal in order to gain the upperhand, Sasuke uses his Chidori to pierce through Naruto, just missing his heart. While Sasuke thinks the battle to be won, the demon fox's chakra begins to envelop Naruto and the wound Sasuke inflicted starts to heal. Infused with the demon fox's strength and now willing to break Sasuke's body in order to bring him home, Naruto attacks. 
133 "Howl of tears! You are my friend"
"Namida no hōkō! Omae wa ore no tomodachi da" (涙の咆哮!オマエはオレの友達だ) 
May 4, 2005
Naruto's newfound power overwhelms Sasuke, and his attempts at fighting Naruto off prove ineffective. It is not until his Sharingan fully develops that he is able to use his taijutsu to fend off Naruto, as well as a multitude of clones, and land a devastating blow. Needing more strength to fight, Naruto calls upon even more of the demon fox's chakra, which surrounds him and giving him the appearance of a one-tailed fox. This shroud acts as a shield, and Sasuke's attacks are quickly dispersed before reaching Naruto; the tangible chakra also acts as a potent weapon, negating the Sharingan's prediction abilities and allowing Naruto to attack from afar by extending the chakra into a claw-like attack. As the demon fox-form continues its onslaught, Sasuke is put on the defensive, forcing him to advance his cursed seal to its final level to compensate. 
134 "The conclusion of the rain of tears"
"Namida ame no ketsumatsu" (涙雨の結末) 
May 11, 2005
With Naruto and Sasuke at their peaks of power, the two prepare their final attacks. Naruto creates a demon fox-fueled Rasengan, and Sasuke readies a cursed seal-powered Chidori. Their attacks ready, they fly at each other and their attacks clash, creating a dome of explosive energy around them. Within the dome, the two deal final blows. Sasuke moves his hand at the last moment , from attacking Naruto's neck to dealing a unfatal blow. Naruto scratches Sasuke's forehead protector, proving Sasuke's earlier claim that Naruto couldn't even scratch his forehead wrong. As the dome disperses, Sasuke stands over a defeated Naruto. Refusing to follow the same path as his brother also remembering what Naruto means to him, Sasuke decides to gain power his own way, and heads to Orochimaru. 
135 "The broken promise"
"Mamorenakatta yakusoku" (守れなかった約束) 
May 18, 2005
The retrieval team is brought back to Konoha where, despite the severity of their injuries, all fully recover. When Naruto awakens, he apologizes to Sakura for not living up to his promise and bringing Sasuke back, though says he'll do it someday. Sakura replies that when that day comes, they'll do it together. Jiraiya offers Naruto a chance to leave with him for three years to train. Naruto accepts, and Jiraiya tells him they'll leave whenever he's ready. Elsewhere, Sasuke arrives at Orochimaru's lair where he soon proves himself worthy of Orochimaru's guidance. Meanwhile Akatsuki assembles, ready to start their mission three years from now. 

Infiltrating Orochimaru's Lair arc

EP# Title Original airdate English airdate
136 "Infiltration investigation!? At last it came a super-S-rank mission"
"Sennyū sōsa!? Tsui ni kitakita chō-S-kyū ninmu" (潜入捜査!? 遂にきたきた超S級任務) 
May 25, 2005
Jiraiya begins to worry about Naruto and Sakura's well-being. He then requests that Tsunade send the two on a mission with him. He finds Naruto telling Sakura he is not going to stop her from going after Sasuke, but he is going with her, and tells them about the mission. They head off to Rice Field Country to find the Hidden Sound Village, and hopefully Sasuke as well. 
137 "Town of outlaws Shadow of the Fūma clan"
"Muhōsha no gai Fūma ichizoku no kage" (無法者の街 ふうま一族の影) 
June 1, 2005
Naruto, Sakura, and Jiraiya end up in a town that is worse then the one they were chased out of. Jiraiya heads off and leaves Naruto and Sakura to get food. Along the way, they find the female ninja that attacked them before. Because the ninja is injured, Naruto and Sakura fight some Sound ninja to save her. Who is this mysterious ninja and what does she know about the Hidden Sound Village? 
138 "Noble betrayal Fleeting wish"
"Kiyoki uragiri Hakanaki negai" (清き裏切り はかなき願い) 
June 8, 2005
When Sasame drugs the gang, she prepares to let them be given to Orochimaru. But, when she discovers that they were planning to be killed, she begs the ones about to do so to stop. Naruto reveals that he and the others faked being put to sleep, and attack. 
139 "Terror! Orochimaru's mansion"
"Kyōfu! Orochimaru no tachi" (恐怖!大蛇丸の館) 
June 15, 2005
Sasame leads Naruto, Jiraiya, and Sakura to Orochimaru's hideout. They send Sasame back to the village because of the danger level. Jiraiya summons Gamakichi to go in first and investigate. The four come to three tunnels. Jiraiya goes off to the right, Naruto and Sakura down the middle and Gamakichi down the left. Will the four of them make it past the traps? 
140 "Two heartbeats Kabuto's trap"
"Futatsu no kodō Kabuto no wana" (二つの鼓動 カブトの罠) 
June 22, 2005
Naruto arrives in the nick of time to save Sakura, but not before Kabuto tells her that Sasuke is dead. Naruto tells her not to believe him and a battle ensues. Naruto defeats him with the Rasengan, but Kabuto traps him in some chakra threads. Now, if Kabuto dies, so will Naruto. As Kabuto speeds up the death rate, Sakura tries to free him. Sasame arrives and saves Naruto, only to find out that the Kabuto they fought is actually Kagerou. They finally find Arashi, but he isn't the Arashi that Sasame once knew. 
141 "Sakura's decision"
"Sakura no ketsui" (サクラの決意) 
June 29, 2005
Naruto takes on Arashi, but gets trapped easily. Sakura thinks he's dead and Naruto ends up blowing his sneak attack cover to protect her. Naruto tries his attack again, but his injury causes a problem. Naruto gets trapped in an attack that will crush him if he doesn't get out. Sasame attacks Arashi manages to set him free for a second. However, it doesn't last long and he soon tries to kill Sasame. Sakura jumps in the way and says she will give her life to protect her friends. Naruto tells her she can't die and Arashi tries to finish Naruto off. Sasame causes enough of a distraction for Naruto to break free. The attack caused by Naruto frees Arashi, and Arashi protects Sasame. The place begins to collapse and Jiraiya arrives. Arashi throws them Sasame and tells them he can't leave since he is a puppet. He tells Naruto that Sasuke is alive and they all leave, leaving Arashi behind. The Fuma Clan promises to rebuild their town and everyone heads back to Konoha. Considering herself to have been of little use, Sakura asks to become Tsunade's pupil and learn to become a medical ninja. At this point, each former Team 7 member is now receiving direct training from one of the Sannin. 

Mizuki Strikes Back arc

EP# Title Original airdate English airdate
142 "Three bad men of the strictly guarded facility"
"Genkai shisetsu no san akunin" (厳戒施設の三悪人) 
July 6, 2005
With the events of the Rice Field Country behind them, everyone prepares for their training. But, a new threat soon arises. Mizuki is back, and he's planning to break out of Konoha's Correctional Facility along with the help of Fujin and Raijin, the Legendary Stupid Brothers. However, this time Orochimaru may be pulling the strings. Asuma and Kurenai are sent to interrogate Mizuki, but they run into trouble on the way. Naruto shows up and find the two jonin injured. 
143 "Run Tonton! I'm depending on your nose"
"Hashire Tonton! Omae no hana ga tayori dattebayo" (走れトントン!お前の鼻が頼りだってばよ) 
July 13, 2005
Shizune and her team encounter Mizuki, but all of them are defeated. When Ton-ton comes back to warn Tsunade, Naruto takes the initiative to find Shizune with Ton-ton's help. Kakashi arrives and finds out the situation. Unfortunately, he has another mission. So, he summons Pakkun who will guide Iruka to Naruto. Iruka eventually catches up to Naruto and Pakkun sends Ton-ton back to the village. Pakkun leads them and they soon find Shizune. They chase after Mizuki, when they soon fall into a trap. Iruka reveals that Shizune is not Shizune, but actually Mizuki. Mizuki attacks Iruka while Naruto deals with Fujin and Raijin. But, Naruto's attacks don't even hurt them. 
144 "The new three-man group Two people and a dog!"
"Shin'sei surīman seru futari to ippiki" (新生三人一組 二人と一匹!) 
July 20, 2005
Naruto is having trouble with the two brothers, and Iruka is having his share of difficulties with Mizuki. Iruka struggles to try and get the old Mizuki back, but Mizuki explains the only reason he was ever nice to Iruka was because he wanted to be the Hokage's favorite too. He wanted Iruka to be miserable, and not to have everyone else be so kind to him and not himself. Iruka and Mizuki then prepare to fight again. Meanwhile, after many shadow clone attacks, Naruto finally has a chance to use Rasengan. But, the brothers accidentally destroy their lunch and make Naruto's attack hit his doppelgangers. As they prepare to kill him, Shikamaru, Choji, and Ino come to the rescue. 
145 "Explosion! New formation Ino-Shika-Cho"
"Sakuretsu! Nyū fōmēshon Inoshikachō" (炸裂!ニューフォーメーションいのシカチョウ) 
July 27, 2005
Naruto's backup has arrived and they are Shikamaru, Ino, and Choji. They tell Naruto that they will take care of the brothers. Naruto leaves to catch up to Iruka, who is fighting Mizuki. Can Naruto arrive before Mizuki kills Iruka? And can Shikamaru, Ino, and Choji hold off the brothers? 
146 "Left behind ambitions Orochimaru's shadow"
"Nokosareta yabō Orochimaru no kage" (残された野望 大蛇丸の影) 
August 10, 2005
Naruto, Iruka, and Pakkun meet up with Mizuki's fiancee Tsubaki, and she has come to offer help to the three. Meanwhile, Shikamaru, Ino, and Choji are having trouble holding the two brothers off, and they know that they can't defeat them, so they are stalling for time. Meanwhile, Tsunade discovers a startling secret about Mizuki and Orochimaru, and she's planning on taking this matter into her own hands. Naruto, Iruka, Pakkun, and Tsubaki finally reach Mizuki, but it's too late, he's already completed the formula he was making. Now that he's drank it, he turns into a new monsterous form. And, Naruto has recognized Mizuki's tranformation as one nearly identical to that of Orochimaru's cursed seal. 
147 "Fate's showdown! I am going to defeat you"
"Innen no taiketsu! Omae ni ore wa taosenee" (因縁の対決!オマエにオレは倒せねえ) 
August 17, 2005
Mizuki is determined to make Naruto and Iruka suffer, and it appears like he has the upper edge with his improved strength and speed. Meanwhile, Ino, Choji, and Shikamaru are at their limits, and now Fujin and Raijin are free. That is until Tsunade shows up and defeats them both easily. Fujin and Raijin surrender and agree to return peacefully to the institution. Mizuki on the other hand has converted all of his speed to power and prepares to finish Naruto off. That is until Iruka thinks up a plan and traps Mizuki, giving Naruto the chance to Rasengan on him. Mizuki reverts to his original form, badly damage when Tsunade shows up and explains everything about the potion Mizuki took. Mizuki will no longer be able to fight as a shinobi. Iruka offers to treat everyone at the ramen bar, and thinks about how Naruto saved his life the same way he had saved Naruto before. 

Bikochu arc

EP# Title Original airdate English airdate
148 "Even Akamaru is jealous of its super tracking power! Search for the phantom Faint Smell Bug"
"Chō-tsuibiryoku ni Akamaru mo shitto! Maboroshi no Bikōchū o sagase" (超追尾力に赤丸も嫉妬!幻の微香虫を探せ) 
August 17, 2005
Naruto is frustrated by Mizuki's inability to lead him to Sasuke or Orochimaru, and begins pestering Tsunade to allow him to look for him. Hinata sympathizes with Naruto, and suggests trying to find a way to help him. Shino realizes that a Bikochu, a very rare insect, could track down Sasuke if it smelled his scent. As Kurenai Yuhi is being hospitalized for injuries suffered during the prison break, Shino is tasked with leading Team 8 to find the Bikochu, and Naruto joins as the fourth member. It is also revealed that Hinata is practicing a new defensive technique, and has nearly mastered it. 
149 "That's not it!? Don't all insects look the same?"
"Doko ga chigau no sa!? Mushi tte onaji mienai ka" (どこが違うのさ!? 虫って同じに見えないか) 
August 24, 2005
The original members of Team 8 realize that they are being followed by hostile bug-users, but decide not to engage them or tell Naruto about the enemy's presence, for fear of endangering the Bikochu. Hinata begins to worry that she is hindering her group, but eventually manages to locate the Bikochu with her Byakugan, allowing Naruto to capture it. Before Team 8 can leave the forest, however, Hinata is attacked and abducted by the bug users, who demand the Bikochu in return for her safety. 
150 "Deceiving confusing deceived! Grand hot and humid battle"
"Damashite bakashite damasarete! Sōzetsu mushimushi dai batoru" (だまして化かしてだまされて! 壮絶ムシムシ大バトル) 
August 31, 2005
It is revealed that the bug users who kidnapped Hinata are part of a clan that was an old rival of the Aburame clan. It seeks to recover a scroll using the Bikochu in order to restore its former glory. Hinata's companions hide the Bikochu and attempt to rescue her, but are lured into a trap. Hinata attempts to escape, but is swept down a river while stuck in a cocoon. 
151 "Burn Byakugan! This is my Way of the Ninja!"
"Moe yo Byakugan! Kore ga watashi no nindō yo" (燃えよ白眼! これが私の忍道よ) 
September 14, 2005
Hinata's companions are captured by the enemy bug-users, who attempt to search for the Bikochu, Hinata successfully escapes, and destroys all of the rival bug users' insects with her new technique and forces them away, saving her companions. Naruto accidentally flatulates on the Bikochu, causing it to follow his scent instead of Sasuke's. Although the mission fails to find a way of locating Sasuke, Hinata appears more confident, and her father seems to respect her more. 

Raiga arc

EP# Title Original airdate English airdate
152 "A Funeral March for the Living"
"Sei aru mono e no sōsōkyoku" (生あるものへの葬送曲) 
September 21, 2005
When Naruto saves three guys, he is dragged into yet another mission. However, unlike the last two this is one he does not wish to partake in. However, when Guy reveals information that the leader of the Kurosuke Family, Raiga, is connected with the Seven Shinobi Lords of the Mist, Naruto decides to change his mind. Zabuza and Kisame (of Akatsuki) were each a lord. So, since Raiga is connected to Kisame who is connected to Itachi who is being pursued by Sasuke, Naruto may have a chance to learn more information. With Neji, Lee, and Tenten as his allies, the group goes on their new mission. But, what awaits them? 
153 "The heart's notice! Love's Iron Fist"
"Kokoro no todoke! Ai no Tekken" (心に届け!愛の鉄拳) 
September 28, 2005
Out to try and save Rourusuke, Naruto and the others ambush members of the Kurosuke Family and save an old man. They soon here the funeral bell and go and save Rourusuke. However, Rock Lee meets an old friend among the group, and Lee must now convince Kurashi to return his old way of life. Their time together is cut short, as Raiga watches from the sidelines. Can Naruto, Neji, Rock Lee, and Tenten defeat an enemy that not even Neji's Byakugan can see? 
154 "The Byakugan's natural enemy"
"Byakugan no tenteki" (白眼の天敵) 
October 5, 2005
With Neji unable to see through the mist, things aren't looking too good. He is tricked into thinking that random objects are real people by a mysterious jutsu. Rock Lee manages to hold Raiga off by fighting while still unconscious. When a mysterious case is knocked off of Raiga's back, Raiga becomes weaker and is eventually defeated by Naruto. When the gang opens he case, they discover a young boy named Ranmaru. What is his connection to Raiga? Why doesn't he attack them? Naruto is about to find out a shockingly similar story. With Raiga gone the mission appears to be complete. But, is Raiga truly defeated? 
155 "The dark clouds sneak near"
"Shinobi yoru anun" (忍び寄る暗雲) 
October 12, 2005
With Raiga seemingly dead, the gang heads back to find Karashi waiting for them. It turns out to be a trap as the Kurosuki Family ambushes them. Luckily, Naruto fools them not once, but twice, with his clones. With the enemies defeated, the villagers focus their anger on Karashi. Rock Lee intercepts them and says that Karashi is still young and weak, and that it is partially his fault Karashi joined the Kuruki Family. Lee begs them to let him return to his mom, and if Karashi tries anything again, Lee will punish him himself. The villagers agree and the group heads back, but not before picking up Ranmaru. They head back to the Curry of Life shop for a meal, where Naruto tries to retrieve information from Ranmaru. One question is still uncertain, is Raiga really dead? And what of Karashi, will he keep his promise? 
156 "The Counterattacking Raiga"
"Gyakushū no Raiga" (逆襲の雷牙) 
October 19, 2005
Raiga's back, and he's noticed that Ranmaru is not moving. Fearing his death, Raiga prepares to unleash his anger. With nobody else around, it's up to Tenten to bring this madman down. But can she survive without the help of the others? And what of Ranmaru, is he really gone? 

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