List of New York State Historic Markers in Rensselaer County, New York

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This is an incomplete list of New York State Historic Markers in Rensselaer County, New York.[1]

Listings county-wide[edit]

Marker name[1] Image Date designated Location City or Town Coords Marker text
1 Home of Philip D. Dater 2007 Brunswick Road (New York State Route 2) in Eagle Mills Brunswick 42°43′45.29″N 73°36′2.61″W / 42.7292472°N 73.6007250°W / 42.7292472; -73.6007250 1798: Home Of Philip D. Dater. Born 1790-Died 1868. Served in War of 1812
2 Garfield School Garfield Road near Brunswick Road (New York State Route 2) Brunswick 42°43′43.27″N 73°35′59.74″W / 42.7286861°N 73.5999278°W / 42.7286861; -73.5999278 1-Room c. 1840–81. Named for James A. Garfield who taught here 1854-56 while a student at Williams College
3 District No. 6 2009 Corner of Buck Road and Brick Church Road (New York State Route 278) Brunswick 42°45′4.4″N 73°34′27.67″W / 42.751222°N 73.5743528°W / 42.751222; -73.5743528 C. 1830 brick school built on land granted by Luther and Olive Eddy. Later named the Lincoln School by students.
4 Gilead Lutheran Church 1947 New York State Route 7 at Haynersville Brunswick 42°47′27.78″N 73°34′13.47″W / 42.7910500°N 73.5704083°W / 42.7910500; -73.5704083 Gilead Church; Lutheran, organized about 1746 by Palatine settlers 400 feet east of this spot. Moved 2+12 miles south to present site in 1817.
4 District 7 School Gypsy Lane of New York State Route 142 near Lansingburgh Brunswick 42°46′43.41″N 73°38′43.27″W / 42.7787250°N 73.6453528°W / 42.7787250; -73.6453528 Dist. 7 School; On Gypsy Lane c. 1829–30; 'Schoolhouse in the woods'; Herman Melville taught 1840; Land given 1829 by Abraham Jacob Lansing.
5 Citizen Genet On Us 9 & 20 In Front Of Dutch Reformed Church, E. Greenbush East Greenbush 1763–1834 Settled Two Miles West Of Here About 1800 Grave Behind This Church
6 War of 1812 On Us 9 & 20 Columbia Trnpke. At Hampton Manor East Greenbush Greenbush Cantonment Quarters For United States Army Situated On Half Mile North Of Here [Arrow]
7 Arrow (Fort Crailo) Intersection Us 9 & 20 With Nys 4 & 40 East Greenbush 4 Miles Fort Crailo "Yankee Doodle" Written There 1758
8 Arrow (Fort Crailo) Intersection Us 9 & 20 With Nys 9J East Greenbush 2500 Feet Fort Crailo "Yankee Doodle" Written There 1758
9 Bennington Battlefield 1929 New York State Route 67 at entrance to Bennington Battlefield Park, east of Walloomsac Hoosick 42°56′1.98″N 73°18′17.24″W / 42.9338833°N 73.3047889°W / 42.9338833; -73.3047889 Bennington Battlefield; General Stark's Victory; August 16, 1777
10 Early Tavern On Nys 7 At Hoosick Hoosick Kept By David Wilcox Before 1814. Later Home Of Dr. John Warren. Born 1806, Died 1882 First Regular Pastor 1797
11 First Meeting House 1936 East side of Main Street between Elm and Hall Streets in Hoosick Falls Hoosick 42°53′56.32″N 73°21′1.31″W / 42.8989778°N 73.3503639°W / 42.8989778; -73.3503639 First Meeting House in Hoosick Falls erected 1800 for use of the "Warren Society of Hoosick"; Baptist church organized 1847.
12 Reformed Protestant Dutch Church at Tiossiook 1936 Southeast corner of New York State Route 67 and Buskirk-West Hoosick Road Hoosick 42°57′12.49″N 73°26′0.09″W / 42.9534694°N 73.4333583°W / 42.9534694; -73.4333583 Dutch Church at Tiossiook; Organized May 2, 1792; Present building erected 1823; First pastor Rev. S. Smith
13 Walloomsac N. E. Church On Town Rd. About 1 Mile East Of Walloomsac Hoosick Walloomsac N. E. Church Incorporated April 18, 1811 Reincorporated 1845 And 1858 On Pittstown Circuit Church Building Removed 1898
14 First Bridge Over Hoosick River in Hoosick Falls On Mechanic St., Hoosick Falls Hoosick First Bridge Over Hoosick River At The Falls, Built 1791 As "Federal Bridge". Builders John Waldo And John Ryan Rebuilt By J. Manchester, 1825
15 Hoosick Baptist Church On Nys 7 About 1+12 Miles Northeast Of Hoosick Hoosick Hoosick Baptist Church Organized March 16, 1785 First Building Erected 1792 Elder Samuel Rogers First Regular Pastor 1797
16 St. Croix Church On Nys 67 About 1/2 Mile West Of North Hoosick Hoosick 42°55′54.98″N 73°21′31.15″W / 42.9319389°N 73.3586528°W / 42.9319389; -73.3586528 Near here is site Dutch Reform Church the first Protestant Church in Hoosick Valley on lot of A. Wendell in Hoosac Pat.
17 Arrow (Bennington Battlefield) On Nys 67 About 1 Mile East Of Walloomsac Hoosick Bennington Battlefield August 16, 1777 Road Leading To Site Of Battle And Baum's Redoubt
18 Arrow (Bennington Battlefield) On Nys 67 About 1 Mile East Of Walloomsac Hoosick Battery Point Here, August 16, 1777, A Cannon, Guarding Bridge And Ford, Was Captured By The Americans. Now In The Bennington Hist. Museum
19 Benjamin Budd's Tavern On Us 20 At Brainerd Nassau Built By Hershon Turner On Site Of Kaunaumeek Where Brainerd Preached To Indians With Aid Of Wauwaumpequunnaunt
20 Van Alen Home On Washington Avenue near New York State Route 43 in Defreestville North Greenbush 42°39′14.44″N 73°41′52.55″W / 42.6540111°N 73.6979306°W / 42.6540111; -73.6979306 Built On 400 Acres Tract Purchased 1778 By John Evert Van Alen Born 1749 - Died 1807 Congressman 1793–1799
21 Arrow (Fort Crailo) On Nys 40 At Defreestville North Greenbush 5 Miles Fort Crailo "Yankee Doodle" Written There 1758
22 Brimmer Farm On Co. Rd. About 1/2 Mile South Of Petersburg Junction Petersburg Settled 1754 Indian Massacre Occurred Here June 2, 1755 George Brimmer Buried Here
23 Farm of John Brimmer On Nys 22 About 1+12 Miles South Of Petersburg Petersburg John Brimmer Who Was Captured By Indians, 1754 Buried Here In 1830
24 Coon Inn On Nys 22 About 1 Mile South Of Petersburg Petersburg Coon Inn First Town Meeting Held Here April 5, 1791. H. Coon, Moderator; J. Odell, Supervisor; J. Greene, Clerk
25 Lydia Odell Baxter On Tn. Rd. About 1+12 Miles East Of Petersburg Petersburg Poet Born Here September 2, 1809 - Died New York City, January 23, 1874
26 Reynolds Farm On Nys 22 About 3 Miles South Of North Petersburg Petersburg Settled 1780 William W. Reynolds Born In Rhode Island Died Here 1829. Served In American Revolution
27 Garfield Church On Town Road To Poestenkill Poestenkill President James A. Garfield Preached Here And Conducted His Writing School Earning Tuition To Williams College
28 Arrow (Fort Crailo) At Columbia St. & Broadway Rensselaer 1200 Feet Fort Crailo "Yankee Doodle" Written There 1758
29 Arrow (Fort Crailo) On Broadway At Dunn Memorial Bridge Rensselaer 2000 Feet Fort Crailo "Yankee Doodle" Written There 1758
30 Arrow (Fort Crailo) At Dunn Memorial Bridge Rensselaer 2000 Feet Fort Crailo "Yankee Doodle" Written There 1758
31 Arrow (Fort Crailo) On Riverside Ave. Opposite Fort Crailo Rensselaer Fort Crailo "Yankee Doodle" Written Here 1758
32 Arrow (Fort Crailo) At Aiken Ave. & Columbia St. Rensselaer 1200 Feet Fort Crailo "Yankee Doodle" Written There 1758
33 Herman Melville's Home In Front Of No. 2 114Th St. In North Troy Troy Author Of "Moby Dick" Family Home 1838–1847 Did His Earliest Writing And Completed First Two Books Here; "Typee" And "Omoo"
34 First House of Worship in Troy On The Corner Of Congress & 1St Sts. In Troy Troy The First House Of Worship In Troy Was Erected - 1792 By The First Presbyterian Church Present Church Built 1836
35 Albert Pawling Old Mount Ida Cemetery on Pawling Avenue, near New York State Route 2 Troy 42°43′17.55″N 73°40′26.81″W / 42.7215417°N 73.6741139°W / 42.7215417; -73.6741139 Albert Pawling; 2nd Lt. 1775. Led forces at Quebec, St. John's, White Plains and Monmouth. 1st sheriff Rensselaer County; 1st mayor City of Troy, NY
36 Old Mount Ida Cemetery Pawling Avenue near New York State Route 2 Troy 42°43′17.15″N 73°40′30.54″W / 42.7214306°N 73.6751500°W / 42.7214306; -73.6751500 Old Mount Ida; Cemetery est. 01 Jan 1832; 12-3/10 acres. Numerous soldiers buried here who served in the Revolutionary War, 1812 and Civil Wars

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