List of Nintendo Switch games

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The Nintendo Switch console in handheld mode, with gray Joy-Con connected

The Nintendo Switch is a video game console developed by Nintendo, for which games are released both in physical and digital formats. Physical games are sold on cartridges that slot into the Switch console unit.[1] Digital games are purchased through the Nintendo eShop and stored either in the Switch's internal 32 GB of storage (64 GB in the OLED version) or on a microSDXC card.[2] The Switch has no regional lockout features, freely allowing games from any region to be played on any system,[3] with the exception of Chinese game cards released by Tencent that play only on consoles distributed by Tencent.[4]

Switch games are listed across five pages due to technical limitations. There are currently 4528 games across these five lists:

Not included in the main list are:

Other related lists include:


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