List of New York City Designated Landmarks in Manhattan on smaller islands

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This is intended to be a complete list of landmarks designated by the New York City Landmark Preservation Commission on the smaller islands of the borough of Manhattan. Some of these are also National Historic Landmarks, which is noted where known. The date listed is date of designation.

Historic Districts[edit]

Landmark Name Date Designated
Ellis Island November 16, 1993 [1] [2]
Governors Island Historic District June 18, 1996 [3] [4]

Individual Landmarks[edit]

Governors Island[edit]

Landmark Name Image Date Designated
The Admirals House (Commanding General's Quarters) Admirals-house-governors-island.JPG September 19, 1967 [5]
The Block House Block-house-governors-island.JPG September 19, 1967 [6]
Castle Williams Castle Williams Governors Island NY.jpg September 19, 1967 [7]
Fort Jay FortJay.jpg September 19, 1967 [8]
The Governor's House Governor's House (Governors Island, New York).jpg September 19, 1967 [9]

Liberty Island[edit]

Landmark Name Image Date Designated
Statue of Liberty National Monument Statue of Liberty, NY.jpg September 14, 1976 [10]

Roosevelt Island[edit]

Landmark Name Image Date Designated
Blackwell House Blackwell House RI jeh.jpg March 23, 1976 [11]
Chapel of the Good Shepherd Roosevelt Island-1889 Chapel.jpg March 23, 1976 [12]
Lighthouse Blackwell Island Light March 23, 1976 [13]
Octagon Tower The-octagon-roosevelt-island.jpg March 23, 1976 [14]
Smallpox Hospital Ruins of the Smallpox Hospital 2007.jpg March 23, 1976 [15]
Strecker Laboratory Strecker Memorial Laboratory March 23, 1976 [16]

Interior Landmarks[edit]

Landmark Name Image Date Designated
Ellis Island, Main Building (Interior) Ellis Island Hall Interior.JPG November 16, 1993 [17]

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