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Norton 850 Commando 1973

This is a list of Norton branded motorcycles over all periods of the marque from 1908 to the present day.

Model list[edit]

Pre-War (1908 - 1939)[edit]

Model Engine Years Notes
Big Four (Model 1) 633cc single 1907-1954 A 475cc model was also made at some point
Model 7 (BS) 490cc sv 1914-1922 Brooklands Special
Model 8 (BRS) 490cc 1914-1922 Brooklands Road Special
Model 9(TT) 490cc 1912-1923 Belt-drive
Model 3½ 490cc sv 1911-1918 Side-valve, became the Model 16 in 1919
Model 16 490cc sv 1919-1920 Chain drive
Norton 16H 490cc sv 1921-1954
Model 18 490cc ohv 1922-1954 Roadster
Model 19 588cc ohv 1926-1939 Increased to 596cc in 1933
CS1 490cc ohc 1928-1939 CS stands for camshaft. 1928-30 were the Cricket Bat Motors. 1930s models were the Arthur Carroll designed motors.
ES2 490cc ohv 1928-1939
CJ 348cc ohc 1929-1939 Junior version of the CS1
JE 348cc ohv 1929-1939 Junior version of the ES2
Model 20 490cc 1930-1939 Two-port ohv version of the Model 18
Model 22 490cc 1930-1931 Two-port ohv version of the model ES2
Norton International Model 30 490cc ohc 1932-1939
International Model 40 348cc ohc 1932-1939
Model 50 OHV 348cc ohv 1933-1939
Model 55 348cc ohv 1933-1939 Twin port version of model 50

War time (1937 - 1945)[edit]

Model Engine Years Notes
WD 16H 490cc sv
WD Big Four 633cc sv Sidecar Outfit

Post-War (1945 - 1970)[edit]

Model 19s 600cc Single 1957 Norton Manxman 650cc Export Only First 650cc machines Nov 1960 to Sept 61
Model Engine Years Notes
16H 490cc sv 1946-1954
Model 18 490cc single 1946-1954
Model 19S 596cc single 1955-1958 Model 19R only 1955
Big Four 633cc sv 1947-1954 596cc as from 1948
Model 500T 500cc 1949-1954 Could also be supplied with a 350cc engine
ES2 490cc single 1947 - 1964
ES2 MK 2 490cc single 1964 - 1966
Model 50 OHV 348cc 1955-1958 Popular single with featherbed frame from 1959 popular for Triton conversion
Model 50 OHV MK 2 348cc 1964-1966
International Model 30 490cc 1947-1958
International Model 40 348cc 1947-1958
Manx Model 30 498cc ohc 1946-1963
Manx Model 40 348cc ohc 1946-1963
Model 7 497cc twin 1949-1956 First Norton Twin Motorcycle, designed by Bert Hopwood
Model 77 497cc 1950-1952 A rigid framed version of the Model 7, supplied only to the Australian market.
Model 77 596cc 1957-1958 Built mainly for sidecar use
Dominator 88 497cc 1952-1966 Same engine as a model 7 but in a featherbed frame
Dominator 99 596cc 1956-1962
Norton Jubilee 250cc 1958-1966
Navigator 350cc 1960-1965
Electra ES400 400cc 1963-1965 Enlarged Navigator with electric start
Atlas 745cc 1962-1968 Norton Atlas Scrambler was an off-road variation
650 Sports Special 650cc 1961-1968 Became the Mercury in 1968 (then equipped with only one carburettor)
Mercury 650cc 1968-1970
P11A 750cc 1967-1968 Atlas engine in a scrambles frame, became the Ranger in 1968
Ranger 750cc 1968-
N15 750cc 1967-1968 The N15 was a Norton engine in a Matchless frame; the Matchless G15 was essentially the same motorcycle.

Superbike era (1967 - 1978)[edit]

Norton Commando models used Isolastic suspension and had 745 cc ("750") engines up to 1973 when the 828 cc ("850") engine came into use.

Model Years Notes
Commando Fastback 1967-1973 Just called "Norton Commando" until 1969
Commando Roadster 1970-1975 750cc 1970-73, 850cc 1973-1975. Targeted for the American market
Commando Interpol 1970-1976 Produced for police force use
Commando Hi-rider 1971-1975 Targeted for American market
Commando Production Racer 1971- Special high-compression engine
Commando Interstate 1972-1975 750cc 1972-73, 850cc 1973-75
Commando Combat 1972 came with "2S" cam, made in both Roadster and Interstate form

Rotary period (1981 - 1992)[edit]

Model Years Notes
Interpol 2 P41
Classic P43
Commander P52 police model, P53 civilian model
F1 P55
F1 Sport P55B

Post Rotary period (2014 onwards)[edit]

Model Years Notes
Norton Dominator
Norton Commando 961 SF MkII 2015-
Norton Commando 961 Cafe Racer MkII
Norton Commando 961 Sport MkII


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