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The big things of New Zealand are large novelty statues located in small towns which typically relate to the town and its identity.[1]

Examples include: the Taihape gumboot, where gumboot-throwing is encouraged; the large L&P bottle (Lemon and Paeroa) in the town where the drink originated, and the Big Sheep Shearer in Te Kuiti, where the national sheep-shearing competitions are held.

A similar tradition is found in Australia.[2]

List of big things[edit]

North Island[edit]

Name Location Built Size Notes Image
Big Apple Waitomo Caves The logo of the Big Apple Cafe. Big Apple Waitomo.jpg
Big Bicycle Taupo 2012 3 m (9.8 ft) A 3m high bicycle erected in September 2012 to encourage road safety to cyclists
Big Bull Bulls 4 m (13 ft) A large Bull, signifying the importance of bulls to Bulls.[3] Bull in Bulls.JPG
Big Carrot Ohakune 1984 This big carrot is at the entrance to the town Ohakune, recognising the importance of market gardening to the local economy.[4] The carrot was originally a fibreglass prop used in an ANZ Bank commercial that was acquired by the town and officially unveiled by the Prime Minister in 1984. Ohakunecarrot1b.jpg
Big Gumboot Taihape A giant metal gumboot made from corrugated iron. Represents Taihape as the "Gumboot Capital of the World".[5] Big Gumboot.JPG
Big Kiwifruit Te Puke, Bay of Plenty Part of the Kiwi360 complex.[6] Kiwi360 Yellow.JPG
Big Kiwi Eketahuna Big Kiwi; relocated in 2016. Eketahuna Kiwi.jpg
Big Kiwis Otorohanga Several corrugated-iron kiwis are located around the town, the self-proclaimed capital of Kiwiana. Corregated Iron Kiwi in Otorohanga.jpg
Big Lemon and Paeroa Bottle Paeroa, Thames Valley 1967 7 m (23 ft) A large soft drink bottle; L&P or Lemon & Paeroa.[7] L&P bottle sculpture 68.jpg
Big Loaf Manaia The town is 'New Zealand's Bread Capital' - Yarrows Family Bakers, one of the last and largest remaining independently owned bakeries, is in Manaia.
Big Sheep and Sheepdog Tirau 1994 Made from corrugated iron, the town's information centre is shaped like a giant dog, with 'the big sheep' housing a large wool outlet.[8] The dog and sheep buildings, Tirau, Waikato, New Zealand, 3 April 2008.jpg
Big Sheep Shearer Te Kuiti The town promotes itself as the sheep shearing capital of the world and is host to the annual New Zealand National Shearing Championships. Te kuiti shearer statue.jpg
Big Trout Taupo A giant metal trout
Big Prawn Taupo A giant prawn, part of Huka Prawn Park
Giant Prawn at Huka Prawn Park
Mega Cow Morrinsville 2017 6.5 m A large cow, to acknowledge the area's thriving dairy farming industry.
Big Cow at Morrinsville

South Island[edit]

Name Location Built Size Notes Image
Big Clock Alexandra A large clock on the hill overlooking the town.
Big Crayfish Kaikoura The logo of the Lobster Inn Motel.
Big Doughnut Springfield 2007 3.5 m (11 ft) A doughnut set up to promote The Simpsons Movie.[9] Donut-springfield-nz (person deleted).jpg
The Five Clydesdales Clinton[10] A group of (slightly) larger-than-life-sized Clydesdale horses.
Big Fruit[11] Cromwell 1989 13 m (43 ft) An apricot, apple, pear and nectarine. Big fruit outside Cromwell, Central Otago.jpg
Big Paua (abalone) [12] Riverton Giant Paua Shell just past eastern bridge into the town.
Big Salmon[13] Rakaia 12 m (39 ft) BigSalmon Rakaia.jpg
Big Sandfly Pukekura [14] A sandfly mounted outside The Bushmans Centre.
Big Sausage Tuatapere 3 m (10 ft) A big sausage atop a fork, awarded to the town in September 2015 by the ZM radio show Fletch, Vaughan and Megan.[15]
Surfer Riding a Wave Colac Bay Big statue of surfer riding a wave Big Surfer riding a wave Colac Bay
Big Takahe Te Anau ~ 2.2 m (7.2 ft) Big statue of the takahē, an endangered, flightless bird indigenous to New Zealand's South Island. Big Takahe bird statue
Big Trout and Big guitar Gore A brown trout.[16] Central Gore also has a giant guitar, honouring the town's status as the unofficial capital of country and western music in New Zealand. Gore New Zealand.JPG
The Big Guitar in Gore

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