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This is a list of notable Odd Fellows buildings, sometimes called "Odd Fellows Hall", "Independent Order of Odd Fellows Building", "IOOF Building", "Odd Fellows Lodge" and variations. Also included is a List of Odd Fellows cemeteries, some of which include contributing buildings.

There are many hundreds of Odd Fellows associated buildings; this list only aims to feature the most significant ones architecturally or otherwise. For the part of the United States, it is intended to cover all that have been documented in the National Register of Historic Places or similar historic registry.[1]

Several of the listed buildings are retirement homes.[2]

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There is a building in Three Oaks Michigan The engraved granite marker reads

Three Oaks 1909 IOOF Lodge 44


(ordered by state then city or town)

Image Dates Location
City, state Notes
Baroona Hall 1883-83-built
15-17 Caxton Street, Petrie Terrace
27°27′52″S 153°00′47″E / 27.4645°S 153.0131°E / -27.4645; 153.0131 (Baroona Hall)
Brisbane, Queensland Designed by Richard Gailey; has also been known as Caxton Street Hall, Josephsons Clothing Factory, and United Brothers Lodge.[3]
Cook Shire Hall 1907 built
1997 QHR-listed[4]
Helen Street
15°28′14″S 145°15′01″E / 15.4706°S 145.2502°E / -15.4706; 145.2502 (Cook Shire Hall)
Cooktown, Shire of Cook, Queensland Replaced a 1907 hurricane-destroyed building; built for the Loyal Captain Cook Lodge of the North Queensland Branch of the Manchester Unity Independent Order of Oddfellows Friendly Society. Served as the Lodge's hall and meeting venue until at least 1936.[4]
Glennie Hall Oddfellows Hall in Warwick.tiff 1880-1891-built
66 Albion Street
28°13′05″S 152°02′06″E / 28.2181°S 152.035°E / -28.2181; 152.035 (Glennie Hall)
Warwick, Southern Downs Region, Queensland Single-storey masonry hall built 1880-81 and extended 1891 for the Royal Rose of Warwick Manchester Unity Independent Order of Odd Fellows (MUIOOF) Lodge. Classical architecture; known also as Odd Fellows Hall
Oddfellows Home Hotel Oddfellows Home Hotel, Warwick, 2015 02.JPG 1876-built
Wood and Wantley Streets
28°13′09″S 152°01′31″E / 28.2191°S 152.0252°E / -28.2191; 152.0252 (Oddfellows Home Hotel)
Warwick, Southern Downs Region, Queensland Boarding hotel built by a prominent member of the Rose Lodge of Oddfellows in Warwick.[6]
IOOF Building (Adelaide) Adelaide-IOOF-Sep08.jpg 1963-completed Adelaide, South Australia First HQ of the Grand Lodge of South Australia of the IOOF was at 11-13 Flinders Street;[7] replaced by purpose-built 47 Gawler Place, completed in 1963.
Norfolk Hotel a.k.a. Oddfellows Hotel Oddfellows Hotel Fremantlen 3 April 1950.jpg 1887-opened 47, South Terrace
32°3′25.49″S 115°44′57.92″E / 32.0570806°S 115.7494222°E / -32.0570806; 115.7494222 (Norfolk Hotel (Oddfellows Hotel))
Fremantle, Western Australia, Western Australia Victorian Georgian-style building known for most of its existence as Oddfellows Hotel
Wanslea (I/National Order of Oddfellows Orphanage) try Wanslea 1905-built
78 & 80 Railway St Cottesloe, Western Australia Federation Free Style two storey red brick orphanage
RAOB Lodge (Harbour Master's House, Oddfellows Building) try RAOB Lodge 283 Marine Tce Geraldton, Western Australia
Oddfellows Hall (Leederville)
a.k.a. IOOF Buffaloes Lodge
try IOOF Buffaloes Lodge 217 Oxford St Leederville, Western Australia
3 Oddfellow St Toodyay, Western Australia
Jager Stores Jager Stores.jpg 111-113 Stirling Terrace Toodyay, Western Australia Has also been known as Toodyay Newsagency, Markets, Drapery & Craft


IOOF Hall, Toronto


Image Built
Odd Fellows
Country Description
Odd Fellows Mansion, Copenhagen FVNP - Odd Fellow 1.jpg 1751 1900 Copenhagen Denmark
Kong Hroar Loge No. 26 Denmark Once the home of Bishop Hertz (d. 1825),[9] is adjacent to the Roskilde Cathedral. It was purchased by the IOOF in 1930.[10]


Image Built
Odd Fellows
Country Description
Helsinki Odd Fellow House Bulevarden 11 A, 00120 Helsingfors, Finland Finland Swedish speaking Lodges
Helsinki Odd Fellow House Vuorimiehenkatu 23 b, 00140 Helsinki, Finland Finland Finnish speaking Lodges
Turku Odd Fellow House 2011 2011 Rätiälänkatu 2, Turku, Finland Finland In the Odd Fellow House in Turku there is space for 11 Lodges which have their meetings on the weeknights at 19.00. In Turku there are both Swedish and Finnish speaking Lodges, in this Odd Fellow House the Finnish speaking Lodges have their meetings. The special thing in this Odd Fellow House in Finland is that it is the only building which is built from the beginning for the Odd Fellow Lodges meetings.
Turku Odd Fellow House Auragatan 1 B, 20100 ÅBO (Turku) Finland Swedish speaking lodges in Turku (Åbo) have their meetings in this Odd Fellow House.

New Zealand[edit]

Image Built
Odd Fellows
Country Description
Oddfellows Hall (Reefton) 56 Bridge Street, Reefton New Zealand New Zealand Historic Places Trust/West Coast Category II historic place #3035.


Image Built
Odd Fellows
Country Description
Banér Palace Barnerska april 2009.jpg 18th century 1922 Stockholm Sweden

United States[edit]

(ordered by state then city)

Image Built
City, state Description
Oddfellows House Oddfellows House NRHP Fairbanks, AK.JPG 1907 1980 825 1st Avenue Fairbanks, Alaska
IOOF Building (Kingman, Arizona) Armour and Jacobson Building.jpg 1912 1986 208 North Fifth Street
35°11′22″N 114°3′0″W / 35.18944°N 114.05000°W / 35.18944; -114.05000 (IOOF Building (Kingman, Arizona))
Kingman, Arizona Mission/Spanish Revival architecture[11]
Independent Order of Odd Fellows Building (Benton, Arkansas) IOOF Building, Market St., Benton, AR.JPG 1913 2004 123-125 North Market
34°33′58″N 92°35′16″W / 34.56611°N 92.58778°W / 34.56611; -92.58778 (Independent Order of Odd Fellows Building (Benton, Arkansas))
Benton, Arkansas Early Commercial architecture[11]
Arroyo Grande IOOF Hall I.O.O.F. - Arroyo Grande, CA.JPG 1902 1991 128 Bridge St.
35°7′20″N 120°34′38″W / 35.12222°N 120.57722°W / 35.12222; -120.57722 (Arroyo Grande IOOF Hall)
Arroyo Grande, California Romanesque[11]
Oddfellows Hall Oddfellows Hall 2012-09-16 17-14-31.jpg 1894[12] 2011 1226&1/2 Lincoln Way Auburn, California Three-story red brick Italianate home of IOOF Lodge No. 7, founded in 1852. Henry T. Holmes, builder of the Hall, was a '49er and a founding father of Auburn.[12]
IOOF Lodge No. 355 1917 2007 18819 East CA 88
38°11′30″N 121°5′6″W / 38.19167°N 121.08500°W / 38.19167; -121.08500 (IOOF Lodge No. 355)
Clements, California [11]
Odd Fellows Hall (Eureka, California) Eureka Old Town Commercial Building.jpg 1883 1978 123 F St.
40°48′17″N 124°9′54″W / 40.80472°N 124.16500°W / 40.80472; -124.16500 (Odd Fellows Hall (Eureka, California))
Eureka, California Second Empire architecture[11]
Odd Fellows Hall (Ferndale, California) 425-431 Main Ferndale CA.jpg 1875 1992 425-431 Main Street
40°34′36.35″N 124°15′48.71″W / 40.5767639°N 124.2635306°W / 40.5767639; -124.2635306 (Odd Fellows Hall (Ferndale, California))
Ferndale, California Victorian False-front[13]
Fullerton Odd Fellows Temple FullertonOddFellowsTemple01c.jpg ? 2002 112 E. Commonwealth Ave.
33°52′13″N 117°55′25″W / 33.87028°N 117.92361°W / 33.87028; -117.92361 (Fullerton Odd Fellows Temple)
Fullerton, California Early Commercial architecture[11]
Gabilan Lodge No. 372-Independent Order of Odd Fellows 1914 1986 117 Fourth St.
36°30′28″N 121°26′33″W / 36.50778°N 121.44250°W / 36.50778; -121.44250 (Gabilan Lodge No. 372--Independent Order of Odd Fellows)
Gonzales, California Classical Revival architecture[11]
Odd Fellows Hall (La Grange, California) Odd Fellows Hall, La Grange, CA.JPG 1855 1979 Yosemite Blvd.
37°39′48″N 120°27′41″W / 37.66333°N 120.46139°W / 37.66333; -120.46139 (Odd Fellows Hall (La Grange, California))
La Grange, California Vernacular Greek Revival architecture[11]
I.O.O.F. Hall (Mokelumne Hill, California) 1854 Center Street
38°18′7.77″N 120°42′21.52″W / 38.3021583°N 120.7059778°W / 38.3021583; -120.7059778 (I.O.O.F. Hall (Mokelumne Hill, California))
Mokelumne Hill, California Expanded in 1861 to add Odd Fellows meeting space. Became what is believed to be first 3-story building in inland California.[citation needed] California Historical Landmark-listed
Odd Fellows Temple (Pasadena, California) 1933 1985 120 N. El Molino Ave.
34°08′53″N 118°08′12″W / 34.14806°N 118.13667°W / 34.14806; -118.13667 (Odd Fellows Temple (Pasadena, California))
Pasadena, California Late 19th and 20th Century Revivals architecture, Spanish Colonial Revival architecture[11]
Odd Fellows Building (Red Bluff, California) 1883 1976 342 Oak St.
40°10′36″N 122°14′3″W / 40.17667°N 122.23417°W / 40.17667; -122.23417 (Odd Fellows Building (Red Bluff, California))
Red Bluff, California Late Victorian, Italianate Victorian architecture[11]
Independent Order of Odd Fellows Building (San Diego, California) Independent Order of Odd Fellows Building, San Diego.jpg 1882 1978
32°42′42″N 117°9′31″W / 32.71167°N 117.15861°W / 32.71167; -117.15861 (Independent Order of Odd Fellows Building (San Diego, California))
San Diego, California Late 19th and 20th Century Revivals architecture in the Gaslamp district of San Diego.[11]
Odd Fellows Lodge No. 365 Lodge365.jpg 1972 401 N. Hagar St. San Fernando, California
Odd Fellows Hall (Santa Ana, California) Odd Fellows Hall, Santa Ana, California.jpg 1906 1983 309-311 N. Main St.
33°44′51″N 117°51′59″W / 33.74750°N 117.86639°W / 33.74750; -117.86639 (Odd Fellows Hall (Santa Ana, California))
Santa Ana, California [11]
I. O. O. F. Lodge No. 55 Hall (Weaverville, Trinity County, California) ?
40°43′52″N 122°56′27″W / 40.73111°N 122.94083°W / 40.73111; -122.94083 (I. O. O. F. Lodge No. 55 Hall (Weaverville, California),)
Weaverville, California Other title: John Cole Building, Historic American Buildings Survey-listed[11]
I.O.O.F. Hall (Woodbridge, California) IOOF Hall, Woodbridge California (3).jpg 1861 1982 Main St.
38°9′17″N 121°17′59″W / 38.15472°N 121.29972°W / 38.15472; -121.29972 (I.O.O.F. Hall (Woodbridge, California))
Woodbridge, California Early Commercial architecture[11]
I.O.O.F. Building (Woodland, California) IOOF building.jpg 1905 1982 723 Main St.
38°40′40″N 121°46′11″W / 38.67778°N 121.76972°W / 38.67778; -121.76972 (I.O.O.F. Building (Woodland, California))
Woodland, California Mission/Spanish Revival architecture[11]
IOOF Hall (De Beque, Colorado) IOOF Hall (De Beque, Colorado).JPG 1900 1993 Jct. of 4th St. and Curtis Ave.
39°20′0″N 108°12′51″W / 39.33333°N 108.21417°W / 39.33333; -108.21417 (IOOF Hall (De Beque, Colorado))
De Beque, Colorado Late 19th and Early 20th Century American Movements architecture[11]
Longmont Lodge #29 1907 434 Main St Longmont, Colorado Facebook Page
Meeker I.O.O.F. Lodge—Valentine Lodge No. 47 Meeker I.O.O.F. Lodge—Valentine Lodge No. 47.JPG 1897 2014 400 Main St.
40°02′15″N 107°54′40″W / 40.03750°N 107.91111°W / 40.03750; -107.91111 (Meeker I.O.O.F. Lodge—Valentine Lodge No. 47)
Meeker, Colorado
Russell Gulch IOOF Hall Russell Gulch IOOF Hall.JPG 1895 2011 81 Russell Gulch Road
39°46′48″N 105°32′05″W / 39.78000°N 105.53472°W / 39.78000; -105.53472 (Russell Gulch IOOF Hall)
Russell Gulch, Colorado
Centreville Hall Centreville Hall 1876 1983 5725 Kennett Pike, Centreville, Delaware.
39°49′16″N 75°37′0″W / 39.82111°N 75.61667°W / 39.82111; -75.61667 (Centreville Lodge No. 37 FLT)
Centreville, Delaware Included in the Centreville Historic District
Odd Fellows Building and Auditorium Odd Fellows Building and Auditorium, Atlanta, Georgia 1912-13 1975 228-250 Auburn Ave., N.E.
33°45′20″N 84°22′46″W / 33.75556°N 84.37944°W / 33.75556; -84.37944 (Odd Fellows Building and Auditorium (Atlanta, Georgia))
Atlanta, Georgia Tudor Revival architecture and skyscraper[11] Included in the Sweet Auburn Historic District of Atlanta, Georgia
Independent Order of Odd Fellows Hall (Ashton, Idaho) Independent Order of Odd Fellows Hall, Ashton, Idaho 1907 1997 601 Main St.
44°4′18″N 111°26′49″W / 44.07167°N 111.44694°W / 44.07167; -111.44694 (Independent Order of Odd Fellows Hall (Ashton, Idaho))
Ashton, Idaho Early Commercial architecture[11]
Blackfoot I.O.O.F. Hall Ioof hall.parking lot.jpg 1905 1979 57 Bridge St.43°11′22″N 112°20′41″W / 43.18944°N 112.34472°W / 43.18944; -112.34472 (Blackfoot I.O.O.F. Hall) Blackfoot, Idaho
Ada Odd Fellows Temple 1903 1982 109-115​12 N. 9th St.
43°36′58″N 116°12′15″W / 43.61611°N 116.20417°W / 43.61611; -116.20417 (Ada Odd Fellows Temple)
Boise, Idaho Renaissance architecture, Late Medieval architecture[11]
Chinese Odd Fellows Building 1911 1982 610-612 Front St.
43°36′49″N 116°12′7″W / 43.61361°N 116.20194°W / 43.61361; -116.20194 (Chinese Odd Fellows Building)
Boise, Idaho Designed by Tourtellotte and Hummel[11]
Buhl IOOF Building Buhl Oddfellows Hall.jpg 1919 1984 1014-16 Main St.
42°35′56″N 114°45′35″W / 42.59889°N 114.75972°W / 42.59889; -114.75972 (Buhl IOOF Building)
Buhl, Idaho Benjamin Morgan Nisbet designed; Early Commercial architecture, Chicago style[11]
Caldwell Odd Fellow Home for the Aged Caldwell Odd Fellows Home (1).jpg 1920 1982 N. 14th Ave.
43°40′0″N 116°40′20″W / 43.66667°N 116.67222°W / 43.66667; -116.67222 (Caldwell Odd Fellow Home for the Aged)
Caldwell, Idaho Tourtellotte and Hummel-designed; Late 19th and 20th Century Revivals architecture, Second Renaissance Revival architecture[11]
I.O.O.F. Hall
(Challis, Idaho)
1896 1980 521 Main Ave.
44°30′17″N 114°13′59″W / 44.50472°N 114.23306°W / 44.50472; -114.23306 (I.O.O.F. Hall (Challis, Idaho))
Challis, Idaho Queen Anne architecture[11]
I.O.O.F. Building
(Idaho Falls, Idaho)
1909 1984 393 N. Park Ave.
43°52′28″N 112°2′49″W / 43.87444°N 112.04694°W / 43.87444; -112.04694 (I.O.O.F. Building (Idaho Falls, Idaho))
Idaho Falls, Idaho Romanesque architecture[11]
Montpelier Odd Fellows Hall Montpelier ID Odd Fellows Hall.jpg 1898 1978 843 Washington St.
42°19′2″N 111°18′27″W / 42.31722°N 111.30750°W / 42.31722; -111.30750 (Montepelier Odd Fellows Hall)
Montpelier, Idaho Renaissance architecture[11]
Odd Fellows Hall (Salmon, Idaho) 1874 1978 516 Main St.
45°10′32″N 113°53′32″W / 45.17556°N 113.89222°W / 45.17556; -113.89222 (Odd Fellows Hall (Salmon, Idaho))
Salmon, Idaho Greek Revival architecture[11]
Salmon Odd Fellows Hall 1907 1978 510-514 Main St.
45°10′32″N 113°53′32″W / 45.17556°N 113.89222°W / 45.17556; -113.89222 (Salmon Odd Fellows Hall)
Salmon, Idaho Classical Revival architecture[11]
Hall of Tell City Lodge, No. 206, IOOF Tell City Oddfellows' Lodge from southeast.jpg 1894 1992 701 Main St.
37°57′3″N 86°46′12″W / 37.95083°N 86.77000°W / 37.95083; -86.77000 (Hall of Tell City Lodge, No. 206, IOOF)
Tell City, Indiana Romanesque architecture[11]
Cedar Falls Independent Order of Odd Fellows Independent Order of Odd Fellows Cedar Falls IA pic1.JPG 1902 1997 401-403 Main St.
42°32′5″N 92°26′41″W / 42.53472°N 92.44472°W / 42.53472; -92.44472 (Cedar Falls Independent Order of Odd Fellows)
Cedar Falls, Iowa Late 19th and 20th Century Revivals architecture[11]
Wupperman Block/I.O.O.F. Hall Wupperman Block - Davenport, Iowa.jpg 1859 1983 508-512 Brady St.
41°31′30″N 90°34′26″W / 41.52500°N 90.57389°W / 41.52500; -90.57389 (Wupperman Block/I.O.O.F. Hall)
Davenport, Iowa Renaissance Revival architecture[11]
I.O.O.F. Hall (Garnavillo, Iowa) I.O.O.F. Hall in Garnavillo, Iowa.jpg 1860 1979 Centre St.
42°52′5″N 91°14′10″W / 42.86806°N 91.23611°W / 42.86806; -91.23611 (I.O.O.F. Hall (Garnavillo, Iowa))
Garnavillo, Iowa Greek Revival architecture[11]
IOOF Building (Lisbon, Iowa) 1900 ? 122 W. Main St
41°55′17″N 91°23′11″W / 41.92139°N 91.38639°W / 41.92139; -91.38639 (IOOF Building (Lisbon, Iowa))
Lisbon, Iowa Currently owned by a medical equipment company.
IOOF Building (Maquoketa, Iowa) 1886 1991 103 N. Main
42°4′9″N 90°39′54″W / 42.06917°N 90.66500°W / 42.06917; -90.66500 (IOOF Building (Maquoketa, Iowa))
Maquoketa, Iowa Late Victorian architecture[11]
Odd Fellows Hall (Monticello, Iowa) ODD FELLOWS HALL, MONTICELLO, JONES COUNTY, IOWA.jpg 1871 1985 203 W. 1st St.
42°14′16″N 91°11′27″W / 42.23778°N 91.19083°W / 42.23778; -91.19083 (Odd Fellows Hall (Monticello, Iowa))
Monticello, Iowa Italianate architecture[11]
Onawa IOOF Opera House 1907 1990 1023 Tenth Ave.
42°1′32″N 90°5′47″W / 42.02556°N 90.09639°W / 42.02556; -90.09639 (Onawa IOOF Opera House)
Onawa, Iowa Romanesque architecture[11]
Odd Fellows Hall (Troy Mills, Iowa) 1900 1985 Troy Mills Rd.
42°17′20″N 91°40′57″W / 42.28889°N 91.68250°W / 42.28889; -91.68250 (Odd Fellows Hall (Troy Mills, Iowa))
Troy Mills, Iowa Italianate architecture[11]
IOOF Lodge (Alton, Kansas) 1885 2002 Jct. of Nicholas and Mill Sts.
39°27′21″N 98°56′53″W / 39.45583°N 98.94806°W / 39.45583; -98.94806 (IOOF Lodge (Alton, Kansas))
Alton, Kansas NRHP-listed[11]
Odd Fellows Hall (Covington, Kentucky) OddFellowsHallCovington.jpg 1856 1980 Fifth Street and Madison Avenue
39°5′9.07″N 84°30′37.75″W / 39.0858528°N 84.5104861°W / 39.0858528; -84.5104861 (Odd Fellows Hall (Covington, Kentucky))
Covington, Kentucky Center of Covington's civic and political life for most of the Victorian era. When the American Civil War ended, victorious Union General Ulysses S. Grant was honored at a reception there.
Odd Fellows Temple (Lexington, Kentucky) Lexington, KY - Odd Fellows Temple.jpg 1870 1980 115-119 W. Main St.
38°2′48″N 84°29′52″W / 38.04667°N 84.49778°W / 38.04667; -84.49778 (Odd Fellows Temple (Lexington, Kentucky))
Lexington, Kentucky Designed or built by Cincinnatus Shryock, with Second Empire architecture, Italianate architecture[11]
Odd Fellows Temple (Frankfort, Kentucky) 1871 1982 313-319 St. Clair St.
38°2′48″N 84°29′52″W / 38.04667°N 84.49778°W / 38.04667; -84.49778 (Odd Fellows Capital Lodge (Frankfort, Kentucky))
Frankfort, Kentucky Built by Independent Order of Odd Fellows, Capital Lodge #6, with Second Empire architecture, Italianate architecture[11]
Odd Fellows Building (Owensboro, Kentucky) Owensboro Odd Fellows Building.jpg 1895 1986 200-204 W. Third St.
37°46′24″N 87°6′44″W / 37.77333°N 87.11222°W / 37.77333; -87.11222 (Odd Fellows Building (Owensboro, Kentucky))
Owensboro, Kentucky Beaux Arts architecture, Italian Renaissance architecture[11]
Odd Fellows Building (Pikeville, Kentucky) 1915 1984 333 2nd St.
37°28′50″N 82°31′6″W / 37.48056°N 82.51833°W / 37.48056; -82.51833 (Odd Fellows Building (Pikeville, Kentucky))
Pikeville, Kentucky Served as a warehouse and as a business[11]
Brooklin IOOF Hall Brooklin IOOF Hall - back.jpg 1896 1990 SR 175
44°15′55″N 68°34′51″W / 44.26528°N 68.58083°W / 44.26528; -68.58083 (Brooklin IOOF Hall)
Brooklin, Maine Second Empire architecture[11]
Odd Fellows-Rebekah Hall (Cornish, Maine) Odd Fellows Hall, Cornish ME.jpg 1902 1983 High St.
43°48′14″N 70°48′12″W / 43.80389°N 70.80333°W / 43.80389; -70.80333 (Odd Fellows-Rebekah Hall (Cornish, Maine))
Cornish, Maine architecture[11]
Odd Fellows Block (Lewiston, Maine) Odd Fellows Block, Lewiston ME.jpg 1876 1986 182-190 Lisbon Street
44°5′44″N 70°13′1″W / 44.09556°N 70.21694°W / 44.09556; -70.21694 (Odd Fellows Block (Lewiston, Maine))
Lewiston, Maine Gothic architecture[11]
Star of Hope Lodge 1885 1982 Main St.
44°2′52″N 68°49′59″W / 44.04778°N 68.83306°W / 44.04778; -68.83306 (Star of Hope Lodge))
Vinalhaven, Maine Second Empire
West Paris Lodge No. 15, I.O.O.F. WestParisME IOOFHall.jpg 1876-80 2012 221 Main Street
44°19′33″N 70°34′21″W / 44.32583°N 70.57250°W / 44.32583; -70.57250 (West Paris Lodge No. 15)
West Paris, Maine Italianate architecture[11]
Odd Fellows Hall (Baltimore, 1831) 1831 30 North Gay St Baltimore, Maryland First Odd Fellows Hall in the United States. Demolished in 1890.
Odd Fellows Hall (Baltimore, 1891) 1891 1980 300 Cathedral St.
39°17′35″N 76°37′2″W / 39.29306°N 76.61722°W / 39.29306; -76.61722 (Odd Fellows Hall (Baltimore, Maryland))
Baltimore, Maryland Romanesque architecture[11]
Odd Fellows Lodge (Bel Air, Maryland) ODD FELLOWS LODGE; BEL AIR, HARFORD COUNTY.jpg 1852 1975 21 Pennsylvania Ave.
39°32′13″N 76°20′56″W / 39.53694°N 76.34889°W / 39.53694; -76.34889 (Odd Fellows Lodge (Bel Air, Maryland))
Bel Air, Maryland Greek Revival architecture[11]
Grand United Order of Odd Fellows, Sandy Spring Lodge #6430 Odd Fellows Lodge -6430, exterior (21636604401).jpg 1920s 1308 Olney-Sandy Spring Rd
39°8′52.58″N 77°1′52.96″W / 39.1479389°N 77.0313778°W / 39.1479389; -77.0313778 (Grand United Order of Odd Fellows, Sandy Spring Lodge #6430 (Sandy Spring, Maryland))
Sandy Spring, Maryland "Two-story, gable-fronted frame structure that is an important part of the area's African American history. Designated a Preserve America Steward in August 2010."[14]
Odd Fellows' Hall (Beverly, Massachusetts) BeverlyMA OddFellowsHall.jpg 1874 1978 184-192 Cabot Street
42°32′52.4″N 70°52′45.16″W / 42.547889°N 70.8792111°W / 42.547889; -70.8792111 (Odd Fellows' Hall (Beverly, Massachusetts))
Beverly, Massachusetts Gothic architecture[11]
Odd Fellows' Hall (Buckland, Massachusetts) BucklandMA OddfellowsHall.jpg 1877 1979 1-5 State Street
42°36′14″N 72°44′23″W / 42.60389°N 72.73972°W / 42.60389; -72.73972 (Odd Fellows' Hall (Buckland, Massachusetts))
Buckland, Massachusetts [11]
Odd Fellows Hall (Cambridge, Massachusetts) Former Odd Fellows building, Cambridge, Massachusetts.jpg 1884 1982 536 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, Massachusetts Romanesque Revival architecture[11]
Odd Fellows Building (Malden, Massachusetts) Odd Fellows Building, Malden MA2.jpg 1907 1988 442 Main Street
42°25′45″N 71°4′2″W / 42.42917°N 71.06722°W / 42.42917; -71.06722 (Odd Fellows Building (Malden, Massachusetts))
Malden, Massachusetts Late 19th and 20th Century Revivals architecture, Other architecture[11]
Odd Fellows' Home (Worcester, Massachusetts) Odd Fellows' Home, Worcester, Massachusetts.jpg 1890 1980 40 Randolph Rd.
42°17′56″N 71°47′51″W / 42.29889°N 71.79750°W / 42.29889; -71.79750 (Odd Fellows' Home (Worcester, Massachusetts))
Worcester, Massachusetts Late Victorian architecture[11]
Clark Memorial Hall Clark Memorial Hall.JPG 1888 1985 120–124 S. Winter St.
41°53′55″N 84°02′18″W / 41.89861°N 84.03833°W / 41.89861; -84.03833 (Clark Memorial Hall)
Adrian, Michigan Also known as the Adrian I.O.O.F. Hall, built for the Adrian Lodge of the Odd Fellowship branch of the Odd Fellows. Victorian architecture.
I.O.O.F. Centennial Building I.O.O.F. Centennial Building.jpg 1876 2015 150 E. Chisholm St.
45°03′40″N 83°25′57″W / 45.06111°N 83.43250°W / 45.06111; -83.43250 (I.O.O.F. Centennial Building)
Alpena, Michigan Italianate architecture
Odd Fellows Valley Lodge No. 189 Building Odd Fellows Valley Lodge No 189 Building Bay City MI.JPG ? 2010 1900 Broadway Ave.
43°34′11″N 83°53′38″W / 43.56972°N 83.89389°W / 43.56972; -83.89389 (Odd Fellows Valley Lodge No. 189 Building)
Bay City, Michigan
Detroit Odd Fellows Temple Randolph Street Detroit.jpg 1874 1208 Randoph St. Detroit, Michigan Victorian architecture, 1980 NRHP-listed part of district[11]
Spiritual Israel Church and Its Army Temple Amity Lodge No 335 Temple.jpg 1911 2014 9375 Amity St.
42°21′52″N 82°59′13″W / 42.36444°N 82.98694°W / 42.36444; -82.98694 (Spiritual Israel Church and Its Army Temple)
Detroit, Michigan Classical Revival architecture
Wyandotte Odd Fellows Temple WyandotteMiOddFellowsTemple.jpg 1911 2009 81 Chestnut St.
42°12′19″N 83°8′58″W / 42.20528°N 83.14944°W / 42.20528; -83.14944 (Wyandotte Odd Fellows Temple)
Wyandotte, Michigan [11]
IOOF Hall (NE Minneapolis) Odd Fellows Building in Northeast Minneapolis.jpg 1891 401 East Hennepin Ave. Minneapolis, Minnesota Development of historic storefronts as a part of general rehabilitation of a three-story fraternal block built in 1891 at 401 East Hennepin Avenue near downtown Minneapolis.[15]
Strangers Refuge Lodge Number 74, IOOF 1902 2006 119 S. Broadway Ave.
43°53′35″N 93°29′36″W / 43.89306°N 93.49333°W / 43.89306; -93.49333 (Strangers Refuge Lodge Number 74, IOOF)
New Richland, Minnesota Has served as a meeting hall, as an auditorium, as a music facility, and as a theater[11]
IOOF Liberty Lodge No. 49 1923 1992 16-18 E. Franklin St.
39°14′50″N 94°25′10″W / 39.24722°N 94.41944°W / 39.24722; -94.41944 (IOOF Liberty Lodge No. 49)
Liberty, Missouri Moderne architecture, Early 20th-century commercial architecture[11]
St. Charles Odd Fellows Hall St Charles MO IOOF.JPG 1878 1987 117 S. Main
38°46′50″N 90°28′54″W / 38.78056°N 90.48167°W / 38.78056; -90.48167 (St. Charles Odd Fellows Hall)
St. Charles, Missouri Second Empire architecture[11]
IOOF Hall and Fromberg Co-operative Mercantile Building 1906 1993 123 W. River St.
45°23′31″N 108°54′31″W / 45.39194°N 108.90861°W / 45.39194; -108.90861 (IOOF Hall and Fromberg Co-operative Mercantile Building)
Fromberg, Montana Has served as a department store and as a meeting hall[11]
IOOF Hall (Stevensville, Montana) IOOF building Stevensville.JPG 1912 1991 217-219 Main St.
46°30′37″N 114°5′35″W / 46.51028°N 114.09306°W / 46.51028; -114.09306 (IOOF Hall (Stevensville, Montana))
Stevensville, Montana [11]
IOOF Lodge (Thompson Falls, Montana) ? 1986 520 Main St.
47°35′35″N 115°20′31″W / 47.59306°N 115.34194°W / 47.59306; -115.34194 (IOOF Lodge (Thompson Falls, Montana))
Thompson Falls, Montana [11]
IOOF Hall and Opera House Bladen IOOF Hall and Opera House from NE.jpg 1913 1988 Main St.

40°19′21″N 98°35′42″W / 40.32250°N 98.59500°W / 40.32250; -98.59500 (IOOF Hall and Opera House)

Bladen, Nebraska [11]
IOOF Temple Building Fairbury, Nebraska IOOF temple from NE 2.JPG 1894 1987 523 E St.
40°8′14″N 97°10′47″W / 40.13722°N 97.17972°W / 40.13722; -97.17972 (IOOF Temple Building)
Fairbury, Nebraska Romanesque architecture[11]
IOOF Opera House IOOF Opera House from SE 2.JPG 1893 1988 N. Third and B Sts.
40°52′46″N 97°53′9″W / 40.87944°N 97.88583°W / 40.87944; -97.88583 (IOOF Opera House)
Hampton, Nebraska A two-part commercial block building.[11]
Austin Masonic and Odd Fellows Hall Odd Fellows Home and Masonic Lodge Austin NV.JPG 1867 2003 105 Main St.
39°29′34″N 117°4′10″W / 39.49278°N 117.06944°W / 39.49278; -117.06944 (Austin Masonic and Odd Fellows Hall)
Austin, Nevada Has served as a meeting hall and as a business[11]
I.O.O.F. Building, Mason Valley 1914 1983 1 S. Main St.
38°59′2″N 119°10′11″W / 38.98389°N 119.16972°W / 38.98389; -119.16972 (I.O.O.F. Building, Mason Valley)
Yerington, Nevada NRHP-listed
Mohegan Manor 1910 58 Oswego Street
43°9′33.75″N 76°19′57.37″W / 43.1593750°N 76.3326028°W / 43.1593750; -76.3326028 (Mohegan Manor)
Baldwinsville, New York Designed by Ward Wellington Ward as an Odd Fellows hall.
IOOF Hall (Hunter, New York) IOOF Hall Hunter NY May 11.jpg 1913 2002 6325 Main St.
42°12′43″N 74°13′3″W / 42.21194°N 74.21750°W / 42.21194; -74.21750 (IOOF Hall (Hunter, New York))
Hunter, New York Queen Anne architecture[11]
Nathan Comstock Jr. House Nathan Comstock Jr. House Dec 11.JPG 1823–1829, 1907 299 Old Niagara Road
42°11′14″N 78°40′47″W / 42.18722°N 78.67972°W / 42.18722; -78.67972 (Nathan Comstock Jr. House)
Lockport, New York Greek Revival architecture; housed the Odd Fellows Orphanage from 1907 to 1944.[16][17]
Odd Fellows Hall (New York, New York) 165-171-grand.jpg 1847 1983 165-171 Grand Street
40°43′11″N 73°59′53″W / 40.71972°N 73.99806°W / 40.71972; -73.99806 (Odd Fellows Hall (New York, New York))
New York, New York Italianate, Queen Anne, Anglo-Italianate architecture[11]
Odd Fellows Lodge and Temple 1887 2014 212 Ash St., 823 N. Townsend St.
43°03′38″N 76°09′53″W / 43.06056°N 76.16472°W / 43.06056; -76.16472 (Odd Fellows Lodge and Temple)
Syracuse, New York Romanesque Revival[18]
Odd Fellows Lodge (Goldsboro, North Carolina) Independent Order of Odd Fellows full facade.JPG 1901 1978 111-115 N. John St.
35°22′59″N 77°59′27″W / 35.38306°N 77.99083°W / 35.38306; -77.99083 (Odd Fellows Lodge (Goldsboro, North Carolina))
Goldsboro, North Carolina Classical Revival architecture, Romanesque architecture[11]
Odd Fellows Building (Raleigh, North Carolina) Odd Fellows Building (Raleigh, North Carolina).jpg 1923 1997 19 W Hargett St.
35°46′40″N 78°38′24″W / 35.77778°N 78.64000°W / 35.77778; -78.64000 (Odd Fellows Building (Raleigh, North Carolina))
Raleigh, North Carolina Skyscraper with Late 19th and Early 20th Century American Movements architecture, Classical Revival architecture[11]
Odd Fellows Block (Grand Forks, North Dakota) Oddfellows Block, Grand Forks, ND.jpg 1888 1982 23-25 S. 4th St.
47°55′26″N 97°1′47″W / 47.92389°N 97.02972°W / 47.92389; -97.02972 (Odd Fellows Block (Grand Forks, North Dakota))
Grand Forks, North Dakota Romanesque architecture[11]
Chester Town Hall (Chesterville, Ohio) Chester Town Hall, Chesterville.jpg 1867 1979 Sandusky and Short Sts.
40°28′48″N 82°40′57″W / 40.48000°N 82.68250°W / 40.48000; -82.68250 (Chester Town Hall)
Chesterville, Ohio Italianate architecture[11] Built as an Odd Fellows Hall
Odd Fellows Hall (Hilliard, Ohio) Odd Fellows Hall in Hillard Ohio.jpg 1883 1988 4065 Main St.
40°2′5″N 83°9′32″W / 40.03472°N 83.15889°W / 40.03472; -83.15889 (Odd Fellows Hall (Hilliard, Ohio))
Hilliard, Ohio Italianate architecture[11]
Odd Fellows Temple (East Liverpool, Ohio) Odd Fellows Temple, East Liverpool.jpg 1907 1985 120 W. Sixth St.
40°37′16″N 80°34′50″W / 40.62111°N 80.58056°W / 40.62111; -80.58056 (Odd Fellows Temple (East Liverpool, Ohio))
East Liverpool, Ohio [11]
Odd Fellows Hall (Portsmouth, Ohio) Portsmouth IOOF hall.jpg 1871 1987 500-506 Court St.
38°44′3″N 83°0′2″W / 38.73417°N 83.00056°W / 38.73417; -83.00056 (Odd Fellows Hall (Portsmouth, Ohio))
Portsmouth, Ohio Italianate architecture[11]
Odd Fellows Hall (Sandusky, Ohio) IOOF Temple in Sandusky.jpg 1889 2003 231 West Washington Row
Sandusky, Ohio Queen Anne, Romanesque Revival architecture[11]
Relief Lodge No. 148 1869 1999 405 South Main Street
39°33′07″N 84°13′59″W / 39.55194°N 84.23306°W / 39.55194; -84.23306 (IOOF Building)
Springboro, Ohio Italianate[11]
Odd Fellows' Home for Orphans, Indigent and Aged Odd Fellows Home (Springfield, Ohio).jpg 1898 1980 404 E. McCreight Ave.
39°56′23″N 83°47′59″W / 39.93972°N 83.79972°W / 39.93972; -83.79972 (Odd Fellows' Home for Orphans, Indigent and Aged)
Springfield, Ohio Renaissance Revival architecture, Chateauesque architecture[11]
Aline IOOF Lodge No. 263 1930 1984 Off Main and Broadway
36°30′35″N 98°26′58″W / 36.50972°N 98.44944°W / 36.50972; -98.44944 (Aline IOOF Lodge No. 263)
Aline, Oklahoma One of four NRHP-listed IOOF buildings in the county[11][19]
I.O.O.F. Hall (Alva, Oklahoma) 1905 1984 527 Barnes St.
36°48′12″N 98°39′59″W / 36.80333°N 98.66639°W / 36.80333; -98.66639 (I.O.O.F. Hall (Alva, Oklahoma))
Alva, Oklahoma Plains Commercial architecture[11]
I.O.O.F. Building of Buffalo 1917 1983 110 W. Turner St.
36°50′07″N 99°37′53″W / 36.83528°N 99.63139°W / 36.83528; -99.63139 (I.O.O.F. Building of Buffalo)
Buffalo, Oklahoma Plains Commercial architecture[11]
Carmen IOOF Home 1906 1984
36°35′43″N 98°27′43″W / 36.59528°N 98.46194°W / 36.59528; -98.46194 (Carmen IOOF Home)
near Carmen, Oklahoma [11][19]
Carmen IOOF Lodge No. 84 1902 1984 Main and 4th St.
36°34′45″N 98°27′30″W / 36.57917°N 98.45833°W / 36.57917; -98.45833 (Carmen IOOF Lodge No. 84)
Carmen, Oklahoma Served as a professional building, as a clubhouse, and as a specialty store[11][19]
Oklahoma Odd Fellows Home at Checotah 1902 2001 211 West North St.
35°28′46″N 101°31′15″W / 35.47944°N 101.52083°W / 35.47944; -101.52083 (Oklahoma Odd Fellows Home at Checotah)
Checotah, Oklahoma Romanesque architecture, Bungalow/Craftsman architecture[11]
Cherokee IOOF Lodge No. 219 1931 1984 Grand Ave. and 2nd St.
36°45′23″N 98°21′25″W / 36.75639°N 98.35694°W / 36.75639; -98.35694 (Cherokee IOOF Lodge No. 219)
Cherokee, Oklahoma One of four Alfalfa County Odd Fellows buildings that were subject of a 1983 study.[11][19]
Adams Odd Fellows Hall Odd Fellows Building - Adams Oregon.jpg 1886 1994 190 Main St.
45°46′3″N 118°33′44″W / 45.76750°N 118.56222°W / 45.76750; -118.56222 (Adams Odd Fellows Hall)
Adams, Oregon Italianate architecture[11]
IOOF Building (Ashland, Oregon) IOOF Building (Ashland, Oregon).jpg 1879 1978 49-57 N. Main St.
42°11′50″N 122°42′54″W / 42.19722°N 122.71500°W / 42.19722; -122.71500 (IOOF Building (Ashland, Oregon))
Ashland, Oregon Served as a clubhouse and as a specialty store[11]
Enterprise I.O.O.F. Hall IOOF Hall evening light - Enterprise Oregon.jpg 1920 2012 105 NE 1st St.
45°25′34″N 117°16′33″W / 45.42611°N 117.27583°W / 45.42611; -117.27583 (Enterprise I.O.O.F. Hall)
Enterprise, Oregon
Harrisburg Odd Fellows Hall I.O.O.F. (Harrisburg, Oregon).jpg 1882 1992 190 Smith St.
44°16′20″N 123°10′12″W / 44.27222°N 123.17000°W / 44.27222; -123.17000 (Harrisburg Odd Fellows Hall)
Harrisburg, Oregon Italianate architecture[11]
IOOF-Paris Fair Building Paris Fair Building.jpg 1906 1990 315 Oak St.
45°42′30″N 121°31′18″W / 45.70833°N 121.52167°W / 45.70833; -121.52167 (IOOF--Paris Fair Building)
Hood River, Oregon Early Commercial architecture[11]
Lake Oswego Odd Fellows Hall Lake Oswego Odd Fellows Hall.jpg 1890 1979 Durham and Church Sts.
45°24′50″N 122°39′39″W / 45.41389°N 122.66083°W / 45.41389; -122.66083 (Lake Oswego Odd Fellows Hall)
Lake Oswego, Oregon Has served as a professional building, as a clubhouse, as a meeting hall, and as a specialty store[11]
Odd Fellows Building (Portland, Oregon) Odd Fellows Building top - Portland, Oregon.JPG 1922 1980 1019 SW 10th Ave.
45°31′5″N 122°40′56″W / 45.51806°N 122.68222°W / 45.51806; -122.68222 (Odd Fellows Building (Portland, Oregon))
Portland, Oregon Late Gothic Revival architecture[11]
Chemeketa Lodge No. 1 Odd Fellows Buildings Chemeketa Lodge - Odd Fellows Buildings Salem Oregon.JPG 1900 1988 185-195 High St. NE
44°56′26.08″N 123°2′14.03″W / 44.9405778°N 123.0372306°W / 44.9405778; -123.0372306 (Chemeketa Lodge No. 1 Odd Fellows Buildings)
Salem, Oregon Romanesque Revival architecture[11]
Loyal Order of Odd Fellows 5619 Germantown.JPG 1860 5619 Germantown Ave.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Significant contribution to the NRHP Colonial Germantown Historic District - Note: Not an IOOF building.
Morgantown Odd Fellows Hall Morgantown PA Oddfellows.JPG 1868 3172-3176 Main Street
Morgantown, Pennsylvania Contributing building in Morgantown Historic District - District NRHP-listed 1995
Strasburg Odd Fellows Strasburg Odd Fellows.JPG 1856 Strasburg Historic District
Strasburg, Pennsylvania In the NRHP Strasburg Historic District
Oddfellows' Hall (East Providence, Rhode Island) Oddfellows' Hall, East Providence, RI 2012.jpg 1889 1980 Warren Avenue
41°49′1″N 71°22′56″W / 41.81694°N 71.38222°W / 41.81694; -71.38222 (Oddfellows' Hall (East Providence, Rhode Island))
East Providence, Rhode Island Shingle Style architecture
Odd Fellows Home of Dell Rapids 1910 2010 100 W. 10th St.
Dell Rapids, South Dakota [20]
IOOF Hall (Fairburn, South Dakota) 1917 1995 Main St.
43°41′08″N 103°12′39″W / 43.68556°N 103.21083°W / 43.68556; -103.21083 (IOOF Hall (Fairburn, South Dakota))
Fairburn, South Dakota Contributing building in Fairburn Historic Commercial District
Odd Fellows Building (Gary, South Dakota) 1898 1976 Main St.
44°47′34″N 96°27′24″W / 44.79278°N 96.45667°W / 44.79278; -96.45667 (Odd Fellows Building (Gary, South Dakota))
Gary, South Dakota Has served as a clubhouse and as a meeting hall[11]
Odd Fellows Hall (Beaver, Utah) Odd Fellows Hall Beaver Utah.jpeg 1903 1983 33-35 N. Main St.
38°16′29″N 112°38′29″W / 38.27472°N 112.64139°W / 38.27472; -112.64139 (Odd Fellows Hall)
Beaver, Utah Early Commercial architecture[11]
IOOF Relief Home IOOF Relief Home Park City Utah.jpeg 1890 1984 232 Woodside Ave.
40°38′27″N 111°29′41″W / 40.64083°N 111.49472°W / 40.64083; -111.49472 (IOOF Relief Home)
Park City, Utah [11]
Independent Order of Odd Fellows Hall (Salt Lake City, Utah) IOOFhallSLC.jpg 1891 1977 39 W. Market St.
40°45′41″N 111°53′30″W / 40.76139°N 111.89167°W / 40.76139; -111.89167 (Independent Order of Odd Fellows Hall)
Salt Lake City, Utah Richardsonian Romanesque architecture[11]
Odd Fellows Hall (Alexandria, Virginia) OddFellowsHallAlexandria2009.jpg ? 2004 411 S. Columbus St.
38°48′11.3″N 77°2′57.24″W / 38.803139°N 77.0492333°W / 38.803139; -77.0492333 (Odd Fellows Hall (Alexandria, Virginia))
Alexandria, Virginia Second Empire architecture[11]
Odd Fellows Hall (Blacksburg, Virginia) 1905 2005 203 Gilbert St.
37°14′9″N 80°25′16″W / 37.23583°N 80.42111°W / 37.23583; -80.42111 (Odd Fellows Hall (Blacksburg, Virginia))
Blacksburg, Virginia Historically a meeting hall[11]
Odd Fellows Hall (Occoquan, Virginia) Odd Fellows Hall and Marker.JPG 1889
Occoquan, Virginia
Independent Order of Odd Fellows (IOOF) Hall No. 148 Carnation, WA - Oddfellows Hall 01.jpg 1895 1999 3940 Tolt Ave.
47°38′39″N 121°54′51″W / 47.64417°N 121.91417°W / 47.64417; -121.91417 (Independent Order of Odd Fellows (IOOF) Hall No. 148)
Carnation, Washington [11]
Cheney Odd Fellows Hall ? 1990 321 First St.
47°29′12″N 117°34′30″W / 47.48667°N 117.57500°W / 47.48667; -117.57500 (Cheney Odd Fellows Hall)
Cheney, Washington Late Victorian architecture, vernacular commercial architecture[11]
Opera House and IOOF Lodge Opera House and IOOF Lodge.jpg ? 1997 151 W. 1st Ave.
48°32′40″N 117°54′18″W / 48.54444°N 117.90500°W / 48.54444; -117.90500 (Opera House and I. O. O. F. Lodge)
Colville, Washington Classical Revival architecture[11]
IOOF Hall, Everett, Washington ? 1912 2813-2815 Wetmore Avenue
Everett, Washington Contributing building in Hewitt Avenue Historic District[21]:4–5
Oddfellows Hall (Seattle, Washington) Seattle - Oddfellows Temple 01.jpg ? East Pine and 10th Streets
47°36′54.14″N 122°19′11.18″W / 47.6150389°N 122.3197722°W / 47.6150389; -122.3197722 (Oddfellows Hall (Seattle, Washington))
Seattle, Washington Renaissance Revival architecture;[22] a "cultural nucleus and point of convergence for community and arts organizations"[23]
Stanwood IOOF Public Hall Stanwood WA - Stanwood IOOF Public Hall.jpg 1902 2002 27128 102nd Ave. NW
48°14′35″N 122°22′11″W / 48.24306°N 122.36972°W / 48.24306; -122.36972 (Stanwood IOOF Public Hall)
Stanwood, Washington Western falsefront architecture[11]
Vashon Odd Fellows Hall Vashon Island - Oddfellows Hall 01.jpg 1912 19704 Vashon Highway SW
Vashon Island, Washington Built in 1912, designated a King County and/or local landmark in 1985[24]
IOOF Lodge Building (Marlinton, West Virginia) 1905 2000 Jct. of 8th St. and Second Ave.
38°16′40″N 80°5′38″W / 38.27778°N 80.09389°W / 38.27778; -80.09389 (IOOF Lodge Building (Marlinton, West Virginia))
Marlinton, West Virginia Italianate architecture[11]
IOOF Lodge Building (Shinnston, West Virginia) SHINNSTON HIST. DIST., HARRISON COUNTY, WV.jpg 1906 1998 In Shinnston Historic District at corner of Pike and Walnut Streets
39°23′43″N 80°18′5″W / 39.39528°N 80.30139°W / 39.39528; -80.30139 (IOOF Lodge Building (Shinnston, West Virginia))
Shinnston, West Virginia [11]
Odd Fellows Temple Building (Welch, West Virginia) 1929 1992 43-63 Mc Dowell St
37°25′52″N 81°35′07″W / 37.43111°N 81.58528°W / 37.43111; -81.58528 (Odd Fellows Temple Building (Welch, West Virginia))
Welch, West Virginia Art Deco architecture[11]
Sharon Lodge No. 28 IOOF Sharon Lodge No. 28 IOOF.jpg 1897 1982 316 5th St.
39°15′55″N 81°33′37″W / 39.26528°N 81.56028°W / 39.26528; -81.56028 (Sharon Lodge No. 28 IOOF)
Parkersburg, West Virginia Romanesque architecture[11]
I.O.O.F. Lodge # 329 Building (Iuka, West Virginia) Iuka I.O.O.F. Lodge Hall.jpg 1882 Laurel Run Rd.
39°30′53.6″N 80°47′23.5″W / 39.514889°N 80.789861°W / 39.514889; -80.789861 (Iuka Lodge No. 329 IOOF)
Iuka, West Virginia Built originally as a one-room school with a Lodge upstairs; a new school was built in 1925, and the Board of Education sold the building to Lodge #329, and the bottom floor (school room) was converted into a country store. The Lodge closed in 1945, when it consolidated with Middlebourne Lodge #69. The building has been abandoned for several years and is in very deteriorated shape.
Former Odd Fellows Building Ashland Odd Fellow Hall.JPG 1890's 220 Fourth Avenue West Ashland, Wisconsin Romanesque architecture, although re-sided with modern aluminum siding. Currently used as a commercial business building.
Independent Order of Odd Fellows-Lodge No. 189 Building 1887 1999 1335 Main St.
45°5′42″N 87°37′18″W / 45.09500°N 87.62167°W / 45.09500; -87.62167 (Independent Order of Odd Fellows-Lodge No. 189 Building)
Marinette, Wisconsin Late 19th and 20th Century Revivals architecture[11]
Odd Fellows Hall (Big Horn, Wyoming) 1894 1980 Jackson St.
44°40′46″N 106°59′27″W / 44.67944°N 106.99083°W / 44.67944; -106.99083 (Odd Fellows Hall (Big Horn, Wyoming))
Big Horn, Wyoming [11]
Odd Fellows Building (Casper, Wyoming) Odd Fellows Building, Casper, WY USA.JPG 1952 136 S. Wolcott St.
42°51′5″N 106°19′27″W / 42.85139°N 106.32417°W / 42.85139; -106.32417 (Odd Fellows Building (Casper, Wyoming))
Casper, Wyoming [11]


Image estab.
City, state Description
Odd Fellows Cemetery (San Francisco, California) ?
San Francisco, California Former cemetery; location of the Neptune Society Columbarium
Greenlawn Memorial Park (Colma, California) 1933 1100 El Camino Real Colma, California In 1933, 26,000 bodies from the Oddfellows Cemetery in San Francisco were moved here. San Francisco had previously passed an ordinance to prohibit the sale of cemetery lots or permit any further burials within the city.
Odd Fellows Cemetery (Sonora, California) 1856
Sonora, California Currently reported in disrepair.[25]
Odd Fellows Rest Cemetery OddFellowsRestGateNOLA1.jpg 1849 1980 Canal Street & City Park Avenue
29°58′53″N 90°6′39″W / 29.98139°N 90.11083°W / 29.98139; -90.11083 (Odd Fellows Rest Cemetery)
New Orleans, Louisiana Renaissance architecture, Exotic Revival architecture[11]
Odd Fellows and Confederate Cemetery ? 1988 Corner of Cemetery and Commerce Sts.
33°46′28″N 89°48′39″W / 33.77444°N 89.81083°W / 33.77444; -89.81083 (Odd Fellows and Confederate Cemetery)
Grenada, Mississippi Gothic architecture, Romanesque architecture, Classical architecture[11]
Odd Fellows Cemetery (Starkville, Mississippi) ? 1990 Jct. of US 82 and Henderson St.
33°28′0″N 88°49′15″W / 33.46667°N 88.82083°W / 33.46667; -88.82083 (Odd Fellows Cemetery (Starkville, Mississippi))
Starkville, Mississippi [11]
Odd Fellows' Cemetery ? Along Round Bottom Rd.
39°7′38.1″N 84°21′20.5″W / 39.127250°N 84.355694°W / 39.127250; -84.355694 (Odd Fellows' Cemetery (Newtown, Ohio))
Near Newtown, Ohio Notable for being site of Odd Fellows' Cemetery Mound, an ancient Indian mound and an NRHP-listed archeological site
Medford IOOF Cemetery 1890 1989 Siskiyou Blvd. at Highland Dr.
Medford, Oregon Late 19th and 20th Century Revivals architecture, Art Deco architecture, Modernistic architecture[11]
Odd Fellows Cemetery 1849 24th and Diamond Streets
39°59′12.5″N 75°10′21.99″W / 39.986806°N 75.1727750°W / 39.986806; -75.1727750 (Mount Peace Cemetery)
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Acquired by the Philadelphia Housing Authority in 1950 for construction of a housing project; burials were re-interred at other Odd Fellows cemeteries
Odd Fellows Cemetery Plot (of Mount Hope Cemetery) Ashland IOOF Cemetery.JPG about 1900 Along Sanborn Avenue Ashland, Wisconsin The Odd Fellows Section, located near the center of Mount Hope Cemetery


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