List of National Natural Landmarks in Washington

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From List of National Natural Landmarks, these are the National Natural Landmarks in Washington. There are 18 in total.

Name Image Date Location County Description
1 Boulder Park and McNeil Canyon Haystack Rocks Glacial-Drift-PB110031.JPG 1986 Douglas The most illustrative examples of glacial erratics in the United States.
2 Davis Canyon 1986 Okanogan One of the largest and least disturbed examples of antelope bitterbrush-Idaho fescue shrub steppe remaining in the Columbia Plateau.
3 Drumheller Channels Drumheller Channels 1986 Adams, Grant Illustrates the dramatic modification of the Columbia Plateau volcanic terrain by late Pleistocene catastrophic glacial outburst floods.
4 Ginkgo Petrified Forest Ginkgo Petrified Forest 1965 Kittitas Thousands of logs petrified in lava flows.
5 Grand Coulee Steamboat Rock 1965 Grant An illustration of a series of geological events.
6 Grande Ronde Feeder Dikes 1980 Asotin The best example of basalt dikes, the congealed feeder sources of the Columbia River basalt plateau.
7 Grande Ronde Goosenecks 1980 Asotin A 1,500-foot (460 m) deep canyon that follows a tortuous path along meanders.
8 The Great Gravel Bar of Moses Coulee 1986 Douglas Largest and best example of a pendent river bar formed by catastrophic glacial outburst floods that swept across the Columbia Plateau.
9 Kahlotus Ridgetop 2011 Franklin The best remaining example of the Central Palouse Prairie grassland subtheme.
10 Mima Mounds MIMA MOUNDS.jpg 1966 Thurston A prairie containing unusual soil pimples of black silt-gravel.
11 Nisqually Delta 1971 Pierce, Thurston An unusually fine example of an estuarine ecosystem.
12 Point of Arches 1980 Clallam An outstanding exhibit of sea action in sculpturing a rocky shoreline
13 Rose Creek Preserve 1984 Whitman The best remaining example of the aspen phase of the hawthorne-cow parsnip habitat type in the Columbia Plateau.
14 Sims Corner Eskers and Kames Yeager Rock 1986 Douglas The best examples in the Columbia Plateau of landforms resulting from stagnation and rapid retreat of the ice sheet during the last glaciation.
15 Steptoe and Kamiak Buttes Steptoe Butte 1965 Whitman Isolated mountain peaks of older rock surrounded by basalt, rising above the surrounding lava plateau.
16 Umtanum Ridge Water Gap View from Umptanum Ridge 1980 Kittitas Illustrates the geological processes of tectonic folding and antecedent stream cutting.
17 Wallula Gap Wallula Gap 1980 Benton, Walla Walla The largest and most spectacular of several large water gaps through basalt anticlines in the Columbia River basin.
18 Withrow Moraine and Jameson Lake Drumlin Field Withrow Moraine 1980 Douglas The best examples of drumlins and the most illustrative segment of the only Pleistocene terminal moraine in the Columbia Plateau


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