List of National Natural Landmarks in American Samoa

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This is a list of National Natural Landmarks (NNL) in American Samoa. All locations are on communally owned lands.

Name Designated District Coordinates Description Image
Cape Taputapu 1972 Western 14°19′17″S 170°50′36″W / 14.3214°S 170.8432°W / -14.3214; -170.8432 (Cape Taputapu National Natural Landmark) A natural exhibit of shoreline, offshore volcanic rocks, and blowholes sculpted by heavy sea-wave action Cape Taputapu National Natural Landmark.jpg
Fogama'a Crater 1972 Western 14°21′24″S 170°45′13″W / 14.3568°S 170.7535°W / -14.3568; -170.7535 (Fogama'a Crater National Natural Landmark) One of very few illustrations of the most recent episode of volcanism in American Samoa Fogama'a Crater.jpg
Matafao Peak 1972 Eastern 14°17′38″S 170°42′16″W / 14.2939°S 170.7045°W / -14.2939; -170.7045 (Matafao Peak National Natural Landmark) One of five great masses of volcanic rocks that extruded as molten magma during the major episodes of volcanism that created Tutuila Island Matafao Peak National Natural Landmark.jpg
Le'ala Shoreline 1972 Western 14°21′36″S 170°46′38″W / 14.3600°S 170.7773°W / -14.3600; -170.7773 (Le'ala Shoreline National Natural Landmark) A young flow of basalt, inter-bedded with layers of tuff, that illustrates erosion by wave action Le'ala Shoreline National Natural Landmark.jpg
Rainmaker Mountain
(Mount Pioa)
1972 Eastern 14°16′21″S 170°39′21″W / 14.2725°S 170.6558°W / -14.2725; -170.6558 (Rainmaker Mountain (Mt. Pioa) National Natural Landmark) An outstanding example of the gigantic plugs that created Tutuila Island Fagatogo Dock.jpg
Vai'ava Strait 1972 Eastern 14°14′21″S 170°40′17″W / 14.2393°S 170.6715°W / -14.2393; -170.6715 (Vai'ava Strait National Natural Landmark) A classic illustration of steep cliffs and erosion-resistant outliers formed by wave action on a volcanic mass AmSamoa Tutuila 491.jpg
Aunu'u Island 1972 Eastern 14°17′00″S 170°33′12″W / 14.2833°S 170.5534°W / -14.2833; -170.5534 (Aunu'u Island National Natural Landmark) The site of recent episodes of volcanism backed by a geologically recent tuff cone Aunu'u Island National National Landmark.jpg
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