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This is a list of pipelines used to transport natural gas.




European gas pipelines include:[1]


Planned pipelines for intereuropean gas transport:

Supply to Europe[edit]

From Africa[edit]

Mediterranee and Saharan gas pipelines to Europe.

All African routes run from Hassi R'Mel the Algerian hub for natural gas, it supplies gas from the Hassi R'Mel gas field. (The planned Trans-Saharan gas pipeline will connect Nigeria to Hassi R’Mel). Pipelines from Hassi R’Mel:

Planned pipeline for gas transport from Africa:

From Azerbaijan and Middle East[edit]

Baku pipelines

Pipelines connect mainly from the Shah Deniz gas field in Azerbaijan. Connections to the Middle East are possible:

A lecture was held at The Institute of World Politics to consider the economic and geopolitics of the rival pipelines and what's at stake for the concerned parties, namely TANAP and South Stream's replacement Turkish Stream.[3]

From the North Sea gasfields[edit]

From Russia[edit]

Russian gas pipelines to Europe (2021)

Completed pipeline projects:

Proposed pipelines for gas transport from Russia:

North America[edit]

Interstate pipelines are regulated by the National Energy Board in Canada[5] and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC)[6] in the US. Intrastate pipelines are regulated by state, provincial or local jurisdictions.



Puerto Rico[edit]

United States interstate pipelines[edit]

FERC requires most interstate pipelines to maintain an interactive web site with standardized information regarding their operations under a heading of "Informational Postings."[7] The exact legal name of each company appears below. Many of these companies are wholly owned subsidiaries of larger publicly traded companies.

Major interstate pipelines[edit]

U.S. natural gas pipelines

Minor interstate pipelines[edit]

  • ANR Storage Company
  • Arkansas Western Pipeline, L. L. C
  • Black Marlin Pipeline Company
  • Blue Dolphin Pipe Line Company
  • Blue Lake Gas Storage Company
  • Boundary Gas, Incorporated
  • B-R Pipeline Company
  • Canyon Creek Compression Company
  • Caprock Pipeline Company
  • Carolina Gas Transmission, a SCANA Company (formerly SCG Pipeline Inc./South Carolina Pipeline Corp)
  • Central Kentucky Transmission Company
  • Central New York Oil And Gas Company, LLC
  • Chandeleur Pipe Line Company
  • Cheyenne Plains Gas Pipeline Company, L.L.C.
  • Cotton Valley Compression LLC
  • Clear Creek Storage Company, LLC
  • Crossroads Pipeline Company
  • Discovery Gas Transmission LLC
  • Dauphin Island Gathering Partners
  • Destin Pipeline Company, L.L.C.
  • Distrigas Corporation
  • Dominion South Pipeline Co., LP
  • Eastern Shore Natural Gas Company (incl. Eastern Shore Pipeline)
  • Egan Hub Storage, LLC (d/b/a Spectra Energy)
  • EMKEY Gathering LLC[8]
  • Enbridge Pipelines (Alatenn) L.L.C. (formerly, Alabama-Tennessee)
  • Enbridge Pipelines (Midla) L.L.C. (formerly, Mid-Louisiana)
  • Enbridge Pipelines (Kpc)
  • Equitrans, L. P.
  • Energy West Development, Inc.
  • Freebird Gas Storage, L.L.C.
  • Garden Banks Gas Pipeline, LLC
  • Gas Gathering Corporation
  • Gasdel Pipeline System, Inc.
  • Gulf States Transmission Corporation
  • Great Lakes Gas Transport, L.L.C.
  • Guardian Pipeline, L.L.C.
  • Granite State Gas Transmission, Inc.
  • Honeoye Storage Corporation
  • Horizon Pipeline Company, L.L.C.
  • Iroquois Gas Transmission System, L.P.
  • The Inland Gas Company
  • Centra Pipelines Minnesota Inc.
  • Jupiter Energy Corporation
  • KO Transmission Company
  • Kentucky West Virginia Gas Company
  • Louisiana-Nevada Transit Company
  • Mariposa Ranch Gas Pipeline Falfurrias
  • Markwest New Mexico L.P. (Pinnacle)
  • Millennium Pipeline Company, L.P.
  • MIGC, Inc.
  • Michigan Consolidated Gas Company
  • Michigan Gas Storage Company
  • Midwest Gas Storage, Inc.
  • Mississippi Canyon Gas Pipeline, LLC
  • Missouri Interstate Gas, LLC
  • Mobile Bay Pipeline Company
  • Mojave Pipeline Company
  • Ngo Transmission, Inc.
  • Nora Transmission Company
  • Norteño Pipeline Company
  • North Baja Pipeline, LLC
  • North Penn Gas Company
  • Oktex Pipeline Company
  • Overthrust Pipeline Company
  • Ozark Gas Transmission, L. L. C.
  • Penn-York Energy Corporation
  • Gas Transmission Northwest Corp.
  • Pacific Interstate Transmission Company
  • Paiute Pipeline Company
  • Petal Gas Storage, L. L. C.
  • Pine Needle LNG Company, LLC (peak shaving storage — not an import terminal)
  • Puget Sound Energy, Inc.
  • Revolution Pipeline
  • Richfield Gas Storage System
  • Riverside Pipeline Company, L. P.
  • Sabine Pipe Line Company LLC
  • Saltville Gas Storage Company L.L.C.
  • Sea Robin Pipeline Company, LLC
  • Southwest Gas Storage Company
  • Steuben Gas Storage Company
  • T C P Gathering Co.
  • Total Peaking Services, L. L. C.
  • Tuscarora Gas Transmission Company
  • Trans-Union Interstate Pipeline, L.P.
  • TransColorado Gas Transmission Company
  • Vector Pipeline L.P.
  • Venice Gathering System, L. L. C.
  • Washington Natural Gas Company
  • West Texas Gas, Inc.
  • Western Gas Interstate Company
  • Western Transmission Corporation
  • Westgas Interstate, Inc.
  • Young Gas Storage Company, Ltd.
  • Wyoming Interstate Company, Ltd.
  • Portland General Electric Company
  • Nornew Energy Supply, Inc.
  • Phillips Gas Pipeline Company
  • U S G Pipeline Company

Predominantly offshore pipelines[edit]

LNG import/export terminals[edit]

Current US LNG Terminals under FERC jurisdiction
  • Kenai, AK (Conoco Phillips, Kenai LNG)
  • Everett, MA (GDF Suez, Distrigas of Massachusetts LLC)
  • Cove Point, MD (Dominion, Cove Point LNG)
  • Elba Island, GA (El Paso, Southern LNG Inc.)
  • Lake Charles, LA (Southern Union Company, Trunkline LNG Company, LLC)
  • Pascagoula, MS (El Paso Gulf LNG)
  • Freeport, TX (Freeport LNG)
  • Sabine, LA (Cheniere, Sabine Pass LNG)
  • Sabine Pass, TX (Golden Pass LNG)
  • Cameron, LA (Sempra, Cameron LNG)
  • Penuelas, PR (EcoElectrica)
  • Offshore in Gulf of Mexico (Gulf Gateway Deepwater Port)[8]
  • Offshore from Gloucester, MA, (Northeast Gateway Deepwater Port)
  • Offshore from Gloucester, MA (Neptune LNG)

Hinshaw pipelines[edit]

Although these pipelines flow gas in interstate commerce, they are subject to state regulation.[9]

South America[edit]


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