List of National Natural Landmarks in West Virginia

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This is a list of the National Natural Landmarks (NNLs) in West Virginia. There are 15 in all — 5 are wetlands (bogs, swamps, etc.), 3 are forests, 6 are limestone caves/karst, and one is a rock formation. (In addition, the Cranesville Swamp Preserve is a NNL mostly in Garrett County, Maryland, a portion of which extends into Preston County, West Virginia.) Ten of the 15 NNLs are within the boundaries of the Monongahela National Forest, although this does not necessarily mean they are on public land.

Name Image Date Location County Description
1 Big Run Bog 1974 Tucker Wetland
2 Blister Run Swamp 1974 Pocahontas Wetland
3 Canaan Valley CanaanValley.jpg 1974 Tucker Wetland
4 Cathedral State Park Cathedral State Park West Virginia Cathedral Trail.jpg 1965 Preston Forest
5 Cranberry Glades Botanical Area Cranberry-glades-fog-1.jpg 1974 Pocahontas Wetland
6 Fisher Spring Run Bog 1974 Grant Wetland
7 Gaudineer Scenic Area Gaudineer Scenic Area.jpg 1974 Randolph,
8 Germany Valley Karst Area GermanyValley.wmg.jpg 1973 Pendleton Karst
9 Greenville Saltpeter Cave 1973 Monroe Cave
10 Ice Mountain 2012 Hampshire Rock Formation
11 Lost World Caverns LostWorldFormations.jpg 1973 Greenbrier Cave
12 Organ Cave System OrganCave2.jpg 1973 Greenbrier Cave
13 Shavers Mountain Spruce-Hemlock Stand 1974 Randolph Forest
14 Sinnett-Thorn Mountain Cave System 1973 Pendleton Cave/karst
15 Swago Karst Area 1973–2006 Pocahontas Karst


According to a notice in the Federal Register (Vol. 71, No. 138 / Wednesday, July 19, 2006), Swago Karst Area (in Pocahontas County) was removed by the Department of the Interior from NNL designation in response to owner requests. Its citation formerly read: "A classic illustration of features associated with karst topography and terrain, including caverns and other passages. Three miles west of Marlinton."

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