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The following is a list of Nickelodeon crossovers between television shows on the Nickelodeon television network.

A special case is the television series Sam & Cat, which represents a crossover spinoff sequel series to both iCarly and Victorious, following the further adventures of Sam Puckett and Cat Valentine, respectively.[1][2] An example of Nickelodeon crossover that was a theatrical movie is the 2003 film Rugrats Go Wild, which represents a crossover between Rugrats and The Wild Thornberrys,[3] and which is a followup to the films Rugrats in Paris: The Movie and The Wild Thornberrys Movie.

Crossover specials and films[edit]

The Jimmy Timmy Power Hour trilogy[edit]

The Nickelodeon television series The Fairly OddParents and The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius crossover in the television movie The Jimmy Timmy Power Hour, which premiered on May 7, 2004.[4] In the film, Timmy Turner hasn't done his science project, so he wishes for the greatest laboratory in Dimmsdale, thus ending up in A.J's lab. Then using an Auto-Poofer given to him by Cosmo and Wanda, he wishes for the greatest laboratory in the universe. Timmy, now in 3D, in Retroville in Jimmy Neutron's lab. The Jimmy Timmy Power Hour was seen by nearly five million viewers, and was the top-rated cable entertainment program for that week.[5]

This was followed two years later by the crossover sequel television film, The Jimmy Timmy Power Hour 2: When Nerds Collide, which aired in January 2006. Several months later, another sequel crossover television film, The Jimmy Timmy Power Hour 3: The Jerkinators premiered in July 2006.

iParty with Victorious[edit]

iParty with Victorious is a 90-minute crossover television film of iCarly with fellow Nickelodeon series Victorious. Planning for the crossover began in early 2010.[6] While the television movie was originally scheduled to premiere on June 10,[7] it premiered on June 11, 2011.[8]

The opening theme song is a mix of "Leave It All to Me" and an instrumental variation of the Victorious theme song "Make it Shine". Victoria Justice also appears in the opening credits sequence, indicating that Justice is part of the main cast for the crossover. The crossover movie did well in the ratings, drawing 7.3 million viewers,[9] and was the top-rated cable program for the week of June 6–12, 2011.[10]

The Haunted Thundermans[edit]

In a 2014 Halloween special, an episode of The Thundermans and The Haunted Hathaways together form a one-hour crossover, "The Haunted Thundermans".[11] The crossover special drew 2.5 million viewers, and was that week's top-rated entertainment program with kids aged 2–11.[12]

Lunch at Lola's / Every Witch Lola's[edit]

The "Lunch at Lola's" episode of Every Witch Way and the "Every Witch Lola's" episode of Talia in the Kitchen represent a one-hour crossover special of the two television series.[13] The episodes aired on July 14, 2015.

Danger & Thunder[edit]

A one-hour special crossover episode of Henry Danger with The Thundermans,[14] entitled "Danger & Thunder", aired on June 18, 2016.[15] "Danger & Thunder" drew 2.24 million viewers.[16]

The Fairly Odd Phantom[edit]

On February 21, 2017, an original animated crossover short was released by Butch Hartman called "The Fairly Odd Phantom". It features characters from The Fairly OddParents, Danny Phantom, T.U.F.F. Puppy and Bunsen Is a Beast.[17]

Beast of Friends[edit]

A 30-minute crossover episode of Bunsen Is a Beast with The Fairly OddParents titled "Beast of Friends" aired on March 4, 2017.[18]

Danger Games[edit]

A 90-minute crossover special of Henry Danger with Game Shakers, entitled "Danger Games", aired on Nickelodeon on November 25, 2017. In the crossover special, Captain Man and Kid Danger agree to protect Double G from Dr. Minyak after a request from the Game Shakers.[19]

Knight & Danger[edit]

A 30-minute crossover special of Henry Danger with Knight Squad, entitled "Knight & Danger", aired on Nickelodeon on February 2, 2019. In the crossover special, Kid Danger and Captain Man take Ryker down to Burger Castle only to be tricked into joining forces with the villain.

Crossover appearances[edit]

Dual series[edit]

All That[edit]

  • A season 7 episode from 2002 featured Penelope Taynt and Barney the Security Guard from The Amanda Show where Amanda Bynes returned as a guest star, and Penelope, who once again pursued to meet her idol, encountered the cast at the beginning of the episode. Later, a season 9 episode from 2003 feature Totally Kyle, played once again by Drake Bell in a guest appearance.[clarification needed]
  • The cast of Henry Danger (appearing as their characters) will appear alongside the season 11 cast in the July 27, 2019 episode.[20]

Big Time Rush[edit]

Patchy The Pirate (SpongeBob SquarePants) appeared in "Big Time Beach Party".

James and Logan meet Yo Gabba Gabba! during season 4 in the episode "Big Time Cameo".

In the episode "Big Time Cartoon", Katie and Buddha Bob are watching The Fairly OddParents, and Buddha Bob turns himself as a live-action beard version of Cosmo, a character on The Fairly OddParents that is also played by Daran Norris.

Blue's Clues[edit]

Blue's Clues had a crossover with its spinoff, Blue's Room, with the character Sprinkles in this episode titled "Meet Blue's Baby Brother", which aired on August 6, 2006.

Over a decade later, idents of its reboot, Blue's Clues and You! featured characters from PAW Patrol and Bubble Guppies.

Cousin Skeeter[edit]

Characters Kenan Rockmore and Kel Kimble from Kenan & Kel make a guest appearance in a two-part episode of Cousin Skeeter, titled "Hoo, I'm Wild Wild West". Kenan and Kel meet Skeeter, Bobby and Nina at a dude ranch, but when they find a treasure map the evil owner traps Kel and Nina in a hole in an attempt to steal the map. Skeeter and Kenan have to take charge and rescue their friends.

Drake & Josh[edit]

The Drake & Josh episode "Honor Council", which aired on November 28, 2004, features Addie Singer from Unfabulous with Megan in a video on her website called "Doing Stuff to Josh While he Sleeps".

The Fairly OddParents[edit]

In The Fairly OddParents episode "Fly Boy", Dash Baxter, a character from Danny Phantom makes a cameo appearance in the movie titled "I Was A Teenage Blowfly", where he is the main character in the movie.

The Fresh Beat Band[edit]

The episode "Yo! Fresh Beats Go Gabba Gabba!" featured Yo Gabba Gabba! characters.

Game Shakers[edit]

Matt Bennett (who plays Robbie) and Rex from Victorious, and Helen from Drake & Josh, appear in the episode "Tiny Pickles".

How to Rock[edit]

In the 2012 How to Rock episode "How to Rock an Election", the members of Big Time Rush appear as themselves and perform.[21]


iCarly episode "iHire an Idiot" features character from Zoey 101, Stacey Dillsen who audition's as iCarly's new assistant, but is rejected by Carly before Stacey finishes speaking from being annoyed of her voice. Stacey has now appeared in two episodes of iCarly (first being "iStart a Fan War").

In the iCarly episode iBloop 2: Electric Bloopaloo, the sequel to the iBloop episode, instead of Carly Shay (Miranda Cosgrove) talking to Spencer Shay (Jerry Trainor) about the cast's bloops, like the Victorious episode Blooptorious, Christopher Cane (Rex) will be interviewing the cast, which makes it a crossover.

The Loud House[edit]

SpongeBob and Patrick from SpongeBob SquarePants make a cameo appearance in the episode "Left in the Dark". As well as in the episode "Legends", Lincoln and Lynn Sr. are on the Nickelodeon game show, Legends of the Hidden Temple.

Marvin Marvin[edit]

In 2013 Big Time Rush appeared in the Marvin Marvin special one-hour finale episode, "Big Time Marvin", when Marvin and Teri attend a Big Time Rush concert.[22] It was the fourth crossover of Big Time Rush.[original research?]

Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide[edit]

In a rare live-action crossover with a Nicktoon, the episode "Daydreaming & Gym" actually featured characters from The Fairly OddParents. Cosmo and Wanda help Ned and Moze to save the kids from Sweeney so they can eat pizza.

Nicky, Ricky, Dicky, & Dawn[edit]

Dr. Colosso from The Thundermans appears in "The Wonderful Wizard of Quads".

100 Things to Do Before High School[edit]

During "Be A Fairy Godmother Thing", Wanda from "The Fairly OddParents" pops up in a few scenes.

Planet Sheen[edit]

In the pilot episode of Planet Sheen, Otis and Pip from Back at the Barnyard appears in the scene when Sheen is thinking that he is dreaming and waking up in a farm.

Power Rangers Samurai[edit]

Power Rangers Samurai had a crossover with previous Power Rangers series Power Rangers RPM. Scott Truman (Ranger Operator Series Red) appeared in a one-hour episode named "Clash of the Red Rangers – The Movie".

Power Rangers Super Megaforce[edit]

Power Rangers Super Megaforce had a crossover with previous Power Rangers Samurai named "Samurai Surprise", which featured the return on Jayden Shiba & Mentor Ji.

It also had a crossover with the 2008 Disney series Power Rangers Jungle Fury called "Spirit of a Tiger", where Jake and Emma meet Casey Rhodes (Jason Smith) and he teaches them to fight without weapons.

At the end of Super Megaforce there is a crossover that features multiple rangers from different teams including Tommy Oliver, TJ Johnson, Cassie Chan, Leo Corbett, Damon Henderson, Karone, Carter Grayson, Dana Mitchell, Wes Collins, Emily and Mike from Mighty Morphin, In Space, Lost Galaxy, Lightspeed Rescue, Time Force and Samurai respectively.


Although not a technical crossover, a few people have marked this as one,[clarification needed] the Aaahh!!! Real Monsters make a cameo in the Rugrats episode "Ghost Story". This marks as the first time Nickelodeon shows have a crossover.[original research?]

Sam & Cat[edit]

Stacey Dilson from Zoey 101 appears in the episode "#MadAboutShoe", where Cat takes her shoes. Coco from Zoey 101 appears in the episode "#FirstClassProblems".

True Jackson VP[edit]

True Jackson, VP has a crossover scene in the episode True Jackson: Trapped In Paris – in the segment, True, Lulu and Ryan meet characters from the Nick Jr. show Yo Gabba Gabba!


In the episode "Helen Back Again," Helen Dubois from Drake & Josh becomes the new principal of Hollywood Arts. Additionally, Plankton and Karen from SpongeBob SquarePants are both mentioned by Mr. Sikowitz in the episode "Tori Goes Platinum," after Sikowitz is mistaken for Plankton's voice actor.[23]

Welcome to the Wayne[edit]

In the episode "Like No Other Market on Earth", a shapeshift character named Equimorph, shapes in a SpongeBob SquarePants appareance named as "SpongeRobert RectangleShorts", it was voiced by Tom Kenny who is also the voice of SpongeBob.

Game Shakers[edit]

Henry Hart / Kid Danger (played by Jace Norman) appeared in the Valentine's special episode of Game Shakers, "Babe Loves Danger", as well as the series finale, "He's Back".

Multiple series[edit]


iCarly has featured in a crossover episode with 2 other Nickelodeon series which were both created by Dan Schneider. The episode is titled "iStart a Fan War", which aired on November 19, 2010 and featured characters from Drake & Josh and Zoey 101.[citation needed]


Characters from various shows appear in "April Fools Blank" such as Mr. Belding from Saved by the Bell, The Dancing Lobsters from The Amanda Show and Drake Parker (Drake Bell) from Drake & Josh, and Spencer Shay (Jerry Trainor) from iCarly.

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