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University College London (front quad). As of October 2018, 33 Nobel laureates have been affiliated UCL.

This list of Nobel laureates affiliated with the University College London comprehensively shows the alumni, faculty members as well as researchers of University College London (UCL) who were awarded the Nobel Prize or the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences. The Nobel Prizes, established by the 1895 will of Alfred Nobel, are awarded to individuals who make outstanding contributions in the fields of Chemistry, Literature, Peace, Physics, and Physiology or Medicine.[1] An associated prize, the Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel (commonly known as the Nobel Prize in Economics), was instituted by Sweden's central bank, Sveriges Riksbank, in 1968 and first awarded in 1969.[2]

As of October 2018, 33 Nobel laureates have been affiliated with University College London as alumni, faculty members and researchers, and 29 of them are officially listed as "UCL's Nobel Laureates" by the university.[3] Among the 33 laureates, 9 are UCL alumni (graduates and attendees) and 12 have been long-term academic members of the UCL faculty. University College London has the most Nobel affiliations among colleges and schools of the University of London.

Inclusion criteria[edit]

General rules[edit]

University College London

The university affiliations in this list are all official academic affiliations such as degree programs and official academic employment. Non-academic affiliations such as advisory committee and administrative staff are generally excluded. The official academic affiliations fall into three categories: 1) Alumni (graduates and attendees), 2) Long-term Academic Staff, and 3) Short-term Academic Staff. Graduates are defined as those who hold Bachelor's, Master's, Doctorate, or equivalent degrees from University College London, while attendees are those who formally enrolled in a degree program at UCL but did not complete the program; thus, honorary degrees, posthumous degrees, summer attendees, exchange students, and auditing students are excluded. The category of "Long-term Academic Staff" consists of tenure/tenure-track and equivalent academic positions, while that of "Short-term Academic Staff" consists of lecturers (without tenure), postdoctoral researchers (postdocs), visiting professors/scholars (visitors), and equivalent academic positions. At UCL, the specific academic title solely determines the type of affiliation, regardless of the actual time the position was held by a laureate.

Further explanations on "visitors" under "Short-term Academic Staff" are presented as follows. 1) All informal or personal visits are excluded from the list; 2) all employment-based visiting positions, which carry teaching/research duties, are included as affiliations in the list; 3) as for award/honor-based visiting positions, to minimize controversy this list takes a conservative view and includes the positions as affiliations only if the laureates were required to assume employment-level duty (teaching/research) or the laureates specifically classified the visiting positions as "affiliation" or similar in reliable sources such as their curriculum vita. Finally, summer visitors are generally excluded from the list unless summer work yielded significant end products such as research publications and components of Nobel-winning work, since summer terms are not part of formal academic years.

Affiliated organisations[edit]

Francis Crick Institute (formerly UK Centre for Medical Research and Innovation, or UKCMRI), founded in 2010, has no direct affiliation with University College London and thus its affiliates are not counted as affiliates of UCL.[4] However, the founding director Paul Nurse is counted in the following list since the university is a founding partner of the institute (UKCMRI).[3][5]

Nobel laureates by category[edit]

Nobel laureates in Physics[edit]

Year Image Laureate Relation Rationale
2013 Nobel Prize 24 2013.jpg Peter Higgs Research Fellow (1956–1957), Temporary Lectureship in Mathematics (1959–1960), Honorary Fellow (2010) "for the theoretical discovery of a mechanism that contributes to our understanding of the origin of mass of subatomic particles"[6]
2009 Charles Kuen Kao Charles K. Kao PhD (1965) at UCL; Honorary doctorate (DSc.h.c. 2010) "for groundbreaking achievements concerning the transmission of light in fibers for optical communication"[7]
1928 Owen Richardson.jpg Owen Willans Richardson Student "for his work on the thermionic phenomenon and especially for the discovery of the law named after him"
1915 William Henry Bragg Nobel bw.jpg William Henry Bragg(shared with Lawrence Bragg) Quain Professor of Physics (1915–1923) "for their services in the analysis of crystal structure by means of X-rays"

Nobel laureates in Chemistry[edit]

Year Image Laureate Relation Rationale
1967 George Porter Nobel.jpg George Porter Visiting Professor at Department of Chemistry (1967–2002) "for their studies of extremely fast chemical reactions, effected by disturbing the equilibrium by means of very short pulses of energy"
1959 Heyrovsky Jaroslav.jpg Jaroslav Heyrovský BSc (1913), researcher (1910–1914), DSc (1921), Fellow (1927) "for his discovery and development of the polarographic methods of analysis"
1955 Vincent du Vigneaud Researcher, University College Hospital
1947 Robert Robinson organic chemist.jpg Robert Robinson Chair in Organic Chemistry (1928–1930)
1944 Otto Hahn Otto Hahn Researcher (1904–1905)
1921 Frederick Soddy.jpg Frederick Soddy Researcher (1903–1904)
1904 William Ramsay William Ramsay Chair of Inorganic Chemistry (1887–1913)

Nobel laureates in Physiology or Medicine[edit]

Year Image Laureate Relation Rationale
2014 John O'Keefe (neuroscientist) 2014.jpg John O'Keefe Professor at the UCL Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience
2013 James Rothman Research Professor at the Institute of Neurology (2013–)
2007 Martin Evans Nobel Prize.jpg Martin Evans PhD (1969); lecturer in Department of Anatomy and Embryology (1969–1978); Honorary doctorate (DSc.h.c. 2008)
2001 Paul Nurse portrait.jpg Paul Nurse Honorary Professor of School of Life and Medical Sciences
1991 Bert Sakmann Researcher at Department of Biophysics (1970–1973)
1988 James W. Black Professor and head of the Department of Pharmacology (1973–1978)
1970 Ulf von Euler.jpg Ulf von Euler Lecturer, Department of Biophysics (1934–1935)
1970 Bernard Katz Student; Professor and head of Department of Biophysics (1952–)
1963 Andrew Fielding Huxley nobel.jpg Andrew Huxley Head of the Department of Physiology (1960–1969); Royal Society Research Professorship (1969–1983)
1962 Francis Crick Francis Crick BSc in Physics (1937), PhD student (interrupted by World War II); Honorary Fellow
1960 Peter Medawar Professor of Zoology (1951–1962)
1944 Herbert Spencer Gasser nobel.jpg Herbert Spencer Gasser Researcher
1938 Corneille Heymans nobel.jpg Corneille Heymans Researcher
1936 Otto Loewi Researcher
1936 Henry Hallett Dale Henry Hallett Dale Student (George Henry Lewes Studentship in Physiology); Researcher (Sharpey Scholar)
1929 Frederick Gowland Hopkins nobel.jpg Frederick Gowland Hopkins BSc; Associateship Examination of the Institute of Chemistry
1922 Archibald Vivian Hill.jpg Archibald Hill Professor of Physiology (1923–1951)

Nobel Peace Prize laureates[edit]

Nobel laureates in Literature[edit]

Year Image Laureate Relation Rationale
1913 Rabindranath Tagore Rabindranath Tagore Student at UCL Faculty of Laws

Nobel Memorial Prize laureates in Economics[edit]

Year Image Laureate Relation Rationale
2000 James Heckman.jpg James Heckman Distinguished Chair of Microeconometrics (2004–); Honorary Doctorate (2013)
1989 Trygve Haavelmo.jpg Trygve Haavelmo Student

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