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Nearly all primary and secondary schools in the province of Nova Scotia are public schools maintained by the provincial government's Department of Education. While providing guidelines, the government divides administration of public education over seven regional school districts and one province wide school district serving the province's Acadians.

Post-secondary schools consist of the provincial government operated community college system, Nova Scotia Community College and independently managed universities which receive some public funding. (For a list of post-secondary institutions see List of colleges and universities in Nova Scotia.)

There are seven English-language school districts in Nova Scotia:

There is a single province-wide French school district:

Description of Nova Scotia public grade schools[edit]

A high school in Nova Scotia has typically meant a 'senior high school', referring to a school responsible for the education of students grades 10 to (and including) 12 or grades 9 to 12. A junior high school is typically responsible for grades 7 to 9 or grades 6 to 8, where the latter type is more often called a middle school. Some rural high schools combine junior and senior high schools, providing education for grades 7 to 12.

An elementary school is responsible for the education of students from grade kindergarten (usually referred to in Nova Scotia as "grade primary") or grade 1 to grade 5 or 6. A number of Nova Scotian schools combine elementary or the later grades of elementary with junior high or the earlier grades of junior high to form what is referred to as a consolidated school. (Note: The term 'consolidated' is also confusingly used in the naming of a few elementary schools too in the province). Finally, a few schools have all grades from kindergarten to 12.

In summary prominent patterns by which Nova Scotian grade school students attend school are as follows: 1)elementary school, grades pr to 6; junior high school, grades 7 to 9; high school, 10 to 12 2)elementary school, grades pr to 5; middle school, grades 6 to 8; high school, 9 to 12 3)elementary school, grades pr to 6; junior and senior high school 7 to 12 4)consolidated school, grades pr to 9; high school, 10 to 12 5)elementary school, grades pr to 4; consolidated school, grades 5 to 9; high school, grades 10 to 12.

List of Nova Scotia public grade schools[edit]

The following are all the public schools in Nova Scotia listed according to the board by which they are managed, and by county. The numbers provided (in parentheses) refer to the grades of each school, where "pr" refers to primary = kindergarten and "to" entails "including". Next to the grades is given the community each school in located in.

Annapolis Valley Regional Centre for Education[edit]

Annapolis County[edit]

Kings County[edit]

Dwight Ross School in Greenwood

West Hants Municipality[edit]

  • Avon View High School (10 to 12); 225 Payzant Drive, Windsor
  • Brooklyn District Elementary School (pr to 6); 8008 Trunk 14, Newport
  • Dr. Arthur Hines Elementary School (pr to 6); 75 Musgrave Road, Summerville
  • Falmouth District Elementary School (pr to 6); 30 School Road, Falmouth
  • Newport Station District Elementary School (pr to 6); 1989 Wentworth Road, Newport
  • Three Mile Plains School (pr to 5); 4555 Trunk 1, Three Mile Plains
  • West Hants Middle School (6 to 8); 8009 Trunk 14, Newport
  • Windsor Elementary School (pr to 6); 100 Tremaine Crescent, Windsor
  • Windsor Forks District Elementary School (pr to 6); 120 Sangster Bridge Road, Curry's Corner

Cape Breton - Victoria Regional Centre for Education[edit]

Cape Breton Regional Municipality[edit]

  • Bras d'Or Elementary School (pr to 5); 10 Alder Point Road, Bras d'Or
  • Breton Education Centre (6 to 12); 667 Eighth Street, New Waterford
  • Brookland Elementary School (pr to 5); 153 Cottage Road, Sydney
  • CBVRSB Adult High (adults only); 290 Whitney Avenue, Sydney
  • Coxheath Elementary School (pr to 5); 30 Mount Florence Street, Coxheath
  • Cusack Elementary School (p to 5); 500 Birch Hill Drive, Sydney
  • Donkin-Gowrie Complex (p to 8); 81 Centre Avenue, Donkin
  • Dr. T.L Sullivan School (p to 8); 256 Park Road, Florence
  • Glace Bay Elementary School (p to 5); 135 Brookside Street, Glace Bay
  • Glace Bay High School (9 to 12); 201 Reserve Street, Glace Bay
  • Greenfield Elementary School (pr to 5); 25 James Street, New Waterford
  • Harbourside Elementary School (pr to 5); 15 Church Street, Sydney
  • John Bernard Croak V.C. Memorial School (pr to 5); 10 Second Street, Glace Bay
  • Jubilee Elementary School (pr to 5); 755 Main Street, Sydney Mines
  • Malcolm Munroe Middle School (6 to 8); 125 Kenwood Drive, Sydney River
  • Marion Bridge Elementary School (pr to 5); 3845 Gabarus Highway, Marion Bridge
  • Memorial Senior High School (9 to 12); 80 Memorial Drive, Sydney Mines
  • Mountainview Elementary School (p to 5); 21 Delta Drive (6295), Howie Centre
  • Oceanview Education Centre (6 to 8); 60 Wallaces Road, Glace Bay
  • Riverside Elementary School (pr to 5); 7430 Hornes Road, Albert Bridge
  • Riverview Rural High School (10 to 12); 57 Coxheath Road, Coxheath
  • Robin Foote Elementary School (pr to 5); 125 Sunnydale Drive, Westmount
  • Seton Elementary School (pr to 5); 25 Wilkie Dr, North Sydney
  • Sherwood Park Education Centre (6 to 8); 500 Terrace Street, Sydney
  • Shipyard Elementary School (pr to 5); 30 Mount Kemmel, Sydney
  • St. Anne's Elementary School (pr to 5); 108 Main Street, Glace Bay
  • Sydney Academy (9 to 12); 49 Terrace Street, Sydney
  • Sydney Mines Middle School (6 to 8); 596 Main Street, Sydney Mines
  • Sydney River Elementary School (pr to 5); 35 Phillips Street, Sydney River
  • Tompkins Memorial Elementary School (pr to 5); 60 Main Street, Reserve Mines
  • Whitney Pier Memorial Middle School (6 to 8); 199 Jamieson Street, Sydney

Victoria County[edit]

Chignecto-Central Regional Centre for Education[edit]

Pictou County (Celtic)[edit]

Cumberland County (Chignecto)[edit]

Central and Northern Colchester County (Cobequid)[edit]

East Hants Municipal District and southern Colchester County (Nova)[edit]

Halifax Regional Centre for Education - Halifax Regional Municipality[edit]

Eastern Shore - Musquodoboit Valley[edit]

Former Schools in the Eastern Shore - Musquodoboit Valley Region:

Waverley - Fall River - Beaver Bank - Bedford[edit]

  • Ash Lee Jefferson Elementary School (pr to 6); 10 Lockview Rd, Fall River
  • Basinview Drive Community Elementary School (pr to 6); 273 Basinview Dr, Bedford
  • Beaver Bank-Kinsac Elementary School (pr to 6); 28 Kinsac Rd, Kinsac
  • Beaver Bank-Monarch Drive Elementary School (pr to 6); 1 Monarch Dr, Beaver Bank
  • Holland Road Elementary School (pr to 6); 181 Holland Rd, Fletchers Lake
  • Lake Charles Academy (private grade primary); 955 Waverley Rd, Waverley
  • Oldfield Consolidated School (pr to 6)
  • Sunnyside Elementary School (Eaglewood Drive) (pr to 6); 210 Eaglewood Dr, Bedford
  • Sunnyside Elementary School (Fort Sackville) (pr to 6); 21 Perth St, Bedford
  • Sunnyside Elementary School (Waverley Road) (pr to 6); 18 Scotia Dr, Bedford
  • Waverley Memorial - L. C. Skerry Elementary School (Waverly Memorial) (pr to 6); 15 School St, Waverley
  • Waverley Memorial - L. C. Skerry Elementary School (L.C. Skerry) (pr to 6); 1279 Rocky Lake Dr, Waverley
  • Bedford South School (pr to 6); 2 Oceanview Dr, Bedford
  • Rocky Lake Elementary School (5 to 6); 426 Rocky Lake Dr, Bedford
  • Rocky Lake Junior High School (6 to 9); 670 Rocky Lake Dr, Bedford
  • Georges P. Vanier Junior High School (7 to 8); 1410 Fall River Dr, Fall River
  • Harold T. Barrett Junior High School (7 to 9); 862 Beaverbank Rd, Beaver Bank
  • Lockview High School (9 to 12); 148 Lockview Rd, Fall River
  • Charles P Allen High School (10 to 12); 200 Innovation Dr, Bedford

Preston - Lawrencetown - Chezzetcook[edit]

  • Atlantic View Elementary School (pr to 6); 3391 Marine Dr, Upper Lawrencetown
  • Bell Park Academic Centre (pr to 6)
  • Lakeview Consolidated School (Lakeview) (pr to 6); 5261 Trunk 7, Dartmouth ***CLOSED***
  • Lakeview Consolidated School (West Chezzetcook) (pr to 6); 7045 Route 207, West Chezzetcook ***CLOSED***
  • Nelson Whynder Elementary School (pr to 6); Lake Major Rd & Cain St, North Preston
  • O'Connell Drive Elementary School (pr to 6); Porters Lake
  • Porters Lake Elementary School (P-6); (40 Inspiration Drive, Porters Lake, Nova Scotia)
  • Gaetz Brook Junior High School (7 to 9); 6856 Trunk 7, Head of Chezzetcook
  • Graham Creighton Junior High School (7 to 9); 72 Cherry Brook Rd, Cherry Brook

Cole Harbour - Woodside - Eastern Passage[edit]

East Dartmouth - The Lakes - Portland - East Woodlawn[edit]

Dartmouth Centre - Albro Lake- Harbourview[edit]

Clayton Park West - Fairview - Clayton Park - Rockingham - Wentworth[edit]

  • Burton Ettinger School (pr to 6); 52 Alex St, Halifax
  • Duc d'Anville Elementary School (pr to 6); 12 Clayton Park Dr, Halifax
  • Fairview Heights School (pr to 6); 210 Coronation Ave, Halifax
  • Grosvenor-Wentworth Park Elementary School (pr to 6); 4 Downing St, Halifax
  • Rockingham Elementary School (pr to 6); 31 Tremont Dr, Halifax
  • Park West School (pr to 9); 206 Langbrae Dr, Halifax*Clayton Park Junior High School (7 to 9); 45 Plateau Cr, Halifax
  • Fairview Junior High School (7 to 9); 155 Rosedale Ave, Halifax
  • Halifax West High School (10 to 12); 283 Thomas Raddall Dr, Halifax
  • Clayton Park Junior High (7 to 9); 45 Plateau Crescent, Halifax

North End Halifax - Downtown Halifax[edit]

Northwest Arm - South End - Connaught - Quinpool[edit]

Purcell's Cove - Armdale - Spryfield - Herring Cove[edit]

  • Central Spryfield School (pr to 6); 364 Herring Cove Rd, Spryfield
  • Chebucto Heights Elementary School (pr to 6); 230 Cowie Rd, Armdale
  • Harrietsfield Elementary School (pr to 6); 1150 Old Sambro Rd, Harrietsfield
  • John W. MacLeod - Fleming Tower Elementary School (Fleming Tower) (pr to 6); 25 Randolph St, Armdale
  • John W. MacLeod - Fleming Tower Elementary School (John W MacLeod) (pr to 6); 159 Purcells Cove Rd, Armdale
  • Sambro Elementary School (pr to 6) Sambro
  • Springvale Elementary School (pr to 6); 92 Downs Ave, Halifax
  • William King Elementary School (pr to 6); 91 St. Paul Ave, Herring Cove
  • Elizabeth Sutherland School (pr to 9); 66 Rockingstone Rd, Halifax
  • Rockingstone Heights School (pr to 9); 1 Regan Dr, Halifax
  • Cunard Junior High School (7 to 9); 121 Williams Lake Rd, Spryfield
  • Herring Cove Junior High (7 to 9); 7 Lancaster Dr, Herring Cove
  • J.L.Ilsley High School (10 to 12); 38 Sylvia Ave, Spryfield

Timberlea - Prospect - Hammonds Plains - St. Margaret's[edit]

Middle & Upper Sackville - Lucasville - Lower Sackville[edit]

South Shore Regional Centre for Education[edit]

Lunenburg County[edit]

Region of Queens Municipality[edit]

Strait Regional School Board[edit]

Inverness County[edit]

Richmond County[edit]

Antigonish County[edit]

Guysborough County[edit]

Tri-County Regional School Board[edit]

Digby County[edit]

Yarmouth County[edit]

Shelburne County[edit]

Conseil scolaire acadien provincial[edit]

Région Nord-Est[edit]

  • Centre scolaire Étoile de l'Acadie (pr to 12); Sydney
  • École acadienne de Pomquet (pr to 12); Pomquet
  • École Beau-Port (pr to 12); Arichat
  • École NDA (pr to 12); Chéticamp

Région Centrale[edit]

Région Sud-Ouest[edit]

List of Nova Scotia private schools[edit]

The following are private schools in Nova Scotia. The numbers provided (in parentheses) refer to the grades of each school, where "pr" refers to primary = kindergarten, “jp” refers to junior primary and "to" entails "including". Next to the grades is given the community in which each school is located.

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