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Hurricane Floyd, North Carolina's wettest tropical cyclone.

The following is a list of North Carolina weather records. North Carolina is located on the Atlantic Coast in the Southern United States. Since it has the Appalachian Mountains on the western part of the state, and the ocean on the east, North Carolina has experienced many different weather conditions.



Event[1] Measurement Date Location
Highest Temperature 110 °F (43 °C) August 21, 1983 Fayetteville
Lowest Temperature −34 °F (−37 °C) January 21, 1985 Mount Mitchell


Event[1] Measurement Date Location
Most precipitation in a year for a single area 129.6 inches (329 cm) 1964 Rosman
Least precipitation in a year for a single area 22.69 inches (58 cm) 1930 Mount Airy


Event[1] Measurement Date Location
Greatest 24-Hour Rainfall 22.22 inches (564 mm) July 15-16, 1916 Mitchell County


Event[1] Measurement Date Location
Greatest 24-Hour Snowfall 36 inches (91 cm) March 13, 1993 Mount Mitchell
Most snow from one storm 60 inches (152 cm) April 2–6, 1987 Newfound Gap, Swain County, Great Smoky Mountains National Park


Event Measurement Date Location Ref
Wettest Tropical Cyclone 24.06 inches (611 mm) Floyd (1999) Southport 5 N [2]

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