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This is a list of National Trust land in England. This is land that is looked after by the National Trust and includes coast, countryside and heritage landscapes. This does not include NT properties, unless they contain significant estate land.

The list is subdivided using the National Trust's own system which divides England into nine regions. These are not the same as the official Regions of England.

The counties of England are divided up as follows:

  • Devon & Cornwall
  • East of England
    • Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Essex, part of Hertfordshire, Norfolk, Suffolk
  • East Midlands
    • Derbyshire, Leicestershire, S Lincolnshire, Northamptonshire, Nottinghamshire, Rutland
  • North West
    • Cheshire, Cumbria, Greater Manchester, Lancashire, Merseyside

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  • South East
    • East Sussex, Kent, Surrey, West Sussex
  • Thames & Solent
    • Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Hampshire, Isle of Wight, Greater London, Oxfordshire
  • West Midlands
    • Birmingham, Herefordshire, Shropshire, Staffordshire, Warwickshire, Worcestershire
  • Wessex
    • Bristol / Bath, Dorset, Gloucestershire, Somerset, Wiltshire
  • Yorkshire & North East
    • County Durham, N Lincolnshire, Newcastle & Tyneside, Northumberland, Teesside, Yorkshire

Devon & Cornwall[edit]

Devon and Cornwall [1] offer a complete spectrum of places of historic importance and outstanding natural beauty cared for by the National Trust including:-

  • Much of the Devon and Cornwall coastline
  • 3000 hectares of woodland
  • 15000 hectares of farmland
  • 4000 hectares of within Dartmoor and Exmoor National Parks

East of England[edit]

East Midlands[edit]

In the East Midlands you can explore magnificent stretches of countryside ranging from the dramatic Peak District to the parkland, heaths and woods of Clumber Park. [2]

North West[edit]

Greenhalgh Castle (Garstang Castle), Garstang.

South East[edit]

The National Trust owns and cares for 29,000 hectares within this region. [3]

Land Area County General Description Area Grid reference[A] Car park National Trust Entry
Hectares Acres
Abinger Roughs, Piney Copse and Netley Park Sussex Woodland, heathland, scrubland TQ135470 YesY [4]
Black Down and Marley Common Sussex Woodland, heathland, scrubland 391 965 SU919296 YesY [5] [6]
Blackcap Sussex Grass downland, woodland TQ375124 YesY [7]
Bookham Commons Surrey Grassland, meadows, woodland, scrub, ponds TQ125565 YesY [8]
Box Hill Surrey Woodland, chalk escarpment 490 1200 TQ179511 YesY [9]
Cissbury Ring Sussex Chalk downland, hill fort TQ141079 YesY [10]
Cuckmere Valley Sussex River estuary, farmland and woodland TQ510009 YesY [11]
Denbies Hillside and White Down Surrey Woodland, chalk escarpment TQ140502 YesY [12]
The Devil's Dyke and Fulking Sussex Woodland, chalkland TQ263110 YesY [13]
The Ditchling Beacon and Ditchling Down Sussex Grass downland TQ333131 YesY [14]
Drovers Estate Sussex Farmland, woodland, bridge SU874142 N [15]
East Head Sussex Sand and shingle spit SZ767989 YesY [16]
Frensham Little Pond Surrey Heathland, woodland, pond 372 922 SU860415 YesY [17]
Harting Down Sussex Chalk downland, Iron Age hill fort, ponds SU804177 YesY [18]
Headley Heath Surrey Heathland, woods TQ200530 YesY [19]
Hindhead Commons and the Devil's Punch Bowl Surrey Woodland, heathland, springs 647.5 1600 SU895365 YesY [20]
Holmwood Common Surrey Woodland, common, ponds TQ175455 YesY [21]
Hydon's Ball and Heath Surrey Woodland, heathland 51 126 SU977395 YesY [22]
Leith Hill Surrey Woodland, parkland, farmland, heath, tower TQ140430 YesY [23]
Limpsfield Common and Harewoods Surrey Woodland, heath 137 240 TQ410525 YesY [24] [25]
Reigate Hill and Gatton Park Surrey Escarpment TQ260522 YesY [26]
Seven Sisters: Cuckmere Haven, Crowlink and Birling Gap Sussex Chalk downland TV514980-


YesY [27] [28]
Slindon Estate Sussex Downland, village, woodland, grassland SU959071 YesY [29]
Witley Common and Milford Common Surrey Woodland, heathland SU930410 YesY [30]

Thames & Solent[edit]

The National Trust looks after lots of unspoilt countryside in the Thames & Solent region, including miles of beautiful coastline on the Isle of Wight. 4

Land Area County General Description Area Grid reference[A] Car park National Trust Entry
Hectares Acres
Afton Down, Compton Down and Brook Down Isle of Wight Chalk downland SZ370856 YesY [31]
Ashdown Park & the Uffington White Horse Oxfordshire Gardens, parkland, woodland/Chalk downland, Iron Age hill fort 95+202 235+499 SU284823


YesY [32]


The Ashridge Estate and Ivinghoe Beacon Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire Woodland, commons, chalk downland 1821 4500 SP970131 YesY [34]
Bembridge Down and Culver Down Isle of Wight Chalk downland 42 104 SZ624860 YesY [35]
Borthwood Copse Isle of Wight Woodland SZ570843 N [36]
Bradenham Buckinghamshire Beech woodland, farmland, chalk grassland 449.5 1111 SU825970 YesY [37]
Bramshaw Commons Hampshire Heathland, commons 568 1404 SU285165 YesY  
Brookgreen Isle of Wight Village, chine, green SZ386835 YesY  
The Buscot and Coleshill Estates Oxfordshire Villages, farms, woodland 3035 7500 SU266940


YesY [38]
Chillerton Down Isle of Wight Chalk downland SZ479835 N [39]
Compton Bay Isle of Wight Beach, cliffs, chine SZ370850 YesY [40]
Coombe Hill and Low Scrubs Buckingham Chalk downland/wooded common 68 213 SP849066 YesY [41]
Finchampstead Ridges and Simon’s Wood Berkshire Heathland, woodland 24 60 SU808634 YesY [42]
Hale Purlieu Hampshire Heathland, Forestry Commission plantation 207 512 SU200180 YesY [43]
The Hughenden Estate Buckinghamshire Parkland, woodland 270 668 SU866955 Near High Wycombe [44]
Lardon Chase, the Holies and Lough Down Berkshire Chalk grassland, Iron Age hill forts 27 67 SU588810 YesY [45]
Luccombe Chine, Luccombe Cliffs and Haddon's Pits Isle of Wight Chine, woodland, cliffs SZ584797 N  
Ludshott Common and Waggoners’ Wells Hampshire Heathland, ponds, woodland 285 705 SU855350 YesY [46]


Maidenhead Commons and Cock Marsh Berkshire Woodland, grassland, ponds, riverside, meadows 341 843 SU880860 YesY [48]
Newtown Estuary Isle of Wight River estuary, woodland, meadows, beach SZ415910 YesY [49]
Nodes Point Isle of Wight Woodland, beach SZ634906 N  
Pulpit Wood Buckinghamshire Woodland, chalk grassland 26 65 SP832048 Near Whiteleaf Cross [50]
Runnymede Surrey Meadows, pastures, river, pond 74 183 TQ007720 YesY [51]
St Catherine’s: St. Catherine's Down and Knowles Farm Isle of Wight Scrubland, cliffs, chalk downland 109 270 SZ495755 YesY [52]
St Helens Duver Isle of Wight Scrubland, grassland, woodland SZ636892 YesY [53]
Selborne Hill Hampshire Beech woodland 101 250 SU735333 N [54][55]
Stockbridge Down Hampshire Chalk downland, Iron Age camp 65 165 SU379349 YesY [56]
Ventnor Downs: Bonchurch Down, Luccombe Down, St Boniface Down and Wroxall Down Isle of Wight Chalk downland, heathland 231 570 SZ570782 YesY [57]
Watlington Hill Oxfordshire Chalk downland, woodland 45 112 SU702935 YesY [58]
West Wight: Headon Warren, the Needles and Tennyson Down Isle of Wight Chalk downland, heathland, cliffs 186 459 SZ310851 YesY [59]
West Wycombe Hill Buckinghamshire Chalk grassland, woodland, cave, Iron Age hill fort, village 22 55 SU828947 YesY [60]

West Midlands[edit]

Based in the heart of England, the National Trust protects over 8,000 hectares of land in Warwickshire, Worcestershire, Shropshire, Staffordshire, Herefordshire and the West Midlands.

Land Area County General Description Area Grid Reference Car Park National Trust Entry
Downs Banks Staffordshire Grassland and Woodland 166 acres SJ 900 364 Yes
Hawksmoor Staffordshire Woodland 300 acres SK 039 442 Yes
Toothill Wood Staffordshire Woodland 10 acres 066427 Yes


The National Trust cares for and protects large areas of countryside throughout Wessex. [61]

Yorkshire & North East[edit]

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