List of National Natural Landmarks in New Hampshire

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From List of National Natural Landmarks, these are the National Natural Landmarks in New Hampshire. There are 11 in total.

Name Image Date Location County Description
1 East Inlet Natural Area 1972 Coos Contains a black spruce-tamarack bog and a virgin, balsam fir-red spruce forest.
2 Floating Island 1972 Coos A floating heath bog.
3 Franconia Notch Franconia Notch 1971 Franconia 44°10′15″N 71°41′17″W / 44.1707°N 71.6881°W / 44.1707; -71.6881 Grafton An old stream valley, ground to a u-shape by glacial movement.
4 Heath Pond Bog NH Heath.Pond.Bog 1024x682 edit nll.nps.jpg 1972 Carroll A classic example of bog succession from open water to sphagnum-heath-black spruce bog.
5 Madison Boulder Natural Area Madison Boulder 1970 Carroll The largest known glacial erratic in North America.
6 Mount Monadnock Mount Monadnock Summit 1987 Cheshire A prominent, isolated, relict mountain. Type locality of a monadnock.
7 Nancy Brook Virgin Spruce Forest and Scenic Area 1987 Carroll, Grafton May be the largest virgin forest tract in the northeastern United States.
8 Pondicherry Wildlife Refuge 1972 Coos Two shallow, warm water ponds, surrounded by marsh, bog and forest that support a great variety of birds.
9 Rhododendron Natural Area 1982 Fitzwilliam 42°46′49″N 72°11′20″W / 42.7804°N 72.1889°W / 42.7804; -72.1889 Cheshire The largest, thriving stand of rhododendron in central and southern New England.
10 Spruce Hole Bog Spruce Hole Bog 1972 Strafford The last known kettle hole bog in southern New Hampshire.
11 White Lake Pitch Pine 1980 Carroll A mature, undisturbed pitch pine and bear-oak forest.