List of Odonata species of Australia

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Alpine darner, Austroaeschna flavomaculata

This is a list of species of damselflies and dragonflies recorded in Australia.

Common names of species are linked, beside their scientific names.

The list is split into two groups: damselflies (suborder Zygoptera) and other dragonflies (infraorder Anisoptera). Those groups are organized in Families and then Genera and Species.

Zygoptera (damselflies)[edit]


genus: Aciagrion

genus: Agriocnemis

genus: Archibasis

genus: Argiocnemis

genus: Austroagrion

genus: Austrocnemis

genus: Caliagrion

genus: Ceriagrion

genus: Coenagrion

genus: Ischnura

genus: Pseudagrion

genus: Teinobasis

genus: Xanthagrion


genus: Hemiphlebia


genus: Austrosticta

genus: Eurysticta

genus: Labidiosticta

genus: Lithosticta

genus: Neosticta

genus: Oristicta

genus: Rhadinosticta


genus: Austrolestes

genus: Indolestes

genus: Lestes


genus: Diphlebia

genus: Lestoidea


genus: Archiargiolestes

genus: Austroargiolestes

genus: Griseargiolestes

genus: Miniargiolestes

genus: Podopteryx


genus: Nososticta


genus: Chorismagrion

genus: Episynlestes

genus: Synlestes

Anisoptera (dragonflies)[edit]


genus: Adversaeschna

  • Blue-spotted hawker, Adversaeschna brevistyla (Coastal areas from Cooktown in northern Queensland, south to Victoria, and the Pilbara in Western Australia)

genus: Agyrtacantha

genus: Anaciaeschna

genus: Anax

genus: Austrogynacantha

genus: Gynacantha


genus: Apocordulia

genus: Austrocordulia

genus: Austrophya

genus: Hesperocordulia

genus: Lathrocordulia

genus: Micromidia


genus: Archipetalia

genus: Austropetalia

  • Northern redspot, Austropetalia annaliese (Eastern New South Wales)
  • Waterfall redspot, Austropetalia patricia (Coastal New South Wales)
  • Alpine redspot, Austropetalia tonyana (Southern New South Wales and Victoria between 600–1800 metres elevation)


genus: Dendroaeschna


genus: Cordulephya

  • Common shutwing, Cordulephya pygmaea (Coastal mid-southern Queensland to Victoria, also inland to 600 metres elevation)
  • Tropical shutwing, Cordulephya bidens (Coastal central Queensland)
  • Clubbed shutwing, Cordulephya divergens (Coastal southern New South Wales)
  • Mountain shutwing, Cordulephya montana (Coastal to alpine New South Wales)


genus: Hemicordulia

genus: Pentathemis

genus: Procordulia


genus: Antipodogomphus

  • Southern dragon, Antipodogomphus acolythus Queensland except for Cape York and south-west, New South Wales except south-east and Victoria
  • Top End dragon, Antipodogomphus dentosus Top End of Northern Territory
  • Cape York dragon, Antipodogomphus edentulus Cape York, Queensland
  • Pilbara dragon, Antipodogomphus hodgkini Pilbara region of Western Australia
  • Northern dragon, Antipodogomphus neophytus Northern Australia, from Western Australia to Queensland
  • Spinehead dragon, Antipodogomphus proselythus Coastal Queensland

genus: Armagomphus

  • Armourtail, Armagomphus armiger South-western Western Australia.
Austrogomphus guerini

genus: Austrogomphus

subgenus Austroepigomphus
subgenus Austrogomphus
  • Murray River hunter, Austrogomphus angelorum (South-eastern South Australia, Victoria, western New South Wales)
  • Toothed hunter, Austrogomphus arbustorum (Northern Queensland)
  • Inland hunter, Austrogomphus australis (Victoria, south-eastern South Australia, southern Queensland, north-eastern and western New South Wales)
  • Western inland hunter, Austrogomphus collaris (South-western Western Australia)
  • Unicorn hunter, Austrogomphus cornutus (Victoria, eastern New South Wales, mid- and southern Queensland)
  • Northern river hunter, Austrogomphus doddi (North-eastern Queensland)
  • Yellow-striped hunter, Austrogomphus guerini (South-eastern Queensland, eastern New South Wales, Victoria, south-eastern South Australia, Tasmania) [1]
  • Pimple-headed hunter, Austrogomphus mjobergi (Northern Northern Territory, north-western Western Australia, north-eastern Queensland)
  • Kimberly hunter, Austrogomphus mouldsorum (North-western Western Australia)
  • Jade hunter, Austrogomphus ochraceus (South-eastern Queensland, eastern New South Wales, southern Victoria)
  • Tiny hunter, Austrogomphus pusillus (North-western Western Australia)
subgenus Pleiogomphus
  • Pale hunter, Austrogomphus amphiclitus (Eastern New South Wales, eastern and south-western Queensland)
  • Dark hunter, Austrogomphus bifurcatus (North-eastern Queensland)
  • Fork hunter, Austrogomphus divaricatus (Eastern Queensland)
  • Lemon-tipped hunter, Austrogomphus prasinus (North-eastern Queensland)
subgenus Xerogomphus
  • Western red hunter, Austrogomphus gordoni (Western Australia except the Kimberleys and central Australia)
  • Flame-tipped hunter, Austrogomphus turneri (Northern Australia, from Western Australia to Queensland)

genus: Hemigomphus

  • Black vicetail, Hemigomphus atratus Mid coastal Queensland
  • Zebra vicetail, Hemigomphus comitatus Mid and north coastal Queensland
  • Wallum vicetail, Hemigomphus cooloola Coastal New South Wales
  • Southern vicetail, Hemigomphus gouldii Coastal South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales, southern Queensland
  • Stout vicetail, Hemigomphus heteroclytus Coastal South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales, southern Queensland
  • Kakadu vicetail, Hemigomphus magela Northern Territory
  • Rainforest vicetail, Hemigomphus theischingeri Mid and northern coastal Queensland

genus: Odontogomphus

  • Pinchtail, Odontogomphus donnellyi (Northern coastal Queensland)

genus: Zephyrogomphus

  • Lilac hunter, Zephyrogomphus lateralis (South-western Western Australia)
  • Rainforest hunter, Zephyrogomphus longipositor (North-eastern Queensland)


genus: Archaeophya


genus: Aethriamanta

genus: Agrionoptera

  • Red swampdragon, Agrionoptera insignis allogenes (Northern New South Wales, eastern Queensland, Northern Territory)
  • Striped swampdragon, Agrionoptera longitudinalis biserialis (North-eastern Queensland)

genus: Austrothemis

genus: Brachydiplax

genus: Camacinia

genus: Crocothemis

genus: Diplacodes

genus: Huonia

genus: Hydrobasileus

genus: Lathrecista

genus: Macrodiplax

genus: Nannodiplax

genus: Nannophlebia

genus: Nannophya

genus: Neurothemis

genus: Notolibellula

genus: Orthetrum

genus: Pantala

genus: Potamarcha

genus: Raphismia

genus: Rhodothemis

genus: Rhyothemis

genus: Tetrathemis

genus: Tholymis

genus: Tramea

Male common glider - Darwin

genus: Urothemis

genus: Zyxomma


genus: Ictinogomphus


genus: Macromia


genus: Petalura


genus: Pseudocordulia


genus: Archaeosynthemis

genus: Austrosynthemis

genus: Choristhemis

genus: Eusynthemis

genus: Parasynthemis

genus: Synthemiopsis

genus: Synthemis

genus: Tonyosynthemis


genus: Acanthaeschna

  • Thylacine darner, Acanthaeschna victoria (Coastal southern Queensland and northern New South Wales)

genus: Antipodophlebia

genus: Austroaeschna

Lesser Tasmanian darner Austroaeschna hardyi

genus: Austrophlebia

genus: Dromaeschna

genus: Notoaeschna

genus: Spinaeschna

genus: Telephlebia


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