List of North Dakota state parks

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North Dakota state parks are state parks managed by the North Dakota Parks & Recreation Department.

Name Area County Estab- lished River / Lake Image Remarks
Beaver Lake State Park 283 acres (115 ha) Logan 1932 Beaver Lake
Beaver Lake State Park, near Wishek, North Dakota (4913805119).jpg
Boating, fishing, camping
Butte Saint Paul State Recreation Area 10 acres (4.0 ha) Bottineau 1933 Historic missionary site
Cross Ranch State Park 589 acres (238 ha) Oliver 1989 Missouri River
Cross Ranch State Park, North Dakota (5069906622).jpg
Boating, canoeing, camping
Crow Flies High State Recreation Area 253 acres (102 ha) Mountrail Lake Sakakawea Day-use area with scenic lake views
Doyle Memorial State Recreation Area 21 acres (8.5 ha) McIntosh 1925 Green Lake Fishing, boating, camping
Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park 1,006 acres (407 ha) Morton 1907 Heart River, Missouri River
Home to On-A-Slant Indian Village
Fort Ransom State Park 950 acres (380 ha) Ransom 1979 Sheyenne River
Fort Ransom State Park.jpg
Preserved homesteader farms
Fort Stevenson State Park 549 acres (222 ha) McLean 1974 Lake Sakakawea
Shoreline of Lake Sakakawea at Fort Stevenson State Park, North Dakota (5006247811).jpg
Includes Fort Stevenson State Park Arboretum
Grahams Island State Park 1,122 acres (454 ha) Ramsey 1988 Devils Lake Last remaining unit of the four former Devils Lake State Parks
Icelandic State Park 912 acres (369 ha) Pembina 1964 Lake Renwick
Tongue River North Dakota.jpg
Includes the Gunlogson Arboretum Nature Preserve
Indian Hills State Recreation Area and Resort 80 acres (32 ha) McLean Lake Sakakawea Operated by private leasee
Lake Metigoshe State Park 1,551 acres (628 ha) Bottineau Lake Metigoshe Adjacent to Turtle Mountain Provincial Park, Manitoba
Lake Sakakawea State Park 1,293 acres (523 ha) Mercer 1965 Lake Sakakawea Adjacent to Garrison Dam
Lewis and Clark State Park 490 acres (200 ha) Williams 1973 Lake Sakakawea Fishing, boating, camping
Little Metigoshe State Recreation Area Bottineau Lake Metigoshe Fishing
Little Missouri State Park 4,592 acres (1,858 ha) Dunn 1971 Little Missouri River Badlands
Pelican Point State Recreation Area Bottineau Lake Metigoshe Undeveloped day-use area
Pembina Gorge State Recreation Area Cavalier Pembina River 12-mile (19 km) loop trail for off-road vehicles
Sully Creek State Park 80 acres (32 ha) Billings Little Missouri River Start of the Maah Daah Hey Trail
Turtle River State Park 783 acres (317 ha) Grand Forks 1934 Turtle River
Turtle River ND.jpg
Outdoor learning center

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