List of National Historic Landmarks in Illinois

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List of National Historic Landmarks in Illinois is located in Illinois
List of National Historic Landmarks in Illinois
List of National Historic Landmarks in Illinois
List of National Historic Landmarks in Illinois
List of National Historic Landmarks in Illinois
List of National Historic Landmarks in Illinois
List of National Historic Landmarks in Illinois
List of National Historic Landmarks in Illinois
List of National Historic Landmarks in Illinois
List of National Historic Landmarks in Illinois
List of National Historic Landmarks in Illinois
List of National Historic Landmarks in Illinois
List of National Historic Landmarks in Illinois
List of National Historic Landmarks in Illinois
List of National Historic Landmarks in Illinois
List of National Historic Landmarks in Illinois
List of National Historic Landmarks in Illinois
List of National Historic Landmarks in Illinois
List of National Historic Landmarks in Illinois
Illinois National Historic Landmarks (clickable map)

There are 87 National Historic Landmarks in Illinois, including Eads Bridge, which spans into Missouri and which the National Park Service credits to Missouri's National Historic Landmark list. Also included are two sites that were once National Historic Landmarks before having their designations removed. All National Historic Landmarks are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Current NHLs in Illinois[edit]

The following is a complete list of Illinois' National Historic Landmarks. They are listed here under their National Historic Landmark program names.

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[1] Landmark name Image Date designated[2] Location County Description
1 Robert S. Abbott House
Robert S. Abbott House
December 8, 1976
41°48′29″N 87°36′58″W / 41.808068°N 87.616135°W / 41.808068; -87.616135 (Robert S. Abbott House)
Cook A home of Robert S. Abbott, founder of the Chicago Defender newspaper.
2 Adler Planetarium
Adler Planetarium Entry
February 27, 1987
41°51′59″N 87°36′27″W / 41.866454°N 87.607416°W / 41.866454; -87.607416 (Adler Planetarium)
Cook First and oldest planetarium in the western hemisphere.
3 Auditorium Building
The Auditorium Building was designed by Dankmar Adler and Louis Sullivan (1886–90).
May 15, 1975
41°52′33″N 87°37′28″W / 41.875756°N 87.624370°W / 41.875756; -87.624370 (Auditorium Building)
Cook Building designed by Dankmar Adler and Louis Sullivan.
4 Bishop Hill Colony
111976 HABS photo
April 27, 1970
Bishop Hill
41°12′01″N 90°07′08″W / 41.2003°N 90.1189°W / 41.2003; -90.1189 (Bishop Hill Colony)
Henry Historic district of Swedish dissident commune founded in 1846.
5 Cahokia Mounds
Monks Mound
July 19, 1964
38°39′14″N 90°03′52″W / 38.653889°N 90.064444°W / 38.653889; -90.064444 (Cahokia Mounds)
Madison and St. Clair Largest archaeological site related to Mississippian culture, and largest pre-Columbian earthworks in North America north of Mexico. Also a UNESCO World Heritage Site
6 Carson, Pirie, Scott, and Company Store
Carson, Pirie, Scott and Company Building
May 15, 1975
41°52′55″N 87°37′40″W / 41.881894°N 87.627780°W / 41.881894; -87.627780 (Carson, Pirie, Scott, and Company Store)
Cook Architect Louis Sullivan-designed building.
7 James Charnley House
James Charnley Residence as it appeared in 1892
August 5, 1998
41°54′26″N 87°37′39″W / 41.907264°N 87.627597°W / 41.907264; -87.627597 (James Charnley House)
Cook One of the few surviving residential works of Louis Sullivan and features major contributions by Frank Lloyd Wright.
8 Chicago Board of Trade Building
Chicago Board of Trade is one of the smaller skyscrapers now.
June 2, 1978
41°52′41″N 87°37′56″W / 41.878123°N 87.632131°W / 41.878123; -87.632131 (Chicago Board of Trade Building)
Cook Skyscraper designed by Holabird & Root, housed the world's largest trading floor when built in 1930.
9 Church of the Holy Family
2011 photo
April 15, 1970
38°34′13″N 90°11′18″W / 38.57035°N 90.18844°W / 38.57035; -90.18844 (Church of the Holy Family)
St. Clair A church dating from 1799.
10 Columbus Park
Columbus Park Boathouse
July 31, 2003
41°52′26″N 87°46′11″W / 41.873889°N 87.769722°W / 41.873889; -87.769722 (Columbus Park)
Cook Magnum opus of landscape architect Jens Jensen.
11 Arthur H. Compton House
Arthur H. Compton House
May 11, 1976
41°47′33″N 87°35′47″W / 41.792435°N 87.596263°W / 41.792435; -87.596263 (Arthur H. Compton House)
Cook Home of Nobel Prize–winning physicist who proved light has both wave and particle aspects, the Compton Effect.
12 Avery Coonley House
Avery Coonley House
December 30, 1970
41°49′07″N 87°49′43″W / 41.818629°N 87.828618°W / 41.818629; -87.828618 (Avery Coonley House)
Cook Frank Lloyd Wright-designed home, in Riverside Historic District
13 Crow Island School
Crow Island School
December 14, 1990
42°06′04″N 87°44′46″W / 42.101111°N 87.746113°W / 42.101111; -87.746113 (Crow Island School)
Cook An elementary school designed by Perkins + Will and Eliel & Eero Saarinen. Model for the now-widespread Winnetka Plan school design.
14 Susan Lawrence Dana House
Plans for the Dana-Thomas House
January 7, 1976
39°47′38″N 89°39′07″W / 39.793930°N 89.652075°W / 39.793930; -89.652075 (Susan Lawrence Dana House)
Sangamon A Frank Lloyd Wright-designed house.
15 David Davis House
The David Davis Mansion.
May 15, 1975
40°28′54″N 88°58′50″W / 40.481624°N 88.980419°W / 40.481624; -88.980419 (David Davis House)
McLean Home of Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States and Abraham Lincoln campaign manager David Davis.
16 Charles G. Dawes House
The Charles Gates Dawes House.
December 8, 1976
42°02′33″N 87°40′23″W / 42.042526°N 87.673084°W / 42.042526; -87.673084 (Charles G. Dawes House)
Cook Home of Charles Gates Dawes, Nobel Peace Prize recipient and Vice President to Calvin Coolidge.
17 John Deere Home and Shop
A modern-day blacksmith forging at John Deere House and Shop
July 19, 1964
Grand Detour
41°53′48″N 89°24′53″W / 41.896618°N 89.414648°W / 41.896618; -89.414648 (John Deere Home and Shop)
Ogle Site of the invention of the first steel plow by John Deere.
18 Oscar Stanton DePriest House
Oscar Stanton DePriest House
May 15, 1975
41°48′35″N 87°37′05″W / 41.809769°N 87.617957°W / 41.809769; -87.617957 (Oscar Stanton DePriest House)
Cook Home of the first post-Reconstruction African-American US congressman.
19 Jean Baptiste Point Du Sable Homesite
Jean Baptiste Point Du Sable Homesite
May 11, 1976
41°53′16″N 87°37′24″W / 41.887739°N 87.623409°W / 41.887739; -87.623409 (Jean Baptiste Point Du Sable Homesite)
Cook Home of a Chicago's first settler, an African-American.
20 Eads Bridge
An 1875 drawing of Eads Bridge by Camille N. Dry.
January 29, 1964
East St. Louis
38°37′39″N 90°11′08″W / 38.627417°N 90.185585°W / 38.627417; -90.185585 (Eads Bridge)
St. Clair A combined road and railway bridge which was, when completed in 1874, the longest arch bridge in the world. Extends into St. Louis, Missouri.
21 Farm Creek Section
Farm Creek Section
December 9, 1997
East Peoria
40°40′32″N 89°29′23″W / 40.6755°N 89.4898°W / 40.6755; -89.4898 (Farm Creek Section)
Tazewell Site of exposed geological strata.
22 Farnsworth House
Fransworth House photo
February 17, 2006
41°38′06″N 88°32′09″W / 41.634989°N 88.535722°W / 41.634989; -88.535722 (Farnsworth House)
Kendall A one-room home designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe.
23 John Farson House
The John Farson House from the rear.
June 19, 1996
Oak Park
41°53′07″N 87°48′02″W / 41.885278°N 87.800556°W / 41.885278; -87.800556 (John Farson House)
Cook The most famous work of George Washington Maher.
24 Fort De Chartres
Fort de Chartres powder magazine building
October 9, 1960
Prairie du Rocher
38°05′05″N 90°09′29″W / 38.084652°N 90.157968°W / 38.084652; -90.157968 (Fort De Chartres)
Randolph French fort built in 1720. Its powder magazine is believed to be oldest standing building in Illinois.
25 Fort Sheridan Historic District
Fort Sheridan Historic District.
April 20, 1984
Fort Sheridan
42°12′45″N 87°48′38″W / 42.2125°N 87.810556°W / 42.2125; -87.810556 (Fort Sheridan Historic District)
Lake An area originally established as a United States Army Post. The campus was designed by Holabird & Roche.
26 Henry Gerber House
A cream-colored two-story smooth-surfaced building with pointed projections and parapets above its roofline, arched doorways and stoops. In front are small trees in various stages of spring blossoming, and two silver parked SUVs.
July 21, 2015
41°54′47″N 87°38′10″W / 41.91308°N 87.63600°W / 41.91308; -87.63600 (Henry Gerber House)
Cook Gerber established the Society for Human Rights, the first American gay rights organization, here in the 1920s.
27 John J. Glessner House
Glessner House
January 7, 1976
41°51′28″N 87°37′15″W / 41.857886°N 87.620784°W / 41.857886; -87.620784 (John J. Glessner House)
Cook A 19th century house designed by Henry Hobson Richardson.
28 Ulysses S. Grant Home
Ulysses S. Grant Home
December 19, 1960
42°24′36″N 90°25′23″W / 42.410104°N 90.422924°W / 42.410104; -90.422924 (Ulysses S. Grant Home)
Jo Daviess A house given to General of the Army Ulysses S. Grant following the Civil War. Grant was elected President of the United States while residing here.
29 Grosse Point Lighthouse
Grosse Point Light Station
January 20, 1999
42°03′50″N 87°40′34″W / 42.063889°N 87.676111°W / 42.063889; -87.676111 (Grosse Point Lighthouse)
Cook A lighthouse on the shores of Lake Michigan, built in 1873 the wake of several shipping disasters.
30 Haymarket Martyrs' Monument
Haymarket Martyrs Monument
February 18, 1997
Forest Park
41°52′11″N 87°49′11″W / 41.869793°N 87.819778°W / 41.869793; -87.819778 (Haymarket Martyrs' Monument)
Cook A monument in Waldheim Cemetery commemorating the Haymarket Riot.
31 Hegeler-Carus Mansion
Hegler-Carus House photo
March 29, 2007
41°20′09″N 89°05′13″W / 41.335836°N 89.087053°W / 41.335836; -89.087053 (Hegeler-Carus Mansion)
LaSalle Designed by Chicago architect William W. Boyington for Edward C. Hegeler, a partner in a nearby zinc company. It was later the home of his son-in-law, publisher and philosopher Paul Carus.
32 Isidore H. Heller House
A view of the east (front) and north elevations of the Heller House.
August 18, 2004
41°48′05″N 87°35′50″W / 41.801333°N 87.597089°W / 41.801333; -87.597089 (Isidore H. Heller House)
Cook A Frank Lloyd Wright-designed house.
33 Arthur Heurtley House
Arthur Heurtley House
February 16, 2000
Oak Park
41°53′34″N 87°47′59″W / 41.892722°N 87.799822°W / 41.892722; -87.799822 (Arthur Heurtley House)
Cook Frank Lloyd Wright-designed house.
34 Hull House
Hull House as it looks today.
June 23, 1965
41°52′17″N 87°38′50″W / 41.871399°N 87.647133°W / 41.871399; -87.647133 (Hull House)
Cook One of the first settlement houses in the U.S., founded by Jane Addams.
35 Illinois and Michigan Canal Locks And Towpath
Photo if Illinois-Michigan canal
January 29, 1964
41°34′11″N 88°04′11″W / 41.569722°N 88.069722°W / 41.569722; -88.069722 (Illinois and Michigan Canal Locks And Towpath)
Will A canal that helped establish transportation from the Great Lakes to the Mississippi River and the Gulf of Mexico. It established Chicago as a major center of commerce.
36 Nicholas Jarrot Mansion
Nicholas Jarrot Mansion
August 7, 2001
38°34′12″N 90°11′14″W / 38.57011°N 90.18711°W / 38.57011; -90.18711 (Nicholas Jarrot Mansion)
St. Clair A mansion built in 1799 for a fur trader.
37 Kennicott Grove
Robert Kennicott House
January 7, 1976
42°05′13″N 87°52′12″W / 42.086865°N 87.870023°W / 42.086865; -87.870023 (Kennicott Grove)
Cook The home of Robert Kennicott, an American naturalist.
38 Kincaid Site
Kincaid Site
July 19, 1964
37°04′50″N 88°29′30″W / 37.080575°N 88.491783°W / 37.080575; -88.491783 (Kincaid Site)
Massac and Pope Archaeological site of one of the largest prehistoric Mississippian culture settlements.
39 Leiter II Building
Leiter II Building, South State & East Congress Streets, Chicago (HABS photo)
January 7, 1976
41°52′28″N 87°37′39″W / 41.874477°N 87.627377°W / 41.874477; -87.627377 (Leiter II Building)
Cook Longtime flagship store of Sears, Roebuck & Co., designed by William Le Baron Jenney.
40 Frank R. Lillie House
Frank R. Lillie House
May 11, 1976
41°47′22″N 87°35′35″W / 41.789545°N 87.593114°W / 41.789545; -87.593114 (Frank R. Lillie House)
Cook Former home of embryologist Frank Rattray Lillie.
41 Abraham Lincoln Home
Lincoln home
December 19, 1960
39°47′43″N 89°38′41″W / 39.795352°N 89.644724°W / 39.795352; -89.644724 (Abraham Lincoln Home)
Sangamon The only house ever owned by America's 16th president.
42 Lincoln Park Lily Pool
Lincoln Park Lilly Pool
February 17, 2006
41°55′31″N 87°38′03″W / 41.9253°N 87.6341°W / 41.9253; -87.6341 (Lincoln Park Lily Pool)
Cook An example of Prairie School landscape architecture designed by Alfred Caldwell.
43 Lincoln Tomb
Abraham Lincoln's tomb at Oak Ridge Cemetery
December 19, 1960
39°49′24″N 89°39′21″W / 39.823333°N 89.655833°W / 39.823333; -89.655833 (Lincoln Tomb)
Sangamon The tomb of America's 16th president, Abraham Lincoln.
44 Vachel Lindsay House
Vachel Lindsay House
November 11, 1971
39°47′45″N 89°38′58″W / 39.795926°N 89.649441°W / 39.795926; -89.649441 (Vachel Lindsay House)
Sangamon Home of poet Vachel Lindsay.
45 Owen Lovejoy House
Owen Lovejoy House
February 18, 1997
41°22′18″N 89°26′55″W / 41.371664°N 89.448702°W / 41.371664; -89.448702 (Owen Lovejoy House)
Bureau Home of prominent abolitionist Owen Lovejoy.
46 Marquette Building
Marquette Building
January 7, 1976
41°52′49″N 87°37′46″W / 41.880193°N 87.629371°W / 41.880193; -87.629371 (Marquette Building)
Cook Skyscraper designed by Holabird & Roche.
47 Marshall Field Company Store
Marshall Fields Building
June 2, 1978
41°53′01″N 87°37′40″W / 41.883532°N 87.627850°W / 41.883532; -87.627850 (Marshall Field Company Store)
Cook Designed by Daniel Burnham, it was the longtime flagship store of Marshall Field's.
48 Mazon Creek Fossil Beds
Mazon Creek Fossil Beds
September 25, 1997
41°19′16″N 88°20′46″W / 41.321°N 88.346°W / 41.321; -88.346 (Mazon Creek Fossil Beds)
Grundy Lagerstätte of fossils, best known as one of the only sites where Tully Monsters were found.
49 Pierre Menard House
HABS photo
April 15, 1970
Ellis Grove
37°57′53″N 89°54′36″W / 37.9647°N 89.9099°W / 37.9647; -89.9099 (Pierre Menard House)
Randolph House of fur trader Pierre Menard, the first lieutenant governor of Illinois.
50 Robert A. Millikan House
Robert A. Millikan House
May 11, 1976
41°47′35″N 87°35′47″W / 41.792918°N 87.596283°W / 41.792918; -87.596283 (Robert A. Millikan House)
Cook Home of Robert A. Millikan, a Nobel Prize-winning physicist.
51 Modoc Rock Shelter
Modoc Rock Shelter
January 20, 1961
38°03′46″N 90°03′49″W / 38.062778°N 90.063611°W / 38.062778; -90.063611 (Modoc Rock Shelter)
Randolph An archaeological site, a rock overhang used as shelter during the Archaic period in North America.
52 Montgomery Ward Company Complex
Montgomery Ward Company Complex
June 2, 1978
41°53′47″N 87°38′36″W / 41.896450°N 87.643396°W / 41.896450; -87.643396 (Montgomery Ward Company Complex)
Cook The former warehouse and offices of the national headquarters of one of the nation's first mail order companies, Montgomery Ward.
53 Morrow Plots, University of Illinois
Morrow Plots
May 23, 1968
40°06′17″N 88°13′34″W / 40.104643°N 88.226136°W / 40.104643; -88.226136 (Morrow Plots, University of Illinois)
Champaign World's oldest experimental corn field, and oldest experimental field in Western Hemisphere.
54 Nauvoo Historic District
Joseph Smith House
January 20, 1961
40°32′53″N 91°22′55″W / 40.548°N 91.382°W / 40.548; -91.382 (Nauvoo Historic District)
Hancock A historic district based around a 19th-century Mormon settlement; beginning of the Mormon Trail.
55 New Philadelphia Townsite
New Philadelphia Townsite
January 16, 2009
39°41′45″N 90°57′35″W / 39.695833°N 90.959722°W / 39.695833; -90.959722 (New Philadelphia Townsite)
Pike Site of first U.S. settlement founded by an African-American.
56 Old Kaskaskia Village
Old Kaskaskia Village
July 19, 1964
41°19′19″N 88°57′36″W / 41.32194°N 88.96000°W / 41.32194; -88.96000 (Old Kaskaskia Village)
LaSalle The best-documented Native American village in the Illinois River Valley.
57 Old Main, Knox College
Old Main
July 4, 1961
40°56′29″N 90°22′14″W / 40.941423°N 90.370568°W / 40.941423; -90.370568 (Old Main, Knox College)
Knox Best-preserved site of one of the Lincoln-Douglas debates.
58 Old State Capitol
Old Illinois State Capitol
July 4, 1961
39°47′57″N 89°38′53″W / 39.799238°N 89.648143°W / 39.799238; -89.648143 (Old State Capitol)
Sangamon The fifth capitol building of Illinois. Site of Lincoln's House Divided Speech.
59 Old Stone Gate, Chicago Union Stockyards
Union Stock Yard Gate
May 29, 1981
41°49′00″N 87°38′54″W / 41.816627°N 87.648364°W / 41.816627; -87.648364 (Old Stone Gate, Chicago Union Stockyards)
Cook Entrance to the famous Union Stock Yards, designed by John Wellboorn Root.
60 Orchestra Hall
Symphony Center
April 19, 1994
41°52′45″N 87°37′28″W / 41.879200°N 87.624429°W / 41.879200; -87.624429 (Orchestra Hall)
Cook A symphony hall designed by Daniel Burnham.
61 Principia College Historic District
Principia College Historic District
April 19, 1993
38°56′56″N 90°20′51″W / 38.94890°N 90.34753°W / 38.94890; -90.34753 (Principia College Historic District)
Jersey One of the last major works by Bernard Maybeck.
62 Pullman Historic District
Hotel Florence
December 30, 1970
41°41′50″N 87°36′34″W / 41.697222°N 87.609444°W / 41.697222; -87.609444 (Pullman Historic District)
Cook Another historic district of the Pullman Company, including the Hotel Florence.
63 Reliance Building
Reliance Building
January 7, 1976
41°52′57″N 87°37′40″W / 41.882382°N 87.627844°W / 41.882382; -87.627844 (Reliance Building)
Cook A building designed by Burnham & Root.
64 Riverside Historic District
Avery Coonley House
August 29, 1970
41°49′54″N 87°48′49″W / 41.8318°N 87.8135°W / 41.8318; -87.8135 (Riverside Historic District)
Cook Planned community designed by Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux.
65 Frederick C. Robie House
Frederick C. Robie House
November 27, 1963
41°47′25″N 87°35′46″W / 41.790332°N 87.596214°W / 41.790332; -87.596214 (Frederick C. Robie House)
Cook A Prairie style home designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in 1908.
66 Rock Island Arsenal
Rock Island Arsenal, Building No. 1
June 7, 1988
Rock Island
41°31′01″N 90°32′31″W / 41.516944°N 90.541944°W / 41.516944; -90.541944 (Rock Island Arsenal)
Rock Island An arsenal and site of a large Union prison camp.
67 Rookery Building
Rookery Light Court
May 15, 1975
41°52′45″N 87°37′56″W / 41.879284°N 87.632273°W / 41.879284; -87.632273 (Rookery Building)
Cook An office building designed by Daniel Burnham and John Wellborn Root.
68 Room 405, George Herbert Jones Laboratory
George Herbert Jones Laboratory entrance
May 28, 1967
41°47′24″N 87°36′04″W / 41.790074°N 87.601018°W / 41.790074; -87.601018 (Room 405, George Herbert Jones Laboratory)
Cook The laboratory that first isolated plutonium and determined its atomic mass.
69 Sears, Roebuck and Company
Sears Merchandise Building Tower
June 2, 1978
41°52′07″N 87°42′38″W / 41.868541°N 87.710573°W / 41.868541; -87.710573 (Sears, Roebuck and Company)
Cook The headquarters of Sears, Roebuck and Company for almost seven decades.
70 Second Presbyterian Church
Saint Cecelia in the church narthex
March 11, 2013
41°51′21″N 87°37′28″W / 41.8558°N 87.6244°W / 41.8558; -87.6244 (Second Presbyterian Church)
Cook This church is a masterpiece of the Arts and Crafts movement with an interior by Howard Van Doren Shaw.
71 Shedd Aquarium
Shedd Aquarium
February 27, 1987
41°52′02″N 87°37′09″W / 41.867182°N 87.619236°W / 41.867182; -87.619236 (Shedd Aquarium)
Cook Formerly the largest indoor aquarium in the world.
72 Site of the First Self-Sustaining Nuclear Reaction
Site of First Self-Sustaining Nuclear Reaction
February 18, 1965
41°47′26″N 87°36′04″W / 41.790494°N 87.601043°W / 41.790494; -87.601043 (Site of the First Self-Sustaining Nuclear Reaction)
Cook Site of the First Self-Sustaining Nuclear Reaction.
73 South Dearborn Street-Printing House Row North Historic District
Donahue Building
January 7, 1976
41°52′36″N 87°37′41″W / 41.876545°N 87.62812°W / 41.876545; -87.62812 (South Dearborn Street-Printing House Row North Historic District)
Cook Encompasses four architecturally significant skyscrapers.
74 S.R. Crown Hall
Crown Hall
August 7, 2001
41°50′01″N 87°37′38″W / 41.833611°N 87.627222°W / 41.833611; -87.627222 (S.R. Crown Hall)
Cook Ludwig Mies van der Rohe-designed architecture school building at Illinois Institute of Technology
75 Starved Rock
Starved Rock
October 9, 1960
41°19′17″N 88°59′25″W / 41.321389°N 88.990278°W / 41.321389; -88.990278 (Starved Rock)
LaSalle A Sandstone butte overlooking the Illinois River, purportedly the site of a massacre of the Illinois Confederation.
76 Adlai E. Stevenson II Farm
Adlai E. Stevenson II Farm
April 22, 2014
42°13′44″N 87°55′50″W / 42.228811°N 87.930538°W / 42.228811; -87.930538 (Adlai E. Stevenson II Farm)
Lake Home of several-time candidate for United States President Adlai E. Stevenson II.
77 Lorado Taft Midway Studios
Lorado Taft Midway Studio
December 21, 1965
41°47′07″N 87°36′10″W / 41.785402°N 87.602750°W / 41.785402; -87.602750 (Lorado Taft Midway Studios)
Cook Studios of sculptor Lorado Taft, designed by Pond & Pond.
78 F.F. Tomek House
F. F. Tomek House
January 20, 1999
41°49′56″N 87°49′02″W / 41.832153°N 87.8171°W / 41.832153; -87.8171 (F.F. Tomek House)
Cook A Frank Lloyd Wright house in the Riverside Historic District
79 Lyman Trumbull House
Lyman Trumbull House
May 15, 1975
38°53′51″N 90°10′35″W / 38.897389°N 90.176415°W / 38.897389; -90.176415 (Lyman Trumbull House)
Madison House of US Senator Lyman Trumbull. He co-authored the Thirteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution.
80 U-505 (German Submarine)
U-505 (German Submarine)
June 29, 1989
41°51′52″N 87°36′57″W / 41.864543°N 87.615713°W / 41.864543; -87.615713 (U-505 (German Submarine))
Cook German U-Boat at Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago
81 Unity Temple
Unity Temple
December 30, 1970
Oak Park
41°53′19″N 87°47′48″W / 41.888613°N 87.796798°W / 41.888613; -87.796798 (Unity Temple)
Cook A temple designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.
82 University Of Illinois Observatory
University of Illinois Observatory
December 20, 1989
40°06′15″N 88°13′33″W / 40.104081°N 88.225712°W / 40.104081; -88.225712 (University Of Illinois Observatory)
Champaign Site of pioneering research into photoelectric photometry, and the development of the photoelectric cell.
83 The Wayside
Home of Henry Demarest Lloyd
November 13, 1966
42°06′51″N 87°43′57″W / 42.114222°N 87.732475°W / 42.114222; -87.732475 (The Wayside)
Cook Home of Henry Demarest Lloyd.
84 Ida B. Wells-Barnett House
Ida B. Wells-Barnett House on June 1, 2007
May 30, 1974
41°49′40″N 87°37′03″W / 41.827794°N 87.617504°W / 41.827794; -87.617504 (Ida B. Wells-Barnett House)
Cook Former home of civil rights advocate Ida B. Wells.
85 Frances Willard House
Frances Willard House
June 23, 1965
42°02′54″N 87°40′43″W / 42.048287°N 87.678481°W / 42.048287; -87.678481 (Frances Willard House)
Cook Former home of temperance reformer Frances Willard, and longtime headquarters of the Woman's Christian Temperance Union.
86 Daniel Hale Williams House
Dr. Daniel Hale Williams House
May 15, 1975
41°49′06″N 87°36′55″W / 41.818425°N 87.615284°W / 41.818425; -87.615284 (Daniel Hale Williams House)
Cook The former home of Dr. Daniel Hale Williams, one of the first major African American surgeons.
87 Frank Lloyd Wright Home And Studio
Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio, in Oak Park
January 7, 1976
Oak Park
41°53′36″N 87°48′01″W / 41.893387°N 87.800182°W / 41.893387; -87.800182 (Frank Lloyd Wright Home And Studio)
Cook Former home and studio of Frank Lloyd Wright.

Former NHLs in Illinois[edit]

Landmark name Image Date designated Date withdrawn Locality County Comment
1 Soldier Field (Grant Park Stadium) Soldier Field Chicago aerial view.jpg February 2, 1987 February 17, 2006 Chicago Cook Was declared an NHL on February 27, 1987. The designation was withdrawn on February 17, 2006.
2 President (Steamboat) SS President December 20, 1989 July 13, 2011 St. Elmo (formerly) Fayette (formerly) A steamboat, out of service, broken down into pieces, and for sale.

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  1. ^ Numbers represent an ordering by significant words. Various colorings, defined here, differentiate National Historic Landmarks and historic districts from other NRHP buildings, structures, sites or objects.
  2. ^ The eight-digit number below each date is the number assigned to each location in the National Register Information System database, which can be viewed by clicking the number.

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