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The executive branch of New Jersey's state government executes state law through cabinet-level or principal departments and further by administrative agencies departments, special commissions, or independent entities as defined by statute.

Administrative agencies and offices[edit]

Department of Agriculture[edit]

The state's Department of Agriculture is overseen by a Secretary of Agriculture selected by the Governor on recommendation of the State Board of Agriculture. The Department's mission is administered by five divisions.[1]

  • Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources[2]
    • State Soil Conservation Committee and Soil Conservation Districts
    • Cost-Share Assistance to Farmers for Soil and Water Conservation Projects
    • Office of Aquaculture Coordination
    • Agricultural Education program
    • New Jersey Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS)
  • Division of Animal Health[3]
  • Division of Food and Nutrition[4]
  • Division of Marketing and Development[5]
  • Division of Plant Industry[6]

Department of Banking & Insurance[edit]

Department of Children and Families[edit]

Department of Community Affairs[edit]

Department of Corrections[edit]

The New Jersey Department of Corrections operates 13 major correctional or penal institutions, including seven adult male correctional facilities, three youth facilities, one facility for sex offenders, one women's correctional institution and a central reception and intake unit; and stabilization and reintegration programs for released inmates.

  • New Jersey State Parole Board
  • Division of Programs and Community Services[7]
    • Office of Community Programs and Outreach Services
      • Office of County Services
      • Office of Chaplaincy Services
      • Volunteer Services
      • Office of Victim Services
    • Office of Substance Abuse Programming and Addiction Services
    • Office of Educational Services
    • Office of Transitional Services
  • Division of Administration[8]
    • Bureau of State Use Industries
    • Office of Financial Management
      • Bureau of Budget and Fiscal Planning
      • Bureau of Auditing
      • Bureau of Accounting and Revenue
      • Institutional Operations Bureau
      • Bureau of Procurement and Contract Management
    • Office of Human Resources
    • Office of Information Technology.
  • Division of Operations[9]
    • AgriIndustries
    • Capital Planning and Construction Unit
    • Central Medical/Transportation Unit and Central Communications
    • Classification support and Training/Auditing Units
    • Field Services Units
    • Health Services Unit
    • Immigratino Services, Parole Monitoring and the Office of Interstate Services
    • Release Notification Unit (Central Office)
    • Special Operations Group
      • Special Operations Response Team (SORT)
      • Canine Unit
      • Correctional Emergency Response Team (CERT)
      • Departmental Firearms Unit
      • Critical Incident Negotiation Team (CINT)
      • Enhanced Security Transportation Unit
      • Community Labor Assistance Program

Department of Education[edit]

Department of Environmental Protection[edit]

Department of Health[edit]

Department of Human Services[edit]

Department of Labor & Workforce Development[edit]

Department of Law and Public Safety[edit]

The New Jersey Attorney General leads the New Jersey Department of Law and Public Safety.

Department of Military & Veterans Affairs[edit]

Department of State[edit]

Department of Transportation[edit]

Executive Offices

  • Commissioner
    • (Office of) Smart Growth
    • (Office of) the Inspector General
    • Chief of Staff
    • Deputy Commissioner
  • Other Offices and Divisions

The following are under the Deputy Commissioner.

  • Assistant Commissioner of Capital Investment Planning and Grant Administration
    • Division of Statewide Planning
      • Office of Statewide Strategies
      • Office of Systems Planning
      • Office of Research
      • Office of Commuter Mobility
      • Office of Transportation Sustainable Communities
    • Division of Multimodal Services
    • Division of Local Aid and Economic Development
    • Division of Environmental Resources
    • Division of Capital Investment Planning and Development
    • Transportation Data and Safety
  • Assistant Commissioner of Capital Program Management (State Transportation Engineer)
    • Division of Highway and Traffic Design
    • Division of Right of Way and Access Management
    • Division of Capital Program Support
    • Division of Project Management
    • Division of Bridge Engineering and Infrastructure Management
    • Division of Construction Services and Materials
  • Assistant Commissioner of Operations
    • Division of Operations North
    • Division of Operations Central
    • Division of Operations South
    • (Deputy Executive) Division of Operations
    • Permits, Electrical, and Claims Unit
  • Assistant Commissioner of Administration
    • Division of Human Resources
    • Division of Support Services
    • Division of Civil Rights and Affirmative Action
  • Divisions under the Chief Financial Officer
    • Division of Budget
    • Division of Accounting and Auditing
    • Division of Procurement
    • Division of Information Technology
  • Assistant Commissioner of Transportation Systems Management
    • Division of Traffic Operations
    • Division of Mobility and Systems Engineering
  • Division (at the assistant-commissioner level) of Government and Community Relations
    • Community and Constituent Relations
    • Communications
    • Division of Legislative, Administrative, and Regulatory Actions
  • Legal Services


Department of Treasury[edit]

The Department of the Treasury seeks to ensure the most beneficial use of fiscal resources and revenues to meet critical needs, all within a policy framework set by the governor; to formulate and manage the state's budget, generate and collect revenues, disburse the appropriations used to operate New Jersey state government, manage the state's physical and financial assets, and provide statewide support services to state and local government agencies. Its mission is accomplished by the following Divisions and Agencies:[12]

  • Divisions
    • Division of Administration
    • Division of Investment
    • Office of the Chief Economist/Office of Revenue and Economic Analysis (OREA)
    • Office of Management and Budget (OMB)
    • New Jersey Lottery
    • Division of Pensions and Benefits
    • Division of Property Management and Construction (DPMC)
    • Public Contracts Equal Employment Opportunity Compliance Monitoring Program
    • Division of Public Finance
    • Division of Purchase and Property
    • Division of Revenue and Enterprise Services (DORES)
    • Division of Risk Management
    • Division of Taxation
  • Agencies

Independent commissions and agencies[edit]


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