List of National Natural Landmarks in Missouri

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From List of National Natural Landmarks, these are the National Natural Landmarks in Missouri. There are 16 in total.

Name Image Date Location County Description
1 Big Oak Tree State Park Big Oak Tree State Park Boardwalk.JPG May 1986 East Prairie 36°39′18″N 89°19′42″W / 36.655°N 89.32833°W / 36.655; -89.32833 (Big Oak Tree State Park) Mississippi A rare untouched wet-mesic bottomland hardwood forest in the Mississippi Alluvial Plain, it is the home of several state and national champion trees
2 Carroll Cave 1977 Camden Dontains a dendritic system of subsurface karst streams and tributaries.
3 Cupola Pond 1974 Ripley One of the most ancient sinkhole ponds in the Ozark plateaus.
4 Golden Prairie 1975 Barton An essentially virgin tall grass prairie ecosystem.
5 Grand Gulf State Park Grand Gulf cave 1-02Aug07.jpg June 1971 Thayer 36°31′27″N 91°32′38″W / 36.52427°N 91.54389°W / 36.52427; -91.54389 (Grand Gulf State Park) Oregon An excellent example of karst topography, this canyon is a collapsed dolomite cave with a 200 feet (61 m) natural bridge. Water in this canyon emerges 9 miles (14 km) away in Mammoth Spring, Arkansas.
6 Greer Spring Greer Spring-Oct2013-067.jpg 1980 Oregon Spring in the Ozarks that discharges into a high quality, cascading stream.
7 Maple Woods Natural Area 1980 Clay Contains a nearly virgin sugar maple and mockernut hickory forest.
8 Maramec Spring Maramec Iron Works furnace a.jpg October 1971 St. James 37°57′19″N 91°32′11″W / 37.95526°N 91.53632°W / 37.95526; -91.53632 (Maramec Spring) Phelps A natural spring, the fifth largest in the state. It has a notable trout park and a historic iron works in a privately owned park.
9 Mark Twain and Cameron Caves JesseJamesHideout.jpg 1972 Marion Exceptionally good examples of the maze type of cavern development.
10 Marvel Cave Marvel Cave.JPG 1972 Stone Includes one of the greatest dripstone units of all the Ozark caves.
11 Onondaga Cave Onondaga Cave lily pad room by stannate.jpg 1980 Crawford Contains an unusually large and varied number of speleothems.
12 Pickle Springs 1975 Ste. Genevieve Contains one of the finest Pleistocene relict habitats in Missouri.
13 Taberville Prairie 1975 St. Clair One of the largest remaining virgin tall grass prairies.
14 Tucker Prairie 1975 Callaway A virgin tall grass prairie occurring within the transition zone between the oak-hickory forest and typical tall grass prairie.
15 Tumbling Creek Cave 1980 Taney Contains the most diverse fauna known for any cave west of the Mississippi River.
16 Wegener Woods 1975 Warren An essentially virgin oak-hickory-dominated forest in a condition of gradual change to a sugar maple-dominated forest.