List of Nepal placename etymologies

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Many places in Nepal have been given name based on mythology and other references. These original names eventually turned to give the present names. However, there prevail more than one saying on picking the origin of the names.

Different places have picked names from different languages. The preference of language depends upon the native language of the place / region. Looking towards the ancient history of Nepal, Sanskrit has been the most important sources for deriving words in Nepali Language. However Urdu, Pharasi, Hindi, English-language words are being imported too.

Places and their origin of name[edit]

Place District Origin of name Original language Description Historical references
Pulchowk (पुलचोक) Lalitpur पुच: (Pucha) Nepal Bhasa means Park in Nepal Bhasa
Baneshwor (बानेश्वर) Kathmandu बामन‌+ईश्वर Sanskrit Dwarf God
Chabahil (चाबाहिल) Kathmandu चारू बहीः Nepal Bhasa Home of Charumati
Koteshwor (कोटेश्वर) Kathmandu कोटी ईश्वर Sanskrit One Crore (10 million) Gods
Jamal (जमल) Kathmandu Jame Masjeed Urdu Jame Masjeed centrally located at Jamal gives the name of the place
Telkuwa (तेलकुवा) Bara तेल‌ी+कुवा Bhojpuri Chanchal Prasad Sah from Teli (तेली) Caste had dug a well to make water available in the village and hence the name begun to attribute Chanchal Prasad and his caste
Mustang Chowk (मुस्ताङ्ग चोक), Pokhara Kaski मुस्ताङ्ग+चोक Nepali Years ago, People from Mustang used to come and sell things there hence the name begun