Lists of Negro league baseball players

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This list comprises players who have appeared in Negro league baseball.

Complete list of players[edit]

The complete list is divided into four pages to reduce the size:

Selected list of players[edit]

The players below are some of the most notable of those who played Negro league baseball, beginning with the codification of baseball's color line barring African American players (about 1892), past the re-integration in 1946 of the sport, up until the Negro leagues finally expired about 1962. Members of the Baseball Hall of Fame are noted with a β. Names of those who played in integrated organized white leagues are boldfaced, and those who played in integrated major leagues are also italicized.

Pre-Negro leagues (1877–1919)[edit]

They played primarily before the organized Negro leagues. Among them Fowler, Frank Grant, George Stovey, and Fleet Walker were notable players especially during the 1880s, before complete segregation.

Negro leagues era I (1920–1934)[edit]

They played most of their careers in the organized Negro leagues before the Great Depression.

Negro leagues era II (1935–1949)[edit]

They played most of their careers in the organized Negro leagues after the Great Depression.

Post-integration (1950–1962)[edit]

They played during the decline of the Negro leagues, after the beginning of integration.

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