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One-Punch Man is a Japanese manga series written by One and illustrated by Yusuke Murata. One began publishing One-Punch Man as a webcomic in 2009.[1] In April 2019, the webcomic resumed publication after a two-year hiatus. As of May 2019, the webcomic has released 113 chapters. When the series became popular, receiving 7.9 million hits by June 2012, Yusuke Murata contacted One and proposed to redraw the comic for digital publication in Weekly Young Jump's spin-off manga website Young Jump Web Comics (となりのヤングジャンプ, Tonari no Yangu Janpu), published by Shueisha.[1][2][3] The first chapter was published on June 14, 2012.[2]

The series began publication in Viz Media's Weekly Shonen Jump (Shonen Jump Alpha at the time) in North America on January 21, 2013.[4] The first digital volume in February 2014.[5] One-Punch Man was one of a number of series that Viz made available on ComiXology in June 2014.[6] The manga was released in print in the United States starting in September 2015.[7]

As of December 2019, the manga series has been collected into 21 tankōbon volumes, 20 of which have been republished in English.

Volume list[edit]

Individual chapters of the series are called punches; for example, chapter 37 is "Punch 37". Bonus manga that are one to two page(s) long are not listed in the index. Bonus chapters are listed after chapter lists.

No.TitleJapanese releaseEnglish release
01One Punch
Ichigeki (一撃)
December 12, 2012[8]
September 1, 2015[9]
  1. "One Punch" (一撃, Ichigeki)
  2. "Crab and Job Hunting" (蟹と就活, Kani to Shūkatsu)
  3. "Walking Disaster" (災害存在, Saigai Sonzai)
  4. "Subterraneans of Darkness" (闇の地底人, Yami no Chisokojin)
  5. "Itch Explosion" (かゆさ爆発, Kayusa Bakuhatsu)
  6. "Saitama" (サイタマ, Saitama)
  7. "A Mysterious Attack" (謎の襲撃, Nazo no Shūgeki)
  8. "This Guy?" (それコイツ, Sore Koitsu)
  • Bonus Manga: "200 Yen" (200円, 200 En)
A villain named Vaccine Man destroys a city and is about to kill a girl, but Saitama, a bald superhero, rescues her and kills Vaccine Man with a single punch. Saitama has grown bored of life, as he can defeat any nemesis with a single punch. He recalls the event three years earlier that made him become a hero, when he was returning from a failed job interview and rescued a kid from a crab monster called Crablante and resolved to become a hero. In the current timeline, Saitama defeats a pair of brothers, one of whom has mutated into a giant human. Saitama has a dream about facing subterranean monster invaders that finally give him a challenging fight and rekindle his passion for fighting, but he wakes to find the actual Subterraneans are weak. A villain named Mosquito Girl attacks a city with her swarms of mosquitoes, but a cyborg named Genos intervenes. Mosquito Girl powers up and rips Genos apart. Before Genos can self-destruct, Saitama, who had arrived at the scene after chasing a mosquito, defeats the monster with a slap. In awe, Genos asks Saitama to mentor him. A group of ground-based villains from the House of Evolution attacks. The bonus manga chapter has a story about 12-year-old Saitama in middle school and how he had to deal with some bullies and a piggy bank monster that took his 200 yen.
02The Secret to Strength
Tsuyosa no Hiketsu (強さの秘訣)
December 12, 2012[10]
September 1, 2015[11]
  1. "House of Evolution" (進化の家, Shinka no Ie)
  2. "Modern Art" (近代アート, Kindai Āto)
  3. "The Secret to Strength" (強さの秘訣, Tsuyosa no Hiketsu)
  4. "The Paradisers" (桃源団, Tōgen-dan)
  5. "Speed" (スピード, Supīdo)
  6. "I Don't Know You" (お前など知らん, Omae Nado Shiran)
  7. "Fun and Work" (趣味と仕事, Shumi to Shigoto)
  • Bonus Manga: "Brushing Up" (じぶんみがき, Jibun Migaki)
Armored Gorilla tells Saitama and Genos about the creation of the House of Evolution by Doctor Genus, and reveals the whereabouts of their headquarters. Saitama and Genos face Genus's ultimate House of Evolution member Carnage Kabuto. Carnage beats Genos down soundly. Carnage asks for Saitama's secret to his power, but Saitama replies with his daily training regimen of sit-ups, push-ups, squats, running, eating right, and not using heaters/air conditioning. Carnage does not believe Saitama and tries to kill him, but is easily killed. Later, Hammerhead and his gang of Paradisers destroy parts of town looking for rich man Zeniru's manor hoping to create a society where one isn't criminalized for not working. Saitama at first does not care, but he takes offense when the news lumps him in with the Paradisers because he is bald. Zeniru's bodyguard Speed-o'-Sound Sonic kills off the entire Paradiser gang except for Hammerhead, who survives and tries to recruit Saitama, only to get his battle suit destroyed. Sonic thinks Saitama is a Paradiser and attacks him but is defeated when Saitama inadvertently hits his groin. Saitama realizes he has no visibility as a hero, so he is advised by Genos to join the Hero Registry as a professional hero in the Hero Association. In the bonus chapter, Saitama puts his 300 days of training to work with some superheroic deeds.
03The Rumor
Uwasa (噂)
April 4, 2013[12]
November 3, 2015[13]
  1. "I Passed" (合格しました, Gōkaku Shimashita)
  2. "Sparring" (手合せ, Teawase)
  3. "Pounding the Pavement" (宮業活動, Miyagyō Katsudō)
  4. "No Time for This" (それどころじゃない, Sore Dokoro Janai)
  5. "The Rumor" (, Uwasa)
  • Bonus Manga 1: "Summer" (, Natsu)
  • Bonus Manga 2: "A New Wind Blows" (吹き込む新風, Fukikomu Shinpū)
Saitama and Genos pass the entrance exam for the Heroes Association, but while Genos is placed in S-Class for getting a perfect score, Saitama is placed in C-Class because of his dismal results in his written test and essay. Snakebite Snek briefs them on their responsibilities. Genos and Saitama spar. As Genos moves into Saitama's apartment, Saitama discovers that C-Class members must do at least one heroic deed a week or they are dropped. He runs around the city looking for a villain but has no luck. He attracts the attention of Tank-Top Tiger, who thinks Saitama is a villain, until Sonic beats Tiger and then attacks Saitama, after which Saitama just knocks Sonic down as his "good deed". The Association's A-Class headquarters review reports from the cities, and finds that City Z is attracting a lot of villains. A seaweed monster called Kombu Infinity attacks City Z, defeating A-Class members Spring Mustachio and Golden Ball, but Saitama defeats him easily. In the bonus chapter, a monster called Cicada Nymph attacks three heroes who retreat to a shelter which has a younger Saitama (with hair) who needs to use the restroom. In the other bonus chapter, a member of the B-Class heroes' subgroup Blizzard Bunch takes on a formidable opponent.
04Giant Meteor
Kyodai Inseki (巨大隕石)
August 2, 2013[14]
January 5, 2016[15]
  1. "Giant Meteor" (巨大隕石, Kyodai Inseki)
  2. "Voices" (, Koe)
  3. "Threat from the Sea" (海からの脅威, Umi Kara no Kyōi)
  4. "Deep Sea King" (深海王, Shinkaiō)
  • Bonus Manga: "Purison" (ぷりズン, Purizon)
Genos and S-Class hero Bang are summoned to stop a giant meteor. They are joined by Metal Knight, who wanted to try out some new weapons. As none of them are able to stop it, Saitama comes in and shatters it into a bunch of fragments which damage the city but prevents a worldwide catastrophe. Tank-top Tiger and Tank-Top Black Hole incite the townsfolk to blame Saitama for the destruction of the city, but Saitama responds that he destroyed the meteor, and that's that. A group of sea monsters called the Clan of the Seafolk attack City J. Stinger is able to fend off the Clan until its leader, the Sea King, arrives and defeats him. The Sea King also defeats Lightning Max but then must face Puri-Puri Prisoner. The bonus chapter follows Sonic's imprisonment where he fends against some other prisoner thugs and then Puri-Puri Prisoner.
05Shining in Tatters
Zutaboro ni Kagayaku (ズタボロに輝く)
December 4, 2013[16]
March 1, 2016[17]
  1. "Deep Sea King 2" (深海王・2, Shinkaiō 2)
  2. "Unstable Hope" (不安定な希望, Fuanteina Kibō)
  3. "Shining in Tatters" (ズタボロに輝く, Zutaboro ni Kagayaku)
  4. "It's Raining, So..." (雨降ってるから, Ame Futteru Kara)
  5. "Class B" (B級, Bī-Kyū)
  • Bonus Manga: "What Can't Be Bought" (賈えないモノ, Kaenai Mono)
Puri-Puri Prisoner tries to fight Deep Sea King but is defeated. Sonic also gives a try but realizes he needs a weapon and retreats. Deep Sea King attacks an evacuation shelter of civilians and finds less than a handful of minor superheroes including Snakebite Snek, who stall the monster until help arrives. Genos fights Deep Sea King, but is defeated when he protects a girl from Deep Sea King's corrosive spit. Mumen Rider also tries to fight Deep Sea King, but is defeated. Saitama arrives to save Mumen from being killed, and defeats Deep Sea King in one punch. However, he quickly defers the credit to all the other heroes who he said weakened the monster. He is placed in rank 1 and applies to advance to B-Class. In the bonus chapter, D-Pad and Funeral Suspenders have to fight a bank robber named Bull-Bull Man but when he escapes with a hostage, Saitama is there to stop him.
06The Big Prediction
Daiyogen (大予言)
May 2, 2014[18]
May 3, 2016[19]
  1. "Class S" (S級, Esu-Kyū) + Bonus
  2. "The Big Prediction" (大予言, Daiyogen) + Bonus
  3. "From Outer Space" (宇宙(そら)からの..., Sora kara no...) + Bonus
  4. "Men Who Don't Listen" (話を聞かない男たち, Hanashi o Kikanai Otokotachi)
  5. "Are You Stupid?" (馬鹿かお前, Bakaka Omae) + Bonus
  • Bonus Manga: "Salmon" (, Shake)
The S-class superheroes and Saitama are gathered at City A where it is revealed that Madame Shibabawa has died but has predicted that their world would face a great danger. A gigantic alien spacecraft arrives, destroying most of City A except for the headquarters. As heroes Atomic Samurai, Bang, Puri-Puri Prisoner, and Metal Bat try to fight Melzargard, a shape-shifting alien with five heads, the others try to figure out how to get to the spaceship, while Saitama has already punched his way in, defeating Groribas. Melzargard continues to regenerate and pose a problem to the heroes until they find his weakness is that he hides a marble essence in each of his heads. Saitama faces Lord Boros, the leader of the Dark Matter Thieves. In the bonus chapter, Saitama encounters a suicidal worker while he's eating lunch.
07The Fight
Tatakai (戦い)
December 4, 2014[20]
July 5, 2016[21]
  1. "The Fight" (戦い, Tatakai)
  2. "Boros's True Strength" (ボロスの本領, Borosu no Honryō)
  3. "Crash" (堕落, Daraku)
  • Bonus Manga 1: "Big Construction" (大工事, Daikouji)
  • Bonus Manga 2: "A Top Pupil's Reminiscence" (一番弟子の回想, Ichibandeshi no Kaisou)
  • Bonus Manga 3: "Pork Cutlet Bowl" (カツ丼, Katsudon)
Tornado stops the shells and redirects them back to damage the alien ship. Melzargard is down to two heads. Although Melzargard hits Bang, Atomic Samurai chops up Melzargard, and Bang crushes Melzargard's last marble essence. Boros brags about how he can heal up, landing a blow that sends Saitama to the moon. Saitama counters with some consecutive normal punches, but when Boros uses his other ultimate move, Saitama defeats him with a single "serious strike" punch. The ship crashes into the mostly destroyed A-City. Amai Mask criticizes the S-Class heroes for trashing the city. Metal Knight arrives to salvage ship parts to make weapons. Tornado blames Saitama for running around uncontrolled, but Bang tells them to stop. The headquarters which survived the attack, is reconstructed into a fortress. In the bonus chapters, a large robot approaches the headquarters, and some heroes are deployed to stop it, but it turns out to be Metal Knight's reconstruction robots. Charanko recalls how he became the number-one disciple for Bang. The police bring in Saitama for questioning, but after offering him a pork cutlet bowl, Saitama defeats a monster that attacked the police station.
08That Man
Ano Hito (あの人)
April 3, 2015[22]
September 6, 2016[23]
  1. "King" (キング, Kingu)
  2. "That Man" (あの人, Ano Hito)
  3. "Outlaw" (アウトロー, Autorō)
  • Bonus Manga 1: "Lost Cat" (迷い猫, Mayoi Neko)
  • Bonus Manga 2: "Lobster" (海老, Ebi)
S-Class superhero King walks into a city, causing a monster to give up attacking a woman, but he is actually there to buy a romance simulation video game. A robot named G4 challenges King, who excuses himself to go to the restroom. It is revealed he is not really a superhero but a video game otaku who had survived numerous monster attacks because others have always intervened and gave him credit. King escapes to his apartment, but Saitama surprises him there, and he reveals his secret to him, as well as learning that Saitama had saved him the first time when he got his face clawed. A bird attacks King's apartment, but Saitama punches it away. Meanwhile, Genos fights and defeats G4, and takes its parts to Dr. Kuseno to upgrade his abilities. Sitch gathers a bunch of criminals in order to recruit from potential superheroes to fight the upcoming monsters. While Sonic refuses and leaves, Garo uses the group to establish himself as the strongest villain. In the bonus chapters, Saitama helps a little girl find her lost cat while Genos and other superheroes go after the Grizz-Meow. In another bonus chapter, Bang invites Saitama and Genos for hot pot but a gang tries to challenge the dojo and loses. The losing gang encounter Garo afterwards.
09Don't Dis Heroes!
Namen Na! (なめんな!)
August 9, 2015[24]
November 1, 2016[25]
  1. "The Man Who Wanted to Be a Villain" (怪人になりたい男, Kaijin ni Naritai Otoko)
  2. "The Blizzard Bunch" (フブキ組, Fubuki-Gumi)
  3. "Don't Dis Heroes!" (なめんな!, Namen Na!)
  4. "Accelerate" (加速, Kasoku)
  5. "Hero Name" (ヒーローネーム, Hīrō Nēmu)
  6. "Hero Hunting" (ヒーロー狩り, Hiro Kari)
  7. "Technique" (, Waza)
  • Bonus Manga: "The Blizzard Bunch in Hard Times" (フブキ組の奮闘, Fubuki-Gumi no Funtō)
Garo is reminded of his past when he was watching television and the heroes would always win, so he sided with the villains. Back in the present time, he defeats Sitch's bodyguards and a number of villains before leaving. While Sonic finds Saitama's apartment but has to deal with Genos, Blizzard, with her two subordinates Eyelashes and Wild Monkey, try to recruit Saitama, but he refuses. Blizzard tries to fight Saitama, but Saitama stops her, telling her that such newbie-crushing activity is pointless. Their fight is interrupted by Sonic and Genos, who impress both with their speed, but Genos is defeated. Sonic challenges Saitama and uses his speed to make afterimages of himself, but Saitama counters with even more, knocking Sonic down with his side stepping. Saitama explains to Blizzard that he believes individual effort works better than team work, and that there will be times when the teammates may not be able to help. Meanwhile, Sitch is disappointed that the executives in the Hero Association would rather focus on giving hero names to Genos and Saitama and place minimal effort in going after Garo. Bang, on the other hand, takes the task of going after Garo seriously, and seeks his brother Bomb. Garo defeats Mumen Rider, Tank-Top Master, the entire Tank Top gang, and Charanko. In the bonus chapter, the Blizzard Bunch take on extra work in order to save money to buy a car.
10Pumped Up
Kiai (気合い)
December 4, 2015[26]
January 3, 2017[27]
  1. "Bananas" (バナナ, Banana)
  2. "I've Got Free Time, So..." (どうせ服だから, Dōse Fukudakara)
  3. "Getting Cocky" (調子に乗る!, Chōshininoru!)
  4. "Headgear" (被り物, Kaburimono)
  5. "No Putting Back" (戻すな!, Modosu Na!)
  6. "Waiting Room" (控え室, Hikaeshitsu)
  7. "Centipede" (百足, Mukade)
  8. "Pumped Up" (気合い, Kiai)
  • Bonus Manga 1: "Tornado's Day Off" (タツマキの休日, Tatsumaki no Kyūjitsu)
  • Bonus Manga 2: "Sense" (センス, Sensu)
  • Bonus Manga 3: "Numbers" (数字, Sūji)
Mumen Rider tells Saitama about Garo and his hero hunt. Tank-Top Master also briefs Saitama on Garo's tactics, saying they are based on martial arts and are different from those of monsters. Bang's disciple Charanko gives Saitama his contestant entry for a martial arts tournament. Garo continues his rampage over the different heroes, defeating Golden Ball and Spring Mustachio, but he is casually knocked out by Saitama as the latter was shopping for a wig to disguise himself as Charanko for the tournament. Saitama meets Charanko's old acquaintance Sour Face and learns the format of the tournament. Metal Bat is called to bodyguard a prominent Hero Association patron and his son when a centipede monster attacks them. He defeats the centipede, but then the Centisenpai attacks, and then Centichoro.
Bonus chapters: Tornado gets upset that she has been dealing with so many monsters. The association gives her a day off, but she gets bored. Saitama enters a hero costume contest, but lets a boy use his costume, and finds the contest judge to be very harsh on all the contestants. The Blizzard Bunch challenge Saitama and his friends to a match involving fighting video games. Chlld Emperor develops a mask that assesses the power levels of heroes and monsters, but it is still a work in progress.
11Giant Insect
Daikaichū (大怪蟲)
June 3, 2016[28]
March 7, 2017[29]
  1. "Head-On" (真正面, Masshōmen)
  2. "Interruption" (横槍, Yokoyari)
  3. "Giant Insect" (大怪蟲, Daikaichū)
  4. "Only You" (お前だけ, Omaedake)
  5. "Entering the Stadium" (入場, Nyūjō)
  6. "Dark Horse" (ダークホース, Dāku Hōsu)
  • Bonus Manga: "Rangers" (戦隊, Sentai)
Metal Bat is fighting Centichoro when the former is flung away and then attacked by Garo. Minor heroes Pineapple and Mohican try to escort Narinki and his son away as S-Class hero Metal Knight tries to fight off Centichoro. Garo and Metal Bat's fight comes to a draw when Metal Bat's little sister Zenko arrives. Rhino defeats Pineapple and Mohican to abduct Narinki's son. More high-level monsters surface, causing havoc in all the cities. One of them offers Garo membership to their new Monsters Association. At the 22nd Super Fight martial arts tournament, the contestants are introduced and the first round of matches are underway. Bang and Bomb look for Garo. In the bonus chapter, Saitama is placed among a group of heroes resembling the super sentai (power rangers), but he proves not to be a good team player.
12The Strong Ones
Tsuyoi Yatsura (強い奴ら)
December 2, 2016[30]
September 5, 2017[31]
  1. "A Reason for Seeking" (求める理由, Motomeru Riyū)
  2. "Games and Combat" (武合と戦闘, Takegō to Sentō)
  3. "Limit" (限界, Genkai)
  4. "Sisters" (姉妹, Shimai)
  5. "The Strong Ones" (強い奴ら, Tsuyoi Yatsura)
  6. "Extraordinary (規範外, Kihangai)
  • Bonus Manga: "King's Weekday Off" (キングの休日のようで平日, Kingu no Kyūjitsu no Yōde Heijitsu)
Suiryu, a fan favorite and runner-up in the previous Super Fight tournament, defeats Lightning Max. Snek beats his opponent. Genos goes outside to fight the Demon-level monsters nearby and receives support from the association as to their locations. Sour Face beats Jakumen, while Saitama beats Bakuzan. Monster Princess Super S enslaves the Blizzard Bunch men to make them attack Blizzard. Blizzard defends against being mind-controlled herself, and is saved by her sister Tornado. Snek loses to Suiryu in the next round. Monsters continue to invade the cities including the hospital and the prison, with many of the S-Class heroes fighting them off as much as they can. A subordinate reports to Monster King Orochi about how Goketsu has defeated Genos and is heading to the arena. In the bonus chapter, King is targeted by a number of hitmen at a restaurant, but his actions lead them to think twice about attacking him.
13Monster Cells
Kaijin Saibō (怪人細胞)
April 4, 2017[32]
March 6, 2018[33]
  1. "A Great Force" (大戦力, Daisenryoku)
  2. "Monster Cells" (怪人細胞, Kaijin Saibō)
  3. "Strength Is Fun" (強いよ楽しい, Tsuyoi yo Tanoshī)
  4. "Martial Arts Is...!" (武術とは…!!, Bujutsu to wa...!!)
  • Bonus Manga: "Star" (スター, Sutā)
A group of A-Class superheroes gather to fight a large octopus monster, but Flashy Flash arrives and pokes out all of the octopus's suckers where there are eyes. The octopus is angered, but then Tornado arrives and crushes it with her psychic powers into a single octopus ball. Atomic Samurai meets with a council of swordmasters on what to do about Garo. One of its members, Haragiri, tells everyone to ingest monster cells in order to become strong like the monsters. Seeing that Haragiri has already become such a monster, Atomic Samurai immediately destroys Haragiri by slashing him into pieces. Saitama advances to the finals and faces Suiryu, who tells him he would like the match to be fun. After some near-miss shots, he starts fighting for real until he knocks off Saitama's wig. Saitama is disqualified for wearing a disguise. Suiryu still wants to fight, but Saitama doesn't budge and hip checks him out of the arena. The monsters arrive, rounding up all the injured participants. A fierce-looking lead monster Goketsu announces his plan to convert the fighters into monsters. The bonus chapter focuses on Amai Mask being attacked by monsters during one of his concerts.
14The Depths of Despair
Zetsubō no Hate (絶望の果て)
August 4, 2017[34]
July 3, 2018[35]
  1. "Monsterization" (怪人化, Kaijinka)
  2. "Strong Guys Fight Back" (強い奴の抵抗, Tsuyoi Yatsu no Teikō)
  3. "The Depths of Despair" (絶望の果て, Zetsubō no Hate)
  4. "Against the Rules" (反則, Hansoku)
Goketsu shares his story of how he was a former champion and was defeated by a monster and captured. He was then offered monster powers and became what he is today. He offers the fighters that same opportunity, and half a dozen of the contestants take him up on that offer, ingesting the cells and becoming monsters and fighting Suiryu. Snek and Max try to help Suiryu but they are no match against the newly-powered monsters. Suiryu is beaten down and realizes he needs a hero after all, and cries for help. Saitama answers the call and defeats both monsters.
15Pulling the Strings
Anyaku suru Monotachi (暗躍する者たち)
December 4, 2017[36]
January 1, 2019[37]
  1. "Bored Like Usual" (いつも通りの退屈, Itsumodōri no Taikutsu)
  2. "Stagnation and Growth" (停滞と成長, Teitai to Seichō)
  3. "Pulling the Strings" (暗躍する者たち, Anyaku suru Monotachi, "The Ones Who Dare in the Shadows")
  4. "Cheapo Trick" (八メ技, Hame-Waza)
  5. "Surrounded" (包囲, Hōi)
  • Bonus Manga 1: "Threat Level" (災害レベル, Saigai Reberu)
  • Bonus Manga 2: "Sighting" (目撃, Mokugeki)
Puri-Puri Prisoner defeats a monster named Free Hugger. Saitama becomes bored again. King meets up with Saitama, and tries cheering him up by stating that Saitama should strive to be not the strongest but the greatest hero. After losing to Watchdog Man, Garo tries to attack King, but Saitama easily kicks Garo through a concrete wall. Speed-o'-Sound Sonic is recruited to the Monster Association by former ninjas Tempest Wind and Hellfire Flame. Zombieman pursues Martial Gorilla, who is defeated by Armored Gorilla. At the Hero Association headquarters, a monster tells the executives they need to bring their best heroes to fight against the Monster Association, and kills one of the executives until Superalloy Blackluster defeats him. The next day, there are pamphlets that describe the uprising of monsters, with a bunch of them going after Saitama. Garo meets the kid who had lent him the Hero Guide earlier, and plans to use it again to fight against Death Gatling and a number of heroes. The bonus manga goes into some detail about how the monster ranks are assessed and compare with the Hero Association ranks, and the Hero Association responded to the threat of Vaccine Man.
Dashitukusu (出し尽くす)
April 4, 2018[38]
May 7, 2019[39]
  1. "Tenacity" (意地, Iji)
  2. "Depleted" (出し尽くす, Dashitukusu)
  3. "Cruel Steps" (過酷な階段, Kakokuna Kaidan)
  4. "Escalation" (エスカレーション, Esukarēshon)
  • Bonus Manga: Growth Process (成長過程, Seichō Katei)
Using Tareo's guide book, Garo looks up his opponents, a mix of A-Class and B-Class heroes, and despite getting wounded, defeats them. Genos fights Garo and the battle is fairly even. The Monster Association grunts try to recruit Garo when Bang and Bomb arrive. Bang beats down Garo, while Bomb gets rid of the grunts. In the bonus manga, hero Eyelashes meets up with former Blizzard Bunch colleague Megane.
17Because I'm the Bald Cape?
Hagemanto dakara ka? (ハゲマントだからか?)
August 3, 2018[40]
August 6, 2019[41]
  1. "Power" (パワー, Pawā)
  2. "Because I'm the Bald Cape?" (ハゲマントだからか?, Hagemanto dakara ka?)
  3. "Hideout" (アジト, Ajito)
  • Bonus Manga: "Confidence" (自信, Jishin)
Rimitta (リミッター)
December 4, 2018[42]
December 3, 2019[43]
  1. "Monster Nature" (怪人性, Kaijinsei)
  2. "Limiter" (リミッター, Rimitta)
  3. "Hot Pot" (, Nabe)
19All My Cabbage
Hakusai Shōmetsu (白菜消滅)
April 4, 2019[44]
March 3, 2020[45]
  1. "All My Cabbage" (白菜消滅, Hakusai Shōmetsu, "Cabbage Destruction")
  2. "Because I'm a Monster" (怪人だから, Kaijin dakara)
  3. "Pochi" (ポチ, Pochi, "Rover")
  4. "Manhole" (マンホール, Manhōru)
  • Bonus Manga: "Reality Punch" (現実パンチ, Genjitsu Panchi)
20Let's Go!
Ikuzo! (行くぞ!)
July 4, 2019[46]
July 7, 2020[47]
  1. "Let's Go!" (行くぞ!, Ikuzo!)
  2. "Waste Ya!" (蹴散らせ!, Ke Chirase!)
  • Bonus Manga: "Weaponry" (所持アイテム, Shoji Aitemu, "Possessed Items")
Isshun (一瞬)
December 4, 2019[48]
October 6, 2020[49]
  1. "Judgment?" (判定は?, Hantei Wa?)
  2. "Speedster" (速い奴, Hayai Yatsu)
  3. "Moment" (一瞬, Isshun)
  4. "Backpack" (ランドセル, Randoseru)
  5. "Tears of Regret" (悔し泣き, Kuyashinaki)
  • Bonus Manga: "Can't Wait" (待ってられない, Matte Rarenai)

Chapters not yet in tankōbon format[edit]

These chapters have yet to be published in a tankōbon volume.

  1. "Heat Up" (ヒートアップ, Hītoappu)
  2. "Light" (, Hikari)
  3. "Zombieman" (ゾンビマン, Zonbiman)
  4. "Amai Mask" (アマイマスク, Amaimasuku)
  5. "Viewer Discretion Advised" (観覧禁止の戦い, Kanran Kinshi no Tatakai, "Viewer-Prohibited Battle")
  6. "Superhuman" (超人, Chōjin)
  7. "Love Evolution" (ラブレボリューション, Rabu Reboryūshon)
  8. "Clash of Strength" (力の激突, Chikara no Gekitōtsu)
  9. "Strong Opponent" (強敵, Kyōteki)
  10. "Orochi vs. Saitama" (オロチVSサイタマ)
  11. "Fake" (フェイク, Feiku)
  12. "Atomic Samurai" (アトミック侍, Atomikku Samurai)
  13. "A Dangerous Multiplying Monster" (増えるヤバい奴, Fueru Yabai Yatsu)
  14. "Light Power" (光パワー, Hikari Pawā)
  15. "Great Misfortune" (大凶, Daikyō)
  16. "The Big Shots" (幹部たち, Kanbu-tachi)
  17. "Encounter" (遭遇, Sōgū)
  18. "Play" (遊び, Asobi)
  19. "Cornered" (窮鼠, Kyūso)
  20. "Drive Knight" (駆動騎士, Kudō Kishi)
  21. "Intimations of Intrigue" (裏の気配, Ura no Kehai)
  22. "Only Strength Is Necessary" (必要なのは強さだけ, Hitsuyōna no Wa Tsuyosa Dake)
  23. "Broken" (壊れている, Kowareteiru)
  24. "Unfathomable" (未知, Michi)
  25. "Real Body" (本体, Honntai)
  26. "The New Blizzard Bunch" (新フブキ組, Shin Fubuki Gumi)
  27. "Sit" (おすわり, Osuwari)
  28. "Psychos" (サイコス, Saikosu)
  29. "Monster Fusion!" (魔合体!, Magattai!)
  30. "Eating Away" (侵触, Shinshoku)
  31. "Bowled Over!" (ひっくり返す!, Hikkurikaesu!)
  32. "Tornado Full Blast" (タツマキ全開, Tatsumaki Zenkai)
  33. "Heroes Don't Lose!" (負けない!, Makenai!)
  34. "A Great Something" (大いなる何か, Oinaru Nanika)


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