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List of OFC national association football teams by nickname

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The following is a list of nicknames of Oceania Football Confederation (OFC) national association football teams.


  • Nicknames in italics are commonly used in English.
Team Nickname English translation Notes Ref.
 American Samoa Au Fili The National Team Filifili means the Chosen or Selected in Samoan dialect. [1]
 Cook Islands Soka Kuki Airani The National Team The Flag of the Cook Islands from 1973 to 1979 was a predominantly green color representing the continuous growth and life of the islands [1]
The Green and Whites [1]
 Fiji Bula Boys "Bula" is a greeting used in Fiji. [2]
 Kiribati Kiribati Kiribis The football team representing Kiribati's 34 beautiful atolls, reefs, and islands. [3][4]
 New Caledonia Les Cagous The Kagus From a crested, almost flightless bluish-grey bird related to the rails, which is found only on the island of New Caledonia. [5]
Les Rouges et Gris The Red and Grays [5]
 New Zealand All Whites New Zealand adopted an 'all white' playing strip during the 1981 World Cup qualifying campaign. [6]
 New Zealand (Women's) Football Ferns The fern is one of the national symbols of New Zealand. [7]
 Papua New Guinea Kapuls The Cuscus A species of Australasian possum. [8]
 Samoa Manumea After a native bird. [9]
 Solomon Islands The Bonitos Tribe of fishes. [10]
 Tahiti Toa Aito

Les guerriers de fer

Iron Warriors Iron has been entwined in the Tahiti culture from the onset. When British Captain Samuel Wallis "discovered" Tahiti on 18 June 1767, the natives were eager to trade, especially in iron nails. [9]
 Tonga Timi Fakafomua The National Team The national football team of Tonga. [9]
 Vanuatu The Men in Black and Gold From the Vanuatu flag which has Red and green sections, divided horizontally by a gold stripe running within a black border. [11]

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