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For the majority of cities in North America, the most recent official population census results, estimates or short-term projections date to 2015. This list compiles figures for all North American cities with a population within city limits exceeding 500,000 that year. These figures do not reflect the population of the urban agglomeration or metropolitan area, which typically does not coincide with the administrative boundaries of the city. They refer to mid-2015 populations with the following exceptions:

  1. Mexican cities, whose figures derive from the 2015 Intercensal Survey conducted by INEGI with a reference date of 15 March 2015;[1]
  2. Calgary, whose 2015 municipal census had a reference date of April 1;[2]
  3. Edmonton, which conducted municipal censuses in April 2014 and April 2016 but has not reported an intercensal estimate of its 2015 population. The April 2016 census result is given instead.


City Image Country Population Year
1 Mexico City
 Mexico 9,218,653[a][3][4] 2015[b]
2 New York City
A view of New York City with the Empire State Building and One World Trade Center from the Rockefeller Center.jpg
 United States 8,550,405[5] 2015
3 Los Angeles
LA Skyline Mountains2.jpg
 United States 3,971,883[5] 2015
4 Toronto
Toronto Skyline September 2014.jpg
 Canada 2,826,498[c][7] 2015
5 Chicago
2010-02-19 3000x2000 chicago skyline.jpg
 United States 2,720,546[5] 2015
6 Houston
Panoramic Houston skyline.jpg
 United States 2,296,224[5] 2015
7 Havana
Bahia Habana Entrada.jpg
 Cuba 2,117,625[8] 2015
8 Montreal
 Canada 1,753,034[9] 2015
9 Ecatepec de Morelos
Ecatepec explanada.JPG
 Mexico 1,677,678[d][3][4] 2015[b]
10 Philadelphia
Philadelphia from South Street Bridge July 2016 panorama 3b.jpg
 United States 1,567,442[5] 2015
11 Phoenix
Phoenix skyline Arizona USA.jpg
 United States 1,563,025[5] 2015
12 San Antonio
San Antonio, Texas skyline from north.jpg
 United States 1,469,845[5] 2015
13 Guadalajara
Skyline Guadalajara.jpg
 Mexico 1,460,148[d][3][4] 2015[b]
14 Puebla
Catedral de Puebla en paisaje..jpg
 Mexico 1,437,939[e][10] 2015[b]
15 San Diego
Embarcadero san diego california bay.jpg
 United States 1,394,928[5] 2015
16 Juárez
Juarez Cathedrale et mission 24-02-2007.jpg
 Mexico 1,382,753[e][10] 2015[b]
17 León
Leon10 guanajuato.jpg
 Mexico 1,349,224[e][10] 2015[b]
18 Dallas
Xvixionx 29 April 2006 Dallas Skyline.jpg
 United States 1,300,092[5] 2015
19 Tijuana
 Mexico 1,298,475[e][10] 2015[b]
20 Calgary
Calgary Skyline 2015.png
 Canada 1,230,915[2] 2015[f]
21 Tegucigalpa
Tegucigalpa 2.jpg
 Honduras 1,190,230[12] 2015
22 Zapopan
 Mexico 1,179,681[e][10] 2015[b]
23 Monterrey
Monterrey skyline.jpg
 Mexico 1,109,171[d][3][4] 2015[b]
24 Managua
 Nicaragua 1,048,134[13] 2015
25 Nezahualcóyotl
 Mexico 1,039,867[d][3][4] 2015[b]
26 San Jose
Downtown SJ at Night cropped1.jpg
 United States 1,026,908[5] 2015
27 Santo Domingo
Santo Domingo 15.jpg
 Dominican Republic 1,007,997[14] 2015
28 Guatemala City
Zona 14 de Guatemala City.jpg
 Guatemala 994,078[15] 2015
29 Port-au-Prince
Delmas 48 Haiti.jpg
 Haiti 987,310[16] 2015
30 Naucalpan
Torres de Satelite.jpg
 Mexico 970,012[g][10] 2015[b]
31 Ottawa
Ottawa Skyline.jpg
 Canada 956,710[h][7] 2015
32 Austin
Austin August 2019 19 (skyline and Lady Bird Lake).jpg
 United States 931,830[5] 2015
33 Edmonton
 Canada 899,447[18] 2016[i]
34 Mérida
Mérida, Yucatán from the 16th floor of Hyatt.JPG
 Mexico 892,363[d][3][4] 2015[b]
35 Querétaro
 Mexico 878,931[d][3][4] 2015[b]
36 Toluca
Toluca a los pies del nevado.jpg
 Mexico 873,536[d][3][4] 2015[b]
37 Jacksonville
Image-Jacksonville Skyline Panorama 2.jpg
 United States 868,031[5] 2015
38 Chihuahua
 Mexico 867,736[e][10] 2015[b]
39 San Francisco
San Francisco at Sunset.jpg
 United States 864,816[5] 2015
40 Indianapolis
 United States 853,173[j][5] 2015
41 Columbus
 United States 850,106[5] 2015
42 Fort Worth
Fort Worth, TX, skyline from I-35 W IMG 7078.JPG
 United States 833,319[5] 2015
43 Charlotte
Skyline of Charlotte 2016.jpg
 United States 827,097[5] 2015
44 Hermosillo
A view of Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico.jpg
 Mexico 819,999[e][10] 2015[b]
45 Saltillo
Saltillo, mexico(3).jpg
 Mexico 791,074[e][10] 2015[b]
46 Aguascalientes
Cerro del muerto Las Américas.jpg
 Mexico 785,942[e][3] 2015[b]
47 Mississauga
Mississauga skyline from Pearson.jpg
 Canada 761,300[19] 2015
48 San Luis Potosí
Skyline San Luis P..JPG
 Mexico 759,854[e][10] 2015[b]
49 Veracruz
View of Veracruzfromboardwalk.JPG
 Mexico 752,171[k][3][4] 2015[b]
50 San Pedro Sula
Panoramica san pedro sula.jpg
 Honduras 742,118[12] 2015
51 Santiago de los Caballeros
 Dominican Republic 723,162[20] 2015
52 Culiacán
 Mexico 720,798[e][10] 2015[b]
53 Winnipeg
Winnipeg skyline.jpg
 Canada 718,400[21] 2015
54 Mexicali
 Mexico 717,628[e][10] 2015[b]
55 Cancún
Cancun aerial photo by safa.jpg
 Mexico 711,682[e][10] 2015[b]
56 Acapulco
Acapulco nammer.jpg
 Mexico 710,261[e][10] 2015[b]
57 Tlalnepantla  Mexico 700,734[d][3][4] 2015[b]
58 Seattle
Space Needle002.jpg
 United States 684,451[5] 2015
59 Guadalupe  Mexico 682,880[d][3][4] 2015[b]
60 Denver
2006-07-14-Denver Skyline Midnight.jpg
 United States 682,545[5] 2015
61 El Paso
Cityscape of El Paso at Dusk.jpg
 United States 681,124[5] 2015
62 Chimalhuacán  Mexico 679,811[d][3][4] 2015[b]
63 Detroit
 United States 677,116[5] 2015
64 Washington, D.C.
Lincolnmemorial by dusk.jpg
 United States 672,228[5] 2015
65 Kingston
View of Kingston.jpg
 Jamaica 669,627[22] 2015
66 Boston
Boston downtown skyline Edit MichaLR.jpg
 United States 667,137[5] 2015
67 Tlaquepaque  Mexico 664,193[d][3][4] 2015[b]
68 Memphis
Memphis skyline from the air.jpg
 United States 655,770[5] 2015
69 Nashville
Nashville panorama Kaldari 02.jpg
 United States 654,610[l][5] 2015
70 Torreón
 Mexico 653,150[e][10] 2015[b]
71 Vancouver
Vancouver aerial view.jpg
 Canada 648,608[23] 2015
72 Portland
 United States 632,309[5] 2015
73 Reynosa
Edificio del Parque Cultural.JPG
 Mexico 631,611[e][10] 2015[b]
74 Oklahoma City
Downtown Oklahoma City skyline at twilight.jpg
 United States 631,346[5] 2015
75 Las Vegas
Las Vegas 89.jpg
 United States 623,747[5] 2015
76 Baltimore
Baltimore Skyline.jpg
 United States 621,849[5] 2015
77 Brampton
Brampton Dominion Building.jpg
 Canada 620,700[19] 2016
78 Louisville
Louisville skyline night.jpg
 United States 615,366[m][5] 2015
79 Morelia
Calle del centro de morelia.jpg
 Mexico 608,190[e][10] 2015[b]
80 Milwaukee
Leisure boating, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.jpg
 United States 600,155[5] 2015
81 Tuxtla Gutiérrez  Mexico 598,710[d][3][4] 2015[b]
82 Apodaca SAN FRANCISCO DE ASIS.jpg  Mexico 597,207[d][3][4] 2015[b]
83 Durango  Mexico 590,893[e][10] 2015[b]
84 Villa Nueva
Zona 12 de Villa Nueva.jpg
 Guatemala 564,686[15] 2015
85 Albuquerque
Albuquerque - aerial - I-40 east from Juan Tabo Blvd NE.jpg
 United States 559,121[5] 2015
86 Hamilton HamiltonOntarioSkylineC.JPG  Canada 556,359[n][7] 2015
87 Quebec City Château Frontenac at night, Quebec Ville, Canada.jpg  Canada 540,994[9] 2015
88 Tonalá  Mexico 536,111[d][3][4] 2015[b]
89 Tucson View of Tucson from Sentinel Peak 2.jpg  United States 531,641[5] 2015
90 Cuautitlán Izcalli  Mexico 531,041[d][3][4] 2015[b]
91 Surrey Surrey City Centre North.jpg  Canada 526,004[23] 2015
92 Ciudad López Mateos  Mexico 523,296[d][3][4] 2015[b]
93 Tultitlán  Mexico 520,557[d][3][4] 2015[b]
94 Fresno
 United States 520,052[5] 2015
95 Carrefour
LightHouse of Carrefour, Haiti.jpg
 Haiti 501,768[16] 2015

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Explanatory notes[edit]

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