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This is a list of breweries in Oklahoma, a U.S. state.


Brewing in Tulsa dates back to the late 1930s with the Ahrens Brewing Company and their Ranger Beer line. The Ahrens Brewing Company opened in May 1938 as a large scale production brewery which employed more than 30 people at its onset. Their Ranger Beer, Ranger Special Brew, and Ranger Winter Brew were popular among Tulsans of the time; however the brewery experienced only a short existence. They were forced into bankruptcy in February 1940. The details of what went wrong with the brewery have been lost over time, but it is believed that the Ahrens were put out of business by “unfair” practices from the breweries in Oklahoma City. [1]

The number of new breweries opening and in planning has increased recently in Oklahoma.[2] (405) Brewing Co. is Oklahoma's newest brewery to begin production.[3]



  • Belle Isle Restaurant and Brewing Company[9] – Oklahoma City
  • Bricktown Brewery[9] – Oklahoma City
  • Pete's Place[9] – Krebs
  • Royal Bavaria[9] – Moore

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