List of New York City newspapers and magazines

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This is a list of New York City newspapers and magazines.[1]

Largest newspapers by circulation[edit]

Total circulation, as of March, 2013:[2]

  1. The Wall Street Journal (2,834,000 daily)
  2. The New York Times (571,500 daily; 1,087,500 Sunday)
  3. New York Daily News (200,000 daily; 260,000 Sunday)
  4. New York Post (230,634 daily)
  5. Newsday (437,000 daily; 495,000 Sunday)


Several other newspapers serve the northern and western suburbs and Long Island.

Defunct newspapers[edit]


Magazines with a primary focus on (parts or surroundings of) New York City

Defunct magazines[edit]

Magazines published in New York[edit]

New York is not necessarily a focus of these magazines.

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