List of New York State Historic Markers in Albany County, New York

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This is a complete list of New York State Historic Markers in Albany County, New York.[1]

Listings county-wide[edit]

Marker name[1] Image Date designated Location City or Town Marker text
1 Albany City Hall Eagle St. Between Maiden La. And Pine St. Albany

City Chartered July 22, 1686 This Building Erected 1882 Tower Contains Municipal Carillon of 60 Bells

2 Birthplace of Modern Electricity Birthplace Of Modern Electricity.jpg 1940 Washington Ave., Near Eagle St. Albany

Here Discovering Magnetic Induction, Joseph Henry Pioneered the Telegraph and Electric Motor, 1829–31

3 Birthplace of American Union Plaza, Broadway at Foot of State St. Albany

Near This Site, Benjamin Franklin Presented the 1St Formal Plan of National Union; Congress of 1754

4 Called Fort Nassau 1614, Albany Historical Marker.jpg Plaza, Broadway at Foot of State St. Albany

Fort Orange 1624, Beverwyck 1652, Albany 1664; Chartered 1686

5 Clermont Plaza, Broadway at Foot of State St. Albany

Near the Foot of Madison Avenue Robert Fulton in Aug. 1807, Completed the First Successful Steamboat Voyage

6 Colonial Hospital Lodge And Pine Sts. Albany

Near This Site Stood the Military Hospital Where the Wounded From Ticonderoga, 1758 and Saratoga, 1777 Were Attended.

7 Colonial Warpath Plaza, Broadway at Foot of State St. Albany

Rendezvous of Troops in Five Wars. Here Armies Under Abercrombie, Loudoun and Amherst Moved to the Conquest of Canada 1756-60

8 Court of Appeals Court Of Appeals Historical Marker.jpg 1940 Eagle And Pine Sts. Albany

Highest Tribunal in New York State This Building Erected 1842

9 Court of Appeals Eagle And Pine Sts. Albany

Highest Tribunal in New York State This Building Erected 1842

10 Executive Mansion Executive Mansion Historical Sign Fenced In.jpg 1940 Eagle And Elm Sts. Albany

Residence of the Governors of New York State

11 First Church In Albany First Church in Albany Historical Marker.jpg 1947 Sw Corner N. Pearl And Orange Sts. Albany

Reformed Organized 1642 Present Building Designed By Philip Hooker Erected 1798

12 Fort Frederick Fort Frederick.jpg 1940 Capitol Park, Eagle And State Sts. Albany

In The Middle of This Street To the East Stood Fort Frederick Goal of Burgoyne's Drive to Split the Colonies - 1777

13 Fort Orange Fort Orange Historical Marker.jpg Plaza, Broadway at Foot of State St. Albany

Site of West India Company Colony 1624. Fort Was Located To The Southeast By the River

14 Fort Van Nassau Port Rd., Nr. Administration Bldg. Albany

Built 1614 By the Dutch Explorers Christiaensen and Block. First Trading Center Established in New York State

15 From The Ground Port Rd., Nr. Administration Bldg. Albany

Glenn Curtiss Began the First Long Distance Airplane Flight Albany to New York May 29, 1910

16 General John Burgoyne Plaza, Broadway at Foot of State St. Albany

Over This Road Entered Albany With His Staff After the Battle of Saratoga Going to Schuyler Mansion As Prisoners of War - 1777

17 General George Washington Washington Ave. Nr. Swan St. Albany Traveled This Road On His Tours of the Mohawk Valley 1782 and 1783
18 Henry Hudson Plaza, Broadway at Foot of State St. Albany Explorer, Here Ended the Voyage of the Half Moon in Quest of the Indies September, 1609
19 Herman Melville Herman Melville Historical Marker.jpg 1953 Clinton Sq., N. Pearl And Orange Sts. Albany Author of"Moby Dick", Studied and Worked During Formative Years in Albany, 1830–1838, Family Home at 3 Clinton Square, 1834–1838
20 Iroquois Treaty Plaza, Broadway at Foot of State St. Albany August 1684 Basic Peach By Gov. Dongan Gov. Howard of Va. and Five Nations at Court House Which Stood 100 Feet West
21 John Tunnicliff, Jr. Maiden Lane Between Eagle St. And Lodge St. Albany 1751–1814 Clockmaker and Superintendent of Town Clocks
22 Near Here First Railroad Marker.jpg 1940 Western Ave., Nr. North Allen St. Albany Mohawk and Hudson First Railroad Chartered in This Country 1826, Began Its Run Albany to Schenectady
23 New York State NYS Office Building Marker.jpg 1940 S. Swan St. And Washington Ave. Albany Office Building Cornerstone Laid By Gov. Alfred E. Smith, 1928
24 Patroon Street Patroon Street Historical Marker.jpg 1940 Clinton Ave. at N. Pearl St. Albany Former Name of Clinton Ave. This Was the Dividing Line Between the City of Albany and the Manor of Rensselaerwyck
25 Pioneer Route Central Ave., Nr. Northern Blvd. Albany at This Point the Pioneers Going West in Ox Carts and Horse Drawn Caravans Assembled, This Street Formerly Called the Bowery
26 Schenectady Gate Maiden La. Between Eagle And Lodge Sts. Albany Near This Point the Path to Schenectady Used By Indians and Fur Traders Led Through the Palisades Which Enclosed the City
27 State Education Building Washington Ave. Between Hawk And Swan Sts. (missing) Albany Dedicated 1912. Education Department Offices; State Library; State Museum; Exhibits; Open to Public
28 The Capitol Capitol Park, Eagle St. Nr. Washington Ave. Albany Of the State of New York Second Capitol Building Erected By the State Cornerstone Laid 1871 25 Years in Construction
29 Schuyler Mansion Schuyler Mansion Historical Marker.jpg 1940 Eagle And State Sts. Albany [Arrow] ← 1½ Miles Schuyler Mansion Home of General Philip Schuyler. Residence of Alexander Hamilton in 1781
30 Dietz Massacre NYS 443, .5 Mi. W. of Berne Berne 5 Miles S - E Site of Dietz Massacre Where Johannes Dietz and His Family Were Killed By Tories and Indians September 1781
31 Ax Factory NYS 156, at Berne Berne Ax Factory Established By Daniel Simmons in 1825. Said to Be the First Factory in the United States to Make Axes From Cast Steel.
32 Beaver Dam NYS 443, .5 Mi. W. of Berne Berne Beaver Dam Later Called Bernville Fortified During the Revolution. John Dietz'. Family Massacred By Indians
33 Cheese Factory NYS 156, at Berne Berne Cheese Factory First in Town of Berne Built in 1878 and Made 495 Pounds in A Single Day
34 Corporation Inn NYS 443, .5 Mi. W. of Berne Berne Corporation Inn Opened 1817 By Henry Engle
35 Dwelling NYS 443, at W. Berne Berne Dwelling Built About 1800 By William Shultes
36 Early Settler Nw Corner NYS 443 And NYS 156 at Berne Berne Early Settler Jacob Weidman, A Swiss, Located On Foxenkill On Site of Berne Village About 1750. Built First Sawmill and Gristmill
37 First Mill Berne, NY First Mill Marker.jpg 1932 NYS 156, at Berne Berne First Mill Built 1750 By Jacob Weidman Stood Near Here
38 First Store NYS 156, at Berne Berne First Store Stood On This Site Owned By John Fisher
39 Indian Stockade NYS 443, 1/4 Mi. East of Berne Berne Indian Stockade Built On Site of Berne Village
40 Justice of Peace NYS 443, at E. Berne Berne Justice of Peace Jacob Hochstrasser Was First Supervisor and Justice of Peace of Town of Berne
41 M. E. Church Town Rd., at Reidsville Berne M. E. Church Organized at Reidsville 1830 By Reverend Rosman Kelly Church Replaced in 1841
42 Mill Site NYS 156, at Berne Berne Mill Site For Carding and Fulling Mill Built at An Early Date By Malachi Shipple William H. Ball and Lyman Dwight
43 Pioneer NYS 156, .5 Mi. N. of Berne Berne Pioneer Col. Jesse Wood of Long Island Settled Here About 1800. Served in War of 1812. Died July 23, 1853 at Age of 83 Years
44 Reformed Dutch Church NYS 443, .5 Mi. W. of Berne Berne Reformed Dutch Church Organized 1763, First Pastor Johannes Schuyler 1767. Oldest Church in County Outside of Albany
45 Reformed Dutch Church NYS 443, at W. Berne Berne Reformed Dutch Church Organized 1763 By Rev. Johannes Schuyler of Schoharie Log Church 1765. Frame 1786 Which Was Taken Down 1830
46 Schools NYS 443, .5 Mi. W. of Berne Berne Schools in 1812 There Were 21 School Districts in Town of Berne and 30 the Next Year. in 1816 There Were 1710 Pupils in School
47 South Berne Co. Rd., at S. Berne Berne South Berne Previous to 1828 Called Centerville Because It Was Equi-Distant From Three of the Other Villages.
48 Town of Berne NYS 443 And NYS 85, at Mallory Corners Berne Town of Berne Formed March 17, 1795, From Rensselaerville. Town of Knox Taken off in 1822. Jacob Weidman, First Settler About 1750
49 Weidman Home NYS 443, at Berne Berne Weidman Home the Largest House in Berne With Ten Firplaces Built By Peter Weidman in 1800, Stood On This Site
50 West Berne NYS 443, at W. Berne Berne West Berne Called Mechanicsville 1830-34 Because So Many Mechanics Lived There.
51 Willis' Store NYS 157, .5 Mi. Ne of E. Berne Berne Willis' Store Established in 1800 By Major Stephen Willis Stood Here. He Also Had A Potash Factory, Tannery, Whiskey Still, and Shoe Factory.
52 Agricultural Fair NYS 32, 100 Yds. W of US 9W Bethlehem Agricultural Fair First Annual Fair of Albany County Agricultural Society Held at Bethlehem Center Oct. 4-6, 1853
53 Baker Farm NYS 144, .5 Mi. N. of Selkirk Bethlehem Baker Farm Settled By Joab Baker of Connecticut in 1791
54 Becker Homestead NYS 396, N. of Rr Bridge Bethlehem Becker Homestead at Becker's Corners Settled By Albertus Becker Who Married Helen Van Derzee
55 Bethlehem Center W Corner, US 9W And NYS 32 Bethlehem Bethlehem Center Known As Babcock Corners On the Albany and Bethlehem Turnpike
56 Delmar DelmarMarker.jpg 1932 Delaware Avenue near Adams Street Delmar Delmar Earlier Adamsville and Adams Station Nathaniel Adams Located Here in 1836 and Built A Hotel in 1838.
57 Tannery Willowbrook Ave., In S. Bethlehem Bethlehem Tannery Built About 1825 On Farm of Isaac and John Coffin. Operated For Many Years By Robert Carhart. Burned 1883
58 Turnpike NYS 443, W. of Albany City Line Bethlehem Turnpike Albany and Delaware Chartered March 2, 1805. 6000 Shares at $25. Extensively Travelled Albany to Otego. Abandoned 1868
59 Van Wie's Dock Town Rd., at Van Wie's Point Bethlehem Van Wie's Dock Site of Dock Owned By Peter G. and Henry Van Wie and Leased Feb. 23, 1835 to Hudson River Steamboat Co. For Albany Terminal
60 Van Wie's House Town Rd., Nr. Wm. Gibson's Rd. at Van Wie's Point Bethlehem Van Wie's House Built By Hendrick Van Wie in 1732. the Home of Six Generations of This Dutch Colonial Family, Settlers at Fort Orange, in 1664
61 Van Wie's Point Town Rd., at Van Wie's Point Bethlehem Van Wie's Point Hendrick Gerritse Van Wie Dutch Colonist in Fort Orange 1664, Built House Here in 1679
62 Winne Farm Co. Rd., W. of Albany Filtration Plant Bethlehem Winne Farm Settled By Francis Winne
63 Coeymans Church And Westerlo Sts., Coeymans Coeymans Coeymans Town Formed March 18, 1791 From Watervliet. A Part Went to Form Westerlo in 1815. Named from the Patentee Barent Pieterson Coeymans
64 Coeymans Gazette NYS 144, at Coeymans Coeymans Coeymans Gazette Started 1863 By Thomas Mckee As Editor. Succeeded By Coeymans Herald
65 Camp Van Schaik Se Corner Myrtle And Park Cohoes Camp Van Schaik Continental Army, Northern Department Under Command General Philip Schuyler General Horatio Gates Aug. 15 - Sept. 8, 1777
66 Continental Ave. Sw Corner Ontario And Continental Cohoes Continental Ave. Algonquin and Mohawk Indian Trail Colonial Military Route
67 Egberts And Bailey Mill Ontario, W. of Remsen Cohoes Egberts and Bailey Mill First Building Erected For the Manufacture of Knit Goods By Power in America, 1836. First Power Knitting Machinery Applied in Cohoes, 1832
68 First Bridge Mohawk And Remsen Sts. Coeymans First Bridge Across Mohawk River Opened 1795. 900 Ft. Long 24 Ft. Wide, 15 Ft. Above Bed of River On 13 Stone Piers. Cost $12,000 Dollars
69 Home of James Buttermilk Lansing W. Columbia St., Between Sunset And Elaine Cts. Cohoes Home of James Buttermilk Lansing Built By Douw Fonda Before 1767. One of the Founders of Boght Settlement, Choes, N.Y.
70 Indian Spring Continental Ave., E. of School Cohoes Indian Spring Algonquin and Mohawk Indians Colonial Military Spring 1690 1782, First Source of Water Supply For the Settlers of Cohoes
71 Juncta Nw Corner Spring And Saratoga Sts. Cohoes Juncta Junction of the Original Erie and Champlain Canals First Settlement and Name Cohoes. Site of the First Post office
72 Manor Avenue N. Baker And Manor Ave. Cohoes Manor Avenue the Old Boght Road Northern Boundary Line of the Manor of Rensselaerwyck June 17, 1904
73 Military Road From 1690 Continental Ave., S. of School Cohoes Military Road From 1690 Through the Revolution. Used By General Ebenezer Learned On His Way to Relieve For Stanwix - Aug. 14, 1777
74 Site of Reformed Church Sw Corner Baker Ave., And Vliet Blvd. Cohoes Site of Reformed Church of the Boght One of the First Churches North of Albany, Built About 1783
75 Mastodon Mohawk And Vliet Sts. Cohoes Site of Cohoes Mastodon Found September 1866 Now in N. Y. State Museum
76 Van Schaik Burial Plot Delaware Ave. Between Ontario And Van Schaick Cohoes Van Schaik Burial Plot First Settlers of Cohoes and Owners of Half Moon Patent Buried Here
77 Shakers NYS 155, W. of Airport Colonie 1/4 Mile [Arrow] Shakers South Family Only Surviving Family of Watervliet Community First Building Erected 1800 and Still Standing
78 Boght Church Boght Rd., E. of US 9 Colonie Boght Church Site of the Reformed Dutch Church of the Boght 1St Church North of Albany Organized By the Classis of Albany, Feb. 22, 1784
79 Louden's Ford Fonda Rd. at Power Station Colonie Louden's Ford British and Continental Army Ford Protected August–September 1777 By Generals Enoch Poor and Benedict Arnold
80 Old Loudon Road Fonda Rd. at Power Station Colonie Old Loudon Road Named After Earl Loudon in 1756. Route of British and American Armies to Montreal
81 Shaker Cemetery NYS 155, W. of Airport Colonie Shaker Cemetery First Burial 1797 and Earlier Burials Removed Here Later
82 Shakers NYS 155, Nr. Albany Airport Colonie Shakers Ann Lee and Company Came to America 1774 and Founded Here in the Valley of the Wilderness the First Shaker Community 1776
83 The Boght US 9, at Boght Corners Colonie The Boght Settled 1718–1750 By Families From the Netherlands, Among Them Fonda, Lansing, Lieverse, Roff, Staats, Van Denbergh, Visscher, Etc.
84 Shakers NYS 155, W. of Airport Colonie [Arrow] Shakers West Family at First Known As the Second Family Occupied By Shakers 1810–1915
85 Shakers Shaker Rd., Nr. Co. Jail Colonie [Arrow] 1/2 Mile Shakers North Family Occupied By Shakers -1919Principal Building Yet Standing Reconstructed
86 Site of First Reformed Dutch Church NYS 146, W. of NYS 158 Guilderland 100 Ft. W. Site of First Reformed Dutch Church in Guilderland Before 1767. First Pastor Rev. Harmanus Van Huysen
87 Frederick Crounse NYS 156, S. of Altamont Guilderland About 1750 Frederick Crounse Son of Polish Nobleman Settled Here Farm Owned By Crounse Family to Present 1934
88 Abraham Wemple US 20, W. of RR Bridge Guilderland Abraham Wemple Col. Schenectady Militia During American Revolution Owned Farm Here 1765 to Death in 1799. Buried On High Knoll Above Reservoir
89 Altamont Main St NYS Rte 146 In Altamont Guilderland Altamont Incorporated As A Village 1890 officers: President Hiram Griggs. Trustees - Smith Philley, Jesse Crounse Henry A. Wilbur
90 Battle of Normanskill NYS 146, 2 Mis. W. of Guilderland Guilderland Battle of Normanskill Fought North of the Creek Schenectady Militia With 40 Rhode Island Troops Dispersed Large Group of Tories On August 11, 1777
91 Case Homestead US 20, E. of Guilderland Guilderland Case Homestead Built As Tavern By Russell Case at the Opening of Great Western Turnpike, 1799
92 Dr. F. Crounse US 20, at Gun Club Rd. Guilderland Dr. F. Crounse Built This House 1833 First Physician at West Guilderland (Altamont) Practised Here Sixty Years
93 John Groot NYS 397, N. of Altamont Guilderland Farm and Burial Place John Groot Officer 3D Regiment Albany County Militia War of Revolution
94 Frederick Crounse NYS 156, 1 Mi. S. of Altamont Guilderland Farm of Frederick Crounse Officer 3D Albany Co. Militia in Revolution. Carried Food to Army Battle of Saratoga Buried Here
95 Farm of Evert Bancker NYS 146, .5 Mi From US 20 Guilderland Farm of Evert Bancker Third Mayor of Albany, 1695 Indian Commissioner, 1669 Master Chancery, 1705 Died Here, 1734
96 Farm of Walter Vorman NYS 158, S. of US 20 Guilderland Farm of Walter Vorman Capt. Schenectady Militia During American Revolution Captured By Tory Force South of Oneida Lake; Held Prisoner in Canada 1780-82
97 First Meeting NYS 146, 1 Mi. W. of Guilderland Center Guilderland First Meeting of Town of Guilderland Held April 5, 1803 in This House, at the Time A Tavern Conducted By Hendrick Apple
98 Freeman House NYS 146, at Guilderland Center Guilderland Freeman House Said to Have Been Erected 1734. Later the Home of Barent Mynderse, Lieut. in War of Rev.
99 French's Mills NYS 146, at Guilderland Center Guilderland French's Mills Site of Early Sawmill; Clothes Works of Peter K. Broek 1795; Factory of Abel French 1800; Tavern of Jacob Aker 1800
100 Glass Works, 1785–1815 US 20, at Guilderland Guilderland Glass Works, 1785–1815 Made Bottle and Window Glass. Started Here By Leonard De Neufville. Later Called Albany Glass House, Then Hamilton Glass Works
101 George Wagner House NYS 397 (Dunnsville RD) and Settles Hill Rd Guilderland Home of George Wagner Lieutenant in the American Revolution
102 Henry Rowe Schoolcraft Rte 20 Near Willow St., In Hamlet of Guilderland Guilderland Home of Henry Rowe Schoolcraft B. 1793-D. 1864 Glass Maker, Explorer, Author, Poet, Authority On American Indians
103 House Built 1802 NYS 146, at Guilderland Center Guilderland House Built 1802 By Nicholas V. Mynderse Sold to Michael Frederick Who Ran It As A Tavern For Many Years
104 Inn of George Severson Altamont Blvd. And Helderberg Ave., In Altamont Guilderland Inn of George Severson Old Schoharie Road Built at Close of Revolution First Post office of West Guilderland As This Place Was Then Called
105 Inn of Jacob Crounse NYS 146, E. of Altamont Guilderland Inn of Jacob Crounse Built 1833. Midway Tavern Where Horses Were Changed On Schoharie-Albany Stage Coach Route
106 Jacob Van Aernam (1723–1813) NYS 156 Between Altamont And Vorheesville Guilderland Jacob Van Aernam (1723–1813) Capt. 3Rd Albany Regiment Leader of Patriot Forces in the Helderbergh Region During American Revolution Lived On Farm Here
107 Knower House NYS 146, E. of Altamont Guilderland Knower House Est. As Hat Factory About 1800 By Benjamin Knower Gov. William L. Marcy Married Cornelia Knower in This House
108 Old Hellebergh Main St. And Maple Ave., Altamont Guilderland Old Hellebergh Land of Bitter Conflict Between Patriot and Tory Known Later As West Guilderland, Knowersville, and Altamont
109 Old Plank Road Main St. And Brandle Rd., Altamont Guilderland Old Plank Road Schoharie to Albany Followed This Route Chartered 1849 Abandoned 1867
110 First Lutheran Church NYS 146 and Weaver Rd, 2 Mis. E. of Altamont Guilderland On This Spot Stood the First Lutheran Church in Town of Guilderland 1787 Rev. Heinrich Moeller First Regular Pastor
111 Red Men's Hall US 20, E. of Guilderland Guilderland Red Men's Hall Formerly Used As Baptist Church, 1850–66; Catholic Church; Temperance Hall
112 Severson House NYS 146 at Altamont Guilderland Severson House Built By Early Settler Jurrian Severson Located On Map of West Manor Rensselaerwyck, 1767
113 First Inn US 20 near intersection of Dunnsville Rd Guilderland Site of First Inn and Store Kept in Dunnsville By John E. Winne 1800–1830
114 Indian Village N. of US 20 at Dunnsville Guilderland Site of Indian Village Neighboring Stream Called Wildehause Kill Or Indian House Creek
115 Hamilton Union Church US 20, at Guilderland Guilderland Site of Hamilton Union Church Octagonal Building Used Also As A School House Built By Hamilton Mfg. Society About 1797
116 Toll Gate US 20, 2 Mis. E. of Guilderland Guilderland Site of Toll Gate Number Two On Western Turnpike. Road Planked in 1849. This Gate Maintained Until 1906
117 Site of House US 20 near intersection of Dunnsville Rd Guilderland Site of House of Dr. Jonathan Johnson First Physician in Dunnsville Who Came Here On Horseback in 1808 Surgeon in War of 1812
118 The Vale of Tawasentha NYS 146, 3/4 Mi. W. of Guilderland Near Normans Kill Bridge Guilderland The Vale of Tawasentha
119 Town of Guilderland NYS 146, And NYS 158 at Osborn's Corners Guilderland Town of Guilderland Established April 4, 1803 From Part of Watervliet First officers, Supervisor, Nicholas V. Mynderse, Town Clerk, Peter G. Veeder
120 Albany County NYS 443, W. of W. Berne at Albany Schoharie Co. Line Knox Albany County Derived Its Name From the Scotch Title of the Duke of York and Albany Afterwards King James Ii of England
121 Anti-Rent Riots NYS 157 A, 3 Mis. N. of East Berne Knox Anti-Rent Riots More Leased Land in Berne Than Any Other Town in Albany County Led to Serious Outbreaks After 1840
122 Knoxville Academy NYS 156, at Knox Knox Knoxville Academy Incorporated 1837 Chartered Regents 1842–1869 Faced Military Training Ground 1776
123 Sand Farm NYS 156, 1 Mi. W. of Knox Knox Sand Farm Settled By Christian Zandt in 1787
124 Whipple Farm NYS 156, W. of Altamont Knox Whipple Farm Settled By Malachi Whipple of Conn. About 1793. in 1820 Farm Won Premium As Model Farm in Albany County
125 Clarksville NYS 443, at Clarksville New Scotland Clarksville A Halfway Station Located On Albany and Delaware Turnpike Named From Adam A. Clark Who Settled Here in 1822
126 Early Mission NYS 85, at New Scotland New Scotland Early Mission Founded 1787 By Suffolk Presbytery Incorporated 1789 First Church 1791 Original Frame Standing
127 Helderbergs NYS 157, at J.B. Thatcher Park New Scotland The Name Means Clear Mountains. They Have Been Called "The Key to the Geology of North America"
128 Methodism NYS 156, W. of Vorheesville New Scotland Here Built Its First Church in This Entire Area Known As Bethlehem, North of Black Creek Church, 1823
129 New Scotland NYS 85, at New Scotland New Scotland Townformed April 25, 1832 From Bethlehem. Scotch Names Appear Among Early Settlers. First Town Meeting April 9, 1833
130 Slingerland NYS 32, 3 Mis. S. of Feura Bush New Scotland House 1762 Built By Tunis Cornelise Slingerland, Dutch Emigrant 1650, On Land Purchased From Indians
131 Tory Cave 1777 Tory Cave Historical Marker JUn 07.jpg N. of NYS 157, at Trail, In J.B. Thatcher Park New Scotland Jacob Salsbury, A Spy During Burgoyne Invasion, Found Refuge From Settlers in A Cave Against the Cliffs Nearby
132 Albany County NYS 145, Nw of Preston Hollow at Albany Rensselaerville One of the Original Counties of the Province of New York Created By Law November 1, 1683. Mother of Many Counties
133 Albany County NYS 145 S. of Cooksburg at Albany-Greene Co. Line Rensselaerville One of the Original Counties of the Province of New York Created By Law November 1, 1683. Mother of Many Counties
134 Albany County NYS 145, Nw of Preston Hollow at Albany-Schoharie Co. Line Rensselaerville One of the Original Counties of the Province of New York Created By Law November 1, 1683. Mother of Many Counties
135 Manor of Rensselaerswyck NYS 85, 1.5 Mis. Ne of Rensselaerville Rensselaerville Districts Manor of Rensselaerswyck Created A District in 1772 and Subdivided Into East and West Districts in 1779
136 Dr. Samuel Preston Dr Samuel Preston Historical Marker Preston Hollow NY May 11.jpg NYS 145, at Preston Hollow Rensselaerville Dr. Samuel Preston Settled Here in 1789 and Gave His Name to Preston Hollow. He Built the First Sawmill and Gristmill.
137 Indian Trail NYS 81 at Cooksburg Rensselaerville Indian Trail Ran From Catskill to Schoharie Valley Along This Steam Through Preston Hollow and Livingstonville
138 Joseph Burchard Settled NYS 145, 1.5 Mis. Nw of Preston Hollow Rensselaerville Pioneer Joseph Burchard Settled Here in 1789. President R.B. Hayes Was Related to This Family
139 Turnpike NYS 81 And 145, at Cooksburg Rensselaerville Turnpike Schoharie to Athens Chartered in 1802 and Much Used in Early Days
140 Whipping Post Whipping Post Historical Marker Preston Hollow NY Jun 11.jpg NYS 145, Nw of Preston Hollow Rensselaerville Whipping Post For Town Located On Farm of Lawrence Faulk Who Settled Here in 1790, and Died in 1838
141 Academy NYS 143, N. of Westerlo Westerlo Academy This House Was the Chesterville Academy Built About 1800 Gabriel Pinney Head Master
142 Albany County NYS 32 at Albany-Greene Co. Line Westerlo Albany County One of the Original Counties of the Province of New York Created By Law November 1, 1683. Mother of Many Counties
143 Allen House Co. Rd.,1 Mi. W. of Basic Creek Reservoir Westerlo Allen House Built 1795, Here and On This Road Lived Ebeneazer Allen and His Sons Justice, Howard and Stephen. All Soldiers in Revolution.
144 Anti-Rent War NYS 85, at Snyder's Corners Westerlo Anti-Rent War Events in the Quarrel of Tenants With Lord of the Van Rensselaer Manor Occurred in This Region in 1840 and Later
145 Baptist Church NYS 143, at Westerlo Westerlo Baptist Church Organized at Chesterville 1800. Roswell Beckwith Was the First Pastor
146 Beardsley House Co. Rd., W. of Westerlo Westerlo Beardsley House Home of William Beardsley Here Was Held First Town Meeting of Westerlo April 4, 1815
147 Dormansville NYS 32 And NYS 143 at Dormansville Westerlo Named in Honor of Daniel Dorman, An Inn and Store Keeper, and First Post- Master in 1832
148 Dr. Jonathan Prosser NYS 32, 1.Mi.S.,Dormansville Westerlo Early Doctor Dr. Jonathan Prosser of Dutchess County Settled On This Farm in 1788
149 Grant And Eadie NYS 143, at Westerlo Westerlo Grant and Eadie Early Storekeepers Made Potash at Chesterville, 1798
150 Indian Trail Co. Rd., W. of Westerlo Westerlo Indian Trail Old Indian Trail Led Through This Valley to the Switzkill, Indian Camp Ground Near Here
151 Manor of Van Rensselaer NYS 143, at Westerlo Westerlo Manor of Van Rensselaer 1630 Kiliaen Van Rensselaer Granted Patent For 1152 Square Miles Including All of Albany and Rensselaer Counties
152 Myers Farm Co. Rd., S. of NYS 143, at Westerlo Westerlo Philip Myers of Germany in 1763 Built A Log House at Chesterville, Married A Daughter of Nicholas Stoddard and Died 1813
153 Andrew Hannay NYS 32 And NYS 143 at Dormansville Westerlo Near Here Andrew Hannay Raised A Company of Volunteers October 1777 to Oppose Invasion of Burgoyne, Who Surrendered Before Their Arrival
154 Quaker Church Co. Rd., Nr. Smith's Corners Westerlo Quaker Church Site of A Quaker Church and School. Erected 1803 Cemetery in Rear
155 Reformed Church NYS 143, E. of Westerlo Westerlo Reformed Church First Church in Town. Organized 1793. Original Site Five Miles South of Here
156 Snyder Cemetery Co. Rd., 1.5 Mis. S. of Snyder's Corners Westerlo Snyder Cemetery Contains the Unmarked Graves of Several Soldiers of the Revolution
157 South Westerlo Co. Rd., at S. Westerlo Westerlo South Westerlo Name Changed in 1827 From Smith's Mills Named After David Smith Who Also Owned A Tannery and Ashery
158 Temperance Society NYS 143, at Westerlo Westerlo Temperance Society Organized in School House Near Chesterville in 1828 Deacon Holmes Presided
159 Van Leuvan's Corners Co. Rd.,.5 Mis. S. of Snyder's Corners Westerlo Van Leuvan's Corners Named After Isaac Van Leuvan. Earlier Known As Sackett's Corners and Then Preston's Corners
160 Westerlo NYS 143, at Westerlo Westerlo Westerlo Town Formed March 16, 1815 From Coeymans and Rensselaerville. Named For Rev. Eilardus Westerlo of Albany

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