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This is a list of North Korean television programmes or series. For North Korean multi-part films and film series see list of North Korean films.


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Year Title Director Cast Genre
1977 Squirrel and Hedgehog Kim Jun-Ok (Episode 1~4), Kim Young-Cheol, Kim Gwang-Seong, Do Cheol, Oh Sin-Hyeok, Yun Young-Gil, Lee Seok-Hoon, Lee Cheol Animated series
1980[1] A New Spring in Sokgaeul[2] Drama
2000[1] Aspiration[3] Drama
Bulletproof Wall[4] Um Chang-gol Heon Sung-joon Historical drama, Psychological thriller The series is set in the 1940s Korea under Japanese occupation. Narrator often details the historical timeline, from North Korean viewpoint, compared to the one portrayed in the series. The series contains CGI animated action scenes. Cast actors of Russian origin appear in the series.[4]
Chastisement[5] Historical drama Takes place at the time of March 1st Movement[5]
2003[1] Coal Miner[6] Drama
Devote Yourself[7] Drama
It's So Funny Comedy One of the world's longest running stage-comedy variety shows ever. It has been running since the 1970s.[8]
2000[1] A Lark[9] Drama
Kye Wol Hyang[10] Historical drama Takes place during Imjin war in the 16th century[10]
Common Sense Propaganda[11] Included the five-episode series Let's trim our hair in accordance with the socialist lifestyle in 2004[12]
2000[1] Our Warm House[13] Medical drama Takes place at Pyongyang Maternity Hospital[13]
2000[1] Red Soil[14] Drama Based on life of Ri Ryong-jin[14]
2000[1] The First Chief of Oil Department[15] Drama Based on actual events[15]
2002 Don't Wake Up Mom Soap opera In three parts, about a working couple[16]
2004 Our Warm Home Drama About daily life in North Korea, in two parts[16]
2006 The Class Continues Drama About daily life in North Korea, in eight parts[16]
2009 The Spring of Life Drama About daily life in North Korea, in three parts[16]
2011 Our Women's Soccer Team Drama About daily life in North Korea, in three parts[16]
Unknown Child Broadcast Time Children's Program Compilation of North Korean cartoons.[17]

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