List of National Natural Landmarks in Montana

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From List of National Natural Landmarks, these are the National Natural Landmarks in Montana. There are 10 in total.

Name Image Date Location County Ownership Description
1 Bug Creek Fossil Area 1966 McCone federal (Charles M. Russell National Wildlife Refuge) Produced abundant remains of small, Cretaceous mammals.
2 Bridger Fossil Area 1973 Carbon federal (Bureau of Land Management) Contains fossils of Deinonychus antirrhopus.
3 Cloverly Formation Site 1973 Big Horn tribal land (Crow Nation) Contains early Cretaceous vertebrate fossils.
4 Capitol Rock 1976 Carter federal (Custer National Forest) A remnant of the once continuous blanket of Tertiary deposits that covered much of the Great Plains.
5 Glacial Lake Missoula Orillas fósiles del lago Missoula.jpg 1966 Sanders private Contains the best examples of giant flood ripples in the North American continent.
6 Hell Creek Fossil Area 1966 Garfield mixed- state, private The type locality for Tyrannosaurus rex, Ankylosaurus magniventris, and Brachychampsa fontana fossils.
7 Middle Fork Canyon 1977 Gallatin federal (Bureau of Land Management) An outstanding example of a canyon cut across the grain of the geologic structure by a superposed stream.
8 Medicine Lake Site 1980 Sheridan federal (Medicine Lake National Wildlife Refuge) An exceptional example of the processes of continental glaciation, including till, outwash, eskers, kames, and terrace deposits.
9 Red Rock Lakes National Wildlife Refuge Upper Red Rock Lake and Centennial Mountains.jpg 1966 Beaverhead federal A series of relatively undisturbed, high-altitude ecosystem types representative of pre-European settlement conditions.
10 Square Butte (mountain) 1980 Chouteau federal (Bureau of Land Management) One of the best examples of banded magmatic rock in the United States.