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Omega Psi Phi is an international Fraternity founded at Howard University in 1911. This is a list of its chapters throughout the world.[1]

United States[edit]

Name Chartered Institution Location Status Notes Reference
Alpha Α December 15, 1911 Howard University District of Columbia Active Mother Pearl,
Recognized by Howard University in November 1914
Beta Β February 6, 1914 Lincoln University Chester County, Pennsylvania Active
Gamma Γ December 13, 1916 Boston City-Wide Chapter Boston, Massachusetts Active
Delta Δ 1919 Meharry Medical College Nashville, Tennessee Active
Epsilon E April 18, 1919 New York City-Wide Chapter New York, New York Active Originally chartered at Columbia University, New York University, and City College of New York
Zeta Ζ 1919 Virginia Union University Richmond, Virginia Active
Eta H 1919 Alcorn State University Lorman, Mississippi Active
Theta Θ 1922 Wiley College Marshall, Texas Active First Chapter West of the Mississippi River
Iota I 1920 Chicago City-Wide Chapter Chicago, Illinois Active Originally Chartered in Atlantic City, New Jersey in 1920 then went inactive, reassigned to University of Chicago in 1923, in Feb 1995 re-chartered as an intermediate chapter and then again in July 1995 re-chartered as a graduate chapter
Kappa Κ 1922 Syracuse University Syracuse, New York Active Originally Chartered at West Virginia State University. Reassigned to Syracuse, NY in 1923
Lambda Λ May 3, 1923 USC/UCLA/CSU-Los Angeles/CSU-Northridge Los Angeles, California Active Originally chartered at University of Southern California
Mu Μ 1920 University of Pennsylvania Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Active
Nu N 1921 Pennsylvania State University University Park, Pennsylvania Active
Xi Ξ May 23, 1921 University of Minnesota Minneapolis, Minnesota Active
Omicron O 1921; Reactivated December 4, 2010 Columbia University New York, New York Active Originally founded at Interdenominational Theological Center (ITC) in Atlanta, Georgia; reassigned to Columbia University in 1969
Pi Π 1923 Morgan State University Baltimore, Maryland Active
Rho Ρ Dec 5, 1921 Johnson C. Smith University Charlotte, North Carolina Active First Black Greek Letter Organization founded at Biddle College which is now Johnson C. Smith University.
Sigma Σ 1921 Michigan State University Lansing, Michigan Active Originally Chartered in Chicago Illinois as a Graduate Chapter. The Chapter was renamed Sigma Omega in 1923 when the fraternity mandated that graduate chapter names end in Omega. In December of 1923 Sigma was given to McGill University in Montreal Quebec Canada and thus becoming the first international Chapter in the fraternity. In 1961 Sigma Chapter was established at Michigan State University.

Tau T May 1, 1922 Atlanta University Atlanta, Georgia Active Originally chartered as an Undergraduate Chapter at Atlanta University; Intermediate Chapter from 1969 until 2000; currently a Graduate Chapter.
Upsilon Υ Wilberforce University Wilberforce, Ohio Active
Phi Φ 1921 University of Michigan Ann Arbor, Michigan Active
Chi X 1921 Edward Waters College Jacksonville, Florida Active Original location, New Haven, CT
Psi Ψ December 21, 1921 Morehouse College Atlanta, Georgia Active
Alpha Gamma ΑΓ 1949 Savannah State University Savannah, Georgia Active
Alpha Epsilon ΑΕ 1946 University of Arizona Tucson, Arizona Active
Alpha Delta Delta ΑΔΔ 12 July 1985 Louisiana Tech University Ruston, Louisiana Active First three-letter Undergraduate Chapter
Alpha Delta Epsilon ΑΔΕ 2004 Southeastern Louisiana University Hammond, Louisiana Active Originally chartered under Lambda Alpha graduate chapter in 1979. Re-chartered in 2004
Alpha Delta Upsilon ΑΔΥ 2012 Chowan University Murfreesboro, North Carolina Active
Alpha Delta Sigma 2010 College of William and Mary Williamsburg, Virginia Active
Alpha Delta Zeta ΑΔΖ 2004 University of North Carolina at Greensboro Greensboro, North Carolina Active
Alpha Delta Eta ΑΔΗ 2004 Florida International University Miami, Florida Active
Alpha Delta Kappa ΑΔΚ Coastal Carolina University Conway, South Carolina Inactive
Alpha Delta Mu ΑΔΜ 2008 University of North Florida Jacksonville, Florida Active
Alpha Delta Nu ΑΔΝ 2008 Kennesaw State University Kennesaw, Georgia
Alpha Delta Omicron ΑΔΟ 2009 Louisiana State University Shreveport Shreveport, Louisiana
Alpha Delta Tau ΑΔΤ 2011 University of South Carolina Upstate Spartanburg, South Carolina Active
Alpha Eta AH 1974 East Stroudsburg University East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania Inactive
Alpha Theta ΑΘ March 29, 1969 Arizona State University Tempe, Arizona Active
Alpha Kappa ΑΚ 1976 Marquette University Milwaukee, Wisconsin Active
Alpha Lambda ΑΛ 1979 Southern University at New Orleans New Orleans, Louisiana Active

Alpha Mu AM 1981 Stanford University Stanford, California Active
Alpha Mu Mu 2006 Graduate Chapter Bryan-College Station, Texas
Alpha Mu Nu 2014 Graduate Chapter Pocono Mountains, Pennsylvania Active
Alpha Sigma ΑΣ May 25, 1935 Morris Brown College Atlanta, Georgia Active
Alpha Psi ΑΨ 1922 Huston-Tillotson University Austin, Texas Active
Beta Beta ΒΒ 1971 University of Akron Akron, Ohio Active
Beta Gamma ΒΓ December 5, 1950 Cheyney University of Pennsylvania Delaware County, Pennsylvania Active
Beta Delta Delta ΒΔΔ 1985 James Madison University Harrisonburg, Virginia Active
Beta Zeta ΒΖ 1972 University of Georgia Athens, Georgia Active
Beta Eta ΒΗ 1974 University of Alabama Tuscaloosa, Alabama Active
Beta Theta ΒΘ December 12, 1969 Mississippi Valley State University Itta Bena, Mississippi Active
Beta Kappa ΒΚ Frostburg State University Frostburg, Maryland Active
Beta Rho BP April 18, 1962 Mississippi Valley Graduate Chapter Itta Bena, Mississippi Active
Beta Sigma ΒΣ 1936 Southern University Baton Rouge, Louisiana Active
Beta Psi ΒΨ December 22, 1923 Clark Atlanta University Atlanta, Georgia Active
Beta Omicron ΒΟ December 1, 1946 Intermedia chapter/University of West Florida Pensacola, Florida Active
Beta Mu BM 1981 College of CharlestonLocation=Charleston, South Carolina Active
Delta Eta ΔΗ 1975 Southern Arkansas University Magnolia, Arkansas Active
Gamma Beta ΓΒ Paine College Augusta, Georgia Active
Gamma Gamma ΓΓ 1950 Grambling State University Grambling, Louisiana Active
Gamma Gamma Gamma ΓΓΓ 1950 Graduate Chapter Madison, Wisconsin Active Gamma Gamma Gamma Chapter of Madison, Wisconsin, was founded on January 6, 1984.
Gamma Epsilon ΓΕ 1947 Hampton University Hampton, Virginia Active
Gamma Zeta ΓΖ Mercer University Macon, Georgia Active
Gamma Eta ΓΗ 1974 University of Arkansas-Fayetteville Fayetteville, Arkansas Active
Gamma Kappa ΓΚ 1953 Salisbury University Salisbury, Maryland Active Originally Salisbury State College
Gamma Lambda ΓΛ West Virginia University Institute of Technology Montgomery, West Virginia Active
Gamma Mu ΓΜ December 10, 1982 Indiana University of Pennsylvania Indiana, Pennsylvania Active
Gamma Pi ΓΠ 1973 Graduate Chapter Prince George's County, MD Active
Gamma Rho ΓΡ 1962 Graduate Chapter New Orleans, Louisiana Active Westbank Graduate Chapter of New Orleans
Gamma Sigma ΓΣ 1936 Alabama State University Montgomery, Alabama Active
Gamma Psi ΓΨ 1921 Talladega College Talladega, Alabama Active
Delta Beta ΔΒ 1971 Coppin State University Baltimore, Maryland Active
Delta Gamma ΔΓ 1951 Fayetteville State University Fayetteville, North Carolina Active
Delta Epsilon ΔΕ 1970 Bowling Green State University Bowling Green, Ohio Active
Delta Delta Delta ΔΔΔ 1985 Georgia Southwestern State University Americus, Georgia Active
Delta Theta ΔΘ 1969 Southeastern University District of Columbia Active
Delta Kappa ΔΚ November 20, 1976 Georgia Institute of Technology Atlanta, Georgia Active First Black Greek-Letter Organization chartered at Georgia Tech
Delta Psi ΔΨ 1923 Shaw University Raleigh, North Carolina Active
"Cornerstone" Epsilon Alpha EA October 1, 1932 Graduate Chapter Fort Worth, Texas Active Oldest Chapter in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex.
Epsilon Beta ΕΒ Western Illinois University Macomb, Illinois Active
Epsilon Gamma ΕΓ May 18, 1951 Saint Paul's College (Virginia) Lawrenceville, Virginia Inactive
Epsilon Delta ΕΔ 1972 University of Missouri Columbia, Missouri Active
Epsilon Epsilon ΕΕ 1947 Benedict College Columbia, South Carolina Active
Epsilon Zeta ΕΖ 1973 University of North Carolina at Charlotte Charlotte, North Carolina Active
Epsilon Eta ΕΗ February 18, 1978 Chicago State University Chicago, Illinois Active
Epsilon Lambda ΕΛ Morris College Sumter, South Carolina Active
Epsilon Lambda Lambda ΕΛΛ December 1, 2001 Graduate Chapter Opelousas, Louisiana Active
Epsilon Mu ΕΜ University of California, Berkeley Berkeley, California Active
Epsilon Mu Mu ΕΜΜ 2008 Graduate Chapter MacDill Air Force Base, Tampa, Florida Active
Epsilon Sigma ΕΣ March 1, 1968 Bowie State University Bowie, Maryland Active
Epsilon Phi ΕΨ April 1925 Gradute Chapter Memphis, Tennessee Active
Epsilon Tau ΕΤ 1958 Graduate chapter Lubbock, Texas Active
Epsilon Omega ΕΏ April 20, 1923 Orangeburg, South Carolina Active 2nd oldest chapter in 6th District and oldest graduate Chapter in the 6th District
Epsilon Theta ΕΘ 1969 University of Wisconsin Madison, Wisconsin Active
Epsilon Xi ΕΞ 1976 Graduate Chapter Sacramento, CA Active
Nu Phi ΝΦ 1926 Graduate Chapter Houston, TX Active
Zeta Delta Delta ΖΔΔ 1986 Georgia Southern University Statesboro, Georgia Active
Zeta Epsilon October 1947 Indiana University Bloomington, Indiana Active
Zeta Kappa ΖΚ 1974 University of South Alabama Mobile, Alabama Active
Zeta Zeta ΖΖ 1973 University of South Carolina Columbia, South Carolina Active
Zeta Theta ΖΘ 1969 Georgia State University Atlanta, Georgia Active
Zeta Lambda ΖΛ 1979 University of Washington Seattle, Washington Inactive
Zeta Mu ΖΜ 1962 California State University, Dominguez Hills Carson, California Active
Zeta Rho ΖΡ 1962 Graduate Chapter Los Angeles, California Active
Zeta Sigma ΖΣ Bluefield State College Bluefield, West Virginia Active
Zeta Tau ZT 1957 Graduate Chapter Pasadena, California Active
Zeta Chi ZX 1954 Graduate Chapter Fort Lauderdale, Florida Active
Eta Beta ΗΒ 1971 University of Tennessee at Chattanooga Chattanooga, Tennessee Active
Eta Gamma ΗΓ 1951 Central State University Wilberforce, Ohio Active
Eta Delta ΗΔ Indiana University Northwest (City Chapter) Gary, Indiana Inactive
Eta Delta Delta ΗΔΔ George Mason University Fairfax County, Virginia Active
Eta Zeta ΗΖ July 31, 1973 University of Mississippi Oxford, Mississippi Active
Eta Theta ΗΘ 1969 University of Texas at Austin Austin, Texas Active
Eta Lambda ΗΛ 1979 Virginia Tech Blacksburg, Virginia Active
Eta Mu HM 1982 Sam Houston State University Huntsville, Texas Active
Eta Nu HN 1969 Graduate Chapter Pompano Beach, Florida Active
Eta Omicron HO 1947 Graduate Chapter Albany, Georgia Active
Eta Sigma ΗΣ 1936 Lincoln University of Missouri Jefferson City, Missouri Active
Eta Psi ΗΨ 1926 Fisk University Nashville, Tennessee Active
Eta Omega ΗΩ 1919 Graduate Chapter Atlanta, Georgia Active Eta Chapter founded, in 1919, became Eta Omega Chapter during term of Past Grand Basileus Alston Atkins between 1922-23. Eta Chapter is an undergraduate chapter at Alcorn State University founded September 26, 1949.
Theta Beta ΘΒ 1971 Vanderbilt University Nashville, Tennessee Active
Theta Gamma ΘΓ May 15, 1952 Eastern Michigan University Ypsilanti, Michigan Active
Theta Delta ΘΔ 1972 Northwestern State University Natchitoches, Louisiana Active
Theta Delta Delta ΘΔΔ 1989 Mississippi State University Starkville, Mississippi Active
Theta Kappa ΘΚ 1977 Louisiana State University Baton Rouge, Louisiana Active
Theta Psi ΘΨ 1926 West Virginia State University Kanawha County, West Virginia Active
Iota Beta ΙΒ April 1, 1970 University of Tennessee Knoxville, Tennessee Active First Black Greek Letter Organization on campus at University of of Tennessee.
Iota Delta ΙΔ Northern Illinois University Dekalb, Illinois Active
Iota Delta Delta ΙΔΔ 1988 Southeast Missouri State University Cape Girardeau, Missouri Active
Iota Gamma ΙΓ November 8, 1970 The College of New Jersey Ewing, NJ Active
Iota Lambda ΙΛ 1977 University of North Carolina at Wilmington Wilmington, North Carolina Active
Iota Mu ΙΜ 1983 University of California, Davis/California State University, Sacramento/California State University, Chico Sacramento, California Active
Iota Mu Nu IMN 2016 Graduate Chapter Saint Johns, Florida Active
Iota Psi ΙΨ 1926 The Ohio State University Columbus, Ohio Active
Iota Zeta ΙΖ April 23, 1973 University of Tennessee at Martin Martin, Tennessee Active
Kappa Gamma ΚΓ 1954 Florida Memorial University Miami, Florida Active
Kappa Delta ΚΔ 1972 University of Alabama at Birmingham Birmingham, Alabama Active
Kappa Epsilon ΚΕ 1947 St. Augustine's College (Raleigh) Raleigh, North Carolina Active
Kappa Eta ΚΗ 1975 Seton Hall University South Orange, New Jersey Active
Kappa Theta ΚΘ Indianapolis City-Wide Chapter Indianapolis, Indiana Active
Kappa Kappa ΚΚ University of West Georgia Carrollton, Georgia Active
Kappa Lambda ΚΛ 1978 North Carolina State University Raleigh, North Carolina Active
Kappa Omicron ΚΟ 1948 Bronx, NY New York, NY Active
Kappa Phi ΚΦ April 15, 1953 Graduate Chapter Milwaukee, WI Active
Kappa Psi ΚΨ 1926 Howard University Washington, DC Active
Kappa Mu KM University of Illinois at Chicago Chicago, Illinois Active
Kappa Nu ΚΝ 1969 Binghamton University Binghamton, New York Active
Kappa Xi ΚΞ 1976 University of Nevada, Las Vegas Las Vegas, Nevada Inactive
Kappa Sigma ΚΣ 1937 Lane College Jackson, Tennessee Active
Lambda Alpha ΛΑ May 8, 1936 Graduate Chapter Baton Rouge, Louisiana Active
Lambda Alpha Alpha ΛΑΑ 1980 Graduate Chapter Boynton Beach, Florida Active
Lambda Gamma ΛΓ 1954 Elizabeth City State University Elizabeth City, North Carolina Active
Lambda Delta ΛΔ Eureka College Eureka, Illinois Active
Lambda Epsilon ΛΕ 1947 Tuskegee University Tuskegee, Alabama Active
Lambda Zeta ΛΖ 1973 University of Virginia Charlottesville, Virginia Active
Lambda Eta ΛΗ 1975 Wake Forest University Winston-Salem, North Carolina Inactive
Lambda Theta ΛΘ Shepherd University Shepherdstown, West Virginia Active
Lambda Kappa Kappa ΛΚΚ 1995 Graduate Chapter Baton Rouge, Louisiana Active
Lambda Lambda ΛΛ 1978 Francis Marion University Florence, South Carolina Active
Lambda Mu ΛΜ April 23, 1983 American Baptist College (Formerly American Baptist Theological Seminary) Active
Lambda Sigma ΛΣ 1938 Claflin University Orangeburg, South Carolina Active
Lambda Psi ΛΨ March 27, 1927 Livingstone College Salisbury, North Carolina Active
Mu Beta Manitoba 1971 The University of Texas at Arlington Arlington, Texas Active
Mu Beta Beta MBB 1982 Graduate Chapter Thomasville, Georgia Active
Mu Gamma ΜΓ 1957 Graduate Chapter (originally Bishop College) Dallas,Texas Active Originally Chartered as an Undergraduate Chapter in 1957 at Bishop College in Dallas, Texas. Mu Gamma Chapter became inactive upon the closing of Bishop College in 1986. On Thursday, January 18, 2018 the Chapter Reactivation Application was presented to the Supreme Council of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Inc. The Chapter Application was approved by the Supreme Council and Mu Gamma Chapter was reactivated & reassigned as a Graduate Chapter.
Mu Epsilon ME 1948 Winston-Salem State University Winston-Salem, North Carolina Active
Mu Theta ΜΘ 1970 Iowa State University Ames, Iowa Active
Mu Kappa ΜΚ 1977 California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo San Luis Obispo, California Active
Mu Lambda ΜΛ 1977 University of Louisiana-Monroe Monroe, Louisiana Active
Mu Mu MM 1983 University of Missouri-Kansas City Kansas City, Mo Active
Mu Pi ΜΠ March 9, 1974 Greenville City-Wide Greenville, South Carolina Active
Mu Psi ΜΨ 1927 North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University Greensboro, North Carolina Active
Mu Zeta MZ 1973 Middle Tennessee State University Murfreesboro, Tennessee Active
Nu Beta NB 1971 Marshall University Huntington, West Virginia Active
Nu Delta ΝΔ Columbus State University Columbus, Georgia Active
Nu Delta Delta ΝΔΔ 1992 Texas A&M University-College Station College Station, Texas Active
Nu Epsilon ΝΕ 1948 Alabama A&M University Huntsville, Alabama Active
Nu Zeta ΝΖ September 29, 1973 West Virginia University Morgantown, West Virginia Active
Nu Eta 1975 University of Southern Mississippi Hattiesburg, Mississippi Active
Nu Kappa ΝΚ 1977 Southern Methodist University University Park, Texas Active
Nu Lambda ΝΛ December 29, 1978 University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee Milwaukee, Wisconsin Inactive
Nu Lambda Lambda ΝΛΛ January 4, 2003 Graduate Chapter Jersey City, NJ Active
Nu Mu ΝΜ 1983 University of the Pacific Stockton, California Inactive
Nu Omicron ΝΟ October 15, 1947 St. John's University (New York City) & Queens, NY Queens, NYC Active Graduate Chapter in Queens,- St. John's University and York College
Nu Sigma ΝΣ May 23, 1938 Wayne State University Detroit, Michigan Active
Nu Tau NT March 5, 1960 Albany City-Wide Chapter Albany, New York Active
Nu Psi ΝΨ 1927 Virginia State University Petersburg, Virginia Active
Xi Beta ΞΒ 1971 Henderson State University Arkadelphia, Arkansas Active
Xi Gamma ΞΓ 1963 San José State University San José, California Active
Xi Delta Delta ΞΔΔ 1992 Michigan Technological University Houghton, Michigan Inactive
Xi Epsilon ΞΕ 1948 Bradley University Peoria, Illinois Inactive
Xi Zeta ΞΖ 1973 University of Memphis Memphis, Tennessee Active
Xi Theta ΞΘ Ashland College Ashland, Ohio Active
Xi Mu ΞΜ University of California, Santa Barbara Isla Vista, California Inactive
Xi Sigma ΞΣ 1938 Xavier University of Louisiana New Orleans, Louisiana Active
Xi Phi ΞΦ 1926 Graduate Chapter Harlem, New York City Active
Xi Psi ΞΨ 1928 South Carolina State University Orangeburg, South Carolina Active
Omicron Gamma ΟΓ 1962 University of District of Columbia District of Columbia Active
Omicron Delta ΟΔ 1971 University of Miami Miami, Florida Active
Omicron Delta Delta ΟΔΔ 1992 William Paterson University Wayne, New Jersey Active
Omicron Epsilon OE 1948 Bethune-Cookman University Daytona Beach, Florida Active
Omicron Zeta OZ 1973 University of Florida Gainesville, Florida Active
Omicron Theta ΟΘ 1969 Southern Illinois University-Carbondale Carbondale, Illinois Active
Omicron Iota Iota ΟΙΙ 1992 Fort Leavenworth Leavenworth County, Kansas Active
Omicron Kappa Kappa ΟΚΚ 1996 Graduate Chapter Reston/Herndon Fairfax County, Virginia Active
Omicron Mu ΟΜ 1983 Weber State University Ogden, Utah Inactive
Omicron Sigma ΟΣ 1942 St. Louis City-Wide Chapter St. Louis, Missouri Active
Omicron Phi ΟΦ 1926 Graduate Chapter Columbia, South Carolina Active
Omicron Psi ΟΨ 1927 Pittsburgh City-Wide Chapter Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Active
Omicron Xi 1977 Graduate Chapter Kansas City, Kansas Active
Pi Beta ΠΒ Illinois State University Normal, Illinois Active
Pi Gamma ΠΓ 1962 Norfolk State University Norfolk, Virginia Active
Pi Delta ΠΔ 1972 University of Oklahoma Norman, Oklahoma Active
Pi Mu ΠΜ 1983 SDSU San Diego, California Active
Pi Omega ΠΩ 1921 Baltimore, Maryland Baltimore, Maryland Active
Pi Delta Delta ΠΔΔ 1987 Emory University Atlanta, Georgia Active Originally colonized under Eta Omega in 1987, became stand-alone chapter in 1994 as Pi Delta Delta
Pi Epsilon ΠΕ 1947 University of Maryland Eastern Shore Princess Anne, Maryland Active
Pi Zeta ΠΖ Baldwin Wallace College Berea, Ohio Active
Pi Iota ΠΙ 1946 Graduate Chapter Tampa, FL Active
Pi Kappa ΠΚ 1975 University of Arkansas at Little Rock Little Rock, Arkansas Active
Pi Rho ΠΡ Aug 7, 1964 Graduate chapter San Bernardino, CA Active
Pi Psi ΠΨ 1929 University of Illinois Champaign, Illinois Active
Rho Delta Delta ΡΔΔ 1995 Troy University Troy, Alabama Active
Rho Epsilon ΡΕ 1948 Tougaloo College Tougaloo, Mississippi Active
Rho Gamma ΡΓ 1963 Stillman College Tuscaloosa, Alabama Active
Rho Eta ΡΗ 1968 University of Kansas Lawrence, Kansas Active
Rho Lambda 1980 University of Kentucky Lexington, Kentucky Active
Rho Theta ΡΘ 1970 Prairie View A&M University Prairie View, Texas Active
Phi Kappa 1978 Rowan University Glassboro, NJ Inactive
Rho Sigma ΡΣ Purdue University West Lafayette, Indiana Active
Rho Psi ΡΨ April 30, 1930 Tennessee State University Nashville, Tennessee Active
Sigma Alpha ΣΑ 1939 Graduate Chapter Miami, Florida Active
Sigma Delta ΣΔ 1972 Auburn University Auburn, Alabama Active
Sigma Eta ΣΗ 1976 University of California, Riverside Riverside, California Active
Sigma Delta Delta ΣΔΔ Florida Atlantic University Boca Raton, Florida Active
Sigma Kappa ΣΚ Mar 10, 1978 University of Central Oklahoma Edmond, Oklahoma Active
Sigma Sigma ΣΣ September 24, 1942 Texas College Tyler, Texas Active
Sigma Zeta ΣΖ May 31, 1975 University of Wisconsin at Whitewater Whitewater, Wisconsin Active The University of Wisconsin at Whitewater was originally called Teacher's College in 1971. The name changed in 1972 to University of Wisconsin at Whitewater. The original line was made on May 15, 1971 by "Seven Little Brothers of Sweat and Pain" - Brother Kenneth M. Williams - "Lopsy", Brother George Gaten, Brother Henry S. Coleman, Brother James Summers, Brother Edward E. Cheatham, Brother Stafford Hood, and Brother Leonard C. White, Jr. - "SPACE". The second line was June 10, 1972 which included Brother Curtis Johnson, Brother Larry Grimes, Brother Garry K. Grimes, The third line was "Duces Wild" in 1973 which included Brother Michael J. Andrews and Albert J. DeSavieu - "Punchy". The fourth line was May 31, 1975, "The Notorious 9" which included Brother James D. Banks, Brother Leland Williams, Brother LeMarr M. Williams, Brother George Causey, Brother Ocie Cook, Brother Nicholas Howard, Brother Edmund V. Wilson, Brother Ricky Burnette, and Brother Clevel A. Burton. These first four lines helped in the creation of the chapter. Because of Brothers graduating out of the chapter at different times between 1971 and 1975; the charter was applied for in 1973 and officially received in 1975 when the chapter had enough Brothers on the campus.
Sigma Kappa Kappa ΣΚΚ 1998 Graduate Chapter Chesapeake, Virginia Active Organized on December 13, 1997. The Chapter was officially chartered on March 14, 1998. After a brief period of dormancy, the chapter was officially re-chartered on July 15, 2016.
Tau Beta ΤΒ Ramapo College Mahwah, New Jersey Active
Tau Gamma ΤΓ Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville Edwardsville, Illinois Active
Tau Delta ΤΔ Wofford College Spartanburg, South Carolina Active
Tau Delta Delta ΤΔΔ Valdosta State University Valdosta, Georgia Active
Tau Epsilon TE 1947 Texas Southern University Houston, Texas Active
Tau Zeta ΤΖ 1974 Rutgers University New Brunswick, New Jersey Active
Tau Theta ΤΘ 1969 Eastern Illinois University Charleston, Illinois Active
Tau Lambda ΤΛ 1980 Old Dominion University Norfolk, Virginia Active
Tau Mu TM 1983 Fairleigh Dickinson University Teaneck, New Jersey Active
Tau Omega ΤΩ 1923 Graduate Chapter Greensboro, NC Active 3rd Oldest Chapter in the 6th District, 1st Graduate Chapter in North Carolina
Tau Omicron TO 1948 Martinsville, Virginia Martinsville, Virginia Active
Tau Sigma ΤΣ 1945 University of Arkansas-Pine Bluff Pine Bluff, Arkansas Active
Tau Psi ΤΨ 1931 North Carolina Central University Durham, North Carolina Active
Tau Xi ΤΞ 197? University of Cincinnati Cincinnati, Ohio Active
Theta Beta ΘΒ 1971 Vanderbilt University Nashville, Tennessee Active
Theta Beta ΘΒ 1972 East Tennessee State University Johnson City, Tennessee Active
Theta Eta ΘΗ 1972 Jacksonville State University Jacksonville, Alabama Active
Theta Sigma ΘΣ 1936 Dillard University New Orleans, Louisiana Active

Upsilon Beta ΥΒ Ball State University Muncie, Indiana Active
Upsilon Alpha YA 1939 Graduate Chapter Atlantic City, New Jersey Active
Upsilon Chi YX 1956 Northwest Arkansas Graduate Chapter Bentonville, Arkansas Active
Upsilon Gamma ΥΓ 1968 Western Michigan University Kalamazoo, Michigan Active
Upsilon Delta ΥΔ 1972 University of South Florida Tampa, Florida Active
Upsilon Delta Delta ΥΔΔ 1996 Delta State University Cleveland, Mississippi Active
Upsilon Epsilon YE 1949 Jackson State University Jackson, Mississippi Active
Upsilon Lambda ΥΛ September 29, 1980 University of Maryland, Baltimore County Baltimore County, Maryland Active
Upsilon Mu ΥΜ 1984 State University of New York at Old Westbury Old Westbury, New York Active
Upsilon Xi ΥΞ 1977 Graduate Chapter Lakeland, Florida Active
Upsilon Sigma ΥΣ Fort Valley State University Fort Valley, Georgia Active
Upsilon Phi ΥΦ 1927 Newark, New Jersey City-Wide Chapter Newark, NJ Active
Upsilon Psi ΥΨ 1932 Florida A&M University Tallahassee, Florida Active
Upsilon Tau ΥΤ 1961 Graduate Chapter Poughkeepsie, New York Active
Phi Gamma ΦΓ 1968 University of North Texas Denton, Texas Active
Phi Delta ΦΔ Virginia Commonwealth University Richmond, Virginia Active
Phi Epsilon ΦΕ University at Buffalo Buffalo, New York Active
Phi Theta ΦΘ Cleveland State University Cleveland, Ohio Active
Phi Lambda ΦΛ 1980 California State University, Fullerton/University of California, Irvine/Cal Poly Pomona/Claremont Colleges/Chapman University/University of La Verne Fullerton, California Active Originally chartered at California State University Fullerton
Phi Sigma ΦΣ Western Reserve University Cleveland, Ohio Active
Chi Alpha Alpha XAA Washington State University Pullman, Washington Active
Chi Beta XB 1972 California State University, Long Beach Long Beach, California Active
Chi Gamma ΧΓ March 26, 1969 University of Detroit Mercy / Marygrove College Detroit, Michigan Active
Chi Delta ΧΔ 1973 University of Maryland, College Park College Park, Maryland Inactive
Chi Epsilon ΧΕ 1949 Albany State University Albany, Georgia Active
Chi Zeta XZ 1974 Clemson University Clemson, South Carolina Active
Chi Theta ΧΘ 1970 Florida State University Tallahassee, Florida Active
Chi Iota Iota ΧΙΙ 1993 Graduate Chapter Fort Jackson, South Carolina Active Also serves outside fort in Columbia, South Carolina area
Chi Lambda ΧΛ 1978 Tennessee Tech University Cookeville, Tennessee Active
Chi Mu XM April 4, 1987 University of North Carolina at Pembroke Pembroke, North Carolina Active
Chi Sigma ΧΣ Indiana State University Terre Haute, Indiana Active
Chi Tau XT 1962 Graduate Chapter Orlando, Florida Active Founded 1961, but received charter in 1962
Chi Tau Tau XTT 2005 University of Central Florida Orlando, Florida
Chi Psi ΧΨ 1932 Lemoyne-Owen College Memphis, Tennessee Active
Psi Gamma ΨΓ Kent State University Kent, Ohio Active
Psi Delta ΨΔ 1973 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Chapel Hill, North Carolina Active
Psi Epsilon ΨΕ 1946 Delaware State University Dover, Delaware Active
Psi Zeta ΨΖ 1974 University of Delaware Newark, Delaware Active
Psi Theta ΨΘ University of Cincinnati Cincinnati, Ohio
Psi Lambda ΨΛ Stockton University Galloway Township, New Jersey Active
Psi Kappa ΨΚ 1978 Winthrop University Rock Hill, South Carolina Active
Psi Mu ΨΜ 1984 Appalachian State University Boone, North Carolina Active
Psi Sigma ΨΣ Northwestern University Evanston, Illinois Active
Omega Delta ΩΔ April 1, 1973 West Chester University West Chester, Pennsylvania Active
Omega Delta Delta ΩΔΔ 2003 Temple University Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Active
Omega Epsilon ΩΕ University of Toledo Toledo, Ohio Active
Omega Zeta ΩΖ April 12, 1974 Duke University Durham, North Carolina Active
Omega Eta ΩΗ Augusta State University Augusta, Georgia Active
Omega Theta ΩΘ 1970 University of Houston Houston, Texas Active
Phi Omega ΦΩ February 24, 1923 Graduate chapter, University of Buffalo Buffalo, New York Active Chartered as Phi Epsilon (undergraduate chapter) in 1946