List of Native American women of the United States

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This is a list of notable Native American women of the United States. Please note that it should contain only Native women of the United States and its territories, not First Nations women or Native women of Central and South America. Native American identity is a complex and contested issue. The Bureau of Indian Affairs defines Native American as having American Indian or Alaska Native ancestry.

Legally, being Native American is defined as being enrolled in a federally recognized tribe or Alaskan village. These entities establish their own membership rules, and they vary. Each must be understood independently.

Ethnologically, factors such as culture, history, language, religion, and familial kinships can influence Native American identity.[1]

All individuals on this list should have Native American ancestry. Historical figures might predate tribal enrollment practices and may be included based on reliable sources that document ethnological tribal membership.

Any contemporary individuals should either be enrolled members of federally recognized tribes, or have cited Native American ancestry and be recognized as Native American by their respective tribes. Contemporary individuals who are not enrolled in a tribe but are documented as having tribal descent are listed as being "of descent" from a tribe.


Donna Standing Steinberg, Kiowa-Wichita beadworker, and Josephine Parker, Kiowa, both from Oklahoma, 2007


Rebecca Benally with former Utah Governor and former US Ambassador to China, Jon Huntsman Jr.
























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