List of Oklahoma Sooners men's basketball conference championships

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Since the late 1920s, the University of Oklahoma Sooners have been a basketball program that has won numerous conference championships. Below is a list of all conference titles.

Conference Year Coach
Big 12 2004-2005 Kelvin Sampson
2002-2003* Kelvin Sampson
2001-2002* Kelvin Sampson
2000-2001* Kelvin Sampson
Big 8 1989-1990* Billy Tubbs
1988-1989 Billy Tubbs
1987-1988* Billy Tubbs
1984-1985* Billy Tubbs
1983-1984 Billy Tubbs
1978-1979* Dave Bliss
Big 7 1948-1949 Bruce Drake
Big 6 1946-1947 Bruce Drake
1943-1944 Bruce Drake
1941-1942 Bruce Drake
1939-1940 Bruce Drake
1938-1939 Bruce Drake
1928-1929 Hugh McDermott
MVIAA 1927-1928 Hugh McDermott
*Conference Tournament Champion