List of National Natural Landmarks in Maine

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These are 15 National Natural Landmarks in Maine.

Name Image Date Location County Description
1 Appleton Bog Atlantic White Cedar Stand 1984 Knox A large peatland with continuous forest cover and well-developed hummock-and- hollow topography.
2 Bigelow Mountain 1975 Franklin, Somerset Exceptionally scenic and wild, with some of the best summit views in the eastern United States.
3 Carrying Place Cove Bog 1980 Washington A tombolo that has been eroded by the sea.
4 Colby-Marston Preserve 1973 Kennebec Northern sphagnum bog located in a deep kettle hole, the sphagnum mat exceeds a depth of 40 feet (12 m).
5 Crystal Bog 1973 Aroostook An undisturbed, sphagnum bog considered one of the largest and finest in Maine.
6 Gulf Hagas 1968 Piscataquis Waterfalls, cliffs, and growth of spruce-fir forest on the gorge walls give the site unusual scenic beauty.
7 Monhegan Island Monhegan Harbor 1966 Lincoln Dense, almost pure stands of red spruce and over 400 species of wildflower.
8 Mount Katahdin Mount Katahdin 1967 Piscataquis Kames, eskers, drumlins, kettleholes, moraines, and erratics provide a complete illustration of glacial geology.
9 New Gloucester Black Gum Stand 1975 Cumberland A small, remnant, forested swamp dominated mostly by virgin black gum.
10 No. 5 Bog and Jack Pine Stand 1984 Somerset The only large, intermontane peatland and one of the few expansive, virgin landscapes in the northeastern United States.
11 Orono Bog 1973 Penobscot A classic northern sphagnum bog.
12 Passadumkeag Marsh and Bogland 1973 Penobscot One of the largest, unspoiled wetlands in the state of Maine.
13 Penny Pond-Joe Pond Complex 1973 Kennebec Kettle hole bogs and ponds.
14 The Hermitage 1977 Piscataquis One of the few undisturbed, old-growth white pine stands remaining in New England.